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By 2CrowWoman

Yesterday talking to our landlord I started thinking about something I've done ever since I can
remember. Some people remind me of certain animals. Ok.. MOST people remind me of
animals! It's like when I talk or stare at a person I "see" an animal that reminds me of that person.
I never thought much of it before, just put it down to a vivid imagination, but I'm wondering if
anyone else has any ideas or comments? For example: Our landlord is a mouse. It's so intense I
can see whiskers twitching and a tail sometimes when he's chatting. I don't get it off people on
the internet, it's body language that "triggers" the pictures. Ok.. some people on the internet also
give me a "feel" of certain animals, but it's not half as intense. Anyone else see their family
members as lemurs and roosters?


I used to do this a lot too! Not so much anymore for some reason. I've never really understood
much about it though, or why I get those images. Would love for someone to shed some light on it!


Personaly I find that to some extent people resemble their power animals. Either in the way they
move, stare , listen , eat, or physical traits.


I'm with Northernwolf on this one. The first image overlay on a person is generally the Power
Animal. Sometimes you can see other Totems begin to merge up from beneath that or you can see
them around the head either as protrusions or floating images. I get this in person and from
photographs and I often see the Totems in animals (they have them too). When one knows this
and starts seeing them with intent more will often reveal themselves. It's as if they know you can
recognize them and they step forward a little to say hello. *Smiles*


I went to a meeting today, more as an observer than a integral part of the meeting, so I had a lot
of "space". And I found myself looking at the 20 or so young managers of the building project I
am working on, sat around the table, and seeing different animals, and one thing I observed was
their hair of all things, i.e. how the way they had their hair seemed to portray the animal I saw in
them…most strange. There was a whole heap of other stuff too, like the bags around their eyes,
one guy had a permanent scowl on his face, in another i saw otter, which surprised me as he was
the main site manager! All sorts of little things...And then I come home and you have written a
post on the very subject!


Northernwolf and Cinn, What you say about the power animals makes sense. I must pay more
attention to what I pick up. Wolfie I keep imagining you at a meeting with otters and squirrels
and wolves all wearing suits and ties!


Wolfie, were you able to utilize what you were seeing in them as you interacted?


Cinn, Like I said, I was more of an observer at this meeting, so no, not really. But over the next
month or so I will be interacting with them one to one, so I should get more of a chance then. It
was helpful to see the animals, as I think I will be able to use that information to communicate
with these guys in a way that they each feel comfortable with, based on the focus of the animal I saw.

The project is coming to an end and the finishes aspect of the project I have been procuring
resources for are due to start soon, so I have to transfer all the knowledge I have on the finishes
through to them (what will or will not be included in the supply contracts), and coordination of
all the different aspects. It's a mammoth task that is illustrated by the costs involved: this project
has a build cost of over $100million (probably nearer $150 million) and a typical house might
cost between $100,000 and $200,000 to build. My involvement so far has been really relaxed,
but it is just about to go. The site guys have all been together for maybe twelve months or more,
and, although I have been working on this project for maybe eight months, I have only been
involved with one or two of these guys, as I am based in head office. Any help from our animal
friends is appreciated right now! Interesting!


Hi Wolfie, Do work with them in relation to the Totems you are able to see. You're going to find
this insight to be a lesson for you and it will allow you a deeper understanding of the basic nature
of each individual. Keeping an eye on the Totem's expressions, you can tell when they are
leaning in positive or negative directions and adapt your approaches to maintain a harmony. It's a
wonderful insight. And the next time you explore photos of people look at them carefully and see
if you aren't able to see their Totems there too. *Smiles* It does sound like a huge project and I
wish you well. Interesting how the spiritual overlays the mundane to help guide us through
things isn't it?

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