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By Nofi

The word chakra derives from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, and its meaning is wheel
or whirlpool. The chakras are those same central energies having a spiral movement that looks
like a cone, that is to say thin, close to the body, and expanding as one moves away from the
body towards the outside. They are the ones that allow the act of existence within a body, and to
express its power in the physical dimension.

The body, being an energy having a high level of compressibility, and the breathing being a
substance with thin compressibility, needs channels that connect the two of them - these are the
chakras. Each chakra has its own characteristics, a unique color, a different location, and a
complexity that is made up of four layers: the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the

As far as I know, up until today there have been discovered seven physical chakras, that is to say
a connection to our physical body. They are located along the spinal column from the front and
from the back. There are also five chakras that are external to the body, that is to say that they are
located beyond our physical body. Many additional chakras are called secondary chakras, since
they are smaller and they are located in different parts of the body such as in the palms of the
hands, in the central bottom part of the feet, in different joints, and in additional areas along the
length and the width of the body. When we speak of chakras, we are talking about energetic
essence. From this, we could begin to understand that the chakras are living centers, that act and
change constantly, according to the lifestyle that we manage, and we experience those various
conditions be they physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual, at a given moment in time.
It is accepted to talk about chakras in terms of closed or open, and it is my intention to emphasize
a little something: there simply does not exist "a completely closed condition in any chakra! We
are always at different levels of openness in terms of chakras." There are conditions of a lack or
of excess, and the goal is always to reach and to maintain a balance. Within each one of us there
exist chakras that are more dominant and those that are less dominant. This is the colorfully
unique combination for each of us. This is a combination that is connected to the natural
selection towards a particular transference, the colors of the rainbow - of breathing, and also to
the basic character that is composed of a combination of the seven colors.

The range of influence upon the chakras exists within each of our adorations. The chakras can be
"strengthened" through a simple daily routine of color breathing, which I will demonstrate at the
end of the lesson. In instances that point towards a lack of balance, such as physical illnesses or a
lack of mental or emotional balance, it is possible to be aided by skilled external care givers for
diagnosis and treatment.

It is important for me to make clear here one fundamental point: we cannot "open" or "close"
anyone else's chakras other than our own!!! As care givers, we have it within our power to
influence a person to open or to close his chakras, but the process itself is actually executed only
by that same person. The assistance that he receives from the outside is given him in order to
merely support him, so that he could go through the process. It is true that the chakra is a living
and an active center of energy, but we are in fact dealing with the pattern of thinking that we
hold at a given point in time. According to those same patterns of thought, our chakras open and close.

Since these centers of energy are living, acting, and changing all of the time, most peoples'
reactions to treatment will be immediate, and felt in different intensities, according to the type of
treatment and to the character of the patient. There is an anatomic different structure between the
esoteric nature of the chakras, between the Western and the Eastern parts of the globe. The
people in the East have more highly developed top level chakras, while the people of the West
have more highly developed bottom level chakras. These differences created differing mental
and physical conceptions throughout history, and a gap was formed between the different
cultures. Today that gap is narrowing from day to day. In this new era, many people from the
West are connecting to the top most chakras, those that are more concerned with the spirit, and
people in the East are connecting more to the bottom level, the earthier, chakras.

When we talk about a particular color in a chakra, that same color will contain within it all of the
shades of all existing shades, from the most oblique and compact one to the clearest and brightest
one, according to the condition of the chakra in a given moment in time. The indication as per
open or closed, in excess or lacking, is carried out according to the shades of the color and the
radiance that arises out of it. The more the colors of the chakra glitter and radiate vitality, one
can say that the chakra is in a balanced state. In addition, the shades of the chakras can give an
indication regarding the level of the person's awareness according to the level of clarity and the
gleam that arise out of it. For example: in an initial sweep of the orange chakra in a particular
person, I noticed a full and loaded shade, a sort of oblique orange. The first action will be to
examine the level of the color's "cleanliness." If it is a foul orange, this might say to me that a
problem exists upon a specific level. If the orange radiates a sense of health and well-being, a
gleam, like the shade of a ripe orange, this would then say to me that it is found in a balanced

In the same manner, if within the sweep of a particular chakra I were to run across a clear and
thin color, in terms of compressibility, the sense of the gleam and the radiance would then tell
me whether or not the chakra is balanced and is found at a high level of spiritual development as
a reason for the thinness of the energy, or whether this weakness and the opaqueness radiate a
sense of gloominess. If so, then the conclusion would be that the place is found to be in a lack of
energy and in need of replenishing in order to reach a balance.

All of the chakras are tied one to the other in a natural and a continuous state of support and
acceptance. Thus it is usually possible to find additional colors that supposedly do not belong to
their places, but that fit in well with the basic color energy of that same chakra. If we were to
describe this in a colorful fashion, we would say that: each chakra "attracts" and "gives" of itself
to a chakra that is located before and after it, so that an interlocking and a gradual passageway
between one center of energy to another is formed. The midpoint of the chakra is the most
powerful location, one that spreads the energy around it in a circular fashion, in a changing

The First Chakra:
It is called either the basic or root chakra. Its color is red, within the range of the darkest red to
an almost blackish hue, and to the brightest and the clearest red that we know. It belongs to the
element of Earth, and it directly touches upon the connection that we have to earthly life. The
basic chakra is located about 2.5 inches (about 10 cm.) under our sexual organs. In the physical
body, this same chakra, that is responsible for the adrenal gland and for the sexual organs
themselves, does not include the uterus and the ovaries that themselves belong to the second chakra.

This first chakra is the one that allows us to identify those basic feelings that help us to take care
of ourselves; feelings of knowing when I'm cold or when I'm hot, when I must eat, or when is the
right time for me to go to sleep and to allow my body to rest. The energetic essence of the basic
chakra is propulsion; that is to say that this is the chakra that sets all of the processes in motion,
this is the center that is responsible for the life energy within our bodies, and also upon our
survival and our very existence.

The basic chakra tells us about our sense of the independent individual throughout the different
incarnations that we have passed, and about our very ability to be "me" in the practical sense.
That is to say, the "me" that we know today, the thinking, the feeling, and the acting person, is
actually a result of the total sum of the incarnations that we have passed through thus far. This is
the source of our spontaneity, the source of our instincts. Our responsiveness to any situation is
tied to the level of this chakra's activity. For example: when we are faced in situations of extreme
fear, such as a threat upon our lives in some manner, the red chakra is the one that causes us to
run, or in contrast, to connect with forces of power that we never knew existed within us.
The essence of the red chakra is also the cosmic law of the preservation of energy, an energy that
is found to be in constant action, that experiences, develops, reaches an extraction, locates itself,
and returns to nourish the source. This is the curiosity of touching and examining, tasting, and
smelling without any fear and without any hesitation. This is the instinct of discovery. It is here
that we have it within our power to connect to our abilities to experience ourselves in the most
instinctive manner, to approach matters without any hesitation, exactly as children usually do.
In the base chakra, we are talking about the connection of a sexual nature that is found within us,
the connection that connects the red energy to the sex hormones and their functioning. It is not
tied to the sexual act itself, but rather to those same factors that build the sex. The sexual act
itself is connected to the second chakra. The base chakra is responsible for grounding, for the
placing of both feet in a stable manner upon the ground of reality, and for allowing the
movement and the action in the world.

On the spiritual level, it is well known that the energy flows from the first chakra upward
towards the crown chakra. As the flowing energy rises through the other chakras, it cleanses
everything. This begins with processes that performed their functions, through an impulse to
change when such a need arises, and up until a general cleansing of the karma. We are not
talking here about processes in linear time, as we know it, but rather about the different stages
through which the energy passes in an upwards direction. This is a very intense energy, and it
must be handled very carefully and responsibly. In certain schools of thought, it is called "the
passageway to the soul," one that connects the heavens with the earth, since it aids man to grow
and to develop spiritually through the substance, in a manner that is most appropriate for that
same person at a given moment in time. It brings about the genuine awareness of the essence of
the substance.

An energetic excess or lack in chakras is mainly caused by different obstacles that are found
along the energetic path, and that block the harmonious flow of the energy, that is to say that
they do not allow a smooth passage. These obstacles might be built of fears, inhibitions,
traumatic memories, patterns of thinking, and various beliefs that we hold regarding ourselves
and the world.

If we were to touch, for a moment, upon the terms of excess and lack in a graphic description, it
is written that: "an excess of color energy in a particular chakra means an energy that has
atrophied, and that burns everything in sight." This is not an energy that executes processes or
causes a man to act, only in the most extreme manner that causes mainly useless damage. In a
general manner lack of a particular color in a chakra, again, refers to an energy that has atrophied
completely, its light has gone out, and its life force is weakening. When the base chakra is at an
excess of energy, this may be expressed by different levels of aggression and hyperactivity.
Extreme conditions of excess may even cause various paranoiac illusions, as well as obsessive
sexual behavior. When the chakra is at a lack of energy, there is apathy, depression, and a lack of
motivation. The person does not have the curiosity and the instinctive responsiveness to touch,
taste, or smell.

In terms of the physical body, the matter is oftentimes expressed by feelings of cold and a lack of
vitality, as well as tiredness and exhaustion. These are occurrences that one can usually find with
the elderly or with people who are extremely ill. When the chakra is in a state of balance, an
unlimited physical energy exists due to the very fact of the open connection to all of the different
layers. There is here a life filled quality, a vitality, a love of life, and an instinctive
responsiveness to all things. There is a basic putting of faith and trust in others, out of that same
viewpoint of the little child. We are then able to take what it is that we need, and to give back in
the same measure. This is a chakra that is directly connected to the flow of the life energy that
seethes through us. With most of the people who live on the planet today, the red chakra is
usually found, to a certain extent, in a state of excess or lack, a natural process arising from the
mere fact of our being within the borders of a physical body.

The process of balancing the chakra includes within it the awareness of our being here,
belonging to the world, and fulfilling our function from the mere fact of our existence. There is
no need to prove anything, or to fill our egos with credit in order to make our place in this world.
Mostly, this is the pit that we fall into during different periods in our lives.

The Second Chakra:
The second chakra is named "Hara." Its color is orange, within the range of the deepest orange
until an almost red color, and to the clearest orange that oftentimes looks like a clear pitch
energy. Orange is a stimulating color, and for the most part it is very much loved by children.
The element that it is tied to is the element of Water. This is a chakra that is tied to our world of
emotions. Water is tied very deeply and directly to the world of feelings and to emotions in general.

The orange chakra is located a bit below our navel, and the range of influence includes all the
lower stomach. This is a chakra that contains all of our emotional library, all of the emotions that
were experienced throughout all of the incarnations that we passed through. All of our emotional
experiences are located within it as memory, preserved like a hard disc on a computer. That is
where memories of certain odors, sights that would never be forgotten, and sounds that were
embedded deep within us are located. When we experience a "flash back" as a result of a
particular odor or a sound, the emotion accompanying that same memory comes from the second
chakra. This chakra matches the relevant experiences for a given life time. That is to say, it is
responsible to raise to the surface the myriad of feelings that we need to experience, and we are
supposed to function with these in the present passage.

The chakra symbolizes the emotional belonging of "I deserve it from the very essence of my
existence." This means that it folds within it all those feelings of the equality of worth. It deals
with all of those feelings and emotions that we experience in a physical manner. I am not talking
here about altruism or romanticism. Rather, I am talking about the most basic feelings that are
tied to the place that I have in this life, and to what extent I feel supported or not. This is to say,
we are dealing here with everything that concerns the feelings that we hold, our need to justify
our place in deeds, and whether or not we need support from the environment in order to know
that we indeed have a place in the world. When we feel the need to "do" certain things in order to
please others or in order to be loved, the situation causes tension. Oftentimes, this ties in to our
daily problems, such as economic problems and relationships that may shake our emotional confidence.

Since the Hara chakra is connected to the three bottom / earthly chakras, it is tied to active and
practical creativity, to substance, and not to spiritual creativity. This practical creativity is our
ability to freely express the whole range of our emotions and feelings about things. This includes
artistic processes, the creation of life, or even in our ability to be intimate with ourselves and
with our surroundings. This intimacy is not in the sexual sense, but rather in the sense of our
ability to relate to ourselves and to those around us with openness.

This means that this is the chakra that brings about to the point of action our abilities and our
talents, it helps us to express ourselves, and it allows us to remain open without a need to conceal
ourselves. With most of us it takes time to open up one to another completely. Many times, we
hide behind many masks, and then we slowly peal them off.

This same creative side of the chakra deals with the manner in which we can live in an organized
and a settled manner in our lives in terms of creatively organizing ourselves with all that exists. I
am not talking here about perfect order, but rather in the expression of our needs, desires, and
dreams to work in harmony with the earthy variables that exist at any given moment. A large part
of our self worth lies here. One of the lessons that we must learn is to accept what we have, and
to appreciate and be happy with what we can achieve. The aspiration to be "better" will always
exist, and the goal here is not to stifle our ambitions over night, but rather to feel good with what
we have at the moment, in the knowledge that the cosmic influence will continue forever to enter
into our lives.

The orange energy is also the one that determines the appropriate borders for us. This means how
far we are willing and ready to get close and to give of ourselves, as well as how much we are
willing to receive. From an emotional standpoint, this is the chakra that hands out the license of
passage, in accordance with our emotional security, and also with our sense of worth. This is a
chakra that is tied in to the fluids in our physical body, as well as to the lower vertebra in the
spinal column, to the urinary and intestinal tracts, and the uterus and ovaries. In many schools of
thought, it is possible to even find this chakra connected to the spleen, while other schools of
thought associated a separate chakra to the spleen. The orange chakra is also tied to the body's
immune system and to the lymph nodes, along with the blue chakra that is the chakra to the
throat. Many times it is discovered that problems of the lower back are connected to a sense of
support that we are or are not receiving in life. The advantage in knowing this is that those same
problems can be solved in mental / emotional work when we locate the cause, the source, of the
problem and then there is no need for physical surgical intervention.

When the chakra is at an excess of energy, it is possible that there will be an expression of, say,
over-possessiveness, lust that oftentimes can be expressed in food and not necessarily in sex, and
maybe even over-ambition. A person becomes manipulative, in a radical and a highly negative
manner, when he sees in others an object to be taken advantage of. When there is a lack of
energy in the chakra, many problems will appear such as problems that are connected to our
actual sexual functioning, feelings of guilt, and a sense of humiliation. This also includes
feelings of being taken advantage of and victimization that are connected to just how much we
feel like a victim in our daily life, in terms of giving and receiving.

When the chakra is balanced energetically, there exists a practical earthy creativity. The person is
optimistic and has a sense of belonging, identification, empathy, and imagination. This is the
same condition in which we cope quite easily with stressful situations, when we keep a lid on
both our emotions and our spirits. There is an unhindered passageway here between the spirit to
the matter, and the intuition can be expressed freely.

The Third Chakra:
This chakra is called "Solar Plexus." The chakra is located beneath the diaphragm, at a central
point between the two arcs of the ribs. The third chakra is as yellow as the sun, and just like the
sun, it nourishes everything around it. This chakra nourishes all of the systems. The Solar Plexus
belongs to the element of Fire. This is a central and an important chakra, and it is actually the
one that finishes off the three bottom chakras, those that are "considered to be more earthy," or
better connected to the physical earthy dimension.

The Solar Plexus is our mental part, the section that translates all of the cosmic reception that we
receive - this is the solar theory. The Solar Plexus is the center of our personal power. This is the
place where we ask ourselves questions such as: "Who am I?" "What do I have need for in life?"
"What attracts or repels me?" "Should I or shouldn't I?" "What can I get from this and how much
does it cost me?" It is all those same mental questions that pass through our brains…processes
that go through as processes and then come out as actions, through the different experiences that
we undergo.

The yellow chakra contains all of the opinions, beliefs, and the certainties that we dealt with
throughout all of our incarnations. These are the same conclusions that we actually brought with
us to the present incarnation, and they outline our path, by melding with the characteristics of the
soul. This is our library of subconsciousness, of the soul's conclusions. Here, we are able to find
the source of the path that we march along today. This is done via patterns of thinking that lead
us in a particular direction - the beliefs that we hold regarding processes in life or very specific
angles of vision.

The Solar Plexus refers to everything that separates us from, or connects us to, the light. Our ego
sits in the Solar Plexus. The yellow chakra defines and processes all of the information that we
receive. The results of the defining process pass through our emotional kingdom, and from there
outwards towards action. The Solar Plexus is what transforms matters to an applied and practical
definition. It is the one that eventually allows the person to comprehend. This is called the cause
and effect pattern, that refers to how much it is a factor in a person's life, and how much life is a
result of matters.

Since this is where our growing knowledge is situated, as well as our conscious and our
subconscious memory, all of the defenses also exist here.

One of the most common processes that we know occurs when a conclusion forms inside of us
that we must be careful of something or other as a result of some experience that we underwent.
It would be very difficult for us to approach the subject until we succeed in arriving at, and
touching upon, the root of the pattern, that is to say the fundamental essence of the experience
that brought me to that same conclusion. For example: if we underwent a traumatic experience
that has something to do with water, we might carry that trauma around with us as a pattern of
hydrophobia throughout a number of incarnations, until we decide to touch upon the essence of
the experience and to view the trauma as a memory, and at the same time also recognize the gift
of Water and its great importance. We are talking here about processes that we experience
perhaps only as events in the present passageway. But the essence of our patterns could be as
ancient as time itself. From this place we also recognize the feeling of relief when a burden has
been lifted from our shoulders; this is a feeling of both relief and release.

We bring with us, to a life in a given passageway, all the old patterns wherein the original
program of our life is supposed to touch upon. This is Solar Plexus. Most of the time, there are
additional patterns. But this does not mean that these are all of the patterns that exist within us in
the Solar Plexus. We won't touch upon all of these patterns in a particular life time, or even for
the length of a large number of incarnations.

The Solar Plexus is also a place of stubbornness, obsessiveness, and sometimes a general view of
things. Thus the functions through a narrow window. All of this remains true, up until the point
when we decide to touch a place and then it is possible to completely open up that window, and
to expand our overall viewpoint on things. When we handle a particular pattern and succeed in
seeing that same general and wide viewpoint, the matter reverberates onward towards the other
patterns. Like a chain reaction, we pass into the next pattern, that now requires our full attention.
This is the place of judgment and criticism towards both ourselves and our surroundings.

Judgment and criticism are a by-product and not the trait. The trait here is the ability to discern.
When the chakra is balanced and active, there exists an extraordinary ability to discern, that
includes an eye for details and a view of the entire area within the context of a given present time
that is connected to all of the different levels. But when the place is in distress, and our patterns
of thinking are limited, the results may include judgment and criticism rather than acceptance out
of a sense of an equality of worth.

It is important to nourish the yellow chakra because it is the one that determines the ability to
fulfill all of our desires. Through it, we connect to the plentiful cosmic ray across all dimensions.
It is also there that the Reiki energy is found. The Solar Plexus chakra is our place of personal
might. This is the place where we discover dependence upon others, and to what extent we
internalize what society thinks or says about us. It is here that we discover just how much we use
these things as a direction on our path. In most cases, when we grow spiritually and develop an
acute awareness to the patterns that are located there, it all happens as a result of a need to make
a change. The first stage of the process is to allow the information to enter inside. At the second
stage, the information is processed, and after that a diagnosis is made regarding what is
appropriate for us to take away from it and use. This is the place where we are able to see what it
is that we attract to ourselves or repel from us, as well as the big picture of what we are
broadcasting to the world outside.

Openness and attentiveness are the key words in adopting a new approach and ideas that will
allow us to make the change and to take with us only what suits us. This is the mature part that is
found within us. The only way to open up a pattern of thinking is to touch them emotionally.
This is the energy center that translates emotion to the conscious. From this it is also possible to
understand the very close connection between the Solar Plexus and the Hara chakra of emotions.
Emotion, that is located in the orange energy, is processed by the yellow energy, and is then
beamed outwards from us.

Within the physical body, the yellow chakra is responsible for the pancreas and for the digestive
system. This refers to the digestion, absorption, and the assimilation of both physical and
spiritual food. The yellow chakra is responsible for the kidneys, the liver, the gall bladder, and all
of the digestive and purification organs. This is also the place that ties in with a lack of balance
in the body's sugar count.

When the chakra is at an energetic excess, such things that may occur include obsessive feelings
and a locking onto certain things. There exists a tendency for perfectionism, as well as judgment
and criticism with that same person, both towards himself and others. It is here that one can find
all the problems associated with the ulcer, the gall bladder, and the pancreas. Different schools of
thought claim that diabetes is the result of an inability to accept the sweetness in life. Most of the
allergies are tied in with the Solar Plexus chakra. Asthma is tied to the choking feeling that we
experience, especially from the environment closest to us. It gains expression both in the yellow
chakra, and in the chakra of the heart.

When the chakra is at a lack of energy, the person experiences distress and a sense of insecurity.
This means that his self-worth is dependent upon whether or not those around him accept him,
and just how much he feels appreciated. There exists a sort of confusion, a tendency to be the
victim, and a tendency to do things impulsively and without forethought. When the Solar Plexus
is in a balanced state, the person is open and beaming like a beam of sunshine. This is a person
who is able to learn easily, who is open to the possibility of accepting new ideas; a person who
listens with ears and eyes wide open, with everything that the heart is able to internalize and to
process, and is then able to take in only what fits him at a given moment in time.

The Fourth Chakra:
The fourth chakra is the chakra of the heart. It belongs to the element of Air. This is the energy
center that we refer to as a bridge that connects between the three bottom chakras, those that are
more physiologic in character, and the three upper chakras, that are more spiritual in essence. It
is located between the two nipples, in the center of the chest. The chakra of the heart contains
two colors: green, which is the color of growth and renewal, blossoming, transformation, and
healing, and it connects more with the earthy physical part of the chakra; and pink, which is the
color of unconditional love, compassion, empathy, and the ability to identify, and it connects
more with the spiritual part of the chakra.

The chakra of the heart is the chakra that is tied to love, and it is our greatest lesson on the face
of the planet. We are talking here about the fact that every one of us arises from a oneness, and
each and every one of us expresses, in his own special way, another side of that same unity.
Accordingly, each one of us is unique and special, and every one of us deserves an equal
standing, if only because we exist.

The strongest trait of the chakra of the heart is the ability to contain the unity of opposites. The
acceptance of the differences is that same ability to see and to recognize, to know and to accept
different types of information, different types of knowledge. This is the same wonderful ability
that exists within each and every one of us. The matter is also tied to the psychological
understanding of the present time, and the acceptance of the other for who he is. For most of the
people inhabiting our small planet it is easier to give than to receive. The matter serves our sense
of worth and our ego, but it also creates a lack of balance and situations whose results could be
anger and emptiness.

The heart is the source of instinctual responsiveness towards ourselves and towards the general
public. Lazaris, the entity that channels through Jack Purcell, states that "responsibility is the
ability to respond." The heart is the place of harmony of all the internal voices. It is a place of
equality, where one can be at eye level with everyone and with everything. Here is contained the
knowledge that when we give to someone, we are actually giving to ourselves. To take a simple
example, when we go to study with a teacher, we are allowing her to teach us and to exhaust her
path, exactly as we are allowing ourselves to grow and to develop as a result of the connection.
The physical heart functions in such a way that all of the blood flows from and to it. There is no
egoism and egocentrism here. Everything that we do, actually, functions in order to fulfill the
essence of our soul. Everything that we focus in, grows. This is the cosmic law of magnet and
magnetization. If we should choose to focus upon a negative aspect in our lives, this would be
the energy that we magnetize to ourselves. This aspect will grow and increase. When we choose
to focus upon a positive energy in our lives, we have the possibility of experiencing the
appropriate energies that are attracted to the positive aspect.

The chakra of the heart is a place of transformation and renewal. Through it, we can contain
more every time. Each additional experience that is supplemented to the range of pre-existing
experiences, changes and adds to the overall composition. We don't need to give up anything.
The addition of the experience enriches us. As a result of this, the more "negative" experiences in
our lives become more comprehensible, and they contain a wider point of view.

If we were to take for example the issue of violence that bothers so many of us across the globe,
we will say that: when we are connected fully to the chakra of the heart, we have the ability to
understand, to recognize, and to know from where arises an act of violence of one man towards
his fellow man. This does not mean that we accept or agree with that same act, it simply gives us
the possibility of understanding from whence these things grow in a wide and all-inclusive
viewpoint, and it allows us to approach that same violent person with a greater openness, in order
to allow us to help him if he should so desire. We could thus approach him from a standpoint of
equality, and out of that same equality, to show him that when he hurts one person, he actually
hurts himself.

The chakra of the heart is tied to faith. We are all a spark from the same unity. Belief is a faith in
myself and in my surroundings, in the freedom of choice, and in the knowledge of the concept of
equality. Basically, it is the sense of security that one feels in his ability to march through life.
This is actually the mutual being and the pledge. This is where the cosmic law of "I = we" is
located. The heart is the center of knowledge on the cosmic level. It incorporates within it both
rationale and emotions, and it functions according to intuition. This is undoubtedly where the
well-known phrase, "to listen with all of your heart," comes from. This is the place of the sense
of knowing. This means our ability to receive and to absorb different things, as well as the
knowledge of the feeling, that is our ability to contain. It is tied to the ability to identify, and thus
it is tied to the concept of unconditional love, in all of its depth and magnitude. This is the energy
of the social interest, the "sociological" place, if one can call it that. "I = we" speaks about
responsibility in the here and now, and about equality and the acceptance of the different. This is
the place of dreams.

Across the entire planet there exists very little unconditional love due to the difficult conditions
of survival that exist here. In general, it is possible to say that a noticeable portion of the people
who live on the planet feel, at least part of the time, as though their life is an endless struggle for
survival and existence. Our guides had the following to say about that: "you were forgiven in
advance by the mere fact of your descent into life in a body upon the planet…"

Within the Jewish tradition, there exists a custom of separating the milk from the meat. A
metaphysical explanation speaks of the spiritual significance of the milk as being the desire to
accept and to contain in order to allow us to have something to give to the outside. The
metaphysical explanation of the eating of meat is the acceptance to the inside, simply in order to
contain, and not in order to give to the outside. When two of these types of foods are joined in
one meal at the same time, this forms a layer and a lack of connection. A cosmic shorting out
occurs as a result of the differences between the two energies. In the physical body, the matter
will be expressed with digestive problems. The chakra of the heart is responsible, of course, for
the entire heart and blood system. It is tied to the thymus gland, a gland that is responsible for
our growth and development processes. This is the gland that degenerates between the ages of
seven and nine.

When the chakra of the heart is at an excess of energy, a great sense of possessiveness exists
which gives the sense of security. It is now more difficult for a person to give of himself to
others. External things symbolize his worth: "I am worth something due to the mere fact of
position, and not due to the mere fact of my existence." There is a great demanding attitude.
Such a person will give to the outside only if he knows that he is receiving something in return.
This is the same person who always needs to be at the center of attention. When the chakra is at a
loss of energy, a person feels as though he is not worthy of love, he is afraid of rejection, he
displays self-pity, a fear of abandonment, and a fear of being free.

When the chakra is balanced, we are satisfied with what it is that we are doing.

When the heart is balanced, the humanity is discovered in all its glory and beauty.

There is giving without the condition of receiving, and there is an ability to be compassionate
towards ourselves and others. Feelings of guilt are discarded from along our way. At any given
moment, even if it looks to someone else that we are giving only 5% of ourselves, we are in the
complete knowledge that we are giving our all, or 100%.

All of the relationships of a person with a balanced heart will be balanced in terms of giving and
receiving, and also in terms of himself.

Until now, we have dealt with the three earthy chakras that connect us from the material to the
spiritual. The chakra of the heart is the corporeal bridge to the spiritual. Now, we move onto the
three upper chakras, those that connect us from the spiritual to the material.

The Fifth Chakra:
The fifth chakra is the chakra of the throat, which is located in the hollow of the throat. Its range
of influence includes all of the throat and the neck. Its color is blue, beginning with the lightest
shades of light blue, through all the shades of turquoise and up to the darkest blue. One mustn't
confuse the dark blue with the indigo. It belongs to the ethereal element. The chakra of the throat
is a place for expressing our range of internal voices through all of its levels: physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual. One can find the essence of the chakra in one sentence: "life and death
are in the hands of the tongue." This is the center energy for communication upon all of its
levels. What this refers to is communication with ourselves, with our internal voices,
communication out towards the world, and the communication between the world of the material
and the world of the spirit. Within this center of energy, all of our angers, desires, judgment and
criticism are expressed, as well as love and acceptance, happiness, and creativity. Everyone finds
their expressions through the throat.

If we were to take for example the energy of anger, when we are at angry at someone and keep
silent, we choke the energy of the emotion within. This may be expressed in a blockage of the
throat, a feeling of discomfort, and it may even get to the sensations of choking, inflammations,
soreness of the throat, and problems breathing. A great significance lies in the translation of
things that are projected outwards. The chakra of the throat holds within it all the different kinds
of expression in existence. These are expressed in various ways: a mimicking of the face, a
smile, a certain look, and even silence (a "thundering silence," a saying without any words, as
well as body language); all of our expressions are tied to the blue chakra. Another form of
expression is liable to be silence out of choice. Oftentimes, there are situations in which we come
to the conclusion that silence would be the best thing to do at a given moment. When we are
satisfied with this form of expression, this does not create a blockage.

It is here, like in the Solar Plexus chakra, that our egos sit, and it tells us what we can allow for
ourselves to express and what we can't. Most of the people in our world flow along mainly
according to what the laws of society dictate, and they don't fully express the creativity that
exists within them. From this, it is possible to conclude that most of us are keeping things on the
inside, to a certain extent.

The throat is a place of the artistic creative intuition. Intuition functions with a spiritual
awareness, it is connected to the intellect, and it deals with philosophy. This is the cosmic
inspiration, that is to say, a creation with a message for people. Here we can find our singing
ability, our ability to communicate and channel, painting through channeling, creative writing,
and the ability to express ourselves through talking.

Spiritually, auditory hearing also comes from this chakra.

Our heart contains the information, the logic and the emotion both. The expression of these
things is done through the throat. Oftentimes, we can find that children who are frequently ill
with problems of the throat, mostly arrive into this world with a pattern of "must not tell," which
they drag with them from a previous life. Stuttering is also connected to the chakra of the throat.
It is tied in with fear and the inability of man to express the energy towards the outside. Those
traits belonging to the right timing, or how to say something, what to say, and when, also belong
to the chakra of the throat. This is the place of charisma. This chakra is the chakra of our timing,
the place where our "I" face all that surrounds it. We all know that even when there are difficult
things that must be said, if we were to say them out of love and out of a place of a receptive
sensitivity one towards the other, then they will be accepted in a way whereby they could be

This is a positive form of manipulation. The meaning of the term manipulation is the ability to
connect between things that are not connected one to the other, and to bring them in a state of
flowing. Upon the face of the planet, the term manipulation is usually connected to the negative
side of the process, but here in the chakra of the throat, it is possible to locate the positive and
fullest expression of the term.

The chakra of the throat is tied to our expression of our own personal viewpoint in terms of
idealism, an aspiration towards wholeness, and personal justice. In its most basic essence, this is
a place without judgment or criticism, but it does not always appear to be so in reality. Here too,
just as in the chakra of the heart, there is an expression of unity: "I = we." This refers to the
preservation of self-nourishment in order to be able to nourish the general population. In the
physical body, the chakra of the throat is responsible for the passageways of breathing, for the
bronchial tubes, for the lungs, and for the vocal chords. It is also responsible for the thyroid
gland, that balances the exchange of materials in the body, and on the hyperthyroid, that balances
the calcium in the body.

The ears also belong to the chakra of the throat.

When the chakra is at an excess of energy, there is arrogance, conceitedness, a bloated ego, and a
lack of attentiveness. This is where we find the person who knows everything better than
everyone else, who buys his place in the world by putting on a show and appearances, or else he
simply does not feel as though he has a place here. He is not generous with anyone, and he is
found in a constant state of restlessness. There is an exaggerated talking here as well. When the
chakra is at a loss of energy, there is a weakness in character, a quarrel mongering, negative
manipulation, and a lack of consistency. Here, we can find a man who is unreliable and

Many times, there will also be an expression of the fear of sex, or a fear of talking about sex.
This is where we see the connection to the second, or orange, chakra.

We can find here those same individuals who please others while pushing aside their own
personal desires. There are problems here that are associated with communication of all kinds,
and the inability to express creatively on the level of the soul. There is also an inability to
differentiate between right and wrong.

When the chakra is in a state of balance, we can find a person who is living in the full here and
now. There is an excellent ability of expression, inspiration, and an inability to direct things up to
the point of alchemy. The chakra of the throat when in balance is parallel to the Magician's tarot
card. This means that the ability to transform the material to the spiritual and the spiritual to the
material. This is a man who understands the wide range of different faces of reality, and is found
in a state of full attentiveness. The world is a practice field for him, and he plays joyfully. The
creative imagination functions in our day to day system. It has values and is not hesitant or
fearful of expressing them, it speaks our true self.

The Sixth Chakra:
This is our "third eye." It is located in the center of the forehead, between the two eyebrows. The
color of the sixth chakra is indigo, which is a combination of blue and purple. This is the energy
center that deals with the most highly developed energies of man. This means that this is the
center of spiritual energy. It belongs to the ethereal element. The third eye is our transmitter and
our receiver. This is a center of energy that receives all of the information from the crown chakra
that is located above it, and transfers the information to all of the other chakras. It is the one that
is responsible and supervises the other chakras, on their opening and closing at the appropriate
times. This is the same center of focus having an area of vision of 360 degrees. It allows us to see
beyond. It sees all, nothing is hidden from it.

The sixth chakra is directed towards all of the dimensions. This means that it always has the
correct proportions. Accordingly, there is within it also an understanding regarding the pathway.
That is to say that in actuality, it is the place that allows us to see that everything that is found in
our path, indeed contributes to us, in one form or another, to our personal development. This is
the all-inclusive vision. This is the wisdom to learn from everything and to see things in a
balanced way.

The third eye is the chakra that is tied to the imagination and to imaging, to inspiration, to a
focusing upon a question, to the receiving of information, and to the comprehension of the
response. It focuses towards itself answers from all sides and directions to a point that is
questioning. Most of the time, the answer arrives as information from several different levels,
and this is the connection to the collective conscious. All of the different types of reception are
activated from it. This is both a mental and an instinctive chakra. This means that it has the
instinctive force that connects to every place and in a timeless manner, and there is also the
reasoning that sorts, catalogues, and allows the information to become more efficient and to
translate itself to the present reality. Everything that is ties to the spiritual development and
awareness, is also tied to this chakra. This is our laser, the place that scans.

Our ability to influence on an energetic level from afar is activated through the third eye. This
occurs either through the healing processes and those connected with "healing others," or
through what we call "black magic." Every single action of beaming our thoughts across in a
directed, goal oriented manner, is done through it. It is tied to cosmic awareness, to the upper self
and to meditation. This is the sense of the cosmic direction, to go with the goal. The third eye is
the navigator, or the spiritual sonar. It is tied to the telepathic energy. This is the place where a
balance is made possible between right and left by the receiving of the information that comes in.
In this center of energy lies the mind that connects through the third eye and allows man to see
our mind, without any masks.

In our physical body, the chakra is connected to the pineal gland, to the physical brain, to the
nose, to the sinuses, to the eyes, and to all of the different problems of vision. For the most part,
we will find that problems of vision are tied to the fear of seeing certain things.

When the chakra is found at an excess of energy, we would be able to find a person who is
becoming an "ego maniac," like Hitler or Stalin. This is a person who is hungry for power, a
megalomaniac, who utilizes his third eye in order to rule by force. There exists here a hysteric
extremity, a feeling of "I can do anything." When the chakra is at a loss of energy, there exists a
complete laziness, a lessening of one's self worth, a blurring and confusion, a lack of
assertiveness, exaggerated and extreme feelings, and broken boundaries that may cause mental
illnesses. There is no differentiation here between the self and the general public. There are no
limits here. When the chakra is in a state of balance, we can find a person who is busy in a
balanced manner between the spirit and the material. This is a person with access to cosmic
knowledge, one who receives guidance and acts accordingly, one who is able to easily
communicate, and one who has experienced full cosmic awareness. He is not dependent upon
those surrounding him and his fellow human men in terms of his worth. He fulfills things and
knows how to express himself throughout his life, by listening to his inner truth.

Children usually reach this life with an open and balanced third eye, and they combine the
dimensions from whence they came into the physical dimension. Here we can find all those same
experiences that tell us about their previous lives, where they came from, about the guides that
guide them, and about the wonderful vision with which they are blessed. For most of them, that
same wide vision is closed off, due to the laws of society that require of them, around the ages of
7 and 8, to "grow up" and to stop living out their rich imaginary world. Those same children who
close the third eye during this period, for the most part, will have to wait a number of years
before they will connect once more with the all-inclusive cosmic vision. I am happy to say that
today, there already exists an openness and a wide awareness of the important need to preserve
the judgment in the use of imagination in the hands of the children themselves. Most of them,
after all, are able, with the proper and loving guidance, to combine between reality on the face of
the planet and the various dimensions towards which they are still attached.

The Seventh Chakra:
The seventh chakra is called the crown chakra. It is located in the center of the skull. Its color is
white and/or gold, and/or lilac. It is in the seventh chakra that we find the connection to the entire
universe. This is the place of devotion and of release, a place of nourishment. This is the place
where we complete processes and merge with creation. The chakra of the crown opens in
accordance to our level of awareness. This means according to the level of the physical body's
ability to contain the information, what we refer to as our conscious awareness. The chakra, that
is defined in the Indian culture as the "1000, crown leaves of the lotus flower" that can open up
completely, at the same time that the heart can contain the information that arrives.

As our conscious awareness increases, the crown slowly opens up, more information flows in,
and it can be interpreted. This is the place through which passes all of the cosmic knowledge, as
well as all of our personal knowledge that accumulates from all of the incarnations that we have
experienced thus far. The information flows through the third eye into the body. Our ability to
receive is connected to our willingness to see. When we are at a place of maximal openness, we
are able to allow things to get interpreted, to check them out, and to put into our system only that
which is suitable for us.

Work with the chakra of the crown must be done on a foundation of wide conscious awareness,
with strong feet that are first of all planted, in a healthy manner, in the ground of reality.
Naturally, there exists a defense in the crown. This defense suits the level and the quantity of the
transmission that we receive, with our ability to contain it. For example, if we were to pass an
electrical current that is too strong through a wire that cannot contain the entire amount of the
current, we would cause a short and a fire. The chakra of the crown works on exactly the same
principle. The information that we receive is the electrical current that is right for us.

At this point I would like to say a little something, not in order to frighten, but rather for the sake
of information: a person who wants, shall receive… But information that is beyond his ability to
contain could also do this, because the information is there and always available for his uses.
That same individual could ignore the guidance and the messages that he receives, but for this
type of a process there could be very difficult consequences, even up to the point of madness, or
running into beings that are not in the physical dimension, but are also not developed from a
spiritual standpoint. It has been my experience throughout years of my work in healing, that in
order to work with a patient, whether he is physically beside me or whether it is a long distance
healing, I do not touch the chakra of the crown very often, and when I do, it is very rare and
under the order of my guides.

At the moment that the chakra of the crown opens up and the cosmic information can be
interpreted and assimilated, we are never alone or in distress. Alternatives always open up before
us, and there is always a taste and a purpose to life. There exists a feeling of peace, of a filling up
and of an extraction. Daronbello Malkitzedek, in his book "The Chariot," (or in its name :
Nothing in this book is true, but its exactly how things are) says a line that could help us to
understand the essence of the chakra. He says as follows: " We are spiritual beings, having a
human experience. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience." This is the wide
angle of vision that we connect to when our chakra of the crown is open enough in order that we
may contain our true essence.

Inhibitions and fears that we experience are connected to the gap that exists between the beat of
our breathing and the beat of our bodies. The physical chakras must filter the information in
order to suit the energy of the soul to the rhythm of the body. The chakra of the crown is the final
physical chakra that is influenced from the condition of our experiences, both the conscious and
the unconscious. Chakras that are external to the body are not influenced by the condition of
awareness. They function in a natural manner regardless and completely. In the chakra of the
crown, we are not talking about an excess or a lack of energy, but rather about the measure of the
chakra's openness. When the crown is open only a very little amount, we will find with the man a
complete earthiness, a lack of a connection to any spiritual essence no matter what it is. There
exists here a lack of vision and listening to someone or to something else, with the exception of
what is directly in front of the eyes of that same person at a given moment in time.

Connections Between the Chakras:
In all of our chakras, there exists a system of connections and mutual relations. Each chakra
functions in an independent manner, and also influences upon the other chakras in various ways
and in various circumstances. In addition to this, there exists a system of connections of mutual
cooperation between the chakras on a path of completion, or on a path of opposition and contrast.
This system functions between the first to the sixth chakras alone. The chakra of the crown
stands alone. The system of coupled connections is based upon the basic characteristics of color.
The level of vibration of the waves of color rises as the chakra is situated higher upon our bodies.
The division of the chakras to permanent centers, having permanent colors and qualities,
represents always optimal and balanced conditions. According to this principle, that same
absolute division to the world is not possible for a person who is found in a body on planet earth.
This is true because the essence of existence upon the planet is characterized by a dynamic that
brings about various conditions according to its one and only unique essence. Therefore, I would
like to emphasize that a random table of rules should not be created about a place, a color, or a
situation, but rather that at any given moment, in any situation, one must work out of having
gone through the experience. We must feel the place that we are working on, or the area towards
which we are connecting. We must read and interpret the sensations that these things create
within us.

An Exercise for the Preservation of the Balance of the Chakras:
This is a simple energetic exercise that focuses upon breathing and color. This exercise will take
up between only two to five minutes of your time. It is suggested that you do it at least once a
day. It is possible to do the exercise with your eyes open or closed. Sit comfortably with your
spinal column straightened. Breathe in and out several times in order to regulate your breathing.
Concentrate on the area of the sexual organs, the location of the base chakra, and see or imagine
to yourselves the red color before your eyes. If it is difficult for you to imagine a color just like
that, then imagine a ripe tomato. Now take three deep breathes of the color red, inwards into the
area of the basic chakra. As you are breathing out, see the color spread all over the lowermost
area of your bodies, until the bottom of your feet.

Now concentrate upon the area of the navel, the second chakra, and take three deep breaths of
the color orange. If you are not able to see the color, imagine to yourself a ripe orange. When
inhaling, take the color in, when exhale, spread the energy of the orange chakra in the void of the
lower stomach.

The next stage is the Solar Plexus, the top stomach up to the chest. Take three deep breaths of the
color yellow, or imagine that you are breathing in the sun. When exhaling, let the color spread
through every recess of your upper stomach.

The heart is the next stage, and it includes all the area of the chest. There, breathe in the color
green, or imagine live, shiny grass, and/or the color pink, as pink as a rose at the peak of its
blooming. Take three deep breaths of the two colors, as much as is possible, and when exhaling
let the color spread throughout the area of the chest.

In the throat, imagine the color blue, or the blue of the sky on a clear and warm day. Take three
deep breaths into the area of the throat, and let the color spread with the breath out.
In the center of the forehead is located the chakra of the third eye. Breath in the color indigo,
take three deep breaths, and then blow out and spread the color throughout all of the recesses of
the head to the throat.

In the center of the upper skull is located the chakra of the crown. Imagine the color of the purest
white, coming down and moving towards your skull from the universe, entering with every new
breath, and spreading throughout all of the body with every breath out. Take three deep breaths
from that same energy.

When you have finished breathing all of the colors inwards, do a quick survey of your body and
pay attention as to whether or not there is an area of the body which requires an additional focus.
If such a situation does exist, breath in an additional quantity of the required color.

This simple exercise allows us to recharge our energies every time that we feel a need to do so.
This is recommended as the opening and the concentration at the beginning of the morning in
order that we may be focused throughout the rest of the day

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