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Common Smudging Plants & their Uses
By Dragonfly (temporary page)

This page was missing as I was making the site up so I am just saying a few basic words about smudging and the plants used, this will be here until I can get the original page sent to me from Cinnamon.

Smudging is done by Native Americans to clear the area or a person of negative energies. It is always done before during and after a Ceremony.
Other areas around the world use various botanicals of the area to smudge as well. The Catholic Church uses incense for the same thing.

If you move into a new home it is always a good idea to smudge around to clear the place of energies left behind by the previous residents. Make sure the corners of each room is thoroughly smudged.

To do smudging you will need a botanical such as sage, something to hold the botanical in while it is alight, such as a shell, and a feather to waft the smoke around. You can use a match, a lighter or a hot coal to set the leaves alight.

Always smudge yourself before starting to smudge a person, an item or an area.

You can cleanse items such as crystals in the smoke from sage.

A Sacred PIpe when not in use always should have a plug of sage in the bowl. I always keep sage burning whenever I do a Pipe Ceremony.

Fresh Sage is used as a mat at Sundance when piercing is done. It is used to wipe any blood away when flesh offerings are done as well. Also it is used for a Sundancers wrist and ankle circlets and their head dresses. The women dancers hold a few springs of sage in their hands. Actually Sage is everywhere at a Sundance. If you ever go to a Sundance a good gift to being is fresh sage.

The most popular types of Sage:

Buffalo Sage: Grown on the Prairies in Minnesota and South Dakota. Used by the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota People. Picked from the wild to use in ceremony and Sundance. Most often used by picking the leaves from the plant and scrunching them in a ball , these are put into a smudge bowl and set alight, the smoke is then wafted around the area and the people involved. This sage is not too strong an aroma.

Californian White Sage: A very strong amoma, the leaves are thick and only one or two leaves are needed to smudge with. The leaf itself can be held by the stalk and lit and used to waft around. This sage can be obtained in shops and the Internet quite easily.

Woman's Sage: A very thin leaved sage that has seeds on the stalk. It has a musty smell to it. Comes from States such as Nebraska, New Mexico, and Colorado. Often used in Women's ceremonies.

You can usually obtain Sage in a wand/stick, sometimes with a perfumed herb or flower added, (e.g. Rose, Lavender, Violet).

Other plants that are used in smudging are Cedar (Juniper), and Sweetgrass.

Sweetgrass is used to bring in good energies after the main smudging is done. The grass often comes from Canada nowdays, it is woven into a braid, with a knot each end. Burn from one end, or cut pieces off to burn in a fire or on hot coals, charcoal. The grass stops burning quickly, and so a braid will last quite a long time. It has a very nice sweet aroma.

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