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The Duck is a short necked large billed waterfowl. The legs are placed rearward resulting in a
waddling gait. They are swift fliers leaping upward on noisy wings before attaining level flight,
usually in compact flocks. Ducks are hatched with a complete covering of down and can take to
the water as soon as they leave the nest, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Ducks are at home on the water. Since water is linked to the emotional rivers of mankind it
reminds us to honor our deepest emotions and nourish ourselves adequately. Those with this
totem have a tendency to look for emotional solace in others. Although emotional support from
another is comforting, true emotional strength must be acquired within. Those with this medicine
often have specific lessons to learn about balancing emotional discord. They, like the duckling,
plunge into the waters depth at an early age to gain understanding about their inner chaos.

Past lives associated with low self-esteem is often reflected in present day life for those with this
medicine. They are highly emotional and sensitive to everything around them. Sensitivity can be
an attribute if it is balanced with logic and reason. Otherwise it can cause chaos and confusion in
our lives. Developing a stronger sense of self is part of the teaching duck holds.

Most ducks pair only for a season. Those with this totem often find that long term relationships
are difficult to maintain and restlessness within the relationship is common. Learning how to
take flight and spread ones wings without destroying the foundation of that relationship is one of
their greatest challenges.

Ducks come in a variety of shades from iridescent to bold colors. It is important to understand
the significance of this. Iridescent colors represent a fine line between reality and imagination.
Bold colors are solid and hold the qualities of strength and perseverance. If your personal duck
has iridescent colors examine your emotions carefully. Are you getting lost in the imaginative
side of self and creating more chaos than necessary? If strong and bold it is time to take charge
of your life and become the master of your emotions.

Affectionate and community oriented duck medicine people love and are loved deeply. They
often feel a great need to be of service and make excellent healers. Because the coloring of ones
personal duck is symbolic, healing with color can be beneficial.

Ducks are graceful as they glide through the water reminding us to be gentle with ourselves as
we heal, learn and grow into our perfected self.

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Duck's Wisdom Includes:
• Grace on water
• Water energy
• Seeing clearly through emotions
• Spirit helper of mystics and seers

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