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By Minna

Today I have been thinking about the manatee. This is what I've found so far.

Manatee/Dugong's Wisdom Includes:
· Ability to walk gently upon the Earth
· Gentleness
· Seeing clearly what lives in water (emotions)
· Connection to water herbs

Manatee: unassuming peaceful nature very nurturing character, closest to ancients that rule the waters.
Manatee- peaceable, unassuming
Manatee: Gentleness, loving, childlike
MANATEE-gentleness, trust, peace
Manatee - The gentle, placid, slow moving Manatee is so trusting, serene and calm, she will let
humans approach her and pet her. Invoke Manatee medicine for gentleness, serenity and trust.

Two things I found very interesting about the manatee:
1. Do manatees have good eyesight? Surprisingly enough, manatees have fairly good eyesight
and can distinguish between different sized objects, different colors, and patterns. Their eyes are
small, and they have a membrane that can be drawn across the eyeball for protection. ~ This
seems like it would be a handy tool for empaths.

2. Do manatees have teeth? The roof of the Manatees mouth, (front section) have horny ridged
pads. These in conjunction with the lower jaw break the vegetation into small pieces. The molars
(their only teeth) located at the back of the mouth finish the chewing process. Their teeth are
what are known as "marching molars." They are unique because they are constantly replaced.
They form at the back of the jaw, wear down as they move forward, and eventually fall out!
Tooth replacement is an adaptation to the manatee's diet of abrasive plants that are often mixed
with sand.

~ versatile, adaptable - your old teeth wear out - move 'em to the front, drop 'em and grow a new
set. And they only have molars for grinding food (processing nourishment). They don't bite.


I love Manatee! They have such a gentle energy to them...to me, they seem like they embody true
trust and true love for all despite what man has done to them and their surroundings. To me they
are sacred. (This is just a personal thought here...I've often wondered about their name. How the
first part of it, Mana, is a word of power, empowerment, and vital spiritual energy. Is there some
sort of a connection?) I think they have much to teach us about how to live in peace and
harmony with one another. Thank you Minna for sharing this information with us!


Minna, Thank you as well. I love manatee. I was introduced to her when journeying. Shark in
journey seems to protect. If you get a chance go through its mouth and into that which it protects.
That was where I was first introduce to her. I haven't really worked with her but they are
beautiful peaceful creatures.

Vicki East Texas:

I love the energy of the Manatee. They are so gentle and harmonious. When I was a child I was
able to pet one of these gentle giants

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