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I Sit in Creation Meditation
By Minna EarthKeeper

I sit.
I breathe.
As I sit. and breathe. I send my roots deep into my Mother, touching, connecting, receiving,
interweaving, joining with my dust, energy and creation.
As I breathe, I take in my dust, energy and creation.
As I exhale, as I flow with Mother, I release all that is or must be finished ~ flowing from me,
past me out of me to be transmuted into fireflies of clean dancing energy.
I am in the Mother and in my breath and surrounded by firefly tiny phoenixes of energy and creation.
I open my body to the Sky Father and the energy flows between my Mother and my Father through me.
This energy shines out of my pores and they open and i am united with All Outside and All Inside.
Fireflies and Light, energy and dust, Father and Mother ~ all open to Nothing and Everything
and I am Home and Light and Nothing.
As I have released, I now begin to take in.
I take in Creation and I become creation.
I will make something of and in and outside myself. It begins. I am one with All-That-Is and I
am no-thing and I am me and I will breathe something new.
I will make a tree. I will plant it in the East and I will create its twin in my small-place.
I breathe and I see a seedling rising from my Mother growing to my Father. I bring it rain from
my Father and Earth from my Mother and I see it ~ rising growing stretching unfolding
breathing. Taking in and giving out.
It breathes. It lives. It roots and stretches toward the above of my Father, reaching the below in
my Mother. Roots seeking, branches lifting, glowing breathing unfolding stretching. It Is. It
Lives. It rises in the East and rises in me and I am both Creator and Tree.
Sunlight and rain filtering, falling, blessing.
It is done. It continues. There is a tree in the East ~ a tree of blessing and shade and strength and
harmony and safety and Light. There is a tree in me and I am. The tree, the East, the light.
It is good. We will rain on each other and feed each other.
We will grow and stretch and strengthen and give shade and filtered sunlight. We will soothe and soften.
We will bring doves to sing their morning songs.
We will Be.
I breathe.
I smile.
I wake.
I stretch.
I am back and I am here and I am there and I breathe and I smile.

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