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Levels of Expertise
By CinnamonMoon

I thought I'd address the issue of levels of accomplishment and pathwork advancement. So many
people ask me about where they are in the "standings" and are confused. So in sharing with you
please understand this is my view of that process. As a rule of thumb there are four levels of
accomplishment: novice, intermediate, advanced, and mastery. Labels we assign as positioning
of our understanding and skills, not of hierarchy over others. Based on these terms, let's define
the levels as we see them and see how those perceptions are achieved. What defines the *basic*
stages of growth?

Novice: In my eyes this is one who is just learning about spirituality and pathwork, a beginner
who may or may not have done some reading and discussion on the subject, but is just learning
to take in the fundamentals. The capacity to instruct others on basic theory, and recognizing the
presence of energy in one's life as well as honoring abilities or gifts. Conversation at this level is
usually what has been gathered through books, social sharing, and perhaps some discussions
with a teacher. There is a basic knowledge of different paths before moving to the next level.

Intermediate: I see this as someone who has the theory and basics down well. They are capable
of working independently and then reiterating their experiences to their Teacher/s to assimilate
the knowledge properly and gain more insight. They have a basic understanding of how things
work and what they are gifted with. The capacity to instruct others will cover basic theory and
practice to hone their gifts as well as recognizing when to use them or refrain from the work due
to competency levels...knowing when the work requires more experience. Conversation at this
level is usually what has been gathered through additional reading, social sharing, deep
discussions with a teacher. There is a deeper knowledge of different paths before moving to the next level.

Advanced: At this level I feel people are more or less on their own. They can respond to a given
situation well, handle it independently and make judgement calls as to the proper way to form
those responses. They are still growing and expanding their abilities but at this point more apt to
be relying on strictly the teachings they gain from the Spirit World rather than at the feet of a
physical teacher. Some may be working with Masters, but that is not a necessary requirement as
Spirit will provide guidance to those same teachings if a physical teacher is not available. The
capacity to instruct others will cover theory, practice, and accomplishments. Conversations at
this level usually move into a much more profound level of experience to share and full
understanding of what those experiences teach. This is knowledge gathered from more advanced
level reading, elite social sharing with others of this same capability, extremely deep discussions
with a Teacher and the ability to take on that role in a major way. The knowledge of other paths
has grown to an understanding that the teachings exist on all paths and are a matter of culture and semantics.

Master: Here I see the role of one who has unified their gifts and abilities into a single tool. They
can break them down or assemble them at will, and they are proficient in all areas of their life.
Full understanding of their role and total independence from further lessons has been achieved.
At this point the lessons to come typically come exclusively through spiritual guidance and
working with the matter of expanding one's reach. The gifts and abilities are fully developed and
functional with the capacity to instruct others in this work from beginning to end. Conversations
at this level are more reserved and shared with a rare few since the number of people achieving
this level are greatly reduced. The level of experience is set, exclusive, and only those who have
achieved the same acumen are going to be able to comprehend the subjects discussed. This
knowledge is gathered through experience and the ability to unify all abilities as a functional
whole. The knowledge of other paths combines to simply express the same cosmic truths.
Illusion and reality are understood fully, and there is a level of competency which is
independently fully functional.

Let me conclude by saying that these ‘levels’ are ballpark classifications for those that need a
label. We can be at various levels in various areas at the same time.

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