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The Kingfishers are found worldwide but are mostly tropical. They are solitary birds that utter
distinct rattling or piping calls that can be heard a long distance away. The ability to express
oneself in a clear and concise manner is part of the teachings it holds.

Their usual nest is a burrow in a sand bank or in a hollow tree. Kingfishers have been known to
tunnel into sand banks several feet. This indicates the need for sacred space around them. Those
with kingfisher medicine will find that they must have time within their day for quiet
contemplation where intrusions of any kind are not permitted.

Bold in its actions, the kingfisher will dive headlong into the water to catch small fish. It shows
us how to plunge into the unknown with confidence and not with fear. Kingfishers have large
heads, long and massive bills and compact bodies. Their physical appearance is symbolic of the
challenges and opportunities relevant for those with this medicine.

A large head can indicate past life connections relating to the misuse of the ego. In this life a
need to keep the ego in balance is mandatory. The long and massive bill of the kingfisher
suggests a need to use ones words carefully and their compact bodies represent a need for regular
physical exercise and the toning of ones muscles. This need is sometimes a result of a past life
influence relating to physical health or structural imbalances that is present in this life.

Kingfishers are found near the water. Water is associated with the emotional body of man and
those who have this totem will find a strong need to live on or near the water. An exception to
this is the Kookaburra, a forest kingfisher who is less associated with water.

The kingfisher is a bird that holds many teachings. Most of its teachings relate directly to the
spiritual, emotional and physical growth of those that hold this medicine. When growth is
achieved prosperity on all levels is attained. The kingfisher has the energy to accomplish various
tasks in an efficient manner. It is a powerful teacher and those with this totem would be wise to
call upon it when the need arises.

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Kingfisher/Kookaburra's Wisdom Includes:
*Connection to peaceful seas
*Happiness and love
*Indifference to surroundings
*Clear vision through emotional waters
*Ability to dive (focus) into emotional waters and catch ones dreams

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