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*Timothy Roderick/The Once Unknown Familiar:
Key Words: Powerful, grand, wise
Magical Influences: Magical adeptness, mastery of self-control, reveals hidden knowledge of
ancient mysteries, evokes aid of salamanders, mastery of the element of Fire.
Personality: The dragon is a very wise being. Usually, the person with the dragon personality
seems like an "old soul," capable of inspiring those wo are seekers of higher truth. The dragon
guards its jewels of wisdom jealously, giving them only to those who prove themselves worthy.

*Denise Linn/The Secret Language of Signs:
This powerful symbol represents life force and great potency. This is the time to step into your
power. Become the power of the dragon. Lift yourself up out of the struggle, conquer your fears,
and become the dragonslayer. Slaying the dragon can symbolize garnering your inner strength to
achieve self-liberation. Dragons guard treasure. Is there some fear or poer that stands between
you and what you most desire? The winged dragon is a powerful symbol of transcendence and
can mean ascension to spiritual and mystical heights.

*Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Gorbett/The Dreamer's Dictionary:
You will get an enormous boost in your progress toward financial success from a powerful and
influential personage if you dreamed of a dragon. And if you don't know such a big wheel, you
soon will.

*Wordsworth/Dictionary of Phrase and Fable:
The Greek word drakon comes from a verb meaning "to see", to "look at", and more remotely "to
watch" and "to flash". In classical legend the idea of watching is retained in the story of the
dragon who guards the golden apples in the Garden of the Hesperides, and in the story of
Cadmus. In medieval romance captive ladies were often guarded by dragons.

A dragon is a fabulous winged crocodile, usually represented as of large size, with a serpent's
tail; whence the words dragon and serpent are sometimes inter-changeable. In the Middle Ages
the word was the symbol of sin in general and paganism in particular, the metaphor being
derived from Rev. xii, 9, where Satan is termed "the great dragon" and Ps. xci, 13, where it is
said "the dragon shalt though trample under feet". Hence, in Christian art it has the same

Among the many saints usually pictured as dragon-slayers are St. Michael, St. George, St.
Margaret, St. Samson (Archbishop Dol), St. Clement of Metz; St. Romain of Rouen, who
destroyed the huge dragon La Gargouille, which ravaged the Seine; St. Philip the Apostle; St.
Martha, slayer of the terrible dragon Tarasque, at Aix-la-Chapelle; St. Florent, who killed a
dragon which haunted the Loire; St. Cado, St. Mauder, and St. Pol, who performed similar feats
in Brittany; and St. Keyene of Cornwall.

Among the ancient Britons and the Welsh the dragon was the national symbol on the war
standard; hence the term Pendragon for the dux bellorum, or leader in war. A red dragon is the
central feature of the Welsh flag.

A flying dragon is a meteor.

The Chinese dragon is a five clawed dragon introduced into pictures and embroidered on dresses
as an amulet.

To Sow dragon's teeth is to ferment contentions; to stir up strife or war; especially to do
something which is intended to put an end to strife but which brings it about. The Philistines
"sowed dragons' teet" when they took Samson, bound him, and put out his eyes; Ethelred II did
the same when he ordered the massacre of the Danes on St. Brice's Day (1002), as did the
Germans when they took Alsace-Lorraine from France in 1871.

Dragon's Hill is a site in Berkshire where one legend has it that St. George killed the dragon. A
bare place is shown on the hill, where nothing will grow, for there the dragon's blood was
spilled. In Saxon annals we are told that Cerdic, founder of the West Saxon kingdom, there slew
Naud or Natanleod, the Pendragon, and five thousand men.

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams:
Dragon characterizes one's self-generated fears.

*D.J. Conway/Animal Magick:
The dragon in one form or another was known to the majority of the world cultures in both the
Old and New Worlds. It was one of the early symbols of the Great Mother Goddess of the
matriarchies. Until the arrival of patriarchal societies, the dragon was considered to be a sacred,
benevolent creature; its serpent body symbolized matter and life-giving water of creation, its
wings spirit and the sacred breath of life.

It was used as an emblem for divinity and royalty in Babylon, Egypt, China, Japan, Greece, and
Rome. The Chinese Manchu dynasty, the Phoenicians, and the Saxons all showed it as
enthroned, a symbol of the power of the ruler. The Chinese dragon symbolized the masculine
yang power, very high spiritual power, and the emperor himself. This connection with imperial
power carried over into England and Wales.

The dragon was known as the King of Larger Serpents to medieval writers. Dragons and bulls in
the Western world were fought by such Sun-heroes as Mithras, Siegfired, Hercules, Jason,
Horus, and Apollo. In Hindu myth, Vitra, the Dragon of the Waters, was killed by Indra so that
the waters could be released upon the Earth. The dragon was also an emblem of Aruna and Soma.

There were two major categories of physical appearance of dragons: those of the East and those
of the West.

The Oriental or Chinese dragon looked terrible and fierce, but was a symbol of prosperity, rain,
wisdom, and hidden secrets. Oriental dragons did not have wings, but were shaped more like
huge serpents with four legs. The early Chinese worshiped the dragon, and at one time had its
image on national flags. Using the symbol of the five-toed imperial dragon was reserved for
emperors. The guardian of the mansions of the gods was the Chinese Celestial Dragon, T'ien
Lung; he also prevented the deities from falling out of their heavenly realm. Oriental heroes did
not hunt the dragon, as did Western heroes. The Oriental dragons were said to leave their
mountain caves or watery homes in the Spring to bring the fertilizing rains.

Both the Chinese and Japanese believe that dragons can turn themselves into birds. The threeclawed
dragon of Japan symbolized the Mikado, the imperial and spiritual power. Most Japanese
dragons were said to live in lakes and springs.

Ancient Western writers wrote all kinds of terrifying things about the Western dragons. These
creatures were built like enormous lizards with wings; their bodies were thicker than those of
Oriental dragons. Their throats and back legs were like those of an eagle, the grasping front legs
like those of a reptile, and a tail that ended in an arrow-point. Western dragons were considered
to be enemies of humans, and heroes were always hunting them down and killing them. Under
the circumstance, it's no wonder that Western dragons stopped trying to get along with humans.
They liked to live in dark caves, a few of them in water. They breathed fire, and their breath was
supposed to spread plagues.

The dragon in alchemy had a number of meanings. If several dragons were shown fighting each
other, it meant separating out the Elements, or psychic disintegration. A dragon biting its tail
symbolized cyclic processes and time; this particular dragon was known to the Gnostics as
Ouroboros. A winged dragon represented a volatile Element, while the wingless dragon stood for
a fixed Element.

In spiritual definitions, the dragon represents the supernatural, infinity itself, and the spiritual
powers of change and transformation.

Magickal attributes: Protection, instruction in the spiritual, Element magick. Using the spiritual
to transform life. Protection. Adding extra power to magick.

*Patricia Telesco/The Language of Dreams:
The guardian of great power, magic, and wisdom. If you can befriend this aspect of yourself,
many new talents and abilities will open to you. Among Taoists, the dragon represents eternal
change, and the part of the path that we cannot as yet see. Consequently, you must perfect the
spirit and trust that your road is sure. In China, the highest spiritual Yang (masculine) power
attainable. On Earth, this was embodied by the power of the Chinese emperor.

Slaying a dragon: Overcoming negative traits. Alternatively, cutting off the feminine aspects of self.
Fire-breathing dragon: An overbearing person with strong words.
Procreative power of nature. In Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, Tiamat was a half-dragon,
half-human (to show higher and lower self) Goddess who gave birth to all things.
Archetypal: The primordial consciousness and psychic transformation.
The ongoing struggle of light versus darkness, and good versus evil, that is always with us. Here
you become the hero who preserves your vision of virtue.

*Ted Andrews/Animal-Wise:
Keynote: dragon energies about, guardianship and wonders.

The basilisk is an iguana lizard of tropical America, named after the basilisk dragon, a dragon of
great virulence. It was cobra-like and often depicted as a terrifying creature. It could breathe fire
and spew a deadly venom and could even kill with a single look from its eyes. If a human laid
eyes upon the basilisk before the basilisk laid eyes upon the human, the human would live.
Otherwise the human died.

Much of the lore of the basilisk dragon is symbolic. The perception that it could kill with a single
look probably had more to do with the shock of seeing something so strange and powerful. The
death was often symbolic of death of some aspect of the person's life. He or she would never be
the same.

As frightening as the basilisk dragon was made to appear, it had many magical qualities: Its skin
could repel snakes and spiders, and silver rubbed with its ashes would become gold. Crystal
would reflect its deadly vision and venom. It has been said that the eyes are the gateways to the
soul, and it is through the basilisk form of the dragon that we learn to read the true soul of
individuals by looking into their eyes. This dragon has the knowledge of how to use the eyes to
entrance and control.

In the America tropics, a basilisk can grow to be two feet with a long tapering tail. Unlike its
namesake, though, it is only dangerous to birds and rodents, although it will also eat some
vegetation. When this lizard appears in our life, we can truly expect an awakening of dragon

The basilisk has a crest that runs down its back and neck. Lizards with crests along the spine
usually the heightening of the sensitivities of their corresponding chakras. For the basilisk, we
can expect that our inner vision--that ability to see into the souls of others--and our power of
expression will increase. We must learn to control these abilities, for dragon energy is strong and
vocal expressions will be experienced more intensely. Things said lovingly will be felt more
lovingly. Things said to cut and hurt will hurt more deeply.

If danger approaches, the basilisk will run away on its long hind legs. This skilled runner can
even traverse water for short distances without sinking. Dragons are fantastic creatures of great
wonder. Theirs is the force of strength and spiritual power through which the impossible
becomes possible. The basilisk's ability to run on water is a reminder of this.

When the basilisk appears, the dragon energy is alive within our life. New realms will open,
including more tangible experiences associated with the Faerie Realm. The climate of your life
will change. The basilisk is the guardian and a keeper of the creative force of life. Higher
perceptions and intuitive abilities will awaken in ways not even imagined. When the basilisk
appears, we must learn to control our intensities.

Are we being too aggressive? Are we ignoring our perceptions? Are we confronting and fighting
when we should be avoiding? Are we not guarding our creations? Are we not taking advantage
of opportunities for change? Have we forgotten that we can starve as much from a lack of
wonder as we can from a lack of food?

The Komodo Dragon:
The Komodo dragon is the largest living lizard. Found within Southern Indonesia, males can
grow to 8' and weigh as much as 200 pounds or more. Females grow to about 7' and can weigh
150 pounds or more. Although around 5000 still live in the wild, only about 350 of them are
breeding females. Because of this, they are considered threatened. They are solitary, powerful,
and can move quickly over short distances. If Komodo dragon has appeared, now is the time to
trust in our own strong survival instincts and move ahead. Now is the time for quick decisions,
changes, and actions.

The dragon of lore is a creature that controls the climate, of Nature or our life. When Komodo
appears, it is the same fiery dragon energy that is being awakened. If we want to change the
climate of our life, now is the time. The creative energies are strong, the impulse is there, and
now is the time to act upon it. We must remember, though, that dragons and the dragon energy
were never meant to be slain but to be controlled and directed. Its appearance heralds a time of
new adventures and journeys, physical and spiritual, that will help us to control and direct our
creative forces in the future.

The Komodo dragon can live as long as 100 years and its appearance reflects that the changes we
make will be long lasting. We will experience the effects for some time to come. If we act now,
the benefits will last a long time. If we fail to act, the opportunity may not return again for a long
time as well.

Komodo Dragons lay 20-40 eggs at a time, with an incubation period that lasts approximately 8
months. When Komodo Dragon appears, we will usually see a window of approximately 8
months in which acting upon our impulses and instincts will work powerfully for us. We can use
those impulses to initiate changes or complete what also needs to be ended. Either way, we must
act while we can, and as a result we will discover the primal creative power within us.
Komodo Dragons are very powerful, and they usually hunt by ambush. One bite will usually kill.
The bacteria in their saliva are so virulent that if the bite itself does not kill its prey or enemy, the
blood poisoning that results from it will. When the Komodo Dragon appears, everything we do
will take on greater force and power. Because of this, we must be careful how we use our vocal
power or allow others to use theirs on us. Words spoken more gently and lovingly will touch the
heart. Words spoken more harshly will rip the heart out. Everything takes on greater force. We
must be cautious of speaking inappropriately or too poisonously. If we suspect others of
speaking in such a way about us we should trust that suspicion but respond only when the time is

The Komodo dragon has a powerful tail, which it uses for defense. It can whip a crushing blow
very quickly. When it appears, we may be using undue force or responding too strongly too
soon. We should also be wary of others around us who, though facing us, may be trying to crush
our endeavors or us with a quick unexpected whip of their tails. We should look for others trying
to undermine our activities, frustrating our efforts.

Are we letting disputes hinder us? Are w not acting decisively? Is there jealousy about? Are we
not responding creatively to situations or opportunities? Are we hesitating too long? Are we
speaking inappropriately to or about others?

*From a post by Groundhog from February, 2000 (Our Ricky Ticky Tivey):
In Chinese astrology there is a 12 year cycle and each year is symbolized by a different animal.
Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, @#%$, Dog, Boar, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit in that order.
People born in the year of the Dragon are fiercely independent. They want to be in power but
will use subtle ways to get it. They have an added gloss of magic, wizardry, inventiveness and
resourcefulness and can be a constant source of mystery, even to themselves. Although capable
of splendid affection, they remain a little distant and you never know when they might pack their
bags and leave. They are not particularly loyal. Though they can be a member of a team, it is on
a voluntary bias and nobody can coerce them into action against their will. They have an agile
mind and are capable of thinking on their own without any help from others. They take a devious
delight in bizarre events, ideas, and people simply because of the shocking quality. Mental
companionship means a lot to them and conversation will include a stylish wit and zany humor.
Famous people born in the year of the Dragon include: Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Lewis
Carrol, Sigmund Freud, and Bing Crosby.

Enter the dragon
By Humfrey Hunter
23 January 2004
(the link isn't working at the time of posting, but googling the name of the article and the author
turns up the above link on several occasions. Therefore, at this time, I assume that the link is
temporarily disabled)

With tiny teeth and claws, a little tail and soft-looking white skin, could this really be what it
seems - a baby dragon?
Highly unlikely of course, but this disturbingly realistic model almost had the experts fooled.
The dragon, suspended in a jar of what is thought to be formaldehyde, is believed to be the
brainchild of German scientists who wanted to humiliate their English counterparts in the 1890s,
when the rivalry between the two countries was intense.
Had they pulled it off it would have been one of the greatest hoaxes of all time.
However, according to documents found with it, the Natural History Museum turned the dragon
away, possibly because they suspected it was a trick.
It was then sent to be destroyed. But it appears a porter intercepted the 2 1/2 ft-high jar and took
it home. Now the dragon has surfaced in an Oxfordshire garage.

The papers say the porter was either a man known only as Moredun, or a Frederick Hart - whose
grandson David found the jar containing the dragon in his garage last month.
Mr. Hart, 58 , from Sutton Courtenay, said: 'My father, George, who is dead now, left it at my
house when he moved away from London about 20 years ago.
'I was not there when he put it in my garage so I never really looked at it. It was just in the corner
with a load of other junk and I found it when I was having a clear-out.
'I had never looked at it so when I saw the dragon it was a huge shock. I remember the crate it
was in from when I was a kid because it was in my dad's workshop.
He just used to say the crate was fragile because it had a glass container in it. But I never saw
what was in it.

I didn't know until recently and when I first saw it I didn't know what to make of it. Such things
don't exist do they? It is very odd-looking.'
Mr. Hart, who runs a marketing services company, asked his friend Allistair Mitchell to help him
investigate the dragon's background.

Mr. Mitchell, 42, who runs a marketing company in Oxford, said: 'The late 1800s were a time of
intense rivalry between Britain, Germany and France over who was the world's leading nation.
'It would appear that this was an effort on the part of interested parties in Germany to discredit
the British scientific community.
'At the time, scientists were the equivalent of today's pop stars and their achievements were
heavily reported in newspapers.

'It would have been a great propaganda coup for the Germans if it had come off. Some of the
documents are in German and date back to the 1890s.
'I've shown the photos of the dragon to someone from Oxford University and, like everyone who
sees it for the first time, he thought it was amazing.

Obviously he could not say if it was real or not but he wanted to come and take a biopsy of it.
'It is a truly amazing thing. It stands about 30 centimeters but if you were to take it out of the jar
and lie it flat with the tail extended, it's probably about a metre long.

'The dragon is flawless, from the tiny teeth to the umbilical cord. No matter how closely you
look, you cannot tell if it is real.

It could be made from India rubber, because Germany was the world's leading manufacturer of it
at the time, or it could be made of wax.

'Or, of course, it might be real.'

Notes from Peter Dickinson/The Flight of Dragons--a book exploring the myths and theories.
Sinister, terrifying, destructive, evil. Treasure guarders. Their teeth were sewn into the earth as
fruit to bare armed men. They had names like: Python, Fafnir, Wyvern, Ladon, Dragonel, Hell,
sin, heresy, darkness, superstition, evil. Mothers fight for their young. Names: Draco, Diabolus.
Lindwurm=winged monster serpent, not a dragon, w/o legs or claws -- scaly armor glowed in
brilliant green-gold or green-silver. Guardian of hidden treasures & beautiful maidens in distress.
Tatzlwurms=gigantic, winged, fire-breathing serpents with four legs and claws. Dwell in craigs
and caves of mountains. Prey on cattle and lost children.

Chimu Dragon=two heads.

Oriental Dragons=friendly, loving, benevolent. Genii of strength, vigilance, protection.
Guardians of treasure and wisdom. Tien-Lung= celestial guardians of mansions of the gods
creator, dragons of wind, clouds and rain to benefit mankind. Li-Lung= benevolent earth, sky
and water dragons ascend to sky as waterspouts or typhoons. Guardians of wealth and wisdom.

Dragons = intelligent and protective, Chief of reptiles. Unicorns = King of hairy beasts.

Phoenix= Lord of feathered creatures. Tortoise= Master of shelled animals.

Persian= the dragon Azhdaha= guardian of all subterranean treasures of earth. Pi-hsi= dragontortoise
god of rivers and symbol of enormous strength.

Dragons were known for longevity, creative power, royalty, and holding sacred swords in their

A.D.793: There were tremendous lightenings, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the air. The
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

They flew efficiently and quickly. Cast forth a most pestilential breath. Jordanus. The Firedrake
spouted flames like foam from his nostrils. Andrew Lang

*Dragon Blood:

Hercules dipped his arrow tips in Hydra (dragon) blood to gain the poison. Slew enemy and put
on shirt w/Hydra poison still on it. So strong, he too died.

Associated w/pools, water-holes and wells.) Females remained near water, young males unable
to fly. Mature males flew.

1)Dornoch=attacked town. Killed by St. Gilbert with an arrow.
2)Loch Ness=clearly an ancestral breeding-mere.
3)Ben Vair=preyed on travelers using Ballachulish crossing. Killed by spike covered raft baited w/meat.
4)Kirkton of Strathmartine=ate girls using well. Killed by young peasant with a club.
5)Linton=Ravaged farms. Killed by fire-ball attached to lance end and thrust down throat.
6)Longwitton=Invisible, lurked near well. Knight used magic ointment to see it. Killed it after luring it from water.
7)Spindleston Heugh=the laidlly worm(loathsome dragon) lived in cave and poisoned countryside. Was
maiden transformed by sorcery. Rescued by brother come to kill her but persuaded him to kiss her instead.
8)Bishop's Auckland=Pollard of Pollard Hall killed dragon in an oak wood. His descendants had to
present the falchion he used to each new Bishop of Durham to prove their right to the land.
9)Lambton=Heir fished vile worm out of river and threw in well. Grew to a dragon. He returned from
foreign parts to kill it using spiked armor.
10)Sexhow=in woods. Killed by farmer and his dog.
11)Well=in well. Killed by young man in spiked barrel.
12)Nunnington=Poisonous. Self-healing dragon. Killed by knight in armor covered with razors. Helped by dog.
13)Filey=in gully on seashore. Killed by being given sticky cake which glued jaws together while the
villagers attacked.
14)Wantley=in wood by well. Killed by More of More Hall, in spiked armor, who kicked dragon in one
vulnerable spot after a 2 day battle.
15)Penmynnedd=Killed by being lured into pit containing bronze mirror. Exhausted itself fighting its
own reflection.
16)Anwick=guarded treasure under immovable stone.
17)Denbigh=devastated countryside. Killed by knight with two thumbs on each hand.
18)Llanrhaedr-ym-mochant=killed by wrapping itself around stone studded with spikes and then draped
with red cloth.
20)Bromfield=overcome by spells of Saracen Sorcerer. Huge treasure horde found.
21)Brinsop=well dweller. Killed by St. George.
22)Mordiford=several reported. One killed by knight. One by a band of villagers. One by a barrel set
with spikes.
23)Deerhurst=poisonous. Man-eating. Killed while asleep.
24)Chipping Norton=1349. Two Headed, bat-winged beast visited.
25)Uffington=St. George killed a dragon.
26)Brent Pelham=Devil demanded soul of knight who had killed a dragon. Saved by being
buried half in and half out of holy ground.
27)Wormesgay=one-eyed dragon. Killed by knight after intervention of St. Guthlac who dazzled the
monster with a lightning flash, enabling the knight to reach one vulnerable spot, a wart.
28)Ludham=nocturnal dragon laired in cellars of ruined abbey.
29)St. Osyth=vast dragon appeared in 1170. Set houses alight as it passed.
30)Bures=peasant attack drove it into a swamp.
31)Coils of a vast dragon made ridges around a hill.
32)St. Leonard's Forest=St. drove dragon into forest after a prolonged fight. Monster last seen in 1614.
33)Dragon of Knucker Hole=killed by wandering knight who was rewarded with hand of King's
daughter. Alternately killed by local lad giving it indigestible pudding.
34)Bisterne=Knight killed by fighting in armor covered in ground glass. He died as well.
35)Aller=bog dweller devastated countryside. Speared by villager finally.
36)Kingston St. Mary=choked by having boulder rolled into its mouth.
37)Churchstanton=Killed by wandering knight.
38)Carhampton=tamed by St. Carantoc laying his stole on its neck.
39)Exe Valley=flies nightly across valley, guarding separate treasure hordes at Cadbury Castle and Dolbury Hill.
40)Helston=Town bombarded by winged dragon with red-hot stone.


Vulnerability protected by: ability to fly, extreme wariness in most situations timidity,
appearance of monstrous ferocity and hypnotic powers, fiery breath, lairing in narrow cave habit.
Mask of corky tissues that protects skull and absorbs attacks where hypnosis stare is
concentrated from. Being inedible except by other dragons. Vulnerable forms of attack: unless its
flexible body was distended to its pressure-limit, it c/absorb quite heavy blows and buffets. They
had a yielding curve of membranes along the flanks. Threatened by sharp talons or tusks. They
never survived in great numbers, and always resided in particular areas where suitable lairs were
available. Dying out at the coming of a new enemy --ferocious, hunting in packs, cunning and
un-aftaid --MAN. True to their nature, dragons retreated. In some areas they were destroyed but
in remote fastnesses they managed to survive. Mature males were rarely defeated by men. Stone
age clubs and traps were useless against them. Destruction was achieved at the breeding pools
and the fertile plains where females and young dwelt. Others were seen as gods and their needs
tended. This left little call for flying. Young passive girls who were not so willing to fight were
given in sacrifice and schooled to believe it an honor -- a willing sacrifice. He would become a
parasite -- the customs of reverence and dread and difficulty would be enough to prevent men
from doing anything against it. If duty was forgotten the angry god would become hungry
enough to risk raiding again. The wrath of the god, recognized by the villagers, would renew the
customs once again.

The Sword:
Dragons still ruled on the fringes of civilization. i.e.: wandering knight arrives in village, towers
hung with black and bells tolling to huddle the people within the walls. Dragon burns landscape
and ruin. Very land mourns. Lots for girl to sacrifice. Gates open. Wailing music and black
procession. Wind with dragging steps across the black plain. Girl, alone, wears white as bride.
Bound to fatal tree with gold chain. Procession retires to city. Knight arrives and offers aid. She
begs him to leave. Dragon approaches and he draws the slaying sword. One blow tames the
dragon. She binds it with her girdle while leading it into gates. Wild rejoicing as knight smites
off its head. It expires with a vile stink. Wagons sent to its cave for treasure. Knight weds girl
and becomes king when father dies.
i.e.: villagers give it a sheep or calf every new moon. Summer solstice only is a girl from a
family who can spare one sacrificed. Believe dragon brings good weather. Stranger arrives with
sword and offers to kill the dragon. Villagers bid him to go. There are excesses to sacrifice and
the god's wrath is better left alone. With his magical sword, he persuades them otherwise. They
give in. Pray secretly he fails and the god will rid them of the troublemaker. Often the stranger
made a mistake and fell. He may have tried to do battle in the lair, or when the dragon was
gassed up and had fire-breath, or caught by its stare and attacked only the head. Success came
with luck, skill, or both. Hero killed beast unaided, no diluted glory or bravery that followed in
flow of event. Waited for season of main sacrifice. It signaled via season change or dragon
exiting lair or burned fields or music drawing the god from his lair.

Flank=several blows would not kill but mame and prevent flight and destroy ability to breathe
fire. Now harmless and leadable or slayable. After he follows pollution to lair, wealthy and or
powerful sword c/b somewhat spoiled via corrosion of blood. If crops swell or are good he can
take god's place. Marries daughter of local nobles or girl used as bait and becomes a petty king.
Minstrels gather to his court to legitimate his rule via composed hymns about his noble deed.
Vary in details. Heirs keep his legend alive for security. Tale kept alive and up to date in dress
and manners. Dare the un-pastured dragon in his den? Wisdom the mirrored shield, or scorn the
spear? Shelly Adonais. All were propitiated by human sacrifice -- commonly a virgin princess.

Larouse, Encyclopedia of Mythology ...for this devouring monster would issue from its cave and
slay many people with its virulent breath, as foul as any plague. ...wandering thru the state and
region about it, it would devour whomever it met. ...The hide of a fresh-killed heifer should be
stuffed with nitre and tar and sulphur and substances of that nature and placed by the mouth of
the cavern. ...Then the substances, especially the sulphur, caught fire within and raised such a
thirst that the animal charged out of its cave and hastened to the vistula, where it drank so much
water that its stomach burst and it died. Ulysses Aldrovandus, Historia Serpentium et Draconum.
The eye whose stare can turn a man to stone. Africa produces elephants, but it is India that
produces the largest, as well as the dragon, who is perpetually at war with the elephants. Pliny,
Natural History. ...just where the collar-bone reaches the neck, flesh showed....and the bronze
point skewered the muscle clean thru the neck. Homer, Iliad

The feat of the dragon-slayer founded a first dynasty and with it a kingdom. Assuming the
various attributes of the dragon: China's ancestors of kings were dragons. Image presented in
emphasized manner of dragon qualities of the royal house of the knight. Litter of bones around
lair. An empty sleeve=dragon claimed it in battle. Lanced trident preserved as sacred weapon in
later generations of slayer's kin and legend holders. Dragon's vision c/b binocular. ie: essential
for attack. And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses and dragons in
their pleasant palaces. Isaiah 13.22.

Techniques of Dragon-Slaying:
Direct frontal attack was very seldom successful. Ambush from the side=when dragon's normally
sharp senses are concentrated on a victim. Lure from lair by seeming to attack it and retreating
and allow another to attack from side. Attack from below highly-developed skill. When
earthbound (for a reason) they tend to follow well-worn trails (less danger of injury to body).
Trail found, dig pit or a series of them, and cover with branches and lie within. Smite from below
in a way that fluid runs off into a deeper pit and not spilt on attacker or sprayed on him. Spiked
traps worked i.e.: spiked armor, spiked causeway, studded spear heads lured onto spiked raft and
set adrift. Chemical slayings i.e.: lump of pitch, fat and hair to eat. Dragon catches fire w/in and

...countless piles of precious things, gold wrought and unwrought, gems and jewels, and silver
red-stained in the ruddy light. J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

...gold nesting was a need.

...Whenever the dragon prince does anything marvelous, the king comes and beseeches him,
using gold, precious stones, pearls and valuables. The Yuan Kien Lie Han

...Gold is the softest of all metals and chemically inert. It is incapable of forming points and
edges sharp enough to tear a dragon's hide. Commonly found in gatherable nuggets.

...the dragon bed would rapidly become a chemical quagmime. Forced by life cycle to lay
continuously or habitually in the same place over long periods. it cannot lay long in a quagmire
or it w/become weighted in sludge it cannot afford to take on and still fly. Lengthy cleansing
would be required before each flight. They thus tended to prefer to crawl on short journeys rather
than fly.

...a lair of smooth boulders would have to be replaced as acids gradually destroyed them.

...lairs were passed on from generation to generation and the most suitable materials would tend
to survive the longest and come to be recognized by instinct as the proper stuff ot build nests of.

...gemstones would serve to grind up limestone to be digested within its crop.

...until a young dragon has taken over the lair of another and consumed the crop of an old
dragon, he will be unable to produce enough gas to fly.

...great jaws macerated the hunks of firestones. The fragments were swallowed and more
firestone was demanded...ravening flame to sear... Anne McCaffrey, Dragonflight.

...a male dethroned from the mating-pool might well rapidly dissolve, speeded by the violent
chemistry of his metabolism. This would free the cave for young male -or- those of remote
mountain passes were reported as (even by dragon standards) unusually morose, treacherous and
old. Normally flightless hides become tougher and heavier to cope with harsher conditions.
Frustrated by inability to easily accumulate a new hoard among poverty-stricken mountain tribes.
Much time spent in hibernation. Dreaming remote lizard dreams of jewels and thermal-soaring
and fire-fights above the breeding-pools and succulent white sacrifices.

...they gloat over treasures and value it above all things else. In caves or burial mounds they
gather great hoards; and should even the smallest of its jewels be stolen, the dragon would
pursue the thief in deadly hate even unto the world's end.

...yea, and a man might give it a hundred gold rings in exchange, but still it would know if its
own ring was not among them. Roger Lancelyn Green, The Wonderful Stranger

...cave choice would be for lair and the hoarded treasure concerns as well -- even display of the
treasure. They had a notorious lust for gold.

...No cave paintings of dragons because: where dragons nested/laired, men did not. No hunter
wished to encounter a dragon and no part was of use. To draw is to invite horror and terror upon
the tribe. Those able to harness its powers came to a bad end having done so.

...the question is always the same with a dragon: will he talk with you or will he eat you? If you
can count on his doing the former, and not doing the latter, why then you're a dragonlord. Ursula
Le Guin, The Tombs of Atuan

...Greeks thought of dragons as lookers.

...Must not meet a dragon's gaze or you will be powerless.

...The dragon will speak to you, in riddles, and seem to know as much about you as you know
yourself. Those that failed, it threw down from the rocks and devoured. Guess the answer and it
is likely to scream and fly away.

Blood=understand the speech of other creatures.
Head=often called the "Helm of Terror", its mask and essential part in its hypnotic armory...it
was a piece of natural mesmerism that he had practiced many times on his quarry...he stood for a
while, held by the extra-ordinary oddity of the attack. The head--the body seemed to have been
packed away behind it-- crept nearer...Rudyard Kipling, The Tomb of His Ancestors

...almost he stared into the dragon's eyes and was caught...Ursula Le Guin, A Wizard of Earthsea

...I will give you seven years of freedom", said the dragon. "At the end of that time, I will ask
you a riddle. If you guess it the bargain is ended. But if you cannot guess it you must be my
servants through all eternity."

...Grimm, The Dragon and His Grandmother.

Mirrors as Defense:
...some form of light-reflection took place in the pupil of the huge eye, possibly.

...a sense of self-awareness c/b sensed by the victim of the stare or dragon's eye.

...m/have introduced an element of discontinuity into the victim's brain by supplying feedback to
one lobe out of phase to that supplied to the other. If so: the magical mirror is as close as one can
come to the actuality.

Hypnotic Powers:
...c/b method of dragon speech being explained.

...speech demands intelligence and produces it: often dragons are defeated by peasants who outmaneuver
them; often presented as being powerful, tricky, magical and knowing, but very slowwitted;
a vulnerable, slow moving dragon would appear both huge and formidable. It needed to
hunt and defend itself and catch prey in a method that did not require or depend upon chasing it
and a method of self-protection independent of fighting.

...somewhat protected by its ferocious aspect becomes fearsome to look at, until any creature
confronted by it is likely to be thrown into a trance of terror.

...Hypnosis in nature is not uncommon. Certain snakes are able to make their prey freeze where it
stands and wait to be eaten alive. The tiger is half gifted with this effect upon men.
...a stillness beyond terror.

...A sense of being asked a question whose answer is both obvious and impossible to find: Who
am I? What am I? (Question of the Sphynx = question's answer was: Myself/man). The question
w/b wordless. Only a sense of asking w/b there.

...When the trance was over, the hero, like a man waking from a dream, w/consciously re-shape
its elements into things he could understand and explain. He w/seem to have been looking at
himself in a strange mirror. That self in the mirror w/have seemed to have heard a language and
grammar that was at once both familiar and incomprehensible, like a riddle. Both selves, several
selves, w/have sought desperately for the answer, knowing that life depended upon it.

...Then, with will and intelligence as a hero's resources, he could draw these separate selves
together and find that between them he had the answer, he would seem to have answered the
riddle. ie: "He was Oedipus, he was a man, he was there to slay the monster." c/b gaze and
supernatural knowledge concept.

...What it appeared to know w/in fact be what the victim knew that, other than himself, no others

...free of the dragon's gaze, thru the barrier of terror, he w/find his enemy no match for him in
intelligence or speed. It w/seem slow-witted, easily tricked, easily slain.

...the power of the mirror as a symbol is stronger than that of a mere device. It seems to belong,
in the way that true dragon-lore belongs, and this may be because it echoes an inner truth about
dragon encounters.

...when the growing dragon was in its lair, the head was the only place that c/b attacked at all, so
there was a natural tendency to evolve a heat that w/ withstand attack -- a light but corky mass of
tissue over the thin bone beneath (mask or helm of terror). It w/evolve into shapes that w/aid the
hypnotic effect, and also a tendency for the hypnosis to concentrate the attack of an enemy--if
one were encountered and not wholly mastered by the gaze--onto this one safe point.

...they did not truthfully have one vulnerable spot the hero had to find; but, that there was only
one invulnerable spot, which the her had to find, but that the heroes did so often is witness to the
power of the dragon's eye.

...this of course is the way to talk to dragons...no dragon can resist the fascination of riddling
talk. J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit.

...Four-legged at dawn, two-legged by day, three-legged at eve--What creature , Say? Man.

*Beowulf: "Then spirted the serpent fearsome fire-brands, burning byre and barn and friendly
farmstead. Flared flames skyward in mock of mankind, nor whoud the wind-wanderer leave one
life living.

The glimmering gold was found and hoarded. By the horror of the half-light, the haunter of hills,
scaly and spiteful, the dark-flying fire-drake.

...they beheld the hand, the fingers of the fiend, set up before them. In the sockets the nails stood
like new steel. Spur-spiked was the hand of the heathen marauder with terrible talons.

...Mighty march-stalkers haunting the moorlands, huge and inhuman. Yet one of them was of
womanish sort, so far as they saw her. One trod his ghastly tracks with the gait of a man, though
monstrous beyond man's nature.

...It was a great gauntlet, huge and hideous and belted with bindings, a glove-thing geared in
mysterious manner w/ devilish skills and the skins of dragons.

...To his hoard he tied him to his dark dwelling before day's dawning. He had fenced the farmers
w/his own flaming. W/bale and burning, but now he trusted in his mountain walls and his wiles
of warfare. That trust betrayed him.

...The men beheld how the mere was murky w/warm blood-wellings. They watched on the water
many a worm-thing. Daunting sea-dragons diving and swimming, while curious creatures lolled
on the ledges...they slithered away, swollen w/spite at the horn's bright blare.

...that wide wound which the dragon had dealt him, the old earth-dweller, blistered and bubbled.
And soon he sensed how the vile venom was working inwards.

...Then viewed the victor the gleam of gold-work, broaches and bracelets. Gravelling the ground,
wonders on the walls. Of the dragon's den, the old dawn-flier; and urns upright, once held by
heroes. In elder ages, now all unburnished with fretwork fallen, and helm and hauberk, rotten
with dust...

Beowulf may or may not have been a real person. He was a hero around whom certain kinds of
folk lore tended to gather--like Robin Hood tales. He was to have slain 3 dragons. The heroes
own progress from dashing youth to age no less courageous but less foolhardy. The balancing or
echoing of half-lies in the nature of the enemies he fought. 1st monster/dragon is half-man, huge
in size, walking upright. His arm is tron from the socket while wrestling Beowulf in the dark in
the feasting hall. His head is cut off and brought back as a trophy by Beowulf after killing the
young dragon and his mother in their underwater lair. It is hideous and indescribable--clearly not
human. The dragon youth leaves clear tracks across themoor. His blood corrodes the blade of the
sword so only the hilt is left. Inhuman size for he could raid the feasting hall but not molest
people sleeping in ordinary huts. Young dragon's 1st raid=seized 30 warriors and carried them
away (clearly poetic not actual). Still fragile if Beowulf c/tear his arm from the socket.

Chinese Dragons:
Seldom breathe fire, are benevolent, if hot-tempered. Some are wingless. Large flying serpents.
Blood is magical. Associated with mountains and pool. They speak. Dangerous to look directly
at them. They hoard treasure. Early kings adopted as sacred ancestors and a symbol of kingly
power. Mask is much more pronounced and hypnotic. Wings less noticeable. Body more tubular
and less tapering. c/b series of connecting bulges (c/b cavities). Able to alter their size.

Fossil memories of the time of the dinosaurs come down to us thru a general mammalian
memory inherited from the early mammals, our ancestors, who had to compete with the great
predatory lizards. Carl Sagan, The Dragons of Eden.

Most accounts occur in works which are close to the springs of imaginative creation or primitive
'legend' or else in books written for children. These artists have no aesthetic axes to grind, no
deliberate theory about the nature of their art, no urge to break the pattern of previous art-forms.
(Positive advantage). They are telling a story and the details they put in are what seems right to
them for the story. If they are on form, their audience recognizes the rightness. The quotations in
this book stand weakly alone but consistent when taken together. The dragons live. Inside us.

The Devil of Christianity (in art), became the dragon. Other Christian symbols are concrete: The
souls of men are sheep, the Holy Ghost is a dove. Sinners are goats. Enemies of the Church are
wolves, etc. If in men's subconscious memories dragons were real, and if on top of that they
carried with them a deep implanted sense of horror and dread, then the image fits the reality.
*Note, this book holds many fascinating theories.

Notes from the Time/Life Book series on Dragon lore and other sources.

Descending into the cave the air takes on the rank odor of sulfur and grows warmer. Hoard:
Serpentine arm rings of gold, brooches of silver filigree, iron swords with gilded hilts, bowls of
rare red Saminware, hammer shaped amulets that bore the staring eyes of the old god Thor.

Glittering coins and golden cups --guarded by a dragon. Crouched on clawed feet in enormous
coils, scaled sides gleaming, leathery wings folded, long head rested on the floor. Hooded
membranes closed over ancient eyes, smoke curled from blackened nostrils, exhaled a narrow
ribbon of flame. All-seeing and all-knowing dragon recognizes loss and mortal smell. Slowly
drags itself up and along mortal trail finding direction, shrieks and snorts and takes to the air w/
spurt of flame--screaming and howling its anger. Burning villages and spared nothing. Dressed
in gold and bearing an iron shield to protect him from the Dragon's fiery breath, Beowulf set out
to slay the dragon. At mouth of cave, raising shield, orders men to stand back, roars out his
challenge : a loud battle cry that echoed against the stones and reverberated in the air around the
dragon's den. Men shift nervously. King stands immobile. w/o warning, a mass of smoke shot
with flame burst from barrow portal -- followed instantly by the dragon. Bent like a serrated
bow, massively clawed and fanged, spewing fire and molten spittle. King strikes w/
broadsword=harmless. Dragon spat fire=blackens skin and set hair aflame. Gleaming fangs tear
open King's throat. Wiglaf thrust sword up into folds of unarmed skin below beast's jaw. Both
men strike again and again. Beast recoils, shudders and thunders to the ground. As it falls a mess
of stinking blood and boiling viscera. Terrible in their fierceness, dreaded foe of men, idolized by
men for their power.

European: fire breathing, water poisoning, predatory, a scourge, plague's source, starvation's
cause, bringer of violent death. Asia: powerful, beneficent, bearers of rain and growth of crops,
some worshipped as gods, noble lines claimed dragon blood.
Almost always acute vision and death gaze.
Range in size and form: most =20' long, some=up to 210' (140 cubits)
Blood=poison, magic potions, medicinal cures
Breath=foul, fire and brimstone, dying head and decaying flesh, scorched w/fire, breathed

Linked w/elemental and chaotic powers, usually destructive, symbol of might in war on shields
and standards and kites and ships. On maps=last wilderness marked w/simple warning:

Rulers of Air, Wind, Fire, Water
Possessed=ancient intelligence, innate magic, creatures of Chaos born of primal powers, demons of disorder.
Each year= telling of slaying of 1st dragon and creation giving people cause to celebrate and know from
whence they come. When earth was still young and sometimes trembling --betraying the small
folk who lived on its surface. Wolves howled in the empty streets. Storms= dragon's scream
(thunder)and dragon's breath=lightning.
Must answer their riddles to pass the gates they guard.

Burning eyes.
Spat fire and vomited rocks
Gibbered, screaming voice and insanely gaping mouth.
Dwell=rivers, caves, mountains, windy wildernesses
Huge, ferocious, powerful, devouring appetites, flight, speak, many c/b invisible, many can alter
own shapes. Hunted elephants to drink their blood =elephant killers. Elephant blood was known for its
remarkable coolness.

Guardians=of water, rivers, springs, treasures, and kidnapped royalty.

Triple rows of teeth, bodies swollen w/venom, black blood, slain between golden scales where
body could be pierced.

Fond of eating doves. (Europe: tree: Perindeus=even its shade was peril to dragons and haven to
doves.) Eagle was its enemy (Norse).

Chain baited w/head of ox. Thor snares dragon. God: Marduk, netted dragon and slew w/thunderbolts.

**A Field Guide To Dragons
The Amphiptere=legless, winged, along banks of Nile and in Arabia. Guarded frankincense bearing trees
and threatened all who sought to reap or harvest the precious resin.

The Wyvern=vicious, pestilence, northern Europe, Greece, Ethiopia, coiling trunk, eagle's legs (2)
tucked beneath wings. Saxon for: serpent.

The Heraldic Dragon=widespread, formidable, massive fangs, 4 clawed legs, ridge of sharp spines that
stretched from its spiked nose to its barbed and stinging tail.

The Guivre=legless, wingless, power=immense, massive head is horned and bearded, live in forests and
wells and anywhere near water, serpentine.

The Lindworm=between birdlike wyvern and snakelike guiver: 1 pair of legs on serpentine body,
flightless. Marco Polo reported seeing some Lindworms while crossing the Steppes of Central Asia.

Cave Dwellers=dank=comfort, cold darkness, private lairs, easily guarded, close to towns=convenient
to food. Distant from towns=safety of keep.

Mountain predators=craggy or cave riddled mountains proved to be impregnable aeries for keeneyed
winged dragons. Like flacons, could spy prey from on high, rocket down for the kill and
return to dens to feed unmolested.

Aquatic denizens=primal beasts, seas, rivers, & lakes all over the world. Boat traffic and fish to prey on.

Watery cloak allowed them to reach river towns and seaports undetected.

Swamp beasts=marshes=havens, English named them Knuckers. Retreats=bottomless=knucker holes.

Small deep pits cold in summer and never frozen in winter. Gave off an eerie vapor.

Celestial Guardians=China. Protected the heavens and supported the mansions of the gods and sheilded
them from decay. Only these and imperial likenesses on regalia had 5 claws. All others had four.

Treasure Keepers=Subterranean, precious jewels and metals. Each had an enormous pear reputed to
multiply all it touched. The pearl symbolized the hidden treasure of wisdom.

Weather makers=float across sky, changeable blue color, spiritual=Govean wind, clouds and rain=
life depends on these. Chinese=took care to appease them or if they were angry or neglected
result was certain disaster.

River Lords=determined courses of rivers, regulated flow, maintained their banks. Each river in China
had one. Palace far beneath surface.

**Glittering Gods of the East:
Pet dragons paired in glassy reflecting pool. Domestic. Sluggish from captivity. Lay on artificial
island. Gleaming blue and red scales. Half-closed yellow eyes, hooded. Fed well from porcelain
dishes at lake's edge. Always ravenous. Then: wild prescient creatures: wild dragon prophecy
that since they refuse to come w/him they who live with men will die for men. Then: Kings
palace attacked and sacked only dragons were kept alive. They were taken in chains to parade
down avenue of trees as wonders to satisfy idle curiosity of the new court. Then they were
butchered and eaten.

China: Knowledge given to weave nets, handle fire, make music. Were unrivaled in wisdom and
power to give blessings. Mated in form of small snakes. Female deposited eggs near river's
banks. The eggs were like huge stones or jewels. The growth of the egg, like the dragon, took
centuries. Hatching, the water streams from stones. Parents let out great cries, one after another.
1st cry to raise the wind, 2nd cry to calm wind. Next=cosmic music of thunder, lightning and
rain. Shells crack, infant wriggles out as a small snake. Grow and metamorphosis to prepare for
accents to sky, their true home. 1500 yr for dragon to reach full height. 500 yr. more to develop
horns. 1000 years more to develop wings. Bares 9 resemblances to: head of camel, horns of deer,
eyes of hare, ears of bull, neck of snake, belly of clam, scales of carp, claws of eagle, paws of
tiger. Scales = 81 = 9x9. Voice =beating of a gong. On each side of mouth are whiskers. Under
throat=scales are reversed - they jut out and can kill a man. Categories: serpentine, clawed,
horned, winged. Color: azure= spectacular omen of dawning spring.

Red and black = ferocious beasts seen, at times, to struggle among clouds and cause storms that could devastate
whole districts at a time. Yellow = greatest of all disclaimed display. c/b large or small, obscure
or manifest, short or long, alive or dead. Cannot drain his pool, cannot catch him, unfathomed
virtue and intelligence, solitary, seen if perfect season, if not, not seen at all. Dragons manipulate
weather, rains, sand storms. Eyes=lightning, wings=wind, breath=condensed rain,
winter=hibernating. Prayed to dragons a rivers, lakes and ponds -- if dry, farmers banged gongs
and cymbals to awaken sleeping spirits. Offerings were small images of clay. Palaces under
water of lucid, glasslike, stone to see all above and below. Columns were of jade and adorned
with silver filigree. Doors were creamy ivory, thrones were rosy coral branches glowing with
gold and ornamented with pearls. Could have great emerald eyes if water dragon.

Asian: 9 types:
...P'u Lao= a dragon famed for crying loudly when attacked. Was carved on bells and gongs.
...Ch'iu-niu=a spirit of music on the zither.
...Pi Hsi=lover of the word etched on stone tablets.
...Pa Hsia=strong, held up foot of monuments.
...Chao Feng=valiant, on steep eaves of temples.
...Ch'ih Wen=water, on bridges and to prevent fire= on rooftops.
...Suan ni=quiet, watchful, on throne of Buddha.
...Yai tzu=truculent, on swords.
...Pi Han=quarrelsome, on gates of prisons.

Body parts: bones, especially spine are ground to powder to cure gallstones, infantile fevers,
paralysis of legs, ailments of pigs and women. Teeth cure madness and headache. Brain and liver
for dysentery. Skin=glowed in dark. Fat=burned visibly w/brilliant flame for 100 miles. Blood
turned to amber when touched to ground. Spittle was basis of rarest perfumes and permanent
dyes, if of purple dragon = use as royal ink on tablets of jade and gold and crystal.

Pearl=extraordinary size and luminosity in side pockets of jaw or folds beneath chin, emitted
wondrous light and never dimmed. Great power to light a house and many pavilions. Vessel of
wealth and power, to touch=to multiply.

Dragons eat roasted swallow, cormorant, goose, shark, duck, pig, cow. Shape changers, they can
become beast or human. c/b captive or pet. Chinese dragons feared wax, iron, centipedes, tigers,
silk thread dyed in 5 colors. Offerings=food and lotus flowers.

Eve of Beltane (May Eve) each year reawakening the earth, two dragons battled in the air, one
red and one white. Locked, snarling and steaming, clawing and tearing, writhing until white
pushed red beyond far fringes of island. No one saw this. But red dragon's battle howl swelled in
stillness of the dusk skies. Echoed in western downs and northern heaths. Shriek of terror all over
England. Noise increased to a hateful volume and slowly died. Sound had ghoulish power and all
took shelter. Barred doors, shuttered windows, rattled walls, men and women blanched and
children hid in mother's skirts as all trembled. The noise, fearsome=brought blight. Pregnant
women miscarried for days, cows gave no milk, and hens would not lay. Fields ceased to grow
for a week each year the land and people ebbed away. The king sent out map makers and
scholars to find exact center of kingdom. Dug pit waist deep on next beltane then set in it a
cauldron of mead covered with silken cloth and dragged a stone chest to very edge of pit. Scene
above: taloned eagles tearing at each other, or bears cuffing and bellowing or fighting cocko
showering feathers and blood, finally, red and white dragons in true shapes instant before they
drop as piglets from the sky. Plunge into cauldron and take silk. Drin fill of mead and sleep.
When quite still, bind them in cloth. Lift from cauldron and seal in chest. Carry to remote, cliffbound
corner of Britain and bury it deep in living rock. 500 years later, Merlin (as a boy) tried to
help a king build a castle there. Discovered chest and opened it. Dragons! Arose to air and began
struggle. Red dragon won and both vanished.

Germany:Dragons of gold flew by day=great and fearful fires to follow. Spontaneous fires
nothing was able to quench the crackles of flames.

Europe:Dragon roils upstream and river floods banks below. Limitless appetite for livestock.
Breath scorches fields of grain. Dragon in well or nearby mine=town water grows bitter and
ematic. Bulked in caves and chasms, coiled around hills and ancient grave tumuli. Trailed stench
and slime thru forests. Mingled w/shadows in springs and rivers. Some from primal Chaos, or
leathery eggs, or fetid vapors of tombs. Enemies of settlement and cultivation and civilization.
Defeat of dragon=a settlement of town and often its name taken. ie. begin with: Worme or orme,
Wormshead, Great Ormes Head, Ormesleigh, Ormeskirk, Wormelow, Wormeslea; or Hero:
=Denbigh=Dim Bych!=Thou Mayest Not Be!

Known as worms c/appear in cleared settlements. Some burst over the horizon w/fire and
commotion. Others arrived treacherously and unpredictably in secret silence. ie: fishing boy
catches a bloodsucking toothed lamprey baby and tosses it into a well. Years pass. Grows and
gathers strength. Passersby notice eye stinging and vapor rising (curling up from below) Drink:
water caught in their throats and burned their skin. Dawn of a day: Glistening slime rims well.
Broad trail reeking muck leads down dusty lane to river. Men beat at doors to warn of what had
arisen in night. Draped over a rock in midstream is a dragon. All who see it flee before the threat
of its eyes. Like most English dragons, lacks legs, wings, fire. Has power in coils and fangs and
chill spray of venom that misted its breath. As days passed, its rapacity brought ruin, by day: at
wear rock; by night: to riverbank and knoll (wrapped 3x around) left grassy flanks marked w/
spiral band of yellow from slime blighted turf. As hunger seized: day or night it marauded. Herds
panic and flee, lambs overcome by its breath in hollows were quickly preyed upon. Raked udders
of milk cows cruelty injuring them (thirst for milk) Priest fled, millers fled, cries of injured,
cattle lowing in fields. Daily offering of milk lasted for years. He changed from a fierce
marauder to a noxious parasite for 7 year.

Norway: Dragons flew high as migrating birds. But thunder of wings and burst of orange flame
in the night sky heralded an omen of some future sorrow. *Dragons were drawn to disaster, as if
the smell of human blood and anguish, even when they played no part in bringing on the
calamity. Like celestial sign posts, flights of dragons signaled turning points in history. A sky
alive with dragons soared and tumbled and romped the sky in play. Shimmering scales in the
sun=iridescent. Heralded invasion of Vikings on England. Dragons were less malignant than
unpredictable and unruly. Their ferocity was mindless, born of strength and boundless appetite.

Switzerland/Alps: Seized by unaccountable fury, rampaged valleys, triggered rockslides,
flattened stands of fir, sent high walls of water and debris surging down mountain streams into
villages clustered on the banks. Lived at bottom of ravines. *Dragons were human souled beasts
of Chaos. Spells that turned men and women into dragons turned them into predators, seemingly
as soulless as crocodiles. i.e.: swallow a dragon pearl, i.e.: queen in garden in moonlight,
whispers incantations and traces mystic symbols in the dust and turns rival princess into a
dragon. To avenge, rowan twig turns Queen to toad. Kiss turns dragon to Princess.

Christianity: Prayers and symbols held power over dragons.

Cornish: Dragon in valley cave. Saint calls dragon . Teeth gnash at him. Intones holy words and
dragon goes limp, w/linen sash he led it to cliff and prodded w/staff until it plunged to death in
sea below.

Cornish: Saint vs dragon. Soothed via prayer, led it to wilderness, admonition given, he left it to
be far from people.

Cornish: Saint vs dragon. Sent beast to find a deserted island home. Banished.
*People angry at subdued dragon often rose up as one against the beast.

St. Martha vs Tarasque: two blackened straws and made symbol of cross. Brandished them in
face. Dragon slumped to ground and fierce eyes glazed over. She sprinkled him with holy water.
Snipped off her braids on teeth of its gaping mouth and formed a tether. Led him into town.
People threw stones, dirt clods, and fists. She pleaded for its life, but they did not hear her. It
died in a puff of yellow smoke.

Scandinavia: 1572 = inhabited area north of Lapland. Desolate area. Reduced to dirt and mice.

London, England: November 30, 1222=Dragons seen over city. Flight preceded c/have caused
thunder-storms and severe flooding.

Henham, Essex, England: 1669=9'long amphiptere discovered on a hillock. Terrifying. Resided
for several months. Inflicted no harm.

Ireland: 11thC=Tristan of Lyonesse slew a dragon. The commentator, Giraldus Cambrensis, in
1188, announced Ireland was free of all dragons because St. Patric intervened in the 5th C.

Provence, France=dragon called Drac inhabited Rhone River during all of 13th C. Town named
Draguignan, its worst attacks in Beaucaire.

Isle Ste. Marguerite, France= dragon during much of the Middle Ages. Ferocious, often confused
w/the dragon Tarasque, but this one had wings.

Drachenfels, Germany:12th C=Prior to building fortress, this mtn. held a dragon that fed on
young women.

Sanctogorin and Neidenburg, Germany=Naturalist, Edward Topsell, wrote that in 1608 in
Sanctigorin, plagued by dragon whose flights caused fires. In Neidenburg it poisoned wells via bathing in them.

Bonn, Germany= Naturalist, Ulisse Aldrovandi of Italy, had in his collection a lindworm killed
near Bonn in 1572.

Switzerland: 1619=reported sighting by Christopher Schorer, the perfect of the Canton of
Solothurn, near Lucerne and in 1654, between a hunter and a dragon that retreated into its mountain den.

Rome, Italy=Pliny the Elder, wrote of a dragon killed on Vatican Hill during the reign of the
Emperor Claudius (died 54 AD). It contained the body of a child. In 1660, the German Athanatius
Kircher examined a dragon killed near Rome and commented on its unusual webbed feet.

Kiev, Russia: 11th C=dragon called Gorynych terrorized the region for years before a hero
named Dobrynja slew it.

...sacrifice was commonplace. To stop harassment of city, a maiden w/b chained to a rock or
pillar outside the gates. Often brought relief via offering tender flesh.
...powers who men held over dragons were great and strange. Fairy women displayed a certain
affection or tolerance. Kept in thrall to harness their powers for evil purposes or to simply render
them harmless. Mortal women usually were not harmed but led to the defeat of the dragon who captured her.

...Maidens in Kiev Russia=Sorceress Marina kept dragon for a companion and serpents as pets.
Safe in her scented palace. She seduced brave young dragonslayers and changed them into pigs
and oxen. She was seduced by hers, who in absence of her guards, beheaded her.
...In Siberia = Fairy so powerful c/ assume form of a golden bird. Imprisoned dragon in her
palace dungeons. Her mortal husband unknowingly released the beast. it caught her in its talons
and carried her to its lair. Many months later her husband freed her and slew the dragon.
...French Spirit: Le Succubae guided her dragon riding high among night stars. Always searching
for reckless and amorous young adventurers. Became her lovers and victims. Her sweet kiss
drained the strength from mortal men.

...Germany=along coast, a King's daughter was captured by a sea dragon. She kept safe via
charming the beast to sleep. Rescuers arrived. Greatest stargazer in the world found her. Greatest
thief in the world stole her away. Greatest hunter in the world slew the dragon.
...Alps, France=Bejeweled as the fabulous treasures it was said to guard. Scales sparkled like
diamonds; crown of pearls; center of forehead was a blood red carbuncle that served as its single
eye. Stone was so luminous it seemed to be wreathed in fire. One night each year it was
vulnerable. Left lair (the ruins of Chateau or Abbey or mtn. grotto or fissure in rock of region)
and flew to lakes and streams to bathe and drink. When it entered water the red carbuncle was
removed and placed on the ground. Blinded, it drank its full. It survived for centuries.

*Sojourn In a Watery Realm:
Near Beaucaire, France in River Rhome, dwelled a dragon. Drac had a hidden lair. Huge and
ancient and wise in sorceries which he used for his own bloody ends. Liked taste of human flesh.
Pleasure in hunting mortals. Invisible to townsfolk, would now and then leave river for
marketplace. Loitered in shade of the plane trees as a watchful shadow. Cold, pale eyes watched
housewives and w/swift, curving claws, he snatched away any untended child. Sometimes, for
sport, lured mortals into river and trapped them there. ie: gold cup w/single pearl floats on water.
Reach for it. Bobs out of reach. Reach again and lose balance and fall in. In crystal cavern below
all was memory-infant son, husband etc. Dragon spoke w/voice like echo of gong she obeyed.

Needed mortal milk to sustain own hatchling (small fragile dragon spawn) lived in trance. Cared
for spawns tenderly as if it had been her own. Slept when bid and ate what was given. Dragon's
watery world became her home. Fish like villagers and landscape. Her vision came from dragon
magic, unknown to her. Each night she anointed eyes of hatchling w/salve the Drac gave her.
This endowed the infant w/a dragon's piercing sight. She rubbed her own eye and a little rubbed
off each time. She rec’d a little of the creature's magic power. 7 yrs. passed. Hatchling grew large
and strong. Drac had no more use for her now. He released her under spells of forgetfulness and
sleep before taking her up into the daylight. She awoke confused at sunset recalling a hot
afternoon of bright sun. Wash and infant gone, she hurried home. Two half-familiar faces.

Bearded man and boy. Man stared, leaped to feet w/cry an embraced while boy watched wide
mouthed. Could not remember 7 yrs., but was accepted anyway. Often dreamed of dragons.
Settled in normal routine. One day, dragon site allowed her to see the Drac at the market. His
head near that of rooftops. Eyes glowed green. She called out. "You see me woman?" "I see you
Dragon." and remembered 7 years. Stood motionless as dragon claw moved to cover her right
eye. Obediently she said she could not see him. Her head was instantly pierced w/blinding pain.
she lived on 1/2 blind for many years. Told her tale of dragon but no one believed her. Children
continued to vanish and no one knew why.

Men and women w/ unmatched standard of courage.
St. George: clad in silver armor on gold trimmed horse. Red cross on white field=Christian
shield. Hammer of Dragon race. Protedtor of : England, Catalonia, Aragon, Italy and Greece.
Revered in Lithuania, Portugal and Constantinople. England feast day is April 23rd. Said to have
slain dragon in Mansfield Germany, Berkshire England.

Evidence of dragon came gradually:
...mangled carcasses of sheep and cattle found occasionally in remote pasture.
...bloated corpses of travelers and shepherds lying at the edge of a desert.
...then deaths closer to home, children died, cows into their byres and sheep in their pens.
...curfew rung early in evenings.

Dragon struck silence in broad daylight. Watchman at gate felt ground shudder--squinted, saw in
distance slouching beast. Scales shining in African sun (Libya Africa). Trails of smoke curling
around its head. He gave the alarm. Beast nosed at crevices trying strength against gate. Gates
held. Threw back its great head and howled. A spurt of foul-smelling, flaming liquid shot from
the cruel mouth, snaked up the walls and poured over the battlements. Citizens gathered there
were bathed in the caustic liquid. Fell, writhing and screaming, dragon devoured them.

Slain Tactics:

Lance pierced side from horseback.
Tortured for 7 days w/knives, breaking bones, buried live in quicklime. Reward of undying
glory. Name alive for years after death. Marduk, Zeus, Apollo, Thor, Perseus, Hercules, St.
George, Sigurd the Volsung, Alexander the Great. Won from blood=ancient knowledge=i.e.:
understanding languages of birds and animals and invulnerability to wounds. Wives in rescue
reward. Hordes of treasure. Found in remote Welsh glens, fathomless Scottish Lochs, Irish lakes
and rivers, guarding magical trees.

System of fosterage young children about 7 yrs. Sent to kings and overlords as pages to study
knighthood served by night and studied by day. Spent hours in shadowy mews, surrounded by
rows of perched and hooded birds learning from the austringers, master falconers, the art of
hawking. In fields they practiced hunting. First w/ humble spar hawks, later w/ great tercelgos
hawks. If rank was high enough, w/peregrin hawks, and even mighty eagles. Falconry was a
sport but handling birds taught patience and guile. Practiced on archery fields at straw targets.
Hours of horseback on tilting fields. Riding at wooden dummies and brass rings suspended in the
air. learned to balance a heavy lance w/ horses motion and learned accurate aim. On foot, fought
w/ blunted broadswords so heavy they needed two hands. learned to control the swing of the
mace. soft childish muscles hardened. Coordination of body became catlike. Grew into warriors -
- dangerous, combative men held in control by the rigid code of honor that governed chivalry.
Fought in continuous kingdom wars or kept in shape during peacetimes via hunting,
tournaments, and martial diversions. Or rode abroad seeking fortunes, adventure and glory.

Siguard of Valsung: Trained via King of Dwarf Kingdom. King was skilled in crafts of
civilization and wise in the secret ways of nature. Ruled by greed. Deviously acquired elf hord of
gold. Had 2 sons. 1 killed him the other fought and ran. 1st son ran w/treasure to cave. Elf
powers of gold changed him into a dragon. 2nd son wandered consumed w/greed, hatred and
fear. But taught men the crafts of Dwarfs to earn his way (Physician, smith and harper) an waited
for day he could find a dragonslayer. When King Hialprek ruled the land of the Danes, he kept
reign in comfort. Queen's son was strong and brave beyond years. son was given to Dwarf prince
to study under him for years. learned Harper's skills, and sang lays with a voice as beautiful as an
enchanter's. Became a great smith though he never watched his Master. Learned arts of healing
and mysteries of plants and herbs. When Siguard showed signs of restlessness and planted seeds
of desire for nobility due him as the son of a hero. His brothers were of the king, not he. Urged
adventure, fame, fortune. Told tale of wrong to boy and claimed he wanted no gold, only heart of
dragon for knowledge lost. Siguard agreed to slay dragon if Dwarf would make him a sword. 1st
sword shattered on anvil. Demanded 2nd. 2nd was his own father's sword. "Gram." A sword of
magic power. Light of its own, it shattered the anvil. Together they rode to face the dragon. Must
kill w/1st blow. Must be a belly blow. Dug pit. Sigurd laid w/sword at side covered w/thin layer
of dirt and left to his fate. Dragon's belly weight was great upon him in its path to water and he
thrust up sword. Blade shuddered as it struck and then slid into the belly of the beast. Howl
sounded and great weight lifted. He leaped up. Dragon at edge of pit, gaping hole in belly, black
bile pouring from mouth. Only eyes were mortal and dying now. Reign returned "Roast me my
brother's heart as promised. Later we share our treasure." This Sigurd did. Dwarf slept. Sigurd
prodded flesh to see if cooked firm and got a burn for his trouble. He put the blistered finger to
his mouth. He learned truth from bird song and Power of Dragon's heart. He Smote Regin's head.
all over dragons were vanquished. In mountain passes, leathery bodies mouldered. On piles of
gems and hordes of gold. On remote and rocky islands. Huge skeletons bleached in the sun. On
ocean floors.

Lancelot of Arthur's court slew a dragon. Prophecy: Slayer of that dragon will beget a son:
Galahad. Greatest warrior in all Christiandom.

The Terror of Kiev: Dobrynja Nikitich dared to bargain w/a dragon: Gorynych. tore off 3 of its
tails, let it live if it would stay w/in its borders. Later dragon broke truce, descended on Kiev
Palace and captured Princess. He armored himself and rode fast to the lair crying vengeance.
Found her chained among 100's of her countrymen. He freed the people and turned to face the
dragon and slewed the dragon.

Dragon divided kingdoms. King sent 3 sons to face dragon. 1st :"Folly" , ran. 2nd "Boasts" lion,
knight and dragon are all the same. 3rd. Invoked father's name as his son and told dragon to flee.
King named Sons and gave kingdoms. 1st=Salm/Prudence = western territories.
2nd=Tur/Bravery=eastern lands.
3rd=Iraj/Discreet courage=Persia

Descendent of Iraj and son of Lohrasp killed dragon to help another man pass a test. 1st
weakening with arrows, 2nd w/many bladed dagger to spear and plunging down dragon's throat.
Also slew elephant sized wolf.

Gushtaap's son. Built wooden carriage studded w/sharp hooks and sword blades. Then concealed
w/in, drove box-like wagon horses and all into maw of dragon. Stuck there and choked and
lacerated throat of beast. Jumped from cart and split open beast's head.

Isfandiyar's son, Shah Ardashir met dragon atop mountain and entered its jaws. Dragon came
from behind and ate horse and rider unaware. Only one of the line to die thus.

Shah Bahram Gur collected his best marksmen, trained panthers and hawks for a hunt. Swept
(w/in days) all hills and plains clean of onager, gazelle and sheep. He alone, discontent, set off
alone and found a dragon. Ghot 1st arrow at chest, 2nd at head. Gutted beast and found to his
horror a man's body in the belly.

A feudal lord. Horse always warned of intrusion when Lord slept.
Vouivre=French Alps

Graceful Fierce and dreaded Powerful Timeless
Greedy Dragon's tears Dragon veins Fuming
Mysterious Dual influence Like rhymes Evil
Talons extended Good and Evil Roaring breath Intelligence
Love Bestial loyal companion Wreak havoc Dance
Roar Wreak misfortune Symbol of order Romp
Fly Symbol of good luck Fear can become trust Swift as horse
Rage Grace of bird Clever as Wizard Daring as eagle
Freedom of Centaur Spirit of Unicorn Unpredictable foe Dreaded
foe Rumble the earth 1 to 7 heads Can have
masters Fire in eyes Collector of treasure Collector of jewels Collector of
cities and castles
Flames on breath Proud to bear his master To slay = immortality to slayer.
90' vast membraneous wings
burn whole villages
blood had magical properties

FLIGHT: able to hover, efficient and quick in flight. eg: 1/2 a night can cover distance of 3 days
dwarf travel. Hollow bones allowed less weight. Great speed i.e.: a ball of fire, roar of approach
is loud. Bodies held enormous gasses. Mating flight male falls away and dies afterward.

BREATH: Pestilential breath i.e.: thick smoke rising from fire. Hillsides covered w/blackened
ashes of victims. Breathing fire burned gasses and aided in flight. Breathing off too much gas
would cause them to lose buoyancy and plumage to earth. When gas was not used in flight
(Hydrogen) burned off by breathing fire in small amounts. Flaming breath used for weapon,
flight and sexual display.

DRAGON BLOOD: Magical, corrosive, poisonous (hydrochloric acid) (If small amount is
swallowed you can understand birds) left a trail of slime which defiled the countryside and their
lairs. Blood could corrode magic swords. Also slime from dragon's lips. Containers of lead or
more probably gold were needed to hold dragon fluids.

EVOLUTION: females generally earthbound, near pools and waterholes and wells. Insatiable
appetites allow for long periods of starvation to be tollerated. Extraordinary patterns of
exaggerated flight and sounds in both mating and battle. Able to walk on hind legs. Underside

LIFE CYCLE: Eat dead dragons--fresh ones. She came out of the desert to a water pool, lays 3
eggs, covers w/mud and dead scrub while warbling to herself. Male flies and flames miles away,
she answers w/croaking cry and continues her work. Egg is large as two fists. Some worms are
changed into dragons.

Pools are still and black, acidy. 3 dragons feed on vegetation then flesh by reaching 9-10' long.
Yellow eyes, smell and hearing very acute. Hypnotize strong will to break away from stare and
willing victim. Worm grows to dragon by eating worm (or wife). Parasite. Sacrifice of human
worshipers in lair. Hibernates in winter grows in summer for about 30 years. Dragon dances
(flights) mating battles.

Dragons were parasites of villagers, revered and dreaded. Victims went calmly and nobly to
doom not fighting as dragon would refuse sacrifice. Indian elephants were at war with dragons
slaying them with tusks. Head is impenetrable. Not to be attacked in lair, the dragon has the
advantage there. Direct frontal attack is seldom successful.

THE HOARD: Lay on vast amounts of treasures. Gold being chemically innate is not destroyed
by dragon secretions. Lairs were passed down from generation to generation and the new
dragons ate the remnants of old ones. The contents of the old dragon's crop, jewels used for
firestones, were reused. They value treasure above all else and gather great hoards. Sacrificial
victims were usually draped in rich jewelry. They know every item and will notice the smallest
theft. Love to count and recount what is theirs.

SPEECH: Speak in riddles and know as much about you as you do. They will trick you into
looking into their hypnotic eye. The victim is reflected there and they may have used telepathic
speech to further impress the victim of their powers. Mirrors could be used to break the trance
and reflect it to the dragon, making them vulnerable to their own eyes.

FLIGHT: Fly on thermals, uprising currents of warm air, and available winds. Muscle power lifts
them quickly to soaring heights. Telescopic vision from 200' up/much like hawk or eagle.

The Elemental Dragons...information taken from "The Druid Animal Oracle" by Philip and
Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Water Dragon
Passion, Depth, Connection
The Stoor Worm, a great sea-dragon whose "head was like a mountain and his eyes like round
lochs, very dark and deep." Living off the coast of northern Scotland, he could only be appeased
with the offering of seven virgins, bound hand and foot and laid on a rock beside the shore each
Saturday. A young man called Assipattle killed him by riding a boat into his body and setting fire
to his liver. As the dragon died, the crashing of his tongue made the Baltic Sea. As his teeth fell
out, they made the Orkneys, the Shetlands, and the Faeroe Islands. Finally, he coiled himself up
tightly and crashed into the sea--and old folk say that Iceland is his body, the liver still burning
beneath its smouldering crust.

The Water Dragon brings that which is hidden into the light of day. Memories and wishes, which
may have long lain forgotten or repressed in the Unconscious, may emerge to frighten or
overwhelm you with their apparent negativity or destructiveness. Facing these experiences with
compassion and courage will, in the end, bring you to an experience of a greater depth of soul
and a greater sense of connectedness to all life. Although you may at times feel overwhelmed
with emotion, with time you will be able to achieve a sense of balance and stability, as these
strong feelings are integrated in your consciousness.

Warns us to approach an exploration of our psyche and our past with caution. the conscious self
can absorb the impact of only a limited amount of repressed or unconscious material being
released into awareness. It is wise to work fractionally, little by little, to integrate unconscious
material into consciousness. It is often best for healing and wholeness to be achieved slowly.
Beware also of allowing your emotions to rule you in a way that later you will regret.

Just as life is said to have arisen out of the primal depths of the ocean, so too did the dragon
begin its life as the Worm--a large snake or eel-like creature, sometimes horned, that would live
in the wells or lochs or the sea. Later in its mythological development, the Worm grew small
wings and two feet and became the Wyvern, finally transforming itself into the fully-fledged
Dragon with four feet, larger ribbed wings and a barbed tail.

Gateways To The Otherworld
Whether the dragon is fully-fledged and fire-breathing, or is more primal and worm-like, there is
a significant preponderance of water in all its forms--river, well, pool, lake, marsh, bog, and sea--
in most dragon stories. Water, and in particular its sources, was sacred to the Druids, who also
considered such places gateways to the Under or Otherworld. Since the dragon is an
Otherworldly creature, it is fitting that it should emerge from such a gateway. In psychological
terms, water represents the Unconscious and the emergence of monsters or dragons from the sea,
well, or lake represents unresolved complexes, repressed and distorted drives and desires,
welling up into awareness. The destructive water dragon symbolizes perfectly the damaging
nature of certain contents of the psyche, which, for the healing of the self, require a
transmutation that may be depicted as a symbolic death.

For well over a thousand years such a destructive dragon was said to have lived in a pool called
Knucker Hole at Lyminister in Sussex. Fed by a strong underground source, the pool was
thought bottomless (in reality it is about 30' deep) and the home of Knucker the Dragon. By
night he would go hunting in the marshy Arun valley, eating horses and cows, and finishing his
meal by "sitting top o' Causeway, and anybody come along there, he'd lick 'em up, like a toad
licking flies off a stone."

A local lad, Jim Puttock, baked an enormous and indigestible pudding which he fed to the
Knucker. As it writhed on the ground with stomach-ache, he chopped its head off. The unmarked
grave of Puttock the dragon-slayer can still be seen in Lyminster church. With the added effect
of keeping children away from a local danger-spot, the tale combines an ancient mythological
theme with local humor: "Sussex Pudding" was notoriously indigestible.

Earth and air dragons are usually harmless if not disturbed, and it is rare for the land or sky to
present any great threat to us. But the elements of fire and water can indeed be dangerous, and
the water dragon can overwhelm us with emotion and drown us in sorrow or self-pity. But if
befriended, if related to as an ally rather than enemy, it can bring passion, compassion, depth of
feeling and a true sense of connection to all of humanity and the world of nature.
From Chinese Astrology by Sabrina Liao:

The Water Dragon:

The Water element brings calmness and balance to the Dragon's personality. This makes them
less selfish and more open to suggestions or criticisms. Unlike other Dragons, the Water Dragons
tend to be more diplomatic and will not judge others or jump to any conclusions too quickly
before further observation. They are wise, reliable, and creative, and excellent negotiators.
On the negative side, Water Dragons can be overoptimistic and unrealistic. This optimism may
sometimes prevent them from seeing clearly. They should learn to recognize what is feasible and
what is not, and try to make the right choice.

The Elemental Dragons...information taken from "The Druid Animal Oracle" by Philip and
Stephanie Carr-Gomm
Earth Dragon

Power, Potential, Riches
A coiled dragon guarded a hoard of treasure in its cave. An old inhabitant of the Welsh village of
Penllyne, who died at the turn of the century, insisted that his father and uncle had killed such
dragons. In his boyhood he had seen them: coiled when resting, they "looked as if they were
covered with jewels of all sorts. Some of them had crests sparkling with all the colors of the
rainbow." When disturbed they glided swiftly, "sparkling all over," to their hiding places.

The Earth Dragon brings us face to face with our potential. Within us we have a treasure house
of riches--of powers and capacities--which we can learn how to use. In the past we may have
been denied access by the guardian of this treasure. But now we are coming to understand that
this sometimes fierce guardian is in reality an aspect of ourselves. By coming to know and love
Draig-talamh we will be able to unlock the secrets of our heart, and at the same time we will find
ourselves discovering the beauty and the power that lie within the hearts of those around us in
the very earth itself.

May be indicating that somehow you are relating in an inappropriate way to your inner reserves
and potential. Draig-talamh guards the treasures of your soul fiercely, but he is your ally, not
your enemy--do not try to kill him, and do not try to wrest the treasure from him. You may need
to spend time befriending this creature who has slumbered in your soul for so long. A precipitous
attempt to capitalize on your talents or express your potential may be unwise.

The Barrow Guardians

In ancient times, barrows and harvest hills, stone circles and single standing stones were raised
with a sense of reverence for the land and with an awareness of its inherently spiritual power.
When a barrow was filled with valuable grave-goods to accompany the dead warrior or chieftain,
it is highly probable that the early Druids invoked spirit guardians to keep watch over the
treasure, just as Egyptian priests invoked spirit beings to guard the treasures of the royal tombs
and terrify potential desecrators. In time these guardians have become known as the monstrous
dragons who so jealously guard their hoards at such barrows as the "Dragon's Hoard" in
Oxfordshire, the Old Field barrows in Shropshire, the Drakelow barrows in Derbyshire and
Worchestershire, and the "Drake Howe" barrow in Yorkshire. There is even a long barrow that is
supposed to contain the bones of a dragon killed and buried there --at Walmsgate, a corruption of
"Wormsgate," in Lincolnshire.

Buried Treasure and the Inner Search
But treasure is not only found in barrows. Buried treasure within certain hills also has the benefit
of a dragon guardian, such as Wormelow Tump in Herefordshire, and Money Hill on Gunnarton
Fell in Northumberland. Under the Iron Age hill-fort of Cissbury in Sussex lies a hoard of gold,
reached by way of a two-mile underground passage; but no one has ever succeeded in finding it
because halfway along the tunnel two dragons stand guard.

Belief in treasure-guarding dragons is stronger in Wales than in England, although they tend to
live in thick woods or on lonely hills, rather than in burial mounds or earthworks. An interesting
feature of the tales concerning earth dragons is that unlike the air, fire and water dragons, they
have minimal contact, if any, with human beings--no one tries to kill them and they spend no
time devastating the countryside. Instead, they lie hidden and inactive unless disturbed. Although
portrayed as having no trace of cruelty, like a slumbering volcano they carry the potential of
threat and danger should they ever awake. Each of us has, perhaps, such a dragon guarding our
inner riches. Concerned that none should violate the splendor of our innermost self, the dragon
can sometimes deny even our waking consciousness access to these reserves of power and

The earth dragon is found not only within the cave or center of the barrow or hill, but also curled
around it. A powerful symbol of the journey of self-discovery and the spiritual quest is the maze
or spiral form, which can sometimes be detected in the ridges found on the sides of certain hills
such as Glastonbury Tor, or Bignor Hill in Sussex.

There is a connection between the dragon that slumbers coiled around the hill or around the
treasure in the cave of the heart, and the creature we discover at the center of the maze or spiral.
Both are aspects of ourselves--both can be seen as Guardians of the Threshold--to be respected
and loved but also challenged and perhaps in certain senses overcome. Whether the maze is
classical with seven rings, such as the sixth-century carvings found in Hollywood, Ireland, and
Tintagel in Cornwall, or simply the triple spiral as found at the far more ancient sites of
Newgrange in Ireland or Achnabrek in Scotland, it is generally agreed that such symbols
represent the journey of the soul in and out of incarnation. If we can face the dragon-guardian of
the treasure-house of the soul and Otherworld with sincerity and humility, it may well guide us
through the labyrinth to the heart of the world, there to find the inspiration and courage to be
reborn again in time and space.
From Chinese Astrology by Sabrina Liao

Earth Dragons

The Earth element helps the natural Wood element to grow, and thus brings patience, stability,
and security to the Earth Dragon. This type of Dragon is usually more cooperative and sociable
than other Dragons, and doesn't pay as much attention to details. Unlike Fire Dragons or Metal
Dragons, Earth Dragons are not in such a hurry, tend to be fair, and avoid jumping to any
conclusions before they understand the entire situation. They don't lose their tempers easily, but
once they do, you'd be safer if you were miles away from them.

The Elemental Dragons...information taken from "The Druid Animal Oracle" by Philip and
Stephanie Carr-Gomm
Air Dragon
Inspiration, Insight, Vitality

Draig-sthar is one of the servants of the Sky God.
Coming into contact with the air dragon can be as a bolt of lightning to the psyche and intellect--
and as such must be treated with care and considerable respect. Sometimes manifesting as
sudden flashes of illumination, Draig-athar brings insight and clarity to your thought and
imagination. As conveyer of numinous power, the air dragon can be seen as a symbol of
visitation--for he is a messenger of the Sky God.


May be indicating that you are in danger of becoming the servant of an idea, dogma or belief
system. Contact with spiritual concepts and energies can sometimes stimulate the intellect in a
way that produces inflation and delusion. to avoid this, constant reality-testing in the everyday
world of relationships and practicalities is essential.
Draig-Athar As Servant of the Sky God

There is evidence, however, that some aerial dragons may be poetic or fanciful interpretations of
unusual phenomena in the skies. Tornados can look uncannily "alive" and the dragons at
Longwitton in Yorkshire and at Torrylin on Arran were both credited with being able to change
into whirlwinds. AD 793 was described in a contemporary account as a year in which "came
dreadful forewarnings over the land of the Northumbrians, terrifying the people most woefully.
These were immense sheets of light rushing through the air, and whirlwinds, and fiery dragons
flying across the firmament." A thousand years later, in Scotland, "many of the country people
observed very uncommon phenomena in the air, which they call dragons, of a red fiery color,
appearing in the noruth, and flying rapidly toward the east." Whether we believe these
phenomena were in reality explicable in terms of meteors, ball and sheet lightning, the aurora
borealis or UFO's, the fact remains that we cannot similarly explain the tales of earth and water
dragons, or indeed tales of aerial dragons which are clearly not linked to celestial phenomena.
Such stories are to be found in Wales. At Penmark Place in Glamorgan people would often talk
about the ravages of the winged serpents or dragons in that neighborhood. In the nearby woods
around Bewper there was a "king and queen" dragon, and at Penllyne an old man, when
interviewed in 1900, could remember them flying overhead "with outspread wings bright, and
sometimes with eyes too, like the feathers in a peacock's tail." He insisted that it was true and "no
old story invented to frighten children." Because they stole poultry, his father and uncle had
killed several of them.

Within the Druid tradition, the flying dragon is a creature of the Sky-God--coming perhaps from
the constellation Draco, which turns about the Pole Star. He represents the descent of the spirit, a
visitation from another world, an invitation to soar to higher levels of consciousness. Like
lightning and thunder, he can be terrible, bringing destruction in his wake. But treated with
respect and gained as an ally, he can help us to travel in the spirit world--to journey even further
in the quest for enlightenment.

The Elemental Dragons...information taken from "The Druid Animal Oracle" by Philip and
Stephanie Carr-Gomm
Fire Dragon

Transmutation, Mastery, Energy
Flaming dragons often guard such caverns, to prevent their desecration by the greedy and to offer
their treasure to those who are worthy. High status, rulership, and mastery.

Draig-teine brings vitality, enthusiasm, and courage, and an increased ability to overcome
obstacles and to find the energy needed to cope with life's problems. Having the powerful Fire
Dragon as an ally will align you with the qualities of leadership and mastery. With care, he will
fuel your inner fire which can be directed and channeled with laser-like precision to help you
accomplish tasks and achieve objectives.

Suggests that you may be repressing a good deal of anger. This may make you feel that you are
not in control of your life-energy. Either you experience this energy as out of control--erupting
without warning or constantly bubbling near the surface--or you may sense it as scattered or
dissipated. Are you often lacking in energy and vitality? Do you find it hard to get excited or
motivated? Or do you find you have too much nervous energy, making you over-excited, unable
to sleep, concentrate, or relax? Whether you have too much or too little energy, developing a
harmonious relationship with the Fire Dragon will help you. If you are lacking in energy, you
may need to ask the dragon to give you a little more of the trasure he is guarding. Or if you find
your energy level is too high, you may need to do the reverse--to ask the dragon to take charge of
some of your energy, guarding it fiercely, sure in the knowledge that you will be given access
when you really need it. Draig-teine, like the volcano, can be dangerous, but if the inner rage that
has been repressed for so long can be expressed and worked with, in a therapeutic setting, he can
become a powerful ally.

Merlin and the Two Dragons
Legend tells that the Welsh flag, which shows such a dragon, has evolved from the time when
King Vortigern found that he was unable to build his fortress at Dinas Emrys because the
stonework of the foundations kept collapsing. Merlin, when still a young boy and known as
Emrys, was brought to the court and he, with the aid of his mystical vision, explained that two
dragons were fighting in a lake beneath the fortress, shaking its foundations. One was a red
dragon, which represented the Britons, and the other was a white dragon representing the
Saxons. King Vortigern ordered the ground to be dug, to see whether Merlin was telling the
truth; both dragons were found, and a battle between them began. The red dragon finally won
and became the emblem of Wales.

Not all dragons are fierce or breathe fire. Earth dragons in particular are largely passive--sleeping
coiled and inactive around or within tumuli or hills. But fire-breathing dragons are usually both
active and fierce; including, for example, one that lived in the castle ruins at Newcastle Emlyn in
Wales, and another at Challacombe on Exmoor; one terrorized the villagers of Bisterne in
Hampshire, and two could be seen in Somerset--one at Kingston St. Mary and the other at Curry
Rivell. At sertain times this last one would fly across the marshlands to Aller, destroying all the
crops and everything which met its fiery breath. An old account relates that "Milkmaids fled at
the first hiss of its wing-beat...People lived in dread of a horrible death themselves. At last a
knight called John Aller came boldly to their rescue. He plastered his body with pitch and put a
mask on so that the dragon's breath could not harm him." Arming himself with a spear he killed
the dragon, although he died almost immediately after, burned by the dragon's breath. The spear
he used to kill the dragon can be seen to this day in Low Ham church.

Nwyvre--The Dragon's Fire
The dragons of these folk tales are depicted as malign, but in the Druid tradition the fire dragon
is seen as neutral--its effects are malign or benign according to our degree of preparedness. Not
all knowledge is for public consumption, not all power is for use by all. The dangers of
knowledge or power falling into corrupt hands are well known. The fire dragon is only malign
when it is encountered by those who are unprepared or not sufficiently strong to handle the
energies it represents--when it can bring "burn-out" and nervous exhaustion. The Fire Dragon
guards the treasure of the Inner Fire that burns within each of us, and which is termed the
Dragon's Fire or Nwyvre in Druidry, but which is more widely known under its Eastern name of
Kundalini. This fire circulates through each of our psychic centers, or chakras, and its premature
awakening through drug-taking or inappropriate esoteric techniques can lead to severe
psychological imbalance and even physical illness. It is no wonder, then, that the Dragon which
guards this force is pictured as fierce--for the consequences of misusing its power are grave
From Chinese Astrology by Sabrina Liao

The Fire Dragon
As a perfectionist, the Fire Dragon can be extremely critical of others and impatient with faults
and foolishness. These Fire Dragons are full of charisma, which is probably why many of the
Fire Dragons end up being famous. Holding a high standard in everything, the Fire Dragon
expects a lot from everyone. This type of Dragon is short-tempered, so better remember that it's
not safe to cross one unless you'd like him to burn in his or her outburst of flames. Nevertheless,
the Fire Dragons are born leaders and carry a sense of superiority and authority within their very
presence. If they can learn to be more sensitive and considerate, they can become great leaders.
From Chinese Astrology by Sabrina Liao

The Wood Dragon
Wood represents growth and renewal; therefore, this double-Wood element brings stability to the
Wood Dragon. The Wood Dragon is probably the most creative and innovative among all
Dragons. They enjoy exploring new things and don't care so much about their ego as other
Dragons. They are very good at analysis and theory and are guided by logic and reason.
Generous and cooperative, the Wood Dragon can work with others and always tries to avoid
offending anyone. Nevertheless, when challenged, the Wood Dragon will be fearless and
powerful like most Dragons.

The Metal Dragon
The Metal element strengthens the Dragons' many qualities. Metal Dragons are usually
extremely bright and expressive. They have great vision and are burning with determination and
ambition, but at the same time they are also unbending and unwilling to accept defeat. Metal
Dragons could be the most strong-willed of the Dragons. They usually succeed because they will
most likely burn the bridges behind them and leave nowhere to turn but to go on. That is the kind
of personality the Metal Dragons possess.

On the negative side, Metal Dragons have very little patience with others, especially those who
are considered inferior, and can be extremely intense and critical to others. They have high
standards and morality, and it is useless to try to convince them of beliefs other than their own.

The Druid Animal Oracle by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm
*Note, there are 4 Dragons each attributed to an elemental force in nature.

Air Dragon: Inspiration, Insight, Vitality

Coming into contact with the air dragon can be as a bolt of lightning to the psyche and intellect--
and as such must be treated with care and considerable respect. Sometimes manifesting as
sudden flashes of illumination, Air Dragon brings insight and clarity to your thought and
imagination. As conveyer of numinous power, the air dragon can be seen as a symbol of
visitation--for he is a messenger of the Sky God.

Contrary may be indicating that you are in danger of becoming the servant of an idea, dogma or
belief system. Contact with spiritual concepts and energies can sometimes stimulate the intellect
in a way that produces inflation and delusion. To avoid this, constant reality-testing in the
everyday world of relationships and practicalities is essential.

Fire Dragon: Transmutation, Mastery, Energy

Fire Dragon brings vitality, enthusiasm, and courage, and an increased ability to overcome
obstacles and to find the energy needed to cope with life's problems. Having the powerful Fire
Dragon as an ally will align you with the qualities of leadership and mastery. With care, he will
fuel your inner fire which can be directed and channeled with laser-like precision to help you
accomplish tasks and achieve objectives.

Contrary suggests that you may be repressing a good deal of anger. This may make you feel that
you are not in control of your life-energy. Either you experience this energy as out of contro--
erupting without warning or constantly bubbling near the surface--or you sense it as scattered or
dissipated. Are you often lacking in energy and vitality? Do you find it hard to get excited or
motivated? Or do you find you have too much nervous energy, making you over-excited, unable
to sleep, concentrate, or relax? Whether you have too much or too little energy, developing a
harmonious relationship with the Fire Dragon will help you. If you are lacking in energy, you
may need to ask the dragon to give you a little more of the treasure he is guarding. Or if you find
your energy level is too high, you may need to do the reverse--ask the dragon to take charge of
some of your energy, guarding it fiercely, sure in the knowledge that you will be given access
when you really need it. Fire Dragon, like the volcano, can be dangerous, but if the inner rage
that has been repressed for so long can be expressed and worked with, in a therapeutic setting, he
can become a powerful ally.

Water Dragon: Passion, Depth, Connection

The Water Dragon brings that which is hidden into the light of day. Memories and wishes, which
may have long lain forgotten or repressed in the Unconsciousness, may emerge to frighten or
overwhelm you with their apparent negativity or destructiveness. Facing these experiences with
compassion and courage will, in the end, bring you to an experience of greater depth of soul and
a greater sense of connectedness to all life. Although you may at times feel overwhelmed with
emotion, with time you will be able to achieve a sense of balance and stability, as these strong
feelings are integrated in your consciousness.

Contrary warns us to approach an exploration of our psyche and our past with caution. The
conscious self can absorb the impact of only a limited amount of repressed or unconscious
material into consciousness. It is often best for healing and wholeness to be achieved slowly.
Beware also of allowing your emotions to rule you in a way that later you will regret.

Earth Dragon: Power, Potential, Riches

The Earth Dragon brings us face to face with our potential. Within us we have a treasure house
of riches--of powers and capacities--which we can learn how to use. In the past we may have
been denied access by the guardian of this treasure. But now we are coming to understand that
this sometimes fierce guardian is in reality an aspect of ourselves. By coming to know and love
Earth Dragon we will be able to unlock the secrets of our heart, and at the same time we will find
ourselves discovering the beauty and the power that lie within the hearts of those around us and
in the very earth itself.

Contrary may indicate that somehow you are relating in an inappropriate way to your inner
reserves and potential. Earth Dragon guards the treasures of your soul fiercely, but he is your
ally, not your enemy--do not try to kill him, and do not try to wrest the treasure from him. You
may need to spend time befriending this creature who has slumbered in your soul for so long. A
precipitous attempt to capitalize on your talents or express your potential may be unwise.

Okay, you have a rather large nutshell of information here to digest and ponder. The notes I have
gathered over the years from myth and other lore are items I'm still going through and if I come
across more on the dragons I'll add that. Meanwhile the floor is open for discussion and sharing
of personal experiences and views of these fascinating creatures that step from the myths and
mists of time. I'll add more as we go along those lines but feel this is a good overview for those
who have a curiosity and certainly plenty for those who have opinions of their own. Have at it

Chinese Dragon is a Yang sign and it's element is wood.

Regarding western dragons. Scandinavian dragons were different to British ones. British
dragons were not winged and could be poisonous rather than fire-breathing. Non-winged ones
were called worms? wyrms? I can't remember now. I'll check in my books.

Change of subject back to totems..

Last year I was told by a rather unfriendly entity that I met in a dream that it could not harm me
because I had come "with your dragon totem" (and another odd mythical creature that "stands
behind you"). He pointed to my left and told me the dragon stood on my left.


What an interesting experience. Dragon on your left? Strengthening your feminine side? I've got
a whole lot more on them myself I just have to find it. I will. LOL Anything you can share is


Hi Cinn, I had forgotten left was the feminine side. Thanks. That idea makes me smile as I come
from a family of "dragon women". My three great aunts and both grandmas were all bold fierce
and sometimes fiery women. My great, great aunt took part in both World Wars.

Yes, the dream was interesting. In it I'd gone to investigate a haunted house. When the "thing"
haunting the house appeared I was frozen and couldn't move. I was floating about a foot off the
ground. I thought I was the trapped one, but the entity told me I was in power and it was helpless
because I'd brought my dragon! So I was very pleased to see you put up dragon here. I never got
very far with figuring out the dream at the time. You jogged my memory.


I love dragon lore myself, and probably have a manuscript in the making with the notes I've
taken over the years. If I can dig out the old disks they are on I'll get more up here. I thought I'd
incorporate the mythical creatures as well. Many work with them and I have always felt they
were creatures from other dimensions that some people are able to see and communicate with.
There's an old myth that for every wizard there's a dragon to support him and their lives are tied
so closely together that when one dies so does the other. I'll see if I can find one of the stories
about that too.


I'm too tired to formulate a coherent reply tonight so for now I'll skim. Had to attend a friends
funeral today and that is always exhausting. First thing that caught my attention Cinn is that all
you did was quote other authors, some of whom are a bit doubtful. Second thing that I noticed is
that you combined dragons, basilisks, and giant lizards (Komodo dragons) I'm having a bit of
trouble following that correlation. Third thing I noticed, of course, was including the xtian slant
of the "evil" dragon that the good Saint/Knight slays. The final thing is that chinese and western
dragons are the same, it's the perception (due to cultural influnces that are different. I mean they
are the same dragon. BTW, I'm not criticising, just trying for clarification of your thinking with
this post.

“All you did was quote other authors, some of whom are a bit doubtful.”
Forgive my interpretation then Tink, but that did strike me as criticism but then, I'm a bit
protective so that could be all just me. For clarification: there are times Cinn presents the
information she's collected through her research and experiences, and uses them to open a
discussion. Sometimes people are shy about sharing and it helps to break the ice and open things
up. That you find these sources doubtful is of course, up to you. I would be interested to
understand why you feel that, not knowing much about them myself.

The other points you mentioned, she'll have to address when she's up to it. I mention it only so
you know it'll be a bit before she answers. Addition - in hindsight.. I could be displaying a bit of
Dragon medicine myself. I was born in one of the years of the Dragon. I never really considered
it one of my 'medicines' but given my reaction.. I may have to. Which of course has me curious
again. This isn't the first time I've had a reaction that's demonstrated the medicine of the topic.
I'm curious Tink, how you experience dragon medicine? Do you experience it with the
protectiveness? I'm just trying to puzzle this out in myself.


It's probably my way of wording things, which Cinn is quite familiar with. I know of Cinn's
connection to dragons so I was asking why she chose to simply quote others
ideas/interpretations. As to the "some of whom are a bit doubtful", well, that really isn't personal
opinion. The information on who's work isn't reliable and why is public knowledge and available
in many places. In defense of one of my favorite authors that Cinn quoted, she is known to make
things up. Doesn't stop me from really, really liking her books but I know enough to accept
what's true and enjoy the rest as the fiction it is. Still should she be quoted as an authority? To
me you are walking into a gray area when you do that. Oh I'd say you definitely have some
dragon medicine, it's one of the reasons I tend to cause you to have a negative reaction, LOL.


First let me say I'm sorry about your friend passing, I lost someone last week too. I had to attend
the wake with walking pneumonia and couldn't make the funeral. I went out for 3 days solid after
that. My recovery is very slow so there are some things in this thread that are still pending. Just
so you know it's incomplete.

"First thing that caught my attention Cinn is that all you did was quote other authors, some of
whom are a bit doubtful."

I know how you feel there. What I'm doing with this and all the other threads is sharing my notes
from over the years, some of which do have credits to authorship and others I didn't jot down as
it was personal collecting at the time and I had no intent to share the information publicly.
SEDD's right, I'm putting it up so we can open discussions just as you're questioning things here
and so that we can draw sharing from others so you are noting this appropriately, but now you
have my reason for it. *S*

"Second thing that I noticed is that you combined dragons, basilisks, and giant lizards (Komodo
dragons) I'm having a bit of trouble following that correlation."

That was stemming from modern-day examples of Dragons in the physical realm sense. Flavor if
you will. Both examples are from Ted Andrews writings and his way of presenting draconic
presence as Totems.

"Third thing I noticed, of course, was including the xtian slant of the "evil" dragon that the good
Saint/Knight slays."

Well we're being fair with all traditions here. There's no sense denying that there's portrayal of
the darker side to their nature.

"The final thing is that Chinese and western dragons are the same, it's the perception (due to
cultural influences that are different. I mean they are the same dragon)."

Personally I think there are different ranks of Dragons, personal experience included there. So
I'm not sure they are the same "Dragon". I think there are elemental Dragons that all have
different natures and focus too. How many species of birds do we have? It's like saying they're
all the same. In a sense, yes they are, but they are also unique in their differences.

"BTW, I'm not criticizing, just trying for clarification of your thinking with this post."
LOL It's cool. That's all I'm sharing to get the conversations rolling so if there's anything you
care to add please feel free.


Thanks Tink. This is the second time in a totem thread that I've had a reaction and each time I
find out I had stuff I didn't know I had.. hence the reaction. When I was in Okinawa, I used to
communicate with the dragons still there but, I've stayed away from lore and information on
them so I could explore that relationship without preconceptions. I honestly didn't understand
that communicating and visiting with them, well, it must've rubbed off on me LOL


OK Chinese Dragons and Western dragons, definitely different ranks if you want but all the
same basic beast. Just are there are different varieties of parrots for example but they are all still
a parrot.

I would never deny the darker side of their nature, it is emphatically one of their main aspects. I
just don't see where the exploits of supposedly killing one enter. Sort of like the cougar hunters
here, I don't count their influence in what cougar means.
Hope you get to feeling better soon


I know what you're saying, but then to not discuss the killing we're ignoring a large factor. For
me, IMHO, the slaying of Dragons is emphasizing the slaying of their myths, their importance or
relevance in our life by narrow-minded individuals that see them as monsters. (I'm not picking
on Christianity, but it is the source of many slayings so why not include that as a perspective to
examine? IMHO).

You know how I feel about the Cougar hunts, we've worked together on stopping the slaying
there and we've been successful on more than one occasion so it's sort of the same thing but
taken from the mythical/biblical approach. That's all. It's an awareness I feel is important.
Thanks for the well-wishes. Transformation has been huge for me the past five years and it's
culminating now into a manifestation, albeit a nasty purge, but hey, I guess I needed it. I've
watched the energy leaving and with what went recovery is commensurate. I'm getting old, Tink!
I don't bounce back like I used to either so I'm just pacing myself. LOL Hope to have more
Dragon insights to discuss soon, meanwhile, like I said, you're welcome to share your teachings!

Hello to you all. A very interesting "skim through" on all your posts on dragons. I've saved it to
file for a more thorough look. (I'm a newbie here)

"Dancing with the dragon" (my term for it) is a path for shamanic awakening, not all shamanic
paths include it. I haven't met any non-shamans that have danced with it.

The dragon is one of the very old ancients or small "c" creators. Shamans seem to get ancient
ones as spirit guides & teachers as contrasted with ascended masters or animals. I've had no other
formal training other than from the spirit world. But I have researched all the things the spirit
world showed me in order to add to my knowledge.

While that may sound beneficial (& perhaps pretentious from your perspective, not mine), such
are the rewards from surviving the shamanic encounter with the physical manifestation of death.
We're not talking "ego death", "facing one's dark side or shadow self" or a metaphysical

Dragon medicine opens up what’s called the second eye of the mysteries fully. The
accompanying abilities, not exclusive to Dragon medicine, include astral projection into the ether
and full mother earth consciousness, from above and below. One can then also go into the fire
(metaphysical element) without harm.

Red Dragons are the dragons between heaven and earth. While my "journey" has taken the better
part of 25 years, for about the last 10 years, I've been on a "Red Skies of Fire" vision quest with
2 other shamans (an owl and coyote). All three of us have been "into the fire".

I haven't found anything on the net for the Story of the Red Dragon and White Eagle. Could you
point out a link, tribe or author where I could obtain this? But, lemme guess, they had a fight?
Both are symbols of "thunderbirds" and by the names, perhaps not from the same tribe of "star

The dragon is more commonly referred to as "serpent" in NA native lore, or so it seems.
Anyway, the hottest thing on the shamanic grapevine up here in Canada is the Mayan time of
"Reconciliation of the feather and the serpent", i.e. now until 2012.

I get White Eagle a lot, and it came as soon as I saw your post.
“I haven't found anything on the net for the Story of the Red Dragon and White Eagle. Could you
point out a link, tribe or author where I could obtain this?”

I'm not one hundred percent sure where I've got the right story, but try google search on "White
Eagle", "Red Dragon", "Philosopher's stone". This may be it. I'm fairly sure there is something
for you.

“But, lemme guess, they had a fight? Both are symbols of "thunderbirds" and by the names,
perhaps not from the same tribe of "star nations".”

Yes, I think they did. But I think there will be something in the symbolism associated with them in
the story. It's just a feeling.
“What's new where you are?”

I don't know. I'm in the UK. I have no relevant connections here.

“"I'm not one hundred percent sure where I've got the right story, but try google search on
"White Eagle", "Red Dragon", "Philosopher's stone". This may be it. I'm fairly sure there is
something for you."

Well, you might have to help me more, I couldn't find anything that seemed relevant using
Google. The only interesting thing I found was a story about Hermes Trismegistus, the "Father of
Alchemy", a mythical figure and perhaps Enki of the Sumerian Legends. The human originator
of alchemy was a Persian poet and philosopher, "Al-Khem". His name gives us the words
alchemy and chemistry. An example of "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts".

Thunderbird, White Horse and Dragon. Tale of my sanity or insanity, -still not quite sure which
... but you are touching on stuff here that seems to relate to it. At the age of 10 or 11 (?) got an
"invite" from what I now understand to be The "Thunderbird", but only opened up to it at the age
of 23, and went through what sounds like the classic-shamanic-death-experience, about being
awakened to the "Essence" of the Uni-verse, then being "swallowed" by a force-field & then
being "spat" back into the body totally "re-arranged" ... and now being equipped with a White
Horse as the spirit-power helper, a go-between.

It was good, being dead for a while, till things intensified. It felt as though my impeccability, my
passion had set me afire. I felt like a living flame, with eyes all around me, ( a bit like in those
Tibetan Buddhists pictures ) ... And then a new "force-field" had started to hover about, it's
symbol The Dragon ....beckoning me to invite it upon myself. I sensed that this was a symbol of
great power connection with "The Spirit"...some people in the east had known about, but it was
as if they had now passed onto some other realm (?) .... leaving me behind to deal with The
Dragon. I had a-l-r-e-a-d-y died !!!! - giving my whole life to the service, - so what was this
Dragon-business about ???? I felt that if I would yield to it, it would be like dissolving into the
blue sky ...... Was this the "mother-of-all-death-experiences", would I come back to my body, or
forever .... what ????

Long story .... I started to have doubts...the fear set in about my sanity, - about the whole "trip",
and at the time I had never even heard about "shamanism", let alone could find anyone to talk
about this dilemma. So I turned my back to all of this, and took to the good old my countrymen's
remedy for all ills, and stayed drunk for the next 1 & 1/2 years ....

However now, many, many, years later, I discovered shamanism.... or rather 4 years ago, when
"Spirit" gave me a message about "Shamanic Revival", a message that even "subatomic"
particles in my being "got", as energy went through my spinal marrow, shaking me. So since
then I have learned about Shamanism ... discovered it also to be my heritage ... to finish this
unfinished business, which has never, not even one day left my mind in all these years ...

You talked about White Eagle & Red Dragon .... Well, when I started to run away ... so that I
would not to get "zapped" by the "Dragon-Force-Field" ... The color combination of red and
white used to freak me out !!!! Wish I had had other "mad people" around then .... to talk and
laugh about it all.

P.S. Also at the time the "Dragon-Force-Field" started "hovering about", there was this one eye
.... like "eye-of-the-sky" .... like pulling me in. Red Dragon, would you tell some more about the
2nd eye of mystery ... please.

What a wild experience! Well, you definitely are going through an awakening of some sort.
Whether its shamanic or a kundalini type or sprirtual or psychic awakening, etc. is something we
can determine, but I'd have to know more first. For references on shamanism, here are the best
links I've found so far:

www.mystae.com/restricted...anism.html (selection of quotes from various Authors)
www.kundalini-teacher.com...shamn.html (NA, BC Native perspective)
www.shamana.co.uk/ (Shamanism FAQ)
www.newadvent.org/cathen/13750a.htm (Catholic Encyclopaedia)
As for a spontaneous Kundalini awakening, these are the common "symptoms", from

Many individuals whose Kundalini has been unexpectedly unleashed DO NOT KNOW WHAT
IS HAPPENING, and the prevailing social ignorance about this multidimensional transformative
process makes it hard to find medical or alternative health practitioners or spiritual advisors who
recognize the symptoms, particularly when they are strongly physical. Many people know that
the risen Kundalini flings open gates to all sorts of mystical, paranormal and magical vistas but
few realize it can also dramatically impact the body. A large percentage of Shared
Transformation subscribers have reported long bouts of strange illness as well as radical mental,
emotional, interpersonal, psychic, spiritual and lifestyle changes. Over and again we hear stories
of frustrating, sometimes desperate visits to doctors, healers, counselors, etc. who neither
understood nor were able to help with the myriad pains and problems catalyzed by raging

The following are common manifestations of the risen Kundalini:

-Muscle twitches, cramps or spasms.

-Energy rushes or immense electricity circulating the body

-Itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling, stinging or crawling sensations

-Intense heat or cold

-Involuntary bodily movements (occur more often during meditation, rest or sleep): jerking,
tremors, shaking; feeling an inner force pushing one into postures or moving one's body in
unusual ways. (May be misdiagnosed as epilepsy, restless legs syndrome, or PLMD

-Alterations in eating and sleeping patterns

-Episodes of extreme hyperactivity or, conversely, overwhelming fatigue

-Intensified or diminished sexual desires

-Headaches, pressures within the skull

-Racing heartbeat, pains in the chest

-Digestive system problems

-Numbness or pain in the limbs (particularly the left foot and leg)

-Pains and blockages anywhere; often in the back and neck

-Emotional outbursts; rapid mood shifts; seemingly unprovoked or excessive episodes of grief,
fear, rage, depression

-Spontaneous vocalizations (including laughing and weeping) -- are as unintentional and
uncontrollable as hiccoughs

-Hearing an inner sound or sounds, classically described as a flute, drum, waterfall, birds
singing, bees buzzing but which may also sound like roaring, whooshing, or thunderous noises or
like ringing in the ears.

-Mental confusion; difficulty concentrating

-Altered states of consciousness: heightened awareness; spontaneous trance states; mystical
experiences (if the individual's prior belief system is too threatened by these, they can lead to
bouts of psychosis or self-grandiosity)

-Heat, strange activity, and/or blissful sensations in the head, particularly in the crown area.

-Ecstasy, bliss and intervals of tremendous joy, love, peace and compassion

-Psychic experiences: extrasensory perception; out-of-body experiences; past life memories;
astral travel; direct awareness of auras and chakras; contact with spirit guides through inner
voices, dreams or visions; healing powers

-Increased creativity: new interests in self-expression and spiritual communication through
music, art, poetry, etc.

-Intensified understanding and sensitivity: insight into one's own essence; deeper understanding
of spiritual truths; exquisite awareness of one's environment (including "vibes" from others)

-Enlightenment experiences: direct Knowing of a more expansive reality; transcendent awareness

So, one should try to figure out just what type of an awakening one is going through. In the 80's,
I though I was going through a "psychic" awakening, it wasn't until the 90's that I took up the
shamanistic path. One of my experiences in the 80's went like this:

When I was living in Boston in the early 80's is initially when I picked up on another person's
thoughts. I was standing at my favorite local (Irish) bar, gazing absentmindedly at my drink,
when the fellow next to me struck up a conversation. This went on for a little while until he
tapped me on the shoulder. When I looked up, he remarked and inquired as to how I was having
a conversation about what he was thinking about, when he hadn't said a thing! He said had been
staring at me waiting for antennae to sprout from my head (in a friendly, curious manner).
"Oh!?" I said, and promptly fainted! ..... Oh, Well! I guess I can always blame it on the Irish!
(gbg -great big grin)

Heh, heh, the above is just a preamble, “At the age of 10 or 11 (?) got an "invite" from what I
now understand to be The "Thunderbird", but only opened up to it at the age of 23, and went
through what sounds like the classic-shamanic-death-experience, about being awakened to the
"Essence" of the Uni-verse, then being "swallowed" by a force-field & then being "spat" back
into the body totally "re-arranged".” What do you mean when you say "an invite from
Thunderbird'? Did you actually dream of an eagle or "see" one, or other thunderbird symbol? Did
you hear a "thunder" in your head that no one else could? Could you please expand on this?
I've never had the classic shaman-death-experience that I've read about, where the body is torn
apart down to the skeleton. Mine was going down the red and black spiraling tunnel at "warp
speed" back to creation of the universe (the "little bang"), then fire and ice. What was yours like
specifically? The imagery or "visions" one gets are clues as to what's happening and "where you
are" in one's awakening.

This awakening to the "Essence" and "being "swallowed", could you tell me more about that?
Mine was a more gradual experience and merging into the oneness of Spirit.

When you were "spat" back into your body, totally "rearranged", did it feel like it was "upside
down and backwards"? I was at least knowledgeable about this so when it happened it didn't take
too long to "rearrange" myself. One aspect of the Hebrew Kabbalah does this - the contemplation
of the AtBaSh or arrangement of the Hebrew alphabet "upside down and backwards". The
premise is that we are all of the word or Logos. There are other "arrangements" one could experience.

“And then a new "force-field" had started to hover about, it's symbol The Dragon ....beckoning
me to invite it upon myself. I sensed that this was a symbol of great power connection with "The
Spirit"...some people in the east had known about, but it was as if they had now passed onto
some other realm (?) .... leaving me behind to deal with The Dragon. I had a-l-r-e-a-d-y died !!!!
- giving my whole life to the service, - so what was this Dragon-business about ???? I felt that if
I would yield to it, it would be like dissolving into the blue sky ...... Was this the "mother-of-alldeath-experiences",
would I come back to my body, or forever .... what ????”

It looks like you were having a spontaneous "out of body" (OBE) or "astral projection"
experience (AP) in conjunction with entry to the spirit world.

What do you mean when you describe the sensation of "giving my whole life to the service".
Hmmm... you should have yielded to the Dragon, but I understand that your "fear of the
unknown" reaction could have kept you from doing this. An asatru seid (shaman) from Denmark
had the same experience and problem. The Dragon is an ancient one that shows up to be a
teacher for a while. Shamans usually get ancients as guides/teachers.

I purposefully went to (was guided by Spirit to seek) the dragon, so my experience was a bit
different. It took about a year of contemplation to get to it, and then I spent a couple of weeks
trying to gently wake the sleepy, friendly old thing up! Meeting the dragon is what I call a sign
of the "2nd" eye of the mysteries opening, in Kundalini it would be "removing the blockage" in
the brow chakra.. Astral projection and OBE's go along with it. At this stage there are additional
things that one can develop, that are to do with "Mother Earth" consciousness:

-Do you have deep earth sensitivities yet or want them? They can be developed at this stage.
-Can you "talk to animals" yet or want to? This ability can be developed at this stage. (It’s a
limited conversation, they have sh*t for brains, but they're cute and good eating. They can also
be used as an indirect communications ability, via animals instead of mind to mind.)
-"Strings of light" or "umbilical cord" abilities can be developed at this stage.

-Do you want "mother earth" communicating abilities? They can be developed this stage, but the
only way I know of developing this is "dancing with the dragon".

When you saw things, did they look "off color" or like the image of a photographic negative? Or
did they appear normal in color? What color was the dragon (mine was multi colored or mottled,
but primarily red)?

If you develop a particular sensitivity to birds or feel you have one, and want to develop the
above abilities, let me know and I'll tell you how birds can help you do this. But you should have
some experience or ability with remote viewing before you do this. I'll be writing more about the
1st two eyes of the mysteries and my working theory about the "mechanics" in the brain that are involved.

“However now, many, many, years later, I discovered shamanism.... or rather 4 years ago, when
"Spirit" gave me a message about "Shamanic Revival", a message that even "subatomic"
particles in my being "got", as energy went through my spinal marrow, shaking me. So since
then I have learned about Shamanism ... discovered it also to be my heritage ... to finish this
unfinished business, which has never, not even one day left my mind in all these years ...”
Was the shaking feeling like an earthquake, or more like "twitching, jerking"? Did you have any
"visions" when this happened?

That's a very important message from Spirit that you got. If correct, the abilities you can develop
will be phenomenal, including flight, dematerialization (passing through walls, etc.), invisibility,
psychokinesis (moving objects with the mind), etc.

You might have to go back and "invoke" the dragon though, and finish your session with it. If
the experience that I've had, amongst other people, hold true for you, after that you'll have your
encounter with the physical manifestation of "death" or "the dark one" or "the dark angel" and/or
"evil". I can give you a few tips about handling the encounter and the "sickness" afterwards.
Then you'll be a shaman, assuming you survive. In my contemplation, I summoned the devil for
my confrontation, and he won't show up alone. I had trouble proving to myself the "thesis" of
God, so I figured that if I could demonstrate the "antithesis".... . Oh, well, "fools rush in...". It
wasn't much of a fight (not the best thing to do), he felled me pretty quickly. Next time though...
“You talked about White Eagle & Red Dragon .... Well, when I started to run away ... so that I
would not to get "zapped" by the "Dragon-Force-Field" ... The color combination of red and
white used to freak me out !!!! Wish I had had other "mad people" around then .... to talk and
laugh about it all.”

Why would red and white freak you out? These are good "colors" to get and they're the toughest
to acquire. You'll have to explain this "force field" sensation a bit more. I think I know what
you're talking about, but I'd like to hear more to be sure. Is it that you feel suddenly
immobilized? Feels like energy (swirling?) surrounds you? The room turns bright or a different
color? along those lines, etc.

Heh, heh, yes it does help a lot to laugh at oneself, God does it all the time (God would have to
have a self-deprecating sense of humor if you think about it). It's one hell of a sense of humor!
As far as shamanism in your family history... I'd like to hear more. Are you of a particular tribe?
My mother's German side of the family was very spiritual, a lot of priests and Calvanist ministers
etc. (Hey, the fire needs fuel, what can I say! When I was tending to her as she was preparing to
enter the afterlife, I saw her snake rise from the top of her head. At least she entered the next
world having been a full human being.


Hi Red Dragon. What happened to you in that Irish bar in Boston, -when you answered to
somebody else's thoughts I can relate to ... know well what you are talking about. But this
Kundalini stuff .... no.

I think that the energy I am trying to point at here is like the Mongolian "Hiimori"
i.e.."WindHorse" that referrers to a human's personal psychic power. A person with strong
WindHorse usually develops psychic abilities etc. "WindHorse" energy can be increased i.e. one
can "accumulate WindHorse". I am not Mongolian, so I shouldn't really be using their term, but
that is like the closest image I can think of to try & explain ...

And I start very simply, the way I saw things as a child. At the age of 8 & 9, we had this very
authoritarian teacher at school, who was trying to mold us into becoming very competitive etc.
etc. etc. This I could not accept, and when f.e.x. we were asked to sing; -I sang, loudly ... but
another song.... When we had skiing competitions, I'd inch my way on wards laying down to take
naps in between inches. Etc. etc.

But the following year we had another teacher and this teacher was something else altogether.
Bless her !!!! Her and I had this "silent communication" between us ...a "silent
communion/connection" point in space, ( which I now call the "space-awareness-third-point"),
which we were both attuned to, a bit like your Irish bar situation in Boston ... but feeling each
other’s thoughts and emotions and intent without a word needing to be said. She was religious,
but never preached it. She didn't put us in categories who comes first, who is above whom, but
she really gave of herself to find out where each and every student's individual talents lied,
encouraged us all equally, and taught us how all these individual talents were "enrichments for
the whole". She was impeccable the way she served us. So I "entered into silence" and started
"dancing" excelling in everything I did for the collective "space-center-point" we were both
attuned to ....the point where all our hearts and minds can come together as one. In that way we
became like witnesses for each other’s dance .... "other dimensionally". At first it was just 2 of
us, awake in this way, but then a new student arrived to our class, and he recognized the
situation & we recognized him. It was magical.

But what I hadn't realized, was that all that year I had been accumulating (light) energy..... till
this "Force-Field" started to hover above me (dimensionally speaking). It was silent then, felt
like high voltage power lines/cloud circling me. I thought: "Oh, that must be God". It was
beckoning me to call it upon myself. But what would happen if I did, because I would be changed
... & how would I be able to relate to my parents then. My teacher was excellent, but The ForceField
had not come upon her .... so she would not be able to help me after wards either. Would I die ?

I could not resolve these problems. So I stopped "dancing" .... and I started to focus on things,
that would make my energy-level come down, so that the "Force-Field" would go away. And it did.

At the age of 23, I came across this book which I couldn't put down for one minute, it was like I
had been waiting for this book all my life, it was as though I like I so knew it already ... even
though I had never heard of things it described in it. I can't remember what it said exactly, in this
one part, but it was talking about personal power ... and how power would come over one ... or
something. That one sentence was all I needed; -it was possible to let that "Force-Field" come
upon one and start a new life with it ! I was in Visby at the time, Gotland, Sweden, working in a
summer hotel. So one night I went to these high cliffs over the sea and opened up, now I was
ready, "You called once, now I accept" !!!! I had a feeling that everything around me that night,
all the trees, grass, and rocks were like "my witnesses".... and I like bloated up like a balloon.
Can't explain. From then on I was "guided", - told where it would happen, (Copenhagen)
...synchronicities also started to happen, images, visions.....

So then a month after I had arrived to Copenhagen, -one night, alone in our "shared apartment"
I heard a distant rumble, like a distant thunder or a jet-plane that caught my attention and I
"shifted". By shifting I mean that I find, that in everyday life I sometimes experience these
momentary shifts. Something catches my attention, and then it is as though part of my brain goes
asleep ... and I "have a moment" with the perceived (other dimensionally). It is a highly
suggestive ... like hypnotic state ... a moment of "dimensional communication".... which usually
lasts for a few seconds ... and then I'm back. So I entered into this "dimensional communication"
with the thunder sound ....and went with it into the silence.... and "time stopped". But then to my
surprise the church bells started ringing, as they do in Copenhagen certain time during the
night, so I was in time as well. But this time the sound of these bells, my mind/space and Eternity
were one ... every atom in a blade of the grass would have known what that sound meant, there
was no-where to hide from this "dimensional sound". I rushed to the window to see the bells, but
I saw the cross. I had never been religious as such, but at the thought of being "a warrior for this
"Eternal Essence", even if it meant death ...showed me my life thus far, in this "dimensional
light" ... and I felt so ashamed. So I gave myself a solemn oath to dedicate the rest of my life for "The Essence".

Then this enormous Force Field entered my small room, I had no time for thoughts, I just
surrendered and "died on the spot" when. The Force-Field engulfed me. I don't even know, did I
have a blackout and for how long, but then I found myself sitting there, back in my room, back in
my body & I asked: "What is this ?" And the answer was "White Horse".

They called Heroin the "White Horse" in Copenhagen those days. Heroin !!! Had somebody put
Heroin in my sugar, was I overdosing ...and now actually dying !!! Total panic !!! I had to get
outside to get help, ambulance !!! .... but it seemed like forever till I could actually manage to
turn the door handle, my hands were shaking so much. Somehow I then found myself in a cafe in
the city, did I run there I don't know. I looked around me, but something had changed, I had
changed, everything had changed. But how, what had happened back there ??? I started to walk
back. And then I saw, -as though the "veil" had been lifted. The Spiritual Essence The "I am" in
everything, it was just too obvious ... and I had a Horse as a go-between !!! Joy of joys !

The Horse was my guide, my teacher and having died I had no other life but "be on duty" 24/7
The Horse would tell me where and when to go, whom to talk to f.e.x. And when meeting
someone like this, I would voluntarily shift ... go into this "mini-trance" ... and then The "Spirit",
The Horse would point something out about the situation or of the person. Then I would come
out of the mini-trance and open up to the "Horse" to come through .... like voluntarily going into
another mini-trance, saying things I really didn't know like "who said them".... but people would
wonder how I could possibly have known "all this about their past", or whatever ... But I didn't
know, I didn't have a clue, so in a way ... I was just like a witness, a portal, a bystander .... in
these like orchestrated, "Spirit arranged" situations ....knowing nothing, but just acting on the
cues "Spirit" gave me ...to play my part ... that always hit the bullseye in real life, being at the
right time, at the right place, where things needed for the situation would materialize like on cue
..... In this way shamanism has often been likened to mental illness, "arctic hysteria" and
schizophrenia, but with one crucial difference.

Red Dragon, you asked about the "re-arrangement" .... Yes, it was like upside-down with a twist.
It was also as if I was "dancing up a dream", which manifested as reality, kind of what we do
anyway, but just do not realize it.

But to this Dragon problem. Curious thing Red Dragon, is that you said that this asatru seid
(shaman) from Denmark had the same experience and problem. Denmark, not Copenhagen by
any chance ? Why I am saying this is, that well .... when Buddhism arrived to Tibet, the early
school was very shamanic ... and they buried these treasures for future generations, of which
some have been earthed .... One of those old treasures was brought to Denmark, where I think it
is kept in the main library building .... (?) In those old shamanic times they concentrated
energies on objects, turning them into objects of power. After wards I just sometimes wondered if
.... I had come to its "portal" and started "dreaming it into reality ???

And what I meant, by shamanism being my heritage, that as Karelian I belong to the
Siberian/Finno-Ugric culture ... So once I started to learn about it ... I realized just where my
symbolism ... thunderbirds, white horses, and stuff like "past life memories" had come from, and
why my "reality-orientation" is "collective-conscious-center-pole" oriented ...

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