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By SisterCyber

The Koala
(from: www.sayahda.com/cyc.html) (no longer available)

The koala is one of the most admired marsupial mammals. Their cute cuddly appearance appeals
to people of all ages. Koalas grow to about 21 to 33 inches long and are virtually tail less. Their
diet consists of a certain type of eucalyptus leaf. One of the most unusual characteristics of the
koala is that it seldom drinks. The name koala is thought to mean "no drink" in several aboriginal
tongues. Their limited diet encourages a sluggish digestive system. If those with this totem
consume a large variety of foods digestive problems could occur. Basic food groups are
recommended with an emphasis on herbs and herbal remedies.

Koalas are solitary animals. They are independent and a bit indifferent to family members. At
birth a young koala is about the size of a bee. The mother will raise her young attentively until it
is strong enough to be on its own. Once this happens the emotional bond between the mother and
her offspring is broken. Individuals with koala medicine often require periods of isolation and an
environment with little noise. Emotional expression is difficult which can make intimate
relationships challenging. The koala teaches us how to be comfortable with our own company.
Those with this totem make excellent priests and nuns.

The koalas eyesight is poor although their cup like ears can hear acutely. They also have a highly
developed sense of smell. Koala medicine people have strong psychic and clairaudient abilities.
Sound that soothes the senses and aromatherapy benefit them.

Although they appear to be passive with a nonchalant attitude, koalas are very territorial. They
demand their personal space and accommodate one another accordingly. They sleep as long as
18 hours a day and are most active at night. Koala medicine people do their best work in the late
evening and early morning hours.

Perched high in a tree the koalas grip is secure. As they move from limb to limb their footing is
solid. When the koala appears in our life its reminding us to stand solid within ourselves and not
be influenced by situations or events.

Seldom distracted and always focused, the koala is a master in the art of deep relaxation and
concentration. They hold the teachings of stress free movement and can show us how to create
and maintain sacred space in our lives.


A friend of mine has finally published his book called "Animal Dreaming" which is in the lines of
Animal Wise, Animal Speak etc. but with Australian Animals.

“With its familial associations with water, and the symbolic connections often made between
water and the emotions, Koala promotes the good sense to speak less and to listen more -
particularly to our own intuition, instead of seeking the counsel of others. Koala can help contest
depression - particularly that resulting from hard work related to the combat of emotional or
inner feelings and relationship patterns. According to ancient Earth-based healing practices, the
traditional journey to a healthy emotional, physical and spiritual state involves putting oneself
into an altered condition of consciousness, often through the use of hallucinogenic substances or
by denying oneself of nourishment. Koalas obtain most of the moisture they need from eucalyptus
leaves, which are said to also have a soporific, hypnotic, sleep-inducing effect on the animal,
and as a result the Koala rarely needs to drink fresh water. It is believed that through the altered
state of awareness the eucalyptus leaves deliver the animal into - like the healers of old - a realm
of non-physical nature called "non-ordinary reality".

To move beyond the physical body is a skill unique to the traditional Earth-based healers, with
Koala holding many of the lessons related to the knowledge. The journey of the soul may deliver
the healer into the other realms, higher levels of existence, to parallel Worlds or other provinces
of this World. The traditional journey is an experience not of imaginary proportions but rather a
"flight" beyond the boundaries of the physical body. S.A.King - Animal Dreaming”


“Koala's keyword is "Journeys", which goes hand in hand with what you wrote concerning the
moving about when you were younger Mouse. They are slow moving, unless it is time to find a
new home (tree) where they will take their time "evacuating", ambling down the trunk only to
quickly run across the ground to reach the base of their new home - then fall back into their slow
pace. Koalas will also sleep for up to 18 hours a day. Koala nurtures within us the knowledge
that we hold all the answers to our questions, that all the wisdom we seek is stored within our


An old thread - May 2003 wee lil mouse:
As a child, I *always* carried my koala bear with me. During its life with me, it got resin on one
of the ears, which only made it more "mine"... my mother wasn't allowed to clean off the resin,
and I still associate resin with Koala. The bear was lost at some point, but I bought a Koala bear
with my very first paycheck. If possible, I buy eucalyptus when it is available in the flower
shop... I love the smell of it in a bath, or just rubbing it together in my hands and sniffing them...
I still have it, never thought it could be a sign of a power animal or totem until I recently read
something about kids' favorite stuffed animals possibly being an indication? I will meditate on it
to brings me clarity about this, but in the mean time I was wondering whether the stuffed-animalinterest
(obsession) that a child can have could indicate a power animal?


OMG!! I just finished reading about Koala at Sayahda's site, and it describes the personal
space/introversion/preferred sleep pattern that I have pretty darn accurately! It feels like way
more than a temporary guide, since this is stuff that my *mother* was already confronted with
when I was a child. Sleeping looooong during the day, and wanting to be up at night (while she
worked 70hr weeks during the day and wanted, no, *needed* to sleep at night), I want simple
foods, non-processed, plain,... and I can eat the same foods for days on end without trouble... my
personal need for *lots* of space (not necessarily actual space... I would sit on a stamp-sized
balcony for hours, just sitting and being, not even playing, or cuddle in a closet with a night-light
and a book...) and solitude used to drive my extroverted mother, father and brother totally nuts...
What I read of Koala is very specific to my personal preferences and nature... Based on it feeling
so familiar to my personal preferences for space and sleep and food... basic needs... would you
say that this could be a power animal or a totem animal?

Cinnamon replied to me saying: “It's very possible it is a Totem and could well be your Power
Animal. When as you mentioned children have favorite animals it usually indicates this.

However, the issue is if it goes beyond toys to the real animal and fascination with that. Do you
find yourself before them at the zoo? Looking at articles about them? Documentaries? Do you
dream about them? More importantly do you feel the kinship? You can journey into a selfenvisioned
sacred space, ask Koala to come to you. Wait. See if it appears, and ask it when it
does. That would be validation. As a rule the animal will pop up everywhere in your life and
fascinate you to no end. You won't take it lightly.”

wee lil mouse:

I don't believe I have ever seen a koala in the zoos I have been to. But documentaries are like
glue, I can't switch it off. I have a book with images about Koala, and I can stare at the image of
a Koala right then and there. I can't recall any dreams about Koala, but then again, I have found it
very hard to recollect my dreams now that my sleep is so interrupted with the young ones
around. As for kinship, I feel close to my Koala from childhood, I can picture myself as a Koala
pretty easily. But again, I thought that was a quirk of childhood, a sentimental thing. I will have
lots of quiet time this evening, so I will see if Koala wants to visit with me. Thanks for the

Koala came to me during meditation this afternoon, and climbed onto me as if she wouldn't let
go. It was one of those bear-hugs. Amazing. We didn't talk, she just clung to me. I asked her
where she walks with me, and she didn't answer. So we just sat. For the last two days, I have
been seeing Koala pictures like out of the blue. A journal section in a bookstore, where one of
the journals had a koala on the cover. A little squeezy koala as a cat toy. Playing in the basement
with the children, the youngest had found the box with my personal stuff that isn't coming out
until the kids are that bit older... and he brings me my koala. So Koala now has her own space in
the house, close to my bed, but out of reach of the kids. So hello Koala. I love you
Who woulda thought...


“Seeing Koala everywhere? that is what my first shaman teacher used to say about confirmation
that that animal was your spirit animal.” …Cool huh? Love Lune


How wonderful!! I love those little guys! ((HUGS)) I am thrilled for you!! And I do think that
for a lot of kids, the stuffed animals they're attracted to could very well be their power animals.
Both my kids became attached to stuffed animals at around 18 months...my son to deer, my
daughter to polar bears. (Right about when they started having night terror.) And they are still
attached now. And I can definitely feel Deer and Polar bear in the house! Both my kids are aware
of them, and both say that they talk to their power animals all the time, that they're given advice
and support from them, as well as love. The journeys they take with them, and tell me about, are
amazing in detail!

wee lil mouse:
Oh Katt... I wish I could remember the convos I had with my Koala when I was a child. I just
remember that Koala was with me, at *all cost*, and that my parents had to do some amazing
things to retrieve Koala if Koala had been lost or forgotten. I just couldn't live without my Koala.
Our youngest (18 months now) is showing a serious interest in dogs in real life, and the oldest
has 3 stuffed Rabbit cuddles. Both Dog and Rabbit seem to suit their personalities very well... so
I will be keeping an eye out. Blu answered in the thread about Koala at SS... gently pointing out
that there might be a reason or two that I am finding my way back to Koala at this point in my
life. Hehehe...

Speaking to a friend today, with whom I haven't spoken for a good while now (she's
transatlantic)... she asks whether our youngest still gives me "koala hugs". Now if I had
mentioned Koala to her, I'd just nod and confirm. But nope, hadn't mentioned Koala to her at all!
And this afternoon I took the kids to a coffee shop, mama gets a latte, the kids can share a soda
as a treat. The oldest chooses a Koala kiwi-lime soda.

Just an update. For those who didn't know - wee lil mouse and nanukshuk are me. Gosh - I've
changed names here.

I've got to say that I am still not sure where Koala fits in, but re-reading all the previous posts,
right down to the sleep, eat and home/moving things - it still all fits so well! Just look at our
recent house sale and purchase. Sold house within 24 hours, bought house within 24 hours.
Smooth and quick.

Sister Cyber, I edited your post to add the link to Sayahda's site... But thank you for bringing
Koala up again. With all that's been happening lately, it sure feels like this is excellent timing for
me to see where Koala may show up again. Funny thing is that I mentioned as "wee lil mouse"
that the kids wanted Koala soda - well - the coffeeshop where they got that stopped selling the
Koala soda. But whaddayaknow - they brought it in again about 3 weeks ago and the kids have
wanted it ever since when we are there. *shakes head and marvels*. With the change in location,
the pace of our lives can slow down again too - how interesting.

So I'll just take it as that I've been put on notice - I'll be open to any communication from Koala
from hereon. Thanks for this, Sister Cyber!

I'm glad you provided more information on Koala, because I believe it could very well be one of
my totems and it is not represented in the Medicine Cards. When I was browsing that website
yesterdayand ran across the information, I practically giggled and nodded all the way through
my reading to the point where I felt dizzy!

“... my personal need for *lots* of space (not necessarily actual space... I would sit on a stampsized
balcony for hours, just sitting and being, not even playing, or cuddle in a closet with a
night-light and a book...”

Cedar Rose, Mouse, I highly identify with that too! I had two closets that were favorite spot of
mine ~ one was in a child-size dresser/armoire set (I sat in the armoire). The other was a closet
in the room I got when I turned 9. Prior to that, from the time my mom was living until the time
my Stepmother came into my life and stopped me from doing it (I prolly was getting to big for
that anyway), I used to practically LIVE under my mother's sewing machine! If ever they could
not find me, there I'd be! Playing with my dolls and toys, doing jigsaw puzzles, playing with my
Raggedy Ann and Andy colorform set, writing, sitting or even sleeping! After I beg1n school and
after my mom passed away, I'd do my homework under the sewing machine ~ my Dad had not
gotten rid of it or moved it because I spent so much time there... I also liked to sit in the garage
by myself (well not by myself ~ the dogs would be with me there) and on the front or back steps
of the house.

I, too, had a "pet koala bear" that happened to replace an old friend bear whose eyeball came
out of the socket and whose back got ripped and wouldn't stay sewed. (Po thang went through
heck with me but I just wubbed it to def ) That bear "got missing" but soon my koala came and
replaced it. I love to sleep too! My best friend likes to get up early on the weekends, and it upsets
me when he tries to wake the whole house up just because he cannot sleep! He says, "You gonna
sleep the whole day away?" I say, "Maybe, if you let me but you're not going to do that, are
you?" If left to my own devices, I can sleep all day, waking up just to pee and eat. And still, I'd
have no problems going to sleep at night. Matter of fact, I don't have problems falling asleep at
all, and I can do it anytime I feel like it. I have been attributing that "gift" of sleeping to laziness,
but now I can blame it on koala! *claps hands gleefully* I used to love watching Wild Kingdom
~ that show that had documentaries on different animal species ~ koala was so cute, smart,
cuddly, cute, cute, ka-UTE!

“I wish I could remember the convos I had with my Koala when I was a child. I just remember
that Koala was with me, at *all cost*, and that my parents had to do some amazing things to
retrieve Koala if Koala had been lost or forgotten. I just couldn't live without my Koala.”…I
know eXXXactly what you mean! Well I'm glad I ran across the information, and I'm glad you
appreciated seeing it again cedar rose. Have you hugged your koala today?

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