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By CinnamonMoon

I just wanted to point out that we've been talking here about jiggling things to get them to work
for you. Techniques are a dime a dozen and if you ask anyone there is going to be some variation
between theirs and the next person's. A jiggle took place somewhere and someone altered the
technique just a tad to make it work better for them.

People who are learning to achieve states of trance or meditation (anything really) look for
guidelines and they think they are rigid when they get those directions to follow. We need to
understand the formation or root method but from there we can jiggle all we want to adapt the
foundations to our way of doing things.

It's important to remember to give yourself permission to do this too. It's okay. If you are a
novice and you work with a technique to achieve something it won't matter what you want to
achieve, it's going to have a basic routine to it. You'll center, focus, perhaps call upon elemental
forces in the process, and you'll strive to achieve a state of being. That technique may have a
guided visualization to kick start your motion. Let me give you an example.

You want to learn to understand the element of Air, it's nature and essence. Air rules high places
so your guided visualization begins on a mountain top. You by nature are a desert person, lush
green mountains and vibrant foliage are not common to your environment and visualizing a place
like that is difficult. You keep getting a high desert mesa with ribbons of muted colors along the
horizon and vast plains stretching in all directions as opposed to rolling hills. You can stand on
the mesa just as easy as you can stand on the mountaintop. It doesn't matter. What matters is that
you stand there and let the Air envelop you, lift you up, and take you on a journey. You take off
from a high point. Jiggle it however you need to but find a high point...keep the foundation true,
but you can color it any way you want to.

If you are centering and pulling in elemental forces you may find a technique that seems subtle
and boring to you. Perhaps it begins with standing on a hilltop letting the Wind dance around
you. Well if that doesn't stir you then stand in some place of safety...the eye of a storm where the
Wind swirls around you may be more drama for you, it's safe in the eye, you're not calling in the
forces of chaos, but there's action going on all the same and that eye can pull you into the
elemental force.

Centering itself calls on the 4 elemental forces, how you perceive them is up to you. Any
technique for guided visualization has been created by someone who found a way to accomplish
things based on fundamental aspects and then adapted them to fit their nature. Then they share it
with someone else and if it works for several people it becomes a popular way but it's not the
*only* way. Learn to be creative and give yourself permission to jiggle things.

The only warning I give here is if you are not certain the "jiggle" is safe to use then ask someone.
Either someone close to you or come here to the boards and post the question. We'll tell you if
you're taking things too far. We all need to learn to adapt things to our nature and that it's okay to
do so. If someone is teaching you a technique do try to follow it to the letter initially, but if it's
not working ask that person you're working with how you can jiggle it just a tad to get it initiated
for yourself. They'll be more than willing to point out where you can adapt it to fit your needs.
Before jiggling any technique or work you are doing make sure you understand the fundamental
elements that must be there to achieve your goal. Then you will be able to see what can and can't
be changed. If you leave out the fundamentals then you short-change yourself, risk something
going haywire, or put others in danger. There is a reason for everything, but there is also
flexibility in execution. Know this and give yourself permission to work in ways that suit your
nature too.


the question that arises here is how do you know if what you jiggled is dangerous? I mean there
are sooo many different ways to do things. So I do wonder how one can know that what they are
doing isn't safe? And furthermore, isn't getting burned along the way part of the learning process
too. Sure we try to go around that since it's not necessary to get burned but it's a good teacher in


What occurs to me NW Is that some people aren't going to get burned cause they are never going
to push that 'edge' of safety. Those people will give 'jiggles' while some idiot like me will give a
gigantic push. I do this knowing I may get burned but I do the same in all my life. Those of us
that test all boundaries do get some scars but it's a fascinating journey too.


LOL, yeah, Tink does push that envelope just a bit. ROFL It makes her who she is and she's got
Guardian Spirits around to help dust her off and they know her well too. Our Guardian Spirits
are well suited to our personalities that's for sure! As for how you know what not to do, as long
as you keep the basics in order you're pretty safe. Respecting the forces you work with, taking
things slowly rather than trying to call in too much too fast is wise. It's sort of like driving a car
down the middle of town, you don't floor the thing in a pedestrian crosswalk, but ease through it.
If you take it slow at first and get a feel for things pretty soon you have a feel for the energy and
what it can do...then you sense how to use it and how much of it you need. Keep it simple.
Good to see your input Tink! That pioneering spirit of yours is a beautiful one. And I agree, there
are times trial and error are fun. Once burned twice shy though and we learn things the hard
way sooner or later anyhow. It really is a mixture as we journey through our pathways IMHO.
Sometimes there's an itch you just have to scratch and it's worth it to satisfy it. I'm just trying to
point out to those who are starting out that there is room to adapt certain things and personalize
the way you work. I think it's important to do that too.


I know you were Cinn. I was just saying to NW that moving your location or changing the
wording a bit or other ways of making it more personal really are just a jiggle and not pushing
the envelope enough to cause anyone to get burned. We usually don't get the itch till we have
some basic experience at least.


Got 'cha! LOL Hey, got a spare set of wings? I could use some extras today Seriously, that's a
good point. Can you elaborate??? Cinn ducks and runs now. ...


I know this is a stupid question but how do you know what to do with any of the elements. Yes
you can call in a light rain instead of a hurricane but what do you do with them? How are they
used? For what purpose and why?

Silver Eagle Dream Dancer:

Short version - for me they are like family. The only goal I have is just to be with them, share and
learn - and I don't really consider that a goal. That's the stage I'm at. I can't imagine having
control over them to use them and I wouldn't want it. But then, I approach a lot of my learning
through the perspective of a relationship. It's how I best understand in ways that I can apply to
myself and my path.


As far as I am concerned I wouldn't DO anything with the elements. I just would merely learn
from them and share experiences (hmm I am not sure if I made myself clear here???).


Learn what? In a certain frame of mind, we know the elements well We live with them. In some
ways they are a part of us. I guess that is why I am having so much trouble with this dance. They
are very much a part of everyday reality and part of imagination in the mundane world. It is just
hard for me to take them over into the Spirit world. I will just have to keep working at it. Maybe
someday I will understand them in the Spirit world as well as in the physical world.

Silver Eagle Dream Dancer:

“They are very much a part of everyday reality and part of imagination in the mundane world.”
I agree there! But, there's a difference when you focus your intent, awareness, and energy into
the experience of being with them. That what I know as a ceremonial viewpoint. More simply
put - I expand myself into them. Do you intend to be aware of the air all the time? And yet it's
always there and in your experience. It's the focus of your intent to open awareness in that
direction that changes your experience with an element from the daily 'it's there' to a more
spiritual arena.

That's why it's called a dance - as I learned it. You don't control it, it doesn't control you. You
join spirits and dance together. To illustrate: In a real dance, like at a party, you take the hand of
another and move in unison to the music. In a shamanic dance, you and the element join spirits
and dance to Creator's rhythm. When you do that openly and intentionally, it becomes more than
just the sum of the two parts. After all that explanation - to return it to simplicity, you learn to
dance with them.

I'm going to amend the title of this because we again strayed LOL.


SEDD, I wanted to thank you for the above post. After trying to dance with the elements several
times over the past couple of weeks and even early this morning and getting no place, I happened
to read this post just before I left for work (today). On my way to work (the forty minutes’ drive
to work each way is "my time" without interruptions), I was thinking about Cinnamon's reminder
to keep it simple go into the essences and SED comments above which were to "dance" with the
elements. I had been trying in the other dances with air and didn't get too far; fire was alright
but decided not to think about these two elements and just focus on water, something new. I
indicated to Spirit that I would try this evening if I could find a quiet time but that realistically I
don't get enough time to go into a deeper trance and that was the way it was; there simply are no
times without unexpected interruptions that could be planned for. Any way I proceeded to think
about water and what it feels like. As I was thinking about it there was a shift in vision in my
right eye. My thoughts were oh no not right now. Nevertheless, I saw myself in a stream, I heard
the running water and became one with the water as it bounced over rocks and as it is churned
in every directions and even became spray at times. The water became faster and faster and at
some point I no longer saw or felt myself as being bounced around by it but was one with water
in the Spirit World at least as seen in my right eye. I was driving with my left eye and was seeing
and feeling both worlds simultaneously. I didn't need to go into the deeper level for this
beginning dance nor did I try to go into the upper or lower worlds. I just stayed in water, felt it
and the currents and heard it as it became faster and faster and finally went over a falls. As it/we
plunged into the water below I became parts of the returning splash and became multiple
segments of the element and finally came to rest in the pool below. The focus then shifted back
fully to the mundane world.

Thinking about other posts I guess this could be a jingle. My mind couldn't think since it needed
to drive, I had to separate it from the Spirit World since two focuses need to be achieved
simultaneously. The element dance in the spirit world was felt, heard, and then seen.
While the timing left something to be desired "I think" I might now be able to get back into this
state intentionally so I can dance more fully through the elements and / or take each element
through the worlds. It seems that each time I have learned a little more but this time I "felt the
shift" I was looking for and then seemed to go with the flow.

These types of shifts in focus are unintentional; intertwining the mundane and Spirit World and
happen instantaneously. Yet, after experiencing something in this focus, it seems one can just go
there by thinking of or imagining water, a totem, or a guide. What is the protocol in these
happenings? Does one thank the element for coming as one does in a full dance with guides etc.
I do look forward to the next free time I have to dance with the elements. Maybe, now I can start
to truly understand them.

Thanks for all the comments about the "Dance". While I have not in any way completed it I can
know feel the shift in focus I need to experience the elements as I do when I see during dances. I
believe this shift is felt and observed every time I go into the Spirit world. I cannot say I feel the
shifts the same between worlds though. It seems to me that in the different worlds I experience a
change in the closeness of the pixels in the vision being observed. In other words, in the lower
world the pixels are closer together than in the mundane with a corresponding sharpening in
focus where as in the upper world the pixels are farther apart with a corresponding loss in
sharpness or an increase in visual graininess. I cannot tell yet the differences in the other senses
in the different worlds.

So much for today! I hope everyone has a nice holiday.

Silver Eagle Dream Dancer:

“What is the protocol in these happenings?”
Since this was more spontaneous rather than a formal ceremonial type of thing... I'd just express
my love and gratitude for the experience. Were it more ceremonial, you'd perform a 'giveaway'.
I'm so tickled for ya! It's quite an experience isn't it? Course, you're definitely right about the

I feel you're right on target with the mind being occupied bit. You also just reminded me of
something I'd forgotten. I have a tendency to do the same type of thing while practicing Ti Chi. I
don't know it very well yet.. but the same type of thing happens with me while performing the
motions. Hadn't thought about that! Thank you


Yes, always thank the elements for coming to you and sharing.
As for feeling that shift you spoke of, it's really a personal thing. Some feel it never, occasionally,
always, and mixtures depending on the moment or level of expertise. This is why we're doing the
Dance of the Elements. It helps you learn to read your own senses and their strengths and
weaknesses, in what dimension (if any) does that change and how. We learn so much about our
inner voice, inner spirit, and the dimensional realms and beings this way. We get a feel for the
energy at that level and it's variations allowing us to come to know it's energy signature.
Later this comes into play with the Totems and Guides who work with these forces too. We take
on through osmosis and experience the symbology of each quadrant on the Wheel and thus when
we interpret the messages in life and actions of the creature-teachers that relay those messages
the directions help us to gain even greater insights. It's all so intricately woven together but
you've got to get a feel for the different threads so you can see why they are chosen and placed in
specific places in that tapestry of life.

Being aware of the shifts is good and it will indicate for you a triggering point of transition from
one state or force to another as you become more increasingly aware of it. I too feel and see the
shift, I hear a change in tone (cosmic) and even colors change slightly for me so things take on a
different appearance in the process ... for me... you may be different.

This is progress though and I do want to congratulate you. We each have to find our way and
yes, it was the jiggle you needed. Sometimes Spirit demonstrates how we can do that and I think
you had a great example of that here. Congratulations!

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