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By Tarra

Greetings! I dreamed about Lobster last night. A BIG Red Lobster and a few little ones. I
shooed them out of my camping spot, but they hung around. Some of the others wanted to eat it.
I said we didn't have a pot big enough and besides it was old to have gotten that big and should
be allowed to live. It was the size of a medium dog! "

Mary Summer Rains Guide to Dream symbols:
Lobster advises of a tendency to 'grab' at any new idea or concept. This symbol calls
for discernment. Anyone have anything else? Thanks in advance.


I've never had any crustacean ever show up. Most of mine have been mammalian so far. I'm very
interested in the input though. Here are a few things I know about the lobster in a nonspiritual

-Has the ability to regenerate lost appendages.
-Molts to grow. When young this is once every few months and when older it can be once every
several years.
-Lobsters are scavengers mainly but as all animals, they are opportunists.
-When confronted with another lobster the weaker backs down immediately. If strengths are not
immediately discernable then lobsters can be very aggressive towards one another. Lobsters are
known to loose antennae and claws in a fight.
-Once strengths are discern a lobster can remember the outcome for at least a week.
-Female lobsters carry their eggs under their tails till the eggs hatch.
-Lobsters use smell to hunt for food and smell with their antennae.
That’s about all I can think about off the top of my head. I hope it helps some.


In the dream the little ones did run for cover under the tail of the Larger one so we couldn't catch
them and eat them. Thanks!

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