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Holotropic Breath Work Discussion
By Tarra

Warning! Not to be taken lightly! http://www.grof-holotropic-breathwork.net/

Yoga is a gentle form of breath work. Holotropic Breath Work is deep breathing until you kick
off a chemical in the brain (don't remember what it’s called) to cause you to hallucinate. This is
done in a controlled setting, and is supposed to bring up old patterns for you to work on. In the
people I saw and have talked to flopping around on the floor to experience their birth wasn't as
fun as they expected.

I will tell you my experience with it. Comfy cozy on a blanket in the front room of a home, and
with supposed "professionals" around I listened to music and began breathing. I came to a point
of forced Shapeshifting, in that it wasn't as comfortable as when I go naturally. I became bear
feeling the fur and claws. I was taken to a cave I have been to before with writing on the walls. I
was told that this process was not for the common folks. This is a Shaman's tool and not to be
given to people just because they can pay for it. This session was $150 each. Not feeling
comfortable I ended the session. Watching this is not easy either. My friend stopped breathing 3
times. I didn't like the way they handled this, like it was common. And only helped her when I
threw a fit. Later I found out this is common. It's not as fun as a Journey, and you have NO
control. It's not like you can go in with a question or issue. What comes will come.

So please if you explore this, don't do it alone. Do get professional help. And be ready for

Breath work like this is always a caution. What they consider normal may be the common
reaction but it does not mean it’s safe. Thanks so much, Tarra!


I was really pulled to read this post and upon
the reading I understood why. My now-ex sister in law did a week of "Shaman Therapy" with
a "Native American shaman" (don't know any more than that) but after this week she told my brother their
relationship was over. Not to mention from then on starting to behave very strangely. I strongly suspect a week of
shaman therapy - whatever that may be? De-stabilized an already unstable character even further. Poor thing. I feel
very sorry for her. Glad my brother is pretty much out of it now for his sake but for her sake, I
feel sorry for her. I just think it is easy to think that a shaman quest or whatever is a quick
solution to a deep-seated problem. I think the holotropic breath work sounds like it stirs stuff up
but does not necessarily give you the resources to deal with the stuff. I am glad you had the
knowledge to deal with the situation ok, Tarra.


Greetings Lune! By the way LOVED your present. Could you explain it to me. You can inbox me.
About the breath work, I didn't have any idea what I had gotten myself into. And it did send me
suicidal. I found some help with a psychologist that worked with this group. And I told the man
who lead this group what I thought of his training. I learned this year, 2 years later, that they are
struggling to keep this type of work going. Money problems. Man am I getting the messages this
morning. I just read SEDD story about the Rabbit and Dreamt about Lobster last night. Lobster
advises of a tendency to "grab" at any new idea or concept. This symbol calls for discernment.
'Mary Summer Rain's guide to dream Symbols' by Mary Summer Rain and Alex Greystone. Love
and Light to you brother and ex-sister in-law.


Well I haven't read the thread on lobster yet but I will to see what you mean. I will inbox you just
as soon as I figure out how! and I will pass the love and light on to my brother and ex sister-in-law.
My brother is very stable personality and although of course it was devastating he seems to
be coming through it all quite strongly. It is my ex-sister in law that I sense has been exploited

badly. Unfortunately. I can only hope she seeks help to sort out her life and go on from there.

Many years ago (80's) at a Healing Conference in CA, my husband (ex now) and I attended one of the workshops offered.
The leader put everyone in groups and got one person to be the one who did the actual demonstration,
my husband was chosen from our group. He did the work which I can't remember what it was called but consisted of
being taken back into his life via a hypnosis type of therapy. He got stuck in those memories and none of the group could pull
him out of them. The woman running the workshop had to come and pull him out and back to that day.
It was very scary and it actually took him about 36 hours to be back fully. I decided from that day that I would never go
into anything that would make me lose control of my reality and the moment.

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