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By Scubagirl/Kerry

The other morning I dreamed of a porcupine (or, as I started looking up, more likely a hedgehog)
holding a gopher in its mouth. It turned to look back at me, saying Well? Are you coming? Short
dream. Animals of varying kinds have been coming into my dreams lately. Anybody know
anything about gophers? I've had one living in my yard for a while now, and I'd like him to find
another home; there is some dislike, as he has killed several cherished plants. I just looked up
hedgehog and it's odd he'd have a gopher in his mouth.


*Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Gorbett/The Dreamer's Dictionary:
These sneaky little burrowers are a signal of trouble brewing in your vicinity; could be either
business or family type. It will be upsetting but not really serious.

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams:
Gopher represents multiple starts; a simultaneous "digging" around.

*Bobby Lake-Thom/Spirits of the Earth:
Gopher is a bad sign but a good animal. Some Native tribes such as the Shoshone believe he is a
doctor and can help take away sickness if you go to his hole, make an offering, and ask for help.
If he comes up out of the hole and digs around, that means he is taking your sickness, pain, or
disease away. Other tribes, like the Yurok, Karuk, and Hupa in northwestern California, believe
the Gopher is a messenger of death. If you see him digging a hole in the yard near the house, it is
a sign that someone you know will die soon. The Gopher is showing that a person's grave is
being dug. The closer the hole to the front door of the house, the closer this person is to your
family. A Gopher digging a hole in the garden simply means that he is hungry. If he becomes a
pest, try to offer him food and make an agreement with him not to bother the rest of your garden.
*I know this isn't much but it's what I have been able to find. Hope it helps you a little.


Thank you, Cinnamon. I would guess he is indeed a sign of trouble brewing... hopefully this can
be resolved, both the trouble and the gopher himself!


The Gopher understands the necessity for being prepared. It does not hibernate at all during the
winter months and lives off the food that it stores. They live almost their whole lives underground
in complex tunnels that they dig. Each tunnel intersects with the next affirming to us that
everything is connected in some way. In mystical lore the underworld is known as the keeper of
life's secrets. The Gopher knows what lies beneath the surface of any situation and can show us
how to uncover hidden truths.

Gophers have poor vision and when confronted by an attacker they use their tails as an antenna
to feel openings in passageways to escape danger. This ability keeps them out of harm’s way.
Knowing which direction to go is an important challenge for Gopher medicine people as well as
the care and health of the physical eyes. Most people with Gopher as a totem are very sensitive
to vibrations and do well in all types of work related to vibrational healing.

Gophers run forward and backward at incredible speeds and remind us to pay attention to our
action or lack of action. They can show us how to flow through life in a balanced way by always
staying connected to the rhythm of earths heartbeat. Because Gophers tunnel under gardens
pulling large numbers of plants down into their burrows it is easy to blame them for destroying
the growth of crops. When Gopher appears in our lives it is telling us to pay attention to our own
growth process, take responsibility for it and stop blaming someone or something when problems
arise. Gophers are very sensitive to sharp or piercing noise. It throws them off center confusing
their usual sense of balance. For those with this totem avoid loud noise whenever possible and
take time for quiet reflection. The Gopher is a friendly and powerful totem and can be a
beneficial guide into the underworld. If you choose to take its tour get prepared. Deeper truths
will awaken in your consciousness and your present reality will be rearranged. The discovery of
who you are, who you have been and who you are becoming is on the horizon.

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