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By CinnamomMoon

There are patterns, important patterns that tend to repeat themselves as our spiritual path
develops and unfolds in its own way. These patterns include the way we develop our gifts and
abilities and begin to recognize them for what they are. We're initiated into that process (please
see the article on the Roadmap to Initiation) and begin to develop the abilities, skills, and tools
that we possess to enhance the path we walk and the touches we make in the lives of those we
share our paths with.

Prior to initiation abilities and signs begin to appear around us, the indicators that something is
about to change, hints that something's coming, something's in the air and we can't quite put a
finger on it yet. Perhaps we need to purge and take on an illness to rid our body of toxins, or if
we are seasoned and know what's happening we'll fast. Sometimes we fast naturally, just sort of
lose our appetite for a day or two. We're alert now, aware that there's something in the air around
us, something strange is going on and we start to dig to find out what it is.

Initiation takes us through the process and as we go we begin to assimilate what's
happening...often phenomenal events that we've never encountered begin to take place. Those
who are more seasoned will find such familiar events take on new intensity and dimension to
them...they expand. We put those pieces together, have some ah-ha! moments, and start to see
Spirit is trying to show us *something* about the not too distant future. Initiation takes as long as
it takes and each one is unique, but it's not until that process is complete that a full assimilation
of what has happened can be undertaken. Why? Because we learn as we go through the
experience. It's hands-on training folks!

Those who are familiar with the patterns of spiritual growth are familiar with the process of
assimilation. For some it's a brand new experience and they grope around trying to try to find
someone to talk to about it....someone to explain what's happening. Sometimes they find
someone to help and sometimes they have to figure it out on their own. It's usually the first
indication that we *need a teacher*...and fast! But just as often there isn't one around. Why?
Because Spirit wants us to have this experience, THEN find the person who can help us figure
out what just happened. Or to figure it out on our own. Either way the full assimilation is a very
intense period and usually calls for us to withdraw from those around us for a period of time (as
long as it takes in case you're ready to ask that question), just to find some space to sort it all out.
Often the things we experience during the initiation period are profound. They challenge our
sense of reality, of ourselves, of what *really happened*, and they make us face our doubts,
insecurities, and fears. They make us face our blindsides, to look into the Great Smoking Mirror
within us and do some real soul-searching at times. Sometimes the things we go through are very
terrifying at first, or emotionally painful, or make us wonder if *this is really happening?*...are
we imagining all this or is it what everyone else has been talking about?

When it's concluded we've passed or failed--simple as that--we know which immediately.
Overcoming our challenges means we pass. We all kick and scream at times, even the seasoned
pathwalkers, so that's normal. But getting through it we find the means to dig deep, find our
courage, our inner strength, our faith in ourselves and in Spirit to guide us. In the end we do just
that, it's what it's all about. If we fail, if we refuse to go further, then Spirit will present us with
another opportunity to undergo it again after we've had some time to adjust to the idea. Free will
is exercised, we choose from our inner being to do this or we walk away and don't look back and
Spirit accepts that too. It doesn't present itself unless we are ready to undergo the test of faith. It
means facing the unknown on spiritual levels and internal levels.

The events that took place on spiritual levels during this rite of passage need to be taken deep
within us. We need to re-examine them in great detail, often catching nuances that escaped us at
the time, and we sort through it all absorbing bit by bit. Most of these events are dimensionally
linked and it's hard to talk about what goes on outside the physical reality, how do you describe
the intangible? Or how do you describe what it feels like to have the cells in your body begin to
change and things inside begin to emerge...sometimes things you never dreamed possible? You
can't, not really, not unless the person you're talking to has been there or had a similar encounter.
Unless they have they can't really understand, your words become useless then, feeble, wasted
effort, so why try? Because you're itching to talk about this fantastic experience, and if you don't
have someone to talk to the odds are you'll be keeping a pretty intense journal during this period.
Working things through, sorting them out, putting them in the compartments that make them fit
into our sense of self...it's very personal, it's all about us as an individual evolving. Even for the
novice these experience can reach deep proportions, we all walk such unique paths and our work
is timed to that. If we need a jump start it doesn't matter how seasoned we are, Spirit sees we get
one. During this process there are things you can do to aid your progress and sometimes expedite
matters a little. Like I've said you can talk to others, a teacher, someone close that would
understand, they're only the people you have great trust in as these things aren't easy to share.
You can write about them in a journal, work it out on your computer, you'll find some way to
*get it out*. You can think it through, talk to yourself, look in the mirror and carry on a very
intense debate...but it's a natural part of the pattern to want to express it somehow. It helps as a
confidential sounding board is a welcome relief in whatever form it takes. Be it a teacher, friend,
or journal those options offer a way to pull it all out of yourself and go over it again and again.
We do this until we figure all the little details out.

Symbology is often a major part of that and if we don't know what things mean we're scrambling
to find out. This draws us out of our solitude long enough to find the answer and get right back
into it again. We limit our contacts to those we feel we can share with and we avoid all others.
"Sorry, ‘gotta go, I've got a lot of work to do", and we make excuses for not attending to outside
matters. You're probably asking, so what else can we do to help ourselves? We've already
assumed isolation for a time, stepped back and away to just sit with things, so what do we do with them?

Well, we can enter into meditation on issues and symbols and open to re-enter their energy
signatures, repeat the process bringing it up from memory. We can take that memory into a
guided visualization, initiate a journey, seek out our Spirit Guides and explore the knowledge
safely, work with an emerging gift safely, hone our ability safely. We need a quiet space to do
that, and then we need to let it out of us, containing it isn't enough, knowing it isn't enough. We
took it in during the initiation, now we have to let it out like an exhale. So we write about it or
we talk about it and as we do we begin to own it, to take responsibility for it being a part of our
reality...a part of us. In this way we take it from a spiritual level of experience merging it into the
physical world. We have just co-created something amazing with Spirit. So now what do we do with it?

The phases of assimilation are often accompanied by a dream or vision, often a series of them,
all of which are clearly sacred. They address more of what we need to know, they help us to fine
tune things, see *how* we're to use this knowledge or ability. Guides come to us and begin to
show us more. We begin to remember other little details and jiggle them into place...things start
to *click*. Upon awaking we can't shake these dreams they stay with us until we recognize how
important they are and put another piece of our puzzle together. Day by day we have more ah-ha! moments.

Then comes a point where there is usually something personal in our life, an issue that needs to
be resolved and there is pressure around it. Suddenly we start to see that it takes this knowledge
or gift to do just that. Of course we have to figure that out too. We practice our skill with it on
ourselves first. Hone it some more, jiggle things into place, see how they work outside the
spiritual reality, and we receive our validation that we're doing it right or we jiggle some more
until we get it right. Then another issue and another, usually at least 3 times.

From there an immediate family member has a crisis so they come to us asking for help or
advice. Again this skill is called for in some manner to be applied to helping them overcome
their problem. Another jiggle, another way to apply the skill. Here we can repeat it with other
family members another time or two or jump just beyond the immediate family to another loved
one, perhaps a close friend. We share our ability with them or use it to help them and again it
will be called for, another time or two.

Next a situation arises outside our family and friends, a little further out into the community
perhaps an acquaintance or a stranger but situations keep calling for us to use this and draw us
further and further into the world to use what we've learned and apply it in many ways. By then
we're "out there" and serving with it...often before we realize it, but we're comfortable doing so,
it's becoming a second nature now, we've got this down pat.

The next thing you know you're aware through hindsight just how many lives you've touched
already and smiling or chuckling to yourself about the clever irony. You begin to see Spirit's
unseen hands moving through your life, using you as a means to serve the needs of others as well
as yourself, one touch at a time. You grow stronger and see Spirit's hands upon you and you
know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you've begun something very special.

You find you can accept the path ahead, wherever it takes you, you trust the process, and you
wield your ability or gift to make the world a better place no matter how great or how small your
contribution...you know it matters. So now what? Time to learn something new, the pattern has
completed itself and you're about to start all over again! When? When are the signs starting up?
Where's the curiosity to see what they mean? Watch for them, they'll come. Meanwhile continue
to explore what you can that holds your interest, continue to share what you can with others,
helping them, teaching those that come asking to learn what you know, keep walking and keep
that twinkle in your eye. It looks good there!

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