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Please Define Medicine
By Sister Cyber

Last evening, I was reading one of the books I recently purchased and I realized that I see the
term "Medicine" used quite often in this way, yet I do not really know what it is, or rather, I am
not really clear on the meaning.

I read something about a lost child using "the medicine of their parents" ...
Then there is the "Medicine Wheel" ...
There's also "Totem Medicine" ...
I saw reference to a "Medicine bag or pouch" which I've never heard of at all...
I also saw reference to a "Medicine Shield" another thing I've not heard of...
And of course, there are "Medicine Cards" which is actually what I was reading about.
Can you tell me what "Medicine" means in this way? I'm pretty clear that it doesn't mean

Hmmm... Or DOES it?
“MEDICINE: n [ME, fr. OF, fr. Lmedicina, fr. fem. of medicinus[/i[ of a physician, fr. med]
1a: a substance of preparation used in treating disease
b: something that affects well-being
2a: the science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, or
cure of disease
b: the branch of medicine concerned withh the nonsurgical treatment of disease
3: a substance (as a drug or potion) used to treat something other than disease
4: an object held in traditional American Indian belief to give control over natural or magical
forces; also : magical power of a magical rite ~ medic[/b]vt.
MEDICINE MAN (another "Medicine" term I forgot to mention....)
n1801): a priestly healer or sorcerer esp. among the American Indians: SHAMAN

Hmmm... I noticed that those were the only two references to Medicine found in the dictionary I
used. I guess they don't know about Medicine Wheels, Medicine Cards, or any of that other stuff.
I'm sure there was something on that in this site somewhere. I probably couldn't give you a good
definition so I'll try to find what I think is somewhere on this site. (wish me luck, unless Cinn or
someone else passes along who can answer your question ). Although the dictionary gives an
idea I personally find that definition too static. Anyhow, off searching.


Good question Sister Cyber, The term Medicine refers to our abilities and talents, the gifts we
possess to share with the world. In some ways it is a healing ability, a Healer or Medicine
Wo/man would who would have knowledge of plants and minerals that heal is a good example.
They would serve in that capacity, that knowledge and the skills to use it is their personal Medicine.

Each creature-teacher has its own body of knowledge and gifts that it brings to teach, enlighten,
and share with us. This is their Medicine. It is the spiritual side of our nature that we develop
and bring into the physical reality of our daily lives to share with others, or to serve our own
needs. Our personal "power" if you will. Some of us are Healers, some are Seers, some are
Storytellers teaching the ways, and there are countless combinations that allow us to adapt to the
roles we are given and the paths we walk. But…the Medicine is the power within the spirit,
within us, within the animals, within the plants, the minerals, the spiritual essences and
understanding of them so we can wield them.

I suppose you could say it is the magic of life. You might hear of someone's great-grandmother
who could Heal or who was a Seer or a Dreamer, and this gift might show itself in successive
generations being passed down through lineage. This is the Medicine of the Parents, or
Ancestors. If someone needs that gift or ability to help someone or a situation they might call on
the Ancestors (by right of bloodline) to bring it forth so they may serve with it.
The "Medicine Wheel" contains the sacred spiritual/religious teachings of the indigenous people,
their Medicine Stories are woven into the symbolism of each stone. Each placement around the
wheel (most have 36 stones) represents a body of sacred knowledge, therefore it's "Medicine",
and to study that knowledge allows one to open to find their own way of working with it through
their spiritual abilities and development.

The term "Totem Medicine" refers to the body of knowledge and teachings, the magic contained
in them, that the creature-teachers bring to us. Those Totems we walk with share their
"Medicine" with us and it becomes a part of our own nature to wield it, to call upon them to
work through us, or to apply what they have taught us to do with our own gifts and abilities that
are akin to theirs. However we can call upon the teachings of any creature-teacher and they can
choose to work with us or not. If we do that, we must have right intent to be able to tap into it
and be accepted by them.

A "Medicine Bag" contains the items we use in sacred ways to serve our path and those
individuals who have need of such services. Often like a purse/pouch, it serves to make these
things portable, shielded and safe. It is a sacred bag, and the contents are not displayed other
than when in use. They are shielded from others, kept sacred and clean in this way.
"Medicine Pouches" tend to be smaller and vary in size according to the need. They might
contain items such as stones, feathers, or herbs, etc. that one would carry to ward of negative
energies, to cure a disease, to bring good luck, to attract certain Spirit Helpers, any number of

A "Medicine Bundle" is a portable altar, it contains the sacred tools needed by the shaman/ess
or Medicine Person for their ceremonial work. This could include the Sacred Pipe, a smudge
bowl, wands, rattles, flutes, small drums, feather fans, sacred herbal mixtures, any number of
items and the contents will vary according to the Medicine that person carries with them.
"Medicine Shields" are another sacred item. They are crafted and painted symbolically to reflect
the Medicine of the person that possesses them. Often they are adorned with items that reflect the
Medicine, perhaps a Crow feather to bring in the essence of someone working with Crow, or the
talon of an Eagle, or the claw of Bear, or the hoof of a Deer, or the tooth of a Buffalo. There are
many types, some to say who we are, some to help protect us or our homes and loved ones, some
to journey and bring forth the Medicine. They can shield us and they can act as a portal, but for
one who understands the symbolism used on them they speak volumes about the individual who
is the owner. In years past they were often hung on a pole outside the Tipi to tell others of the
Medicine of the person who dwelled within.

The "Medicine Cards" bring forth the teachings, tell the Medicine Stories, and offer insight into
one's life through divination.

A "Medicine Path" is a path of service and a way of life that an individual follows. Every single
person has some form of Medicine to bring into the world with them, some gift or ability or
combination of abilities that allow them to tap into the spiritual nature of life and connect with it
so that they can bring forth change or serve in some capacity. This is our "Personal Medicine"
and those who walk the Medicine Path are going to develop their Medicine to a much greater
extent than the average person might; obviously because they need that development and
knowledge so they can apply their skills to serve others. I hope this has helped a little. It will
make more sense to you as you go along. *Soft smile*

“I guess they don't know about Medicine Wheels, Medicine Cards, or any of that other stuff.”
LOL....it's an oral tradition of teaching and most dictionaries keep things very scant in
description. You might find that Medicine is too broad a term in the dictionary and an
encyclopedia would serve you better. I would look up Medicine Wheel to find that defined rather
than the term Medicine itself. You see? And you might want to look into a Native American
dictionary or encyclopedia rather than a standard one as that's going to be too clinical.


Yeah what she said LOL.

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