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Drawing Down the Moon
By CinnamonMoon

The hand position for this exercise is one in which you want to put your wrists together and cup
the Moon in your hands as if you were holding a crystal ball. Next you will want to squint your
eyes just a bit to bring in the scope of the Moon and you will see rays of light coming from the
radius. Let those beams of light trail toward you and call the Moon to you. Feel Grandmother's
energy and let it bring you enlightenment as to how you can use that energy to serve your

Ask for a vision to be given and look into the Moon to see it. Scry the Moon itself. Please post
your results.


Does it need to be a full moon or can it be in any different phases. I guess the full moon would
work best because of its size and the light it reflects. Although a waxing or waning moon I guess
would bring insight relating to their state.


Yes, the Full Moon is best. Each phase of the Moon has its own attributes and the work done at
those times reflects. I was taught never to scry during the Dark Moon because it can attract the
negative energy that is being repelled by others. If we receive dreams or visions during that time
it's one thing but to seek we can open ourselves to unwanted energies. As the Moon is Full it is in
its most potent energy cycle and we can anticipate having the best possible results. So from that
perspective and my own experiences I'd advise doing it during the Full phase.


“Next you will want to squint your eyes just a bit to bring in the scope of the Moon and you will
see rays of light coming from the radius. Let those beams of light trail toward you and call the
Moon to you.”

In the past, when I have done this I haven't been able to see the rays of the Moon. A glowing
circle (sometimes a pale blue, other times pastel orange or pink) always appears around it. To
stand and look at it from the Earth, it appears to be about a meter or slightly less from the
Moon’s radius - and it generates a beautiful energy. Is this a similar thing or should I keep
trying to see the rays? (Hehehe sorry for these questions again! )

Actually you're talking about the halo effect, the rays are very strong beams of light and will
reach from the Moon to Earth just as sunbeams do...these are the moonbeams I'm talking about
and you can bring them in very well the harder you squint. Once you have them in view you can
soften the squint and work with the intensity you feel comfortable with.

Exercise for Drawing Down the Moon/s:

Each month the influence of the Full Moon is felt in many different ways. As you have seen by
the previous portions of this article, there are many approaches one can take. This exercise will
serve you well in all cases, it's simple, and it's one that will open you to the teachings the Moon/s
can provide you.

By placing your wrists together and cupping them in a raised position you can seemingly hold
the Moon in your palms. Cradled there your hands have symbolically created the first and 3rd
quarter stages of the Moon's energy which is at full potential with the Full Moon or the Dark
Moon. The Full Moon attracts, the Dark Moon projects, hence we draw to us or send from us
that which we need to work with or dispense with.

Begin by cleansing, centering, creating sacred space, and taking your position. Squint your eyes
initially and see the energy signature of the Moon show itself through the rays. Let yourself go
up and down the ray, feel the energy pulling you up, feel yourself pulling it back as you go down
it. The energy shifts with each Moon in that the focus shifts and each one will feel unique to you.
When you are ready, simply open yourself to what the Moon can bring to enlightenment.
Journey up the ray, travel to the Moon and focus on its light. Images may appear, Guides may
appear, let this happen and take in as much detail as you can. Feelings and sensations may wash
through you triggering images or impressing you with thoughts. Take those in, and note them in
your journal.

Over time and years of doing this you will begin to see the cohesive structure that is reflected in
the yearly cycles and expanding understanding of their patterns. For the more advanced student,
this technique, held with the oral or written teachings of a given Moon, will bring forth
additional understanding and enlightenment. Exploring those teachings becomes a very deep
shamanic journey where Guides and Totems, Spirit Teachers and Guardians interact heavily. The
Moon has a spiritual essence as well, and this essence can take form as an entity...hence the
cultural relationships to Moon Goddesses for it is a feminine energy...passive, receptive
understanding comes forth. You may hear her speak audibly, telepathically, internally or
externally. This is NOT you. It is the energy itself communicating information just as a
telephone wire carries audible voice over the cable system to the receiver so that you can hear
the message coming to you. It's that simple.

On a monthly basis, this exercise not only serves you in learning about the lessons of the
different Moons, but it builds a technique that becomes second nature. This technique will help
enhance your reading of your own sensory inputs ESP--extra-sensory-perceptions that others call
magick, psychic, or supernatural talents...things that are normal, accessible, and attainable by
each and every one of us when we open to them. Things no one needs to fear or think "s/he can
do it but I can't". It's perfectly normal for us to tap into our spiritual perspectives.

Our Inner Spirit walks with us at all times, it is aware of the physical limitations of the human
body and it needs our cooperative effort to free itself from that limiting position...or it needs us to
fall asleep so we don't notice it leaving. By shifting our awareness from one of control to
witnessing we merge with our Inner Spirit and magical, mystical, and phenomenal experiences
begin taking place. Exploring this realm of Self mingling with Inner Spirit, that unity and
balance allows you to Walk Between The Worlds. Please share your experiences with this
technique and remember to ground when you are finished. I encourage you to journal as always.
It's a marvelous way to track progress, re-reading allows deeper insights to emerge as your
ability strengthens itself, and you can see what others who cross your path will be looking for by

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