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By CinnamonMoon

*Ted Andrews/Animal-Wise:
Keynote: clairaudience, spirit contact, ghostly presence

In the Madagascar forests, the haunting, weird-calling sound that echoes comes from the lemur,
known as the ghost of the forest. Lemurs are related to but more primitive than monkeys, and
their name actually means "ghost."

They have bushy tails and large eyes that give them a haunted kind of expression. There are three
main groups of lemurs, and all are confined to Madagascar. The most commonly recognized is
the ring-tailed lemur, noticeable for its banded tail it usually carries in the air, like a flag, to
signal its presence to others.

When the lemur appears, so too will spirits. We will begin to see and hear the presence of spirits
and ghosts more clearly. They will not be harmful, but their presence may be a little startling to
us because of their accompanying phenomena. We will see forms and shadows moving or hear
whispers and seemingly haunted sounds. As we work to connect more clearly, they will become
more distinct. Sometimes they herald the return of an "imaginary" childhood friend.

When the lemur appears, the opening to the spirit realm with answers that can come from it alone
begin to manifest. Are you ignoring the phenomena? Do you trust what you hear? Are you
haunted by the past and need clarification?

Most lemurs have a harp foxlike muzzle, large eyes, and very soft wooly fur. The tail, though
sometimes rudimentary, is usually long and furry, but never prehensile. The brain is relatively
small, and differs from that of monkeys in having the cerebellum exposed. Most lemurs are
confined to Madagascar and adjacent islands, but representatives occur in Africa and the Oriental
region. Fossil forms have been found in Europe, Asia, and America.

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams:
Lemur illustrates enigmatic aspects; difficult to understand situations or concepts; indistinct,
ghostly facets in one's life.

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