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By CinnamomMoon

Sensory insights are important to all aspects of pathwork, whether you are looking for personal
growth or are additionally in service to others. Everything that exists has an energy to it and our
senses are the radar that can read that energy. All energy carries information, it is connected to
the whole of life and we can tap into this using it to our greater advantage. The more we work
with it the more we learn about it to gather greater amounts of information or insights. This is
how we learn to read things with our senses. Understanding grows with experience and it does
take time to develop, especially if you are oblivious to your senses having blocked them out all
but for mundane reasons. Dinner smells good when it's put on the table and calls you to come
digest it. But energy will have its own odor and it will call you to digest many other things too.

There are always the initial common questions like: How do I know it's not just my imagination
when I journey? Or: How does it feel when your Guides make contact with you? Or: How do I
know I'm really centered? Or: How do I know I'm not fooling myself and employing wishful
thinking to what I'm doing? These and other questions like them are very common to both
beginning and intermediate students. The answer is simple: When you are attuned to your senses
you have the tools of knowing that define the inner truths and validate your experiences for you.
We've all had moments when the hairs raise at the back of our neck, or we goosebump when
someone speaks a truth, these and other bodily sensations tell us things just like radar.

Our Inner Spirit uses our senses to communicate with us. It uses thoughts, feelings, images,
symbols and basic sensory input. Experienced practitioners will tell you the Inner Spirit has a
voice, and this is what they are talking about. Sometimes people are clairaudient, simply put,
they hear clearly the words of the Inner Spirit in an auditory manner going beyond the telepathic
imprint of a thought. Others will have clairvoyant abilities, meaning clear vision where they see
images, symbols, or visions of events. Clairsentience is when we are aware of all our sensory
input. We all have this ability to varying degrees, but with practice it can grow much stronger.
The secret is in learning to trust yourself and what you are picking up on. If you have an
impression of something and second guess yourself invariably you will regret that decision not to
heed your sensory warning. The practitioner who listens to that inner voice has learned the value
of it. We simply need to trust it, but the unshakable trust is built through validation. So initially
we have to trust only that it is possible, exercise our senses, and see for ourselves.

But what does it feel like? How do you know you aren't just imagining things? At first it's
usually very subtle. A soft feeling of hesitation or nudging that you should take some direction
with an issue before you will be the indicator. A "sense" that someone is speaking a truth or
mistruth. Impressions of situations basically is what you are seeking. If you open to these
impressions you will find you have guidance that is beyond what most consider normal. There's
nothing mystical or scary or taboo about this, it's perfectly normal and part of our makeup as
human beings. Using our senses and honing them trains us to use "extra sensory perceptions" and
the mystery is solved. The key here is in being willing to open to them and focus. Our senses are
like muscles, the more you use them the stronger they get.

How do you exercise these muscles though? A simple technique is to isolate one sense at a time
and work with it. It doesn't matter if you do this for 10 minutes, an hour, or a day, over time
(depending on how dedicated you are) your senses will grow stronger. A favorite exercise I like
to share with people is to use a blindfold at home. Spend some time walking around the house
without vision. Depriving yourself of one sense heightens the others. Feel your way, use your
sense of touch, smell, hearing, and even taste (you can taste the air of different rooms in the
house) to tell you where you are and what's around you. Everything that exists has an aura to it
and if you begin slowly you will start to feel obstacles in the way and solid objects. Plug your
ears, if you can't hear things you have to rely on your sight becoming more acute, your sense of
smell, taste and touch to help guide you around. Plug your nose and try cooking or eating
without that sense. One by one you can build strength in your senses, and advance to blocking
two or more at a time.

Another exercise you can work with is the sensory input of touching and feeling things. Begin
with three sharp claps of the hand. This brings the blood flow to the palms, sensitizes the nerve
endings and more or less wakes them up. It also draws the mind to focus on what the hands are
picking up. Our hands, feet, solar plexus, and crown of the head are areas where we tend to pick
up impressions strongest. In this exercise after clapping you will want to rub your hands together
vigorously. Again further stimulating the palms. Close your eyes and slowly part the hands
focusing on the feeling of the energy you have worked up within the space of 2-3 inches. You
can feel the air between them, and the connection between them as rubbery or buoyant. Repeat
the clap rub and expand the distance, this time to about 3-4 inches. Feeling the energy roll it
between your hands as if you were making a snowball. Get in the habit of doing this so your
hands awaken to your own energy, and then begin using it like a feeler. You can clap-slap and
hold your hands 2-3 inches from someone else or an object and feel the auric field. Different
people and objects are going to feel differently. Opening your senses to that feeling will give you
the energy signature, and you'll learn to identify things this way.

What if you want to see that energy? By softening your vision, generally people need to squint
the eyelids slightly at first, some can do it by just softening their gaze, and against a neutral
ground (beige, white, grey, or black walls are good) look at an object or person, even your own
hand. The auric field will start to radiate around the physical body. Any living entity will have
one; plants, humans, and stones are great to explore this with. As your eyes focus you will see
these radiations. Some see in colors while others see in black, white or shades of grey, often in
combination. The energy radiates like the heatwaves we see in summer, or the mirages on the
highway. It moves and fluctuates depending on the mental and emotional state of the individual,
their health at the time, and the physical activity taking place.

Awareness of your sensory input, and learning to trust it, allows you to open even wider. As you
explore the arenas of guided visualization that lead to journey work, projection of the spirit (Out
of Body Experiences/Astral Projection), and dimensional realms, you come to see that it is
through our senses we gain enlightenment and understanding. Our Guides can make themselves
known at this point and we can communicate with them. When we have a two-way conversation
going we have communication, a one-way input limits what we can pick up on, and we get a
message but we don't gain deeper understanding. To open to the two-way communication you
must remember to speak with your mind. Ask questions in your mind and then listen for the
answers with your senses. What are you hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, or touching? Our
Guides will often flood us with sensory input, emotions, or feelings about things. They will
respond with telepathic thought, and the more we focus on how they are reaching out to us the
stronger the impressions become to the point where we can hear their voices growing louder, or
see them taking more depth to their image. Sometimes they appear superimposed on the
landscape and at other times we lose the physical environment to a vision that completely takes
over. You should not fear these events when they happen as they are perfectly normal and each
individual will react to varying degrees.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the senses to everything you will do spiritually. Nor can
I express the importance of bringing that spiritual insight into your daily life and using it. Our
senses are our greatest tools. Using them is vital to our growth on all levels: mental, spiritual,
physical, emotional, and until you learn to work with them you're going to feel blocked. I
encourage you to explore them all you can because in the process you will experience many
things and your mind will expand as you come to know your own truths, your understanding will
grow and whole new worlds will open up to you.

Through the senses we can penetrate the dimensional veils, know unlimited potentials, and find
the attunement we seek with our Inner Spirit and Guides. We need to learn to become the
Witness--witnessing our Self, life, and all that exists around us. Walking in nature we begin to
attune to the plant kingdom, the stone kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the humans we interact
with. We learn to walk between the worlds and explore them and the mysteries of life begin to
fade away as we grow in that understanding.

It all starts with the desire to understand these mysteries that only remain such until we have
explored them. It starts with making a choice to dedicate yourself a step at a time. In this way
you hone your abilities and one by one you begin to unify them. As you master once sense and
then another that mastery combines with the next and in the end your senses are a unified whole.
They are at that point a second nature to you, a greater part of the whole, and you are off and
running with them honed to perfection.

We never stop growth in these areas, and the potentials are only limited by what you believe is
possible or impossible. If you are telling yourself "I can't do this" you won't be able to. Doubt
blocks us. All you have to do is accept it's possible and then work on it. You'll have your
validation and you'll understand what people mean when they say they know things. The only
mystery about ESP is that you have put a little extra practice in your senses!

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