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Finding Your Song
By CinnamonMoon

Inside each of us is a Song.…one that brings forth the purity of the spirit within you when it is
attuned to life…the Song of the Heart.

This Song is not sung without union of the Oneness and it is not uttered without honor. It
illuminates the truth within you and the unconditional love that brings forth that truth. Will and
compassion carry the Song of the Heart out into the world with a tender strength as it undulates,
rising and falling in a rhythm all it's own. Your Song is one of your gifts to the world. Do you
share it?

How you express this power that flows through you and how you use it is something you can
become consciously aware of. Consider how you may enhance your life and the lives of others
with this available power.

Just as a mother lulls her baby with the sound of her voice and the love that pours from an
unconditional heart…that power is within you to lull your life and the life of others in a myriad
of ways with the greatest potential for good. To call upon this power will be to receive it and
radiate it through your own strength and willpower.

In attuning to find your Song you need only turn to Mother Earth who overflows with love for
all…nurturing, compassionate and wise. In merging with her heartbeat and entering her Oneness
you can bring it forth and pour out that love….let it flow from your heart with the nurturing
grace that is your unconditional love, love that gives nourishment and brings healing energy to strengthen.

What does this Song sound like? I think it's a bit different for each of us, but in our own ways of
perceiving it will convey our hearts, our gentleness, for out of the Oneness of Mother Earth
comes that wordless understanding. We can hear her Song in the whisper of leaves, the rustle of
grass, the song of a bird, the rush of the wind, there is a melody she sings and orchestrates that is
constantly changing throughout the day and hush of evening. Shhhhhhhh can you hear it now?
Listen. Open your window, step out the door, close your eyes and listen, what are the sounds of
that melody that you hear? What is the voice that sings in the world around you?

When you sing your own Song what are the dreams and visions that open to you? What do you
see when you sing it? What elusive words come to mind? What is the message in your heart? Are
you delivering it to the world around you? Can you embrace and act on what is in your heart?
This Song sings of the importance of your life and the way you are to live it. Sing it and listen to
it. Hear what you sing and let that carry you in the world. Through your Song and the dreams
and visions it conjures come the solutions to your questions as Spirit weaves the answers through
you. The Song is the Song of Life…attune to it and let it carry you into life.

One of the best exercises I know in finding your Song is to chant the vowels one at a time. Play
with them, let them come out of you running the musical scales. Instead of singing Do, Re, Me,
Fa, So, La, Ti, Do, try singing those notes with the vowel A shifting octaves. Then move on
through each of the other vowels….E, I, O, U. Do this repeatedly.

As you do this exercise you will feel your throat chakra open when you hit your key. Note that
key. The vibration in your throat will feel very strong and carry like that of an opera singer,
you'll feel it take over and carry you. That's your key, and with it you can then run the vowels in
that key.

At this point, a pitch is acquired that resounds with great force and takes on a life of its own.
Once you've found that pitch listen to the rhythm and wave of sound each vowel makes. Not the
letter, but the sound of the letter and follow that rhythm. This is the voice you will want to hone
to sing with.

With it you can open to your Inner Spirit, open to Spirit and guidance, to Mother Earth, and call
forth the Oneness. I'd love to hear from those of you who are drawn to explore this exercise and
willing to share their experiences. Won't you join in the thread?

I was given a prayer song along with a secret name by Spirit back in the early 90's. I was told that it had to be sung
at the Pipestone Sundance (that I and my family went to every year since it began) first and then I could share it.
I asked my son to sing it as I can't sing, don't have a voice, but he did. So he sung it to a group of sundancers who
accepted it as a gift. I still remember the tune but not too good on the words, I will have to dredge them
back up from my memories of those amazing spiritual days of 1992!


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