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By CinnamonMoon

From Timothy Roderick:
Kangaroo: Ingenious, solid, earthy
Magical Influences: Ease in childbirth, spiritual rebirth

Personality: Kangaroos are born "twice"--once from the mother's womb and once from the
pouch. This makes them masters at rebirthing and knowing the ways of rebirth. They prefer a
balanced, earthy mental position, but also enjoy getting silly and going "out in left field" with
friends. Kangaroos make good midwives, obstetricians, or psychologists because of their
connection with birth and rebirth energy

*Mary Summer Rain: Cautions against overprotectiveness.

*Denise Linn: Great leaps forward in your life. Are you ready to leap ahead? Mobility.

*Source unknown: if it is jumping with a baby in pouch expect an unexpected trip.

*Ted Andrews/Animal-Wise:
Time to move forward not back.

Giving birth to immature young that continue that process in the pouch, so the message is you
need to give birth prematurely and help what you have given birth to to grow and develop.
Experience being the best teacher.

Reflecting several different time cycles at play in life, and birth is a hazardous journey. The Joey
has 5 weeks to birth to the pouch and 18 months in it. These times are significant to the stages of
birth of this Totem. Joey's may not come out of the pouch for the first 8 months and then go in
and out for a total of 18 months. After we give birth to a project it may be 9 months before it first
appears outside but 18 months of moving in and out. This cycle of 9 months of maturing and 9
months of emerging is important to the commitment of the project. After that point there is no
choice in the matter and you are fully committed to a point where you must fully move forward.
In many cases a Joey will vacate the pouch as early as 7 months and for good at 11 months.

Born blind, the Joey is relying on smell so if a young Joey appears to you it is often an indication
of more growth still to come, reflecting the need to learn to disconnect from the things of
childhood. It often reminds us that we must continually nurse what we may have given birth to

A mother Kangaroo nursing two youngsters of different ages will produce two kinds of milk.
The younger member gets milk with very little fat. The older sibling who has left the pouch will
get increased amounts of fat. This is often an indicator of needing to adjust your diet according to
your needs and activities.

The primary predator is the Dingo which should be studied, and if a Joey has appeared to you
study the Wedge-tailed Eagle which primarily preys upon them. If in danger a Kangaroo tends to
be still and quiet. In defense and in competition with other members, particularly among males
for females, they will use their heavy tails to balance themselves while they kick and box with
their hind and forelegs respectively. The tail is also used to counterbalance when hopping. It can
be as long as the rest of the body, and they use it to balance the body so it won't fall on its face.

Also used as a chair. It is a symbol of power and strength and learning to balance the powerful
creative energies will be part of this Medicine. They teach us to use the tail, an ancient symbol of
creative and sexual life force, to move quickly and make great leaps in our creativity.

Strength and agility are two qualities here. Kangaroos can jump as high as 11' and as far as 44' in
distance but they cannot hop backwards. (No going back.) To see them appear means you will
have the stamina and strength to continue on and should not try to go back. They use less energy
as they move faster and faster. They actually recycle their energy. Movement may be smaller in
the beginning, but as you begin to progress, the movement will become faster and greater.

Traveling great distances without tiring. Getting the initial momentum is the challenge but once
achieved progress will come quickly and the stamina will be great.

Living in desert climates, they live on less water than camels. When we start something new, we
may have to do without for a long period, but we will survive. If we keep our stamina up, we will
succeed, and once things start to move, it will be with great leaps.

Ask: Are we not moving forward? Do we need to go ahead, even if it seems premature? Are we
refusing to disconnect from things of childhood? Are we heeding our previous experiences? Are
we trying to reverse when we can only truly go forward? Are we nursing what we have birthed?
Do we need to balance our creative activities? Are we staying grounded? Are we giving up too


Thank you so much, Cinnamon - did you see that I had a kangaroo in my dream? Thank you - I
will study this. It's funny too - we have a cattle dog, but with her genes, she came out looking like
a dingo. I mean, she really looks like a dingo. Thank you again


I remembered someone mentioning Kangaroo awhile back, sorry I didn't flash on you per se, just
the animal. *S* And we have some friends here that live down under so I thought I'd share
something familiar to them too. I'm really pulling up pretty much at random. That's why I stuck
the notice at the top of the board in this forum...any requests are welcome and I'll do what I can
to get the information together. I've just got to take them one at a time. That's really unique that
your dog looks like a Dingo too! See....Spirit does have humor!


Thank you, Cinnamon. Yes, the kangaroo in my dream was kind of off to the side - but - really
the focus. He was just very solemnly and intently staring at me. Beautiful intense serious eyes.
Yes, i choose the beginning. Yes. Moving to this New Moon, however, i am filled with all kinds of
emotion. Crying, irritation, hurt, anger - less fear now - am feeling very full of emotions - just
popping up everywhere like lightning bugs in the Ozarks.

It's not hormones and my Hunny's been very kind and we talk things out – old, old things just
jumping out to current day catalysts. And some are just pop-up emotions, can't even tie them in
to anything specific. Sobbing at the movie "Spirit".

I did read the empath reports. I'm not a 'crier' and tears are just popping out all over place - ok.
Ok. Whatever it is. Ok.

Irritation, anger - practicing anger-to-be. Jumping and jumping. Ok - bring it on and help me
process. Amen.

ok - maybe:
“DEATH . . .Change is on the way. Everything has its life cycle and the death of the old must
occur for the birth of the new to come into being. Don't be afraid because you are ready for this
change however unexpectedly it might present itself.”
and birth...boy, with me it's always gotta be somthin'


Hon, when we have those emotions popping up like that and the tears, we're purging and
releasing. You're just letting go of the old so there is room for the new. Sometimes it's a
bittersweet experience, but it needs to be a full release and tears wash us clean. Think about how
much better you feel after you're spent from a good cry. It's all gone then and you can move past
the issues. So whatever the emotional attachments, the issues surrounding them are being
released now. It's much easier to see when it isn't happening to you! LOL Just thought I'd point
to the pattern for you. It often helps ease the mind ... and the heart.

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