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By Marila

Weaving deeper relationships

Several insects and spiders have been known as daddy longlegs. Although the term is associated
with the crane fly, it is also used to describe the spider we are referring to here. The daddy
longlegs spider has long skinny legs giving it a graceful appearance.

The daddy longlegs, as with all spiders, spins silk. When it appears, something new is being spun
in a relationship, usually the weaving of a deeper relationship with a loved one. New harmony
and balance are strong around us and our activities with others right now. Where there is one
daddy longlegs spider, another is usually very nearby, indicating our success in endeavors now is
achieved best by working with others.

The long legs are the spider's significant characteristic. In addition to enabling movement, legs
on insects and arachnids serve a variety of functions. They are sensory limbs and are sometimes
used to hold food. Daddy Longlegs appearance indicates what we sense about a relationship,
personal or business, is what we hope. Now is the time to move and grasp it, a wonderful time to
start something new.

The eyes of most insects have multiple lenses, some as many as a thousand. Their compound
eyes enable them to see in many directions at the same time. When Daddy Longlegs appears, it
always indicates a greater vision of what is happening on many levels - what may be only
superficially noticed, if at all, by others. Daddy Longlegs indicates increased awareness of what
is going on around us, with improved ability to move in response to our perceptions. The
appearance of Daddy Longlegs signals we must trust what we perceive is going on behind the

When Daddy Longlegs appears, we can expect a surprise. New understanding, creativity, and
ideas are flowing, especially in relationships. Now is the time for deeper exploration of these
relationships, so we can achieve greater harmony and reach our goals.
Like most spiders, the Daddy Longlegs is delicate, a combination of gentleness and strength they
have learned in order to survive.

From The Animal Guide Tarot by Ted Andrews

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