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Energy Signatures
By CinnamonMoon

Time and again we hear the term 'energy signature' and presume everyone knows what that is
since it sounds pretty self-explanatory. We assume others know how to go about tracking them
too but that's not always the case is it? To the individual just coming to understand energy and
how we can work with it there is going to be the proverbial question: "What is an energy
signature?" and the proverbial hesitancy to ask a question wherein they might feel foolish. While
I believe any question that arises is valid I know how people tend to be shy about asking despite
the continued encouragement within our community to ask away. So let's look at that initial
question, just what is an energy signature?

Well, we all know that energy, on the whole, is just that…energy. Everything that exists is
comprised of it and depending on the various components of the energy we know that different
forms will physically manifest. We know that solid objects aren't really solid but are comprised
of molecules of energy that give that object form and density. Some of those forms are tangible
and visible to the naked eye and others are intangibles…UV rays, light refractions, radio waves,
microwaves, there are so many different kinds of invisible energies around us at all times aren't
there? Because they are invisible and intangible we pay them little mind often taking for granted
that someone will harness them if they are going to serve our needs somehow…we'll take them
through whatever invention comes forth…like the computer to connect through the invisible
realm of cyber space. It works for us, we don't have to understand how we just need to
understand how to apply the invention itself to fill our needs. The rest more or less takes care of
itself doesn't it?

Energy is the impetus that moves through life and permeates everywhere and everything we
experience is going to be comprised of it. There are so many different kinds of energy that we
are exposed to throughout the course of the day and each one has its own signature. Personal
energy, energy contained in places we go, in objects, in other people, in circumstances and
events. The list of different energies can be broken down in an endless variety of ways. With all
that energy buzzing around it's no wonder that we are bombarded with it constantly…or that we
are constantly filtering the importance of what comes at us. Because it's a condition of life we're
equipped to decipher what those bombardments are through our senses but how often do we
consciously activate them or raise our awareness through them to focus on what's going on?
More often than not we take that information in on an almost instinctive manner, we react more
subconsciously to it, sometimes without thinking about it a whole lot. Most of the time we're not
deep thinking regarding what energy came forward and what the message it held contained, we
merely respond as a second nature. It's how we move through our day. Tracking and working
with energy signatures on a conscious level raises our conscious awareness building sensory
muscles we can put to our advantage in many ways so let's look at this a little deeper.

Each type of energy has its own signature to it and learning to discern the differences is a subtle
process that requires us to consciously develop our sensory skills in doing so. That means we
have to understand our own senses and how they operate. We have five senses, eyes, nose, ears,
taste and the sense of touch-when combined with a raised consciousness and focus they create a
6th sense…the extra sensory perception (ESP) we need to work on spiritual levels. These senses
are not just eyes, ears, noses, mouths, and skin to see, hear, taste, touch or feel things in the
physical sense, they do have levels of intensity and like a radio we can tune into each station
(sense) and we can turn the volume up or down, turning them off or on too. We can adjust our
antennae in this way and with that adjustment we can extract more or less of the information
around us. Wow! That's novel, why not give it a try?

If you are seriously wanting to understand your own abilities and to hone them as you grow with
them then practice using your senses by applying a focused attention on them. A great exercise is
to isolate the sense of sight by blindfolding yourself and walking around your living room. You
know the furniture placement there, it's safe enough. You know where to maneuver through the
obstacles and the layout of the home if you want to play further and explore moving from room
to room.

Based on that exercise you can expect that without sight there will be a shift in sensory focus and
you have to rely on your other senses to make up for the loss of vision. Suddenly your ears may
become sharper in their hearing, as you find yourself cocking your head to hear things that might
be entering the room…to define a sound or movement. You may find that your sense of smell is
increasing as you know the fragrance of the potpourri sitting on the coffee table…it tells you to
watch your shins…and where you are in the room. You may find your sense of touch heightens
and you start to feel the textures of objects to know what you're coming into contact with….or
perhaps you feel the gentle breeze passing through an open window as it caresses your skin.
Perhaps you feel density, the presence of your dog laying on the floor so you don't trip over him.
You will find that your senses kick in and up a notch to replace the missing vision and images
may come to mind to replace what you can't physically see. Now you can repeat this exercise of
sensory deprivation with any of your senses. Plug your ears, wear a pair of gloves, plug your
nose, that kind of thing…what do your other senses tell you about your surroundings? Getting a
feel for your sensory input this way heightens your awareness of how much information those
sensory impressions can bring to you. You'll find the safety of familiar territory during this
exercise brings you immediate results and the more you do it the faster you'll build those

Okay, let's assume you've done this, so now what? Well focus in the physical sense alongside
that conscious awareness you've just raised allows you to go even further. We can use our senses
to tell us more than just what the eye sees by itself, or what the ears hear or what the nose tells
us. Normally we operate on that instinctive subconscious level and now and then our senses
begin rising up to a semi-conscious awareness quite naturally as we go through our day. For
instance, how many times have you smelled the aromas of dinner intensify when it's almost
ready to serve? The intensity says something doesn't it? We know it means that our hunger is
soon to be appeased, that the various aromas tell us what's cooking, and our activity of the
moment will shortly be shifting. We would likely finish or set aside whatever we're occupied
with and prepare ourselves to be called to the table wouldn't we? We'd use that energy signature,
and the information it imparts to our advantage or we would at least know that we'd need to do
those things very shortly. An environmental example is the change around us when we smell rain
in the air and know a storm will be coming, or the fragrance of someone we know fill the room
when they enter it. How many times have you walked into a room and felt the tension in the air
to be so tight you could feel it snap at any moment? What does that energy signature tell you?
Tension…emotions are high, there's been a disagreement of some sort, you're intruding on a
private moment, a fight has taken place, you know what's wrong and what the overview of the
situation is by the feel of that room. How many times have you entered a party and felt it to be a
dud or a really good one? Ask yourself how you knew when you had only just arrived? You were
reading the energy signature of the environment in general and the mood of those gathered there.
The energy signature of that room told you quite a bit instantly and you would likely have
adjusted yourself accordingly.

Sights, sounds, scents, textures and feelings are our radar that we use to create the little blips on
the screen of life as we come into contact with different energies. Think about the different
sensory impressions you draw from things in your daily life that trigger cues to you as you
respond to them. Going beyond the physical aspects into the spiritual realm those sensory
impressions are our way of deciphering the spiritual energies we're connecting ourselves to.
They work even better in the spiritual sense and are capable of extracting a whole lot of
information when we apply them there. Spiritually speaking we can track energy signatures in
this same manner…tracking them back to their source and in that process extract information
from them to our advantage. If we choose to do this then we make it a conscious focus to do so.
This is what a shaman does to gather the information needed in any work they are going to be
doing. It's sensing a trail and following it to its source. Our conscious awareness rises, we
become aware of what our senses are bringing in and suddenly we're gathering the information
we need and can then discern how we will choose to respond or react to things.

There are other arenas of energy that we can learn to read or track as well…spiritual arenas,
dimensional arenas, and layers upon layers of frequencies to comprise them. How do we learn to
work on those levels? We begin by taking our senses to each of the elemental forces in life
independent of one another. Starting with Air, moving to Fire, then Water, and concluding with
Earth. Each elemental force that we explore has many lessons to teach us and we get to know the
element as well as it's energy in various states and eventually what those states of being can
produce as far as form goes. In this way (and please see the articles on the Dance of the
Elemental Forces in our Medicine Wheel Library for these exercises) we begin to understand the
components of their energy signatures. As we do we open ourselves and raise our conscious
awareness to a point where communication becomes possible. We're no longer just drawing
information from the energy signature, we can also project information to it and in that it will
respond or react to us. In a sense it's pushing that energy to take a new form and whatever we're
focusing on will be affected in some way. This level of exploring energy signatures is going to
kick things up a notch too and it's going to open other doors…dimensional doors.

As you move through the elemental dimensions you will come to explore cross-quarter energies
(please see that article in the Medicine Wheel Library for more information on those), and in that
the merging and separation of different energies that create new conditions through their impact
or parting. The elemental forces themselves will bring you into their dimensional realms and
encounters with entities/spirits from those realms will likely come your way. When they do those
entities, just as individuals in the physical realm hold, will hold energy signatures of their own,
as will the forms within those environments. You get a feel for the density, the weight or
lightness of the energy, the pressure it may or may not hold, how it can shift and change and you
start to understand the attributes of that energy. (There are articles on the attributes of the
elemental forces in the library as well if you're interested in that exploration.)

Moving from the elemental forces you will find other doors that open into other worlds and those
worlds contain energy and form relative to their attributes. (Study of the Seven Sacred Directions
will give you these initial foundations upon which all else builds). When the elemental forces
and the Three Worlds are understood and the initial energy signatures have imprinted themselves
upon us we're ready to continue exploring through the stations of the Medicine Wheel itself
going from the center and first ring that forms the hub along the four spokes protruding from it.
These are pathways and there are 3 stone placements along each extending outward to the outer
ring of placements. Each stone represents a dimension, a school of thought, and the lessons that
contains. Each stone leads to the next and in this way we learn the energy signatures of life, each
a language unto itself, each a body of information and energy that can give form when we weave
it to manifest that form. There are many languages, many voices to understand but there is a
universal language…sensory impression is there, it's something we all have, something we can
all apply, something we can all develop and utilize in so many ways.

Getting to learn different energy signatures becomes a very interesting experience and each
signature we learn will lead us to another. Don't be afraid to trust your senses, in fact the more
you use them and the more you observe as a result the more you're going to learn to trust in
them. You'll learn through trial and error where you need to jiggle the meanings of things along
the way, where you overshoot the blips or undershoot them, and when you are on target. Trusting
what you're getting is learning to trust yourself and that leads to a deepening sense of selfconfidence,
of self-empowerment, and it opens you wider to more spiritual experiences and the
unity of all in life…the connective tissues that hold it all together are comprised of energy both
seen and unseen, but always able to be perceived. Those reading this article are encouraged to
delve a little deeper and explore yourselves and the world around you. Post your questions if
you're confused, we'll be happy to share what we can with you to help sort things out. I promise
you that worlds of wonder are waiting for you and in-sights beyond your dreams are available to
you too. Enjoy!

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