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Cloud Busting/Skrying Exercise
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As children we are all familiar with the pastime of finding shapes and faces in the clouds on lazy
summer afternoons. It's a game we have all played, but it is also an exercise in honing your skills
and finding the spiritual messages that await. I like to give students exercises in just seeing the
results of their own energies at work and one of the arenas I use is clouds. There is a technique I
call "cloud busting", what it amounts to is dissolving clouds with your willpower. It's not
difficult to do at all and it is something that will show you immediate results. In this way you
glean the confidence to take things a step further because you have your proof time and time again.

In order to find these results you have to be relaxed and in the proper frame of mind, so I suggest
you do a centering technique that works for you. When you feel at one with the elements it is
time to begin. Select a small cloud in the sky and begin with that. Focus your attention on it
while visualizing it vanishing before your eyes. See it breaking apart and dissolving. Let your
thoughts go "to" that cloud and then hold them there. Burn away at it with your eyes, you can
pick the pieces you want to dissolve and burn through them with the energy you are sending out.
It may start slowly or happen very quickly, practice will allow you to control the speed of your
results, but it is going to happen for you. As that cloud dissolves select another just slightly
larger or of the same size depending on the difficulty you had with the first one. Continue this
process of selection and work your way up to larger clouds. Drill holes into them, saw them in
half, play with it and get creative. Yes, you can sit there and simply shape or mold them to your liking.

Once you have accomplished these tasks you are on your way. You will have found a visual
proof for the energies you have at your disposal from your own physical body. Now imagine
what you can do when you tap into the forces of the universe itself. What I want you to see by
this is that the flow of those energies can be directed, controlled, and that it works. Your visual
will confirm many other things for you in the process. It will demonstrate that the working with
cosmic energies (however you perceive them) and tapping into the forces of nature to accomplish
your spiritual work is very possible and relatively easy to accomplish once you accept the
premise and do the work. This is an excellent way to practice working with another person too.
You can create shapes and symbols in the clouds, send them on their way to this other person by
directing the wind that pushes them the same way…meld with it and steer them…and send
messages back and forth. It's sort of like "slow carrier pigeon" mail, but it's fun and it's rewarding
at the same time.

Just as those energies go out into the air and touch the bodies of clouds they go out through
dimensions and they come back to us. They are not blocked by anything. The physical world as
we know it appears solid, but so do the realms of dimension we step into. Everything is relevant
to its own existence and dimensional work is no different. We are scientifically aware that
nothing is solid, that it all has a molecular structure. Those molecules can be inspired to move in
different shapes, at different rates of speed, and directed. That's what you are doing with the
clouds…you are parting them. So as you hone this ability remember that it is not restricted to
what you are doing in the mundane realm, but reaches far beyond it. Just as we can tear them
down we can build them up and move them together to create a larger scope to sculpt them with.
The entities and Guides that work with you will see that you are able to make contact this way
and they will start working with you in this capacity by sending their energies to you, making
visual messages in the clouds that you will begin to "read".

Through the games of childhood we see many hidden teachings. The old stories, folk-tales,
myths and legends that speak of Otherworlds hold some very basic teachings and structure them
around children. It's a method of oral tradition that has been used for generations and it works
well. If you have the eyes to see they will begin to reach out to you and the hidden truths will
emerge. Now while I don't have a particular story to tell about the clouds and working with them,
the childhood game of cloud busting is very effective as an exercise to begin working with and
something just about anyone should feel familiar enough with so that they are able to work it well.

As the entities of the elemental forces and Otherworld dimensions see you working they will see
your attention focused in that area and open a door to communicate with them. Just as in working
with any elemental force or Spirit Guide, direction does play a part in those messages. Which
way the cloud images face, where they are coming from, what symbols appear…it's all relevant
to receiving the messages. I've experienced scenes that cover an entire horizon, single faces to
multitudes, symbols and activities that have guided me well and accurately over the years.
While this can be done at any time, different times of the day when the sun plays with the colors
of the sky will present you with different intensities and points of focus as well. For instance,
morning relates to beginnings and if you are looking for an answer about a new venture or
concept it will appear then. Noon relates to the physical work you have to do regarding an issue
and will be clarified at that time. Evening relates to what you want to gather to you, the rewards
for your efforts, so questions and answers in that arena are best timed then. Even in the dark of
night the clouds are active and if you are patient you can work with them, something that is
enhanced by the phase of the moon and follows an energy level that compliments it. The night
clouds will tell you of the endings of things, how they will culminate themselves, and how to
apply your own wisdom to your solutions.

I recommend a study of the Seven Sacred Directions for a more in-depth look at the elements,
the directions, and how they pertain to interpretations. Clouds are of the elemental force of Air,
and they are under the control of the Winds. These relate to the directions as well and their
attributes will coincide with them. While the Winds do come under the domain of Air they also
meld with each of the cardinal directions so they will take on those attributes when coming from
or going to them. It is either a perception (where they come from) or a focus (where they are
headed) that must be deciphered so you know how it relates to the issue you are facing.

Sometimes we reach out and ask a question. We wait, and we begin to see the answer forming.
At other times these elemental entities that dwell within these dimensions will reach out to us
and try to grab our attention. It is an excellent medium to work with and it is one that does give
you a visual confirmation that something is going on beyond the mundane limits of the world as
we know it. I have received messages from my Guides in a wide range of capacities within this
context. They have come to me on journeys, vision quests, and just sitting in the yard passing
time. It doesn't matter when or where you are so long as you remain open to receiving them…so
long as you believe you can. That's why the cloud busting exercise is so complimentary to this
method of divination. When you can see it working for you physically your logical mind tends to
allow acceptance of the work and thus keeps the door open. Most people find success within the
first time or two of attempting to work in this way, others may require a few attempts, but if you
stick with it the results will be there right before your eyes.

While this lesson is not a long one, it is powerful and it will serve you well in a wide capacity of
spiritual work. Once you learn to shift the energies in the element of Air you will see how to shift
them within the other elements too. Practice accordingly, research the attributes of all the
elements so you will know what is in harmony with their cosmic laws. Each element, Air, Fire,
Water, and Earth will allow you to scry (or see through divination) into them and receive
information, answers, or messages that are relative to your life, the life of someone you love, or
your spiritual path. This is a powerful lesson, try it for yourself, and own your proof.

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