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By SilverEagleDreamDancer

For beginners, intermediate and advanced.


First I would say that life itself is your teacher. I'm very proud of the fact that I can learn from
watching grass grow. (in fact I have an article started on that) Life is our experience as humans
and if you accept life as your teacher, you'll never have that 'need' others experience for the 'man
on the mountain'.

Second, I would share that, within that acceptance for life as a teacher is accepting also that
which created life or is the source of life. If you call it God/Creator/Goddess/All That Is/Source...
allowing yourself to become more aware of that is fundamental to growth and developing your
gifts. How do you do that? By going within yourself and embracing what you find. In that
embrace, Creator is revealed.

Third, demystify and simplify your experiences. Insist on it. If someone is guiding you in a way
that complicates your spirituality - they're trying to gain control over your growth by making it
their way. Life is. We are. You shouldn't have to stand on your head in the perfect corner of the
house to gain wisdom. It should be as simple as opening yourself to what life has to teach you
through your experiences to gain wisdom because, it's all around us for the knowing and


Fourth - everything we experience is in the now. You may not think so if you're recalling
something from the past but... you are recalling it in the now, not then. So bringing your
thoughts, emotions, ideas and dreams into the moment becomes a great tool for your growth as a
hollow bone.

Fifth - become unknowing. That's where wonder is. As children, we don't know enough to judge
or discern things that life presents us. We are, in a sense, blank slates that life will write our
lessons on. As adults, we tend to fill ourselves up with how things should be... or how they
should work and in doing so - limit an experience that can be as unlimited as the wonder of a
child. Consider all that you read as advice or at most - guidelines; not the be all end all of how
things work spiritually. When you are unknowing, there are no answers, no limits, no destinations.

Sixth - cultivate self-trust. Get to know you and trust you so that you have an anchor based on
that and not arrogance. You'll find that those with the most arrogance as those who don't trust
themselves or anyone else. They are also the ones who know everything and think others are
idiots they must suffer. Life is not arrogant. Trees don't judge one in other on their foliage or lack
thereof. The rain doesn't decide to fall on only one flower and not others. If we're to embrace the
natural forces to bring ourselves closer to that, there can be no arrogance. No lesson that life has
to share can be below you for you to learn. Cultivate self-trust and you'll avoid the traps of
arrogance and develop your own power instead of looking for it in others.


Seventh - open yourself. You can only go so far by practicing your abilities. Eventually you'll
need to take that final leap into the abyss and open yourself to it. In opening yourself, you allow
that which you consider to be your Creator to touch you instead of you reaching out. This can be
done with any lessons i.e.... opening yourself elementally by allowing fire to touch you - wind to
touch you - storm elements to touch you. The defining element at this stage of becoming hollow
is the utter lack of control you feel and that's what you have to get past in order to achieve this.
This is a turning point in your training as a hollow bone.

“It should be as simple as opening yourself to what life has to teach you through your
experiences to gain wisdom because, it's all around us for the knowing and experiencing.”
I think I am understanding this a bit more. And I only had to read it twice. Hmmm, I wonder why
I was drawn to this post a 2nd time?

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