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By Mouse

This morning I was sitting outside musing about an idea I have been formulating regarding what
to do with my training when it ends in June. I have been using various primary and
complimentary caregivers as a sounding board for it, and they're equally enthusiastic. So I was
dreaming a bit, musing as to how I will put this into practice... when Ladybug flew straight at my
left shoulder, and then landed on a ledge right next to me, slightly behind me (so I had to turn
around slightly). I smiled, because Ladybug and I have a little history, where Ladybug's presence
tells me that something will work out, that it will be "lucky"... So I thanked Ladybug for her
validation and felt stronger still in my wish to see this idea through and birth it.

As I looked at Ladybug, a movement in the sky caught my attention. I saw two Eagles,
thermaling right above our house, slightly behind me. Now Eagle is a bit of a validator for me
too - when I see Eagle, my heart fills with joy, with a complete and utter trust to soar above my
mundane or perceived restrictions and to *fly*. But now they were riding the winds, two of
them, a male and a female most likely since mates tend to fly in pairs, and if those who fly alone
are either "single" or their mate is at their nesting site. So I am seeing this couple thermaling
from North to South, anti-clockwise, and I instantly know that I have learnt from the North, and
can ride the winds (without needing to really fly hard), perhaps it goes against what is currently
available here in our area, but the winds will show me where I can ride it through... and it's going
to the South, to the place of passion and youth, the time of action. The masculine and the
feminine, in balance, riding the winds,... This idea will work, as long as I find those thermals and
am willing to ride them.

Thank you Ladybug and thank you Eagle.


Thank you for sharing this from me too! How wonderful for you.

Eagle is awe inspiring. As you know I've seen Eagle around once or twice this past few weeks,
keeping an eye on the Lodge and circling over now and again. The amazing thing is that
yesterday I saw an Eagle almost overhead when I was out. It was having a 'run in' with a hawk
at the time. Today we were driving along and had to stop the car to get out and look at another
one (or maybe the same one!) flying overhead near some grazing Onyx's.

Yesterday, when I was doing Reiki, Eagle was sat above me and would move his head down and
round to stare me in the face from time to time. Also, I was soaring with Eagle round and round
effortlessly in the sky. Not only that, but his medicine was slowly sinking into my awareness, and
the 'knowing' that I will know more because now is the time to understand Eagle medicine. I'm
well and truly taking notice now, and was inspired to read this taken from 'Eagle' here in the
library. It's the last bit Cinn did in that thread.

“Eagle initiates you into the realms of Spirit and the path you are to walk. It demands from you a
strong and courageous spirit to face the growth that is being presented. This can be frightening
at times, but it serves to make you stronger in character and will. It demands you face your fears
and conquer them. That you nourish your spirit from the waters of life, soaring out into the
universe to tap the oneness of cosmic consciousness, this is the goal. He demands that you honor
Spirit in all that you do. Eagle urges you to speak of what you come to know to those who are
seeking your help. He teaches that in doing this you will again become the student and learn
from that giving. He will make you think for yourself, clarify your thoughts, and bring
illumination to clouded issues. His greatest lesson is the love of Spirit and that you should strive
to emulate it. Treasure the freedom of your mind to explore and reach for the highest realm of
integrity upon your path that you can find. Spiritual impeccability, and the wisdom to teach it,
are the gifts of Eagle.”

'Strength' is the word that I've been hearing over the past few weeks from Eagle, I think this will
be an important part of my work him.

I 'felt' to share this and I hope you don't mind me joining you here Cedar rose. Thanks!
Also, thank you Eagle I look forward to learning from you.


This part: “Eagle urges you to speak of what you come to know to those who are seeking your

This is exactly what I've been shown to do with my training. Not to put it into practice, but to
*share* the knowledge itself! To become a resource and support center! I must have either not
been ready to see that sentence, or have skimmed over it. So I thank you deeply for bringing that
part to my attention.

Indeed - the strength aspect of Eagle is very big. I hadn't seen it as an active part of the message
that those two eagles came to bring... but I will certainly re-examine that. Perhaps it is just that
with all that is going on now (full time mom, full time student, moving, packing... all my guys'
birthdays), it feels as though starting up this little business afterward will be peanuts. So I will
take your insights to heart and let you know when I learn more about it too!

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