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By ShaeTheFireWitch

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for 30 minutes. Take your time and do not rush.

The best music to use for this meditation is instrumental music of your choice that will allow you
feel safety comfort and love. Sitting is a comfortable meditative seating position. Allow your
breathing to become deep and relaxed. Notice any areas of tension in your body and give those
tension areas permission to relax.

Begin to allow yourself to go deeper into your spiritual self. Feel your heart beating within you
and begin to feel this beat as the pulse of the Mother that you sit upon. Connect with this pulse.
As your heart beats, feel this beat in every part of your body. The beat of the Mother is all around
you, above you, below you, beside you, within you.

As you become one with the pulse allow yourself to drop to the core of your being. Feel yourself
sitting firmly on the Mother. She is calling you back to center; back to Source to the fiery core of
All There Is. Will you answer her?

As you see yourself standing on the Earth Mother, feel the energetic cords of the Mother come
up through the roots of your feet, see this energy swirling up around your feel as a field of white
light, swirling and dancing around. The air is humming and vibrating with this energy. As you
breath in, breath in this energy drawing up to your knees. Feel the solid ground underneath you
knowing that she supports you.

Breathing in again deeply take this energy up through your sexual organs, your root chakra, your
pelvic area and allow this energy to swirl, blend and connect with the deepest part of your being.
Notice the sensations of feeling totally connected to Source, the feelings of Oneness and peace.
Continue to breathe deeply in and out. See this field of white light grow and expand all around
you. Allow yourself to open, on all levels. Give yourself permission to FULLY feel. Drawing
this energy up to your heart area, allow this energy to engulf and surround your heart. Feel the
Love that is within you and in this energy. There is no separation! Feel the joy and sense of
wholeness. Feel the unconditional love the Mother has for you. You are Her Child in whom She
is well pleased. You are whole and perfect in Her Eyes. Embrace and really feel this Love, plant
this seed within your heart, watching as this Love energy caresses and embraces you and
welcomes you. You have come home. You are Home! Your heart and the heart of the Mother
beat as One together.

Breathing deeply in, taking the field of white light up through the chest in to the throat area,
allow this energy to swirl and circulate around your throat. If there are noises you need to make
or things you need to say, speak them NOW in this field of total safety and Love. Know there is
no one to see you or judge you. Let it out, let it fly free and as you speak know that you are
connected to the Mother and She is with you - IN You. There is no fear.

Continuing to breathe deeply, inhale and draw this field of white light and pulsing energy into
your third eye and forehead area. Imagine yourself, enfolded in the arms of the Mother. Send
down an energetic cord back down through all of the layers of the Earth to the fiery core of the
Mother. You have returned to the womb. See this cord solid and strong, an invisible energetic
cord connecting you to Source, to the Mother of All There Is. Feel this energy opening up your
psychic vision. Invite your spirit guides, your totems, and your angels to come forward. Ask
them if they have any messages or wisdom they would like to share with you at this time. Listen
for their wisdom and once received give thanks for this time you have shared together.

Continue to breathe deeply, staying fully present. Feeling your Oneness with the Mother. Your
heart and Her Heart beating as One, allow the energies to blend and flow with your vibrations,
inviting the energy to become one with you and to integrate this into your very being. Celebrate
this reunion. Feel enfolded by the Love of the Mother.

In this field of Love and remembrance, allow this energy to circulate and flow around your
crown area, the top of your head. Inhale deeply and send this energy out through the top of your
head out into the cosmos. Feel yourself vibrate with the Oneness. Your heart and your breathing
are one with the Mother, you and the Mother are one. You are connected. Breathing in again,
draw down the white light from the cosmos, the Mother energy and send it running down
through your head, running down your spinal cord, through the base of your spine and back to
the fiery core of the Mother. Feel balanced and centered as you spin these energies in a
clockwise motion, feeling the connection between Heaven and Earth. Pulse and breathe with the
Mother. Feel Her Love for you. Breathe with Her.

Coming back to focus on the core of your being, become aware of the ground/seat/floor that
supports you. Hear the sounds of the outside world. Begin to come back into your body bringing
forth all of the wisdom and all of the knowledge you have acquired during this experience. Give
thanks to Great Mother for this time you have spent together. Take a moment to center yourself
before opening your eyes. When you are ready, open your eyes and slowly rise.

Please make sure you drink lots of water following this mediation. I have found this tobe very
helpful in maintaining the energies you have activated with this meditation.

Copyright- SMR, June 2004

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