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Giving Yourself Permission
By CinnamonMoon

In seeking a spiritual path it is often difficult to initiate the search, especially if you are based in a
strong tradition that is not bringing you fulfillment. Often we feel obligated to family traditions
and what others expect of us. However, it is my firm belief and experience that when it comes to
spirituality it is an independent journey. One in which we must find ourselves to find our
relationship with Spirit (or however you name that precious presence of the Creator).

It begins by giving yourself permission to be who you are right now, right this minute. All that
you are is all that you are meant to be, more will come in time as you grow but you must open to
that growth giving yourself permission to do so. I'd like to share the context of a teaching that I
was given with you.

Look in the mirror and smile at your reflection. Get to know who you are and see what others
see. Do not be intimidated. If you need an exercise for this there is the Mirror Introspection in
our Knowledge Center.

If you will allow yourself to release your expectations, no longer expecting that you must do
everything right at all times the pressure goes away. You are already doing this, in experiences as
you learn, in your sense of right and wrong and making the right choice, in your integrity of
character. You know what that is, your heart speaks of it and reminds you when you start to veer
in a wrong direction. Learn to listen to that.

You will feel better about yourself if you see that life is its own lesson and we are all here to
learn about it. We all make mistakes, from them we learn. It will feel better to you when you
allow yourself to move with your own very natural rhythms from within. Learning to recognize
and trust your sensory inputs, the feelings and impressions that move through you and stop
second guessing them is Key. They are there to guide you along.

You are not meant to be more than the person you see in the mirror, only to allow that person to
grow to your full potential. This means getting out of your own way with preconceived notions
of what is expected of you. You are perfect as you are, perhaps needing polish here and there,
but you are as you were intended to be and you are growing greater each day. You were created
in perfection and divinely so.

You are not separated from Spirit, that is an illusion many people have, that they are to go out in
the world and seek to find Spirit. Spirit is with you. To find Spirit you must go within yourself
and open to that presence, give yourself permission to open, to accept, to embrace. You are not
an accident upon the earth. You are not here to be shamed by anyone for who you are, for how
you look, for how you feel, for how you believe, or for how you express yourself.

You are full and perfect as you are. Celebrate the very same. Love yourself and do not grieve for
that which you feel you do not have inside of you. You are everything that you see, hear, taste,
touch, feel and smell. You are a part of the whole. That is where you must turn to move ahead in
your understanding. Why not today? Why not right now, instead of waiting on tomorrow? The
answer is within you. Why not ask the question?


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