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Comparisons & Inadequacy
By Minna EarthWalker

Hello Everybody. Well, I've just come in from the back porch after having had a talk with Spirit.
What I needed to talk about was comparisons and resulting inadequacy. I've been comparing
myself with all the lovely people here and in my comparison have come up short. This is no
surprise to me, because that's what I do.

If any of you have noticed this and been a bit troubled or irritated by it, so have I. We're in
company together. It's come to my attention that this has been a lifelong burden / camouflage:

The Magical Cloak of Inadequacy.
For me to have worn this cloak so long means it must have been of some benefit to me to wrap
myself in my own assumed inadequacy, which unfortunately resulted in some good deal of
insecurity. I had gotten used to the insecurity, having told a friend that, "No, as I've aged I
haven't gotten rid of my insecurities, just gotten used to them, so I don't pay them as much mind
as I used to. They pop up, I recognize them ~ say, 'oh, it's you, again. Hello, don't bother me
now'. And then we go on."

It is interesting to me in my mind that inadequacy and insecurity represent different concepts.
Inadequacy is a presumed condition of being less than, which leads to the feelings of insecurity.
I can see how the inadequate label has helped me in the past. I have always felt stupid. I did
realize that I'm not stupid, necessarily, it's just that my intelligence and the way I gather it is
different from what the mainstream considers intelligence, and the way the mainstream gathers
intelligence. I think differently and learn differently. So, I've often felt stupid.

Sitting on the porch I realized that what I value as intelligence was not the same as what was
valued by my parents as intelligence. My dear father actually said once that perhaps I did have
some minimal brain damage. I have remembered this and smiled, but it did hurt. The intelligence
that I was interested in pursuing was not honored in our family. It wasn't necessarily dishonored,
it just wasn't relevant. My parents grew up in the Depression times, so what was important was
steadiness and practicality. Was what you learned going to earn you food and shelter.
Well, except perhaps for literature, I wasn't interested in learning the things that would bring you
food and shelter. Oddly enough, I did wind up spending 26 years working with analysis, but
analysis, thinking about how things fit together, is an important skill to me, so that part of world
intelligence was something I cared to learn.

So growing up, it really wasn't in my best interest to pursue whatever the heck it is that rings my
intelligence bell. Therefore, due to my lack of interest in bread and butter-bringers and my
interest in mystery, I became inadequate, and perhaps stupid.

This inadequacy served me in a backwards way in my career, driving me to always try and work
and think hard to commit myself to my work. Especially since the work I was associated with
was providing support for children from separated families it was important to overcome my
inadequacies for this work. The 'cloak of inadequacy' drove me to do more than I thought I knew
how. I committed my heart and spirit to helping these children, their caretaker parents and the
direct service delivery people who made things happen for them.

It also made me a really unassuming, unthreatening presence in the midst of a really political
environment. So appearing absolutely un-dangerous, because I was so very humble, because I
was so very inadequate, I could get a lot more done in many ad hoc situations than perhaps a
more high-powered type might be able to accomplish. That was my presumed thinking, anyway.
I also always liked to go into the new parts of the program which weren't yet structured to do my
work. This sense of inadequacy drove me to work hard in these areas and establish a system. I
don't know if this makes sense to anyone, but in my mind these were some of the reasons that the
'cloak of inadequacy' was a good mantle to continue to wear. It also kept me low on the radar.
Both in childhood and in adulthood it was really, really, important to stay under the radar.
So, now I'm retired and who am I going to be inadequate of now. Well, I'm having more time to
think about my spiritual life now.

I have always had a spiritual life, wandering here and there. My favorite pursuit is finding the
'sparkles of gold' in the various faiths that point to the One, to All-That-Is. I seem to be
intrinsically incapable of steadily following one particular path. There are oceans and great
rivers. I'm a meander. Like a packrat, or a magpie, I go and find sparkly bits and pieces here and
there and bring them back to my own little nest, to peruse and enjoy. I really have no idea what
my nest will wind up looking like. I just enjoy bringing back the sparkly bits.

So, every once in a while, I think, I really ought to commit to one path and pursue it. Everybody
else does. It seems to be the right way to go. I really ought to. So, I get on this path looking for
sparkly bits, trying to commit to the really appropriate way to follow Spirit. Then I begin
comparing myself and noticing my inadequacies.

I can't or don't do what this one does. Oops that one either.

Oh. There must be something really, really, wrong with me.

(I don't admit to myself that I'm not just comparing: I'm jealous of people who know how to be
the way that I think that I ought to be.) Oh, Dear. Then I see this jealousy, and am so ashamed of
myself. So I'm in a double bind. Maybe triple. I'm inadequate, not talented, and a sh*t for feeling
this way.

Once I was in a hypnotherapy learning group, and I was so afraid that these 'natural spiritualgranola
people' there would see through to my inadequacy and lack of worth. Well, God Bless
them, they just ran that stuff over and we all did the work. It was no longer an issue there.
I've been doing the same thing here. Thank goodness. It's become more burden than I am willing
to carry. It interferes with my spirit, with my sharing, with my growth whatever the heck that is.
It's unkind to me and no longer useful. And it's deeply unkind to each of you. I didn't mean to be
unkind. It's just a function of the cloak.

So I went out on the back porch to talk to Spirit about it. Of course, I was outside, so I couldn't
just begin to sit and talk to Spirit. Things needed doing: deadheading the flowers...whatever.
Oh. I came back finally to sit down and talk and thought, "Boy. I can't even just settle in to talk
with Spirit ~ ow. I am soooo inadequate." Then it occurred to me that walking around, doing
little things in the yard is a meditation for me. My brain stops running, and all I see is a bloom to
remove, nothing else. No self-talk. I had to clear my mind before I could sit and talk with Spirit.
Well. That's good.

So, I asked Spirit to help me remove this faithful old 'cloak of inadequacy'. It is no longer useful
to me, and has become a burden and an inhibitor. I asked that it be removed, taken away, burnt
and its ashes scattered where they need to be. I asked for healing for the 'snaps' on my shoulders
where the cloak used to attach.

I would also ask that if you notice my slipping on the cloak that you very gently tap me on the
shoulder and remind me that it's too warm to be wearing a heavy cloak and that i don't need it
any more. Perhaps maybe offer up a prayer of support too. That would be good. Until those
'shoulder snaps' are healed i may want to be attaching a cloak to them.

Oh. I almost forgot. Inadequacy is also a really good reason to not achieve anything. Duh.
However, I don't know what i want to achieve really. I can be jealous of others' prowess, but
really, I think my favorite thing is just gathering sparkly bits and rejoicing in their glitter.
I've tried to post this several times and gotten an error. I'm going to try again. Perhaps I need to
let you know, I don't think I need reassurance. I just want to let you know what's happening with
me and to 'think it out' myself.


Minna, I know you aren't looking for reassurance. I just want to tell you what my impressions of
you have been. I see a heck of a lot of stamina, a lot of strength and a very compassionate
person. Your pace may not always be full tilt, but that is because you know how to rest when you
need to and sprint when you need to. That's the kind of feeling I get. It was a bit of a shock to me
to read about the inadequacy issue you've been battling, as 'inadequate' is one of the last words
I'd have used to describe you.

I have confidence you can slip off this robe. You have what it takes inside you. Many people have
been helped and healed by you being in their lives. If this robe tries to come back, remember all
of those people and how you've helped them.

Hoka Hey!


Does it help you find comfort and strength in the knowledge that I often feel inadequate too?
That it's getting better now, but I still notice the "little me" voice, the one that tries to minimize
my feelings, my inner voice, my intuitions; the one that tries to adapt to the structure of
"mainstream" life, the one that is used to hearing that I am selfish, that I have too big an ego, that
I ramble, that I'm a drama queen, overly sensitive, exaggerating all the time... It is only in the last
year Minna, that I've started learning to speak up, to stop whispering to only a few, to start
trusting that I'm more than just adequate. It's a big battle to start understanding that those voices
are echoes from the past, from the shadows of our youth, our deep desire to be loved and to love
freely, abundantly and with abandon.

Minna, for what it's worth, I love you and have a deep respect and admiration for you. You've
shown me so much beauty, so much generosity, authenticity and love since we met last autumn.
There is no single way in which we are to know things or do things... your gentle support brings
great comfort. Your loving voice brings peace, acceptance, trust. Those gifts, Minna, are gifts
that make you beautiful beyond imagination.


Minna, I am not going to say too much - but I ask myself why do I want to mention "carrying the
cloak for others?". We come to this life to serve Spirit and we all have different ways of doing
that. Some journey, some teach, some heal, some serve in more mundane ways etc., etc. and
some keep the whole place stable to allow others to play their part - but we each have a purpose
- something we agreed to do for Spirit before we came to this place: in the same way that each
plant you tend each leaf that catches the breeze has a purpose: do you think one flower worries
that it is not as big as the next, not as colorful, not as pretty? No. It is just joyful to be able to
serve the rest of All-That-Is. Maybe this is what the "green" you have talked about elsewhere is
trying to teach you?

In the mundane I work on a freelance/self-employed basis and I go into lots of different
companies. It's very interesting to watch how different companies do the same things: how the
people in these companies who have the same job can have widely different approaches. After 8
years of working this way I can usually predict from the first meeting with the Directors how the
business will be doing. One thing I have seen is that those bosses who think they are the beesknees,
are quick to tell you how great they are, are often the bosses who have an unhappy
workforce and whose business is failing or at least not reaching it's potential. In companies
where the bosses realize that their part is to serve the rest of the business not to issue commands,
the people are the happiest and the business is on the up or at least reaching it's potential.

So which are you - the boss who serves and inspires or the boss who tells you how great they are
who everybody ignores? Has your business failed or has it borne fruit?

One more thing: If you are now feeling that this service is no longer your path, perhaps you have
earned a reward for the service you have given? Maybe the "green" has been patiently waiting
for a time when the years of service was done? Maybe Spirit brought you to your current home
to be able to bring you to that message when the time was right?


Well, my goodness. Here I tell you I have been unkind to you by comparing myself with your
gifts and experiencing occasional jealousy, and there you go showering me with kindness and
support. For Heaven's sakes. Bless you.

Glam. Thank you. I will drop that robe, and i won't make myself another one. In its own
backwards way, it did serve, but its usefulness is over.

Thank you some more. Thank you for your confidence. Yes, I believe I am strong and I do a
little spiritual healing from time to time and over my lifetime that has been my wish. I have been
told it can make others feel really competent and fast to see the, let's kindly call it the evenness
of my pace (This doesn't make me feel inadequate, it just makes me laugh). To heal, to assist, to
offer perspective and support, and to provide a little place to rest and receive nourishment for
others' journeys.

As i was sitting on my porch and talking to Spirit, i reminded 'her' that this time (whatever it is) I
had requested a 'small life'. I don't know that I had a big life or what last time, but I am quite
clear that this time my wish and desire is to have a small life. I told Spirit, perhaps I had wished
to help me along with this small life with my cloak, but that I didn't need it any more (the
cloak~I'll keep the small life).

Mouse. I trust your intuition, your insights and your great heart. I honor who I have seen you to
be and I love you dearly. I honor you for living your life in harmony with your beliefs ~ for
walking your talk. Your thoughts ~ even when 'speaking out' are considered, thorough and
truthful in a way that serves Spirit. Thank you for your kindness and your Dear Heart.
Wolfie. How interesting. Yes, I would gladly 'carry the cloak for others'. And I remember that
each little flower that I see bloom, I am so excited and rejoice in its beauty. I love the
individuality of each flower and each is lovely in its own little shape and color. (Although I'm
really glad Venus Fly Traps don't grow out here ~ but then again, if they eat mosquitos...).
I don't know about a 'reward'. People used to tell me they were glad I was happy because I
'deserved' it. I told them I didn't want to deserve it. I'd rather ascribe it to grace. If I 'deserved'
something, I might could do something to 'un-deserve' it. So by calling it Grace ~ hey ~ it's just a
freebie for Love.

But I am happy to be in and to serve my beloved Green. It teaches me and blesses me.
And, for me such clarity when you said: “So which are you - the boss who serves” I wasn't a
boss for too long ~ too much of a hermit. And when really petty squabbles would break out, I'd
sometimes ask folks to please lock their personality in their desk drawers and just do their work.
However, my career was about service. Service for the children, the parents, and for those who
struggled to help these people. I was there for the children, but I also deeply loved and wanted to
support all the people who in so many different ways worked toward the goal of trying to make
these lives better. Yes, my time there was about service, both professional and spiritual. Thank
you, Dear.


Minna, I was trying to say was that how we treat towards others effects how they respond to
us…whether it is a boss or the janitor…you talked of the times when you were able to make a
difference when someone more aggressive would not have been able to help: your service to
Spirit. No too paths are the same, but each are as valid is what I was trying to say...


“I don't know about a 'reward'. People used to tell me they were glad I was happy because I
'deserved' it. I told them I didn't want to deserve it. I'd rather ascribe it to grace. If I 'deserved'
something, I might could do something to 'un-deserve' it. So by calling it Grace ~ hey ~ it's just a
freebie for Love.”

Wise words Minna!

Ya know... a while ago, I was told that the new "masters" and teachers wouldn't be set aside in
monasteries, in temples, in ashrams... they wouldn't be exclusive and untouchable... they would
be dressed in jeans and walk among us, live between us, and with us. They would teach by
example, with a humble approach, and without the hierarchical power ascribed to leaders of
today's mainstream world. These people would be people with whom we can identify, in whom
we see our own lives mirrored, connected, touched. These people lower the threshold, take away
the ego-aspect and change our perceptions of love, of power, of life. Please do not compare
yourself to perceived hierarchy. You've always thought differently, because you *are* different.
You're a light-bearer for us young'uns, you're not afraid of the changes that are happening, you're
supportive and offering shelter; both physical and spiritual/emotional. Your intentions are pure,
solid, sound.

I used to believe that a true spiritual person doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't this and that. I
used to measure my level of spirituality to these things. *giggle* I still smile when people find
out that I smoke, even though I'm "into spirituality". Or that I enjoy a glass of wine, or drink
coffee *gasp*. That I don't eat organic only, meditate twice daily, and more of that stuff. My
spirituality is measured by my Love for Life, my integrity in action, my surrender to Spirit.
You are a very spiritual person in my book Minna. Your expression of it is just as unique to your
personality as you are unique to Spirit. ((((((((hugs))))))))) and a lot of Love.


An honest accounting Minna in all you expressed. It's a good step, and not one that all will make
it to; transparency with self. Small life, maybe. Big heart.

Unregistered Guest:

Minna, Though I've only known you a short while, I have seen an intelligent woman who isn't
afraid to admit that she feels insecure and inadequate at times. That takes courage and the fact
that you take joy in each flower makes you all the more special. You're unique and I am honored
to know you. ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))

You know, I used to model locally when I was in high school, was told I was "beautiful", etc....
but my mother was very good at emotionally and verbally abusing me as I was growing up. That
carried over into my first marriage where my ex-husband treated me like a "trophy/ maid" to
show off to his work mates. He works in the medical field and during those dinners and gettogethers,
as soon as his co-workers learned that I worked in the veterinary field, I ceased to be
seen as "intelligent" to them. My ex treated me the same way and he cheated on me and lied to
me a lot arrogantly believing that I'd never learn of his misdeeds.. I put up with this for 12 years
before I said, "No more".

It has taken me a long time to realize that I am not inadequate, but rather to accept myself as I am
and to serve Spirit and others. I'm much happier now and I still have bouts of inadequacy from
time to time, but it makes me realize that I am only human. I do my best and that's okay.
Remember, Minna, life is what you make of it. Make the most of it in any way that you can.


Minna and I were talking about this some and I'd mentioned I was going to do an article about
comparisons and inadequacy as she'd brought the need to my attention. Since Spirit has moved
her to address the issue from a personal perspective, a form of releasing those very
inadequacies, (((Hugs you Minna))), I'll comment here and link this whole thread to the Library.
It's a common issue for all of us at different times. That said, this is for you, Minna, but also for
the community as it pertains to all of us.

Comparing ourselves to others is a way of judging progress, abilities, and allowing us to see
what we perceive to be our strengths and weaknesses. However, it can become a trap and it can
begin to make us feel very inadequate when we don't meet up to the standards they may hold.
Those standards need to be met by them not us. Our truths and comparisons are judged in the
end by us when we stand before Spirit where no deceptions can exist. Our truths and
comparisons are judged when we stand in the mirror and face our own reflection in open honesty.

Certainly there are norms we all strive to relate to but the truth is we are each born with gifts
and abilities unique (though commonly found in others); unique in that they are suited to us, our
nature and our way of walking through the world. Comparisons then should be with the Self
where the truth resides. How we think others perceive us is often a reflection of our fears making
us feel more inadequate. We didn't do it good enough, didn't perform, can't perform we see the
negatives. I think Minna is exemplifying that here beautifully. Look how she has expressed these
issues and the reaction others are showing her. They see someone totally different, caring,
compassionate, strong, giving, one who does this from the heart. They're not looking at what she
can't do, they're looking at what she does do.

Not everyone is going to be the shaman or witch or someone with phenomenal abilities. Some of
us are meant to be humble spiritual beings just helping others where and when we can, leading
the best life we can lead, and trying hard to not make mistakes along the way, but even the best
of us make mistakes. It's how we learn what not to do.

Are we doing better than we were last year? Have we improved and grown? Are we still
wrestling with the same problems? Are we stagnating because of it? Are we allowing our
weaknesses to overcome our strengths and cause them to atrophy? What is the reflection in the
mirror bringing to our attention? Is it positive or negative? If negative why is that continuing?
Usually it's because we are afraid to make a change, afraid of not pleasing others, of not
meeting those social or spiritual standards we place so high above us.

Did you know that most people do not come to the fullness of their spiritual blossoming until they
reach the age of about 52? This is the age when Native cultures tend to recognize one as an
Elder, when a person has lived and experienced enough of life to blossom in their wisdom and
share it with others to help guide them. It's a time in our life where we come to see what really
matters and holds true value...that's when we begin to see the need to walk our spiritual path and
explore what is within us. Spirit gives us those abilities on some level and the seeking brings
them out.

It's an age when we are generally free of the responsibility of raising a family, perhaps nearing
or entering retirement, and finding we have the time and space to focus on our needs, our
spiritual growth, and do this more fully than in the past. It's a time where we are free to remain
on a more dedicated path. Some will come to this before this age, but they are the ones who have
been given a spiritual Calling and are to spend their lives in the service of others teaching,
sharing, mentoring, and healing...add-ministering along spiritual lines. *Soft smile* While not
everyone is meant to be a shaman, or spiritual leader, we're all meant to explore our spirituality
in our own way. No one way being better or worse than another, just right for us. Spirit never
brings us to things too soon, or too late, only when it's right. Remember, the Inner Spirit is
immortal, the body is the Robe it wears. Become the witness and you open yourself to so much
more beyond the mundane reality of the physical world.

Each of us is a part of the whole, unique, important, valuable, and critical to the existence of that
very whole. There is no inadequacy simply because we cannot do what others do, or do it as well
as they do, or in the same ways. We have our own gifts to share and discover and develop. It
doesn't matter if it happens at 5 yrs. of age, or 55 years of age, or as we're leaving this world for
the next, what matters is the awareness that we are achieving and our love of Spirit, the desire to
serve, and our willingness to open our minds to the fact that we are more than just physical

Inside each individual is a spirit that is just waiting to guide us along, waiting to show us what
they can do, what there is inside us that is wanting to rise to the surface. Our gifts and abilities
are all the same, sensory perceptions that allow us (on differing levels depending which senses
are more dominant) to tap into the Powers That Be and unite with them to enhance our life, and
the lives of those we touch.

Some will touch one person, but that touch will change a life forever. Some will touch one at a
time, and over the course of their life they will touch many. Some will touch multitudes. Does it
matter in which capacity we span our touch? No. One touch is enough. If we can do more then
we continue to do it. We pass it on. But to please Spirit, if we make one person's life better for
having lived our own it is enough. It's just that most of us tend to be motivated to do more and
that's what urges us forward.

Where does the desire come from? Well through our suffering and injustices that we experience
we come to know pain. Perhaps it's substance abuse in our youth, or alcohol binges, or even
theft. It can be abuse as a child on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Whatever the
source of our suffrage, it's there to teach us compassion for others. This is why they say the
shaman/ess is the Wounded Healer because through our pain we learn what causes pain, we’ll
learn what it feels like to suffer. We learn to understand how it feels. These are what I call
Shadow Lessons from Shadow Teachers that teach us what not to be, do, or say to hurt others.
In that compassion we have come from a place of pain and sorrow. We have learned what it
takes to rise above it, what it feels like to be the victim and choose to survive. We learn how to
help someone else survive. Not everyone is going to plant an herb garden and make potions or
simples or home remedies that heal the body. Not everyone has interests in that area, but all of
us have the capacity to heal on some level: mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual, and often in
combinations of these at one time or another. Do we have to do it constantly, no, of course not.
Not everyone is called to a path of such service, but each of us can do it as needed can't we? Is
that inadequate? No it serves the moment and the need. Is that negligent? No it is responsive. Is
it irresponsible? No because the responsibility that that Spirit asks us to take on is simply the
ability to respond to a given situation or issue the best we can.

This is why you will hear me addressing the 3 I's...Integrity (respecting self and others and
striving for the higher good), Intent (right intentions for the higher good), and Impeccability
(doing the best we are capable of doing is all spirit asks of us...no one is perfect, humanity has
flaws...each and every one of us. Seeing that we learn tolerance for the mistakes and careless
acts of others.)

These things, and other life experiences influence us and we develop into the person we are right
now because of that. We are always in the process of "be-coming" who we already are. Walking
a spiritual path means that we let the Inner Spirit shine it's light, that we help others find their
own whatever form it takes, and that we continue to do so. No more, no less, than simply
responding to life as it unfolds. It's in us, in you and me and the next person walking down the
street. Are we inadequate because we couldn't cope? No we clearly didn't have the skills at that
time, but we can seek them, learn them, and apply them for the next time we find ourselves facing
similar circumstances.

Through seeing that we are complex beings that think, feel, relate, and need strength to endure
we come to recognize (at some point) or experience our own spirituality. We begin to seek Spirit
out, find out who this Creator is. In that we begin to study and apply spiritual foundations and
principles. In doing so our gifts begin to reopen or emerge, those things that we took for granted
as children reappear and we ask ourselves if we are losing it or our conformity to the standards
of social acceptance. We keep these things secret for a time and we struggle through trial and
error to find others who are "like us" to compare ourselves to, to communicate with, to learn
from but we have to seek them. This is Spirit's Law....we must ask to receive. We must knock on
those doors before they will open.

Often (these days) those Doors are to places like Spirit Lodge, like the private emails exchanged
with those we seem to see a light shining from. We begin to "connect". Then we start to compare
ourselves to the growth of those we meet in this strange new community (be it here or elsewhere,
it doesn't matter) we start to compare and see how little we know. This is human nature but we
need to change that to a spiritual nature and see we are a part of the whole and worthy!
Well of course there's a mountain of knowledge we need to climb and discover, of course it
seems huge and we feel very small. But every person (whatever their position on that mountain)
had to start a climb up, sometimes on a path, sometimes changing the path, sometimes barely
having a foothold, sometimes slipping and falling, but always under Spirit's watchful eye with an
unseen hand extended or nudging someone to cross the path of one who is struggling who must
ask for help.

It is the service we can offer (whatever capacity that takes form in) and all it takes is a hand out
to help someone find just one answer, or one smile, or one piece of comfort, or one word of
support, or one piece of enlightenment. It's the hand that offers to share an exercise or
meditation or process that will allow us to see the light and step into it just a bit. With each step
we take we understand, develop and grow until we can stand in the Light of Spirit fully and say:

Every person on that mountain has that ability to extend a hand and help someone find their
footing. Then let go, let them walk their path as they see fit, or perhaps share the path for a time
as friends, sometimes friends for a lifetime. Sometimes that sharing or helping hand is to take
that person to the sage who sits in the cave on the mountain, the person that holds the knowledge
this seeker needs, and to network in this way when we can't offer up the exact answers.
Anyone who has ever walked a spiritual path has had to struggle to find it, to make their way
along it, and ask for help. I was taught not to teach anyone who does not ask, it cannot be fed to
those who are not hungry, and it's the inner spirit that must hunger. The only comparison we
need to make is to see if we are walking our talk, walking in the image of the person we want to
be, and if we are walking and touching lives for the greater good. The only inadequacies that we
need to see are those things that hold our interest and ask us to seek more, to find answers, to
develop and point us in the direction we need to grow.

The things that interest us spiritually speaking are the same things we need to feed the Inner
Spirit's hunger and bring forth (in the process) an awareness that we can do, we can achieve, we
do have, and we are evolving. No one is ever born that doesn't have at least one gift to share
with the world. Some have more and there is no standard. But one gift can be powerful, one gift
can outweigh the gift of those who have several. Think about it. If you master one thing and are a
jack-of-all-trades in others, do you know a lot or a little? Both have purpose, some are single
taskers and others are multitaskers, there is need for both. Both will serve in their own way, but
both hold value. If you have one gift, one ability you may touch multitudes with it. What's your
message to share? What's your burning desire you never followed? What is it that your Inner
Spirit hungers for, dreams of, feels inspired to do that your logical mind wants to argue and say:
"I can't!"???

Find those answers and take the “n't” out of it and see that you can! Spirit did not seed you with
things you cannot accomplish, you were seeded with things you will accomplish...if you find your
way to believing in yourself. Drop the inadequacies, drop the insecurities, tell yourself each
morning..."All I have to do is try." It really is all Spirit asks of you...and me...and the next person
walking down the street...just try. You'll find out when you reach and drop the boundaries of old
outworn comfort zones that you can do much more than you ever realized and as you see one
success you'll see others. Go for it!

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