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Clair: a definitive form of "clear".

Clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience....all of sensory clarity, date back into antiquity
as various means of divination and spiritual gifts individuals are capable of manifesting to access
information of past, present, and future events at a distance or in the present locale. Objects,
locations, and their imprinting on their environment can be read by those with these abilities. The
level of trust the individual holds and the frequency of use of these abilities add to the amount of
information they are capable of gathering. The accuracy and depth of insight varies from
individual to individual, and in most cases results in a "glimpse" rather than a full-blow
perspective, however that too is attainable.

Clairaudience means literally "clear hearing", the clear hearing on extrasensory levels, farhearing,
and interdimensional psychic ability of auditory input. It is the ability to hear sounds
inaudible to the normal ear, such as spirit voices, thoughts of others, and dimensional sounds. It
is less frequently found than Clairvoyance, and I believe this is due to the chatter in our own
heads during the day as thoughts that come in randomly seem to dominate the auditory functions
and we don't attune to this as readily. This ability quite common among Mediums that channel
spiritual entities. It is not one's "Inner Voice" that is heard, but the voices of others externally
perceived in a form more commonly called telepathy and there is a clear distinction between the
two. It can be triggered by the use of sea shells and the sound of the ocean we are familiar with
fades as voices, music, or other auditory sounds begin to come through.

Clairvoyance means literally "clear seeing", the clear seeing on extrasensory levels, far-sighted,
and interdimensional psychic ability of visionary input. It is the ability to see persons and events
which are at a distance be that time, place, or dimensional and is beyond the normal range of
vision. It is sometimes divided into 3 various categories: premonition, the perception of past and
future events; events at a distance or what is commonly called remote viewing today; and the
third category is when the individual sees things with second sight such as in psychometry or
scrying as one would with crystal-gazing, or visions that are superimposed on the immediate
environment. It is a prominent feature of visionaries and prophets who will share their visions as
prophecy. Crystal-gazing is often the preferred tool to trigger these abilities, some people prefer
to continue using it while others find that once the door has opened for them it is no longer
necessary and the crystal becomes a favored treasure sitting on their shelf. Some people are born
with this ability already functioning and therefore do not need to trigger it (as is the case with
clairaudients and clairsentients).

Clairsentience is not an auditory nor is it a visual sensing, but it is one of feelings and smells, of
tastes and tactile impressions. This is the clear sensory awareness on extrasensory levels, farsensing,
and interdimensional psychic ability of sensory input. This type of extrasensory input is
often triggered by the handling of objects that belonged to others and getting a "feel" for what the
person was like or the events in their life that took place in the presence of the object--A practice
known as Psychometry. Or it is triggered when entering into different locations such as a home,
specific room, or place in nature. Again, it serves as a tool to connect and retrieve information.
It's a deep "inner knowing" of which one cannot deny the pertinent facts which are often
validated later. These events will flood the clairsentient individual with the emotional nature they
contain as well, and lead to empathy or compassionate understanding through that experience...a
knowing of the nature of what took place and how it affected those involved.

Any or all of these abilities can be present separately or in conjunction with one another in a
given individual. The ability is present in all of us on some level, and there are ways to open to it
through meditation, guided visualization, and the use of tools such as those already described as
well as similar methods. The overall clairsentient perceptions we are all capable of functioning
with are further enhanced through the practice of journey work, and various states of trance work
so I am a strong advocate that we can all experience them on some level.

The advantages are obvious here in the use of sensory input and I don't think I need to point
those out; however there are disadvantages too and those are worth mentioning. Often as these
abilities are initiated people experience physical symptoms ranging from mild dizziness to
nausea and excruciating headaches. Everyone is different and some people feel none of the
symptoms; however, it is always best to be aware of them. Many people find that over time and
through continued practice there is an easing of these symptoms if not total disappearance of
them; however, there are some who will continue to to experience them in the extreme.

Turning these abilities on and off is another issue that people have to deal with. In most cases
that is an ability that requires a simple shift of focus, but there are again those individuals that
cannot control what they are experiencing and the events need to run their course. For some it is
a handicap and they struggle being out in public places or in large crowds as the voices and
visions become overpowering. All the control mechanisms and shielding that applies to the
empathic individual will apply to the clairsentient persons so if you are dealing with that
difficulty, please see the article on Empathy.

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