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Leaking Energy
By CinnamonMoon

I've been thinking about a few topics to discuss here and one of them is leaking energy. When
you are new or seasoned to your path this is a common problem that is often overlooked.

We're like sponges and our energy can become saturated to the point where we leak it and for
good or bad we leave puddles behind. Centering and ground help to keep that in balance but
recognizing when we need to do that isn't always clear. Emotions can block our perceptions and
awareness needs to be cleared.

For this reason centering daily (at least once) is important. It helps you keep that balance.
Grounding after doing any spiritual pathwork is an essential so we don't take on excesses. Seems
simple doesn't it? It's not. We are human and we forget. Ego tells us that we don't need to waste
time on these trivial matters. What happens when we listen to that ego? When we think we're
beyond what others have to do? Well we start leaking and we start showing physical symptoms
of irregularity.

Some of these symptoms can be dizziness, nausea, headaches, frustrations, impatience, etc. and
we start showing negative energy signs. This can be from overload when working (taking on the
energy of the work and not grounding it). Even when we ground there is going to be some
residue so you will absorb a little but when you're on overload the mind seems confused or
dysfunctional, we get clumsy or have health issues that may seem minor and annoying. It can
range from subtle to severe and the cure is simple.

Just center and ground yourself through a simple ritual of purification. This can be done by
smudge sessions, by opening yourself in meditation and going through steps to purify mind,
body, and spirit.
Have you ever been with someone who left an aftertaste in the air that was unpleasant? That's
someone who's leaking energy. How about someone who upon first impression made you recoil?
That's leaking energy. How about someone that is exhausting to spend time with? That's leaking
energy. If we are balanced those things don't happen. We give those same impressions to others
(even though they may not say so) when we leak our own energy. Be aware of what others
reactions to you are like. Start noticing and you will begin recognizing the signs.

When your energy is balanced properly you remain open to receiving insight much clearer and
you don't cloud the perceptions others have of you. Preoccupation with matters in the mundane
sense is usually the culprit along with our Ego which is something we want to shed anyway, so
think about this and if you feel you need to correct yourself be gentle and see the humor. We all
do it. I'm not beyond it and I'm sure there are times I've let that show here. In fact I know I have.
So don't beat yourself up, simply do what you need to do and fix it.

The results of a balanced energy body put you back into the flow and teach you much about
yourself. Understanding why you are leaking in the first place is the first clue to the work you
need to do. To resolve issues of strong emotion it's best to sleep on them overnight before
reacting. Pray for guidance if you have to, so that you can take the higher good into account. If
you are hurt or angry odds are so is the party you are having difficulties with and often the
resolution becomes clear.

Energy leaks that go unchecked become major problems over time and can literally become
mountains to climb over or move once it's out of control. We become a dam that has burst and
that energy spills out like water everywhere sweeping all in it's path along with it. So conscious
awareness is one of the first steps to energy awareness and control.

What I'd like to see in response to this post is the sharing of how you can tell when someone is
leaking energy around you, or how you recognize when it's happening to you. Then a sharing of
the steps you take to rectify the matter.


I have been feeling like my dam is spilling over, I have had a nervous tummy and headaches
frequently. But to work through this I need some questions answered. Does this pertain to
pathwork only? Can I be picking up energy from someone else and in turn it gives me a leak? I
understand that grounding is important and helps to balance, but what actually causes the leak?
What kind of energy overloads a person? I know that these symptoms subside when this person is
not around. I may be really off here but after reading this post, something clicked.


No, it's not just spiritual pertinence but there's usually a spiritual link. Are you a strong empath?
It sounds like you're sponging up energy from others and that's the overflow. In that case you
need to look into Shielding. The fastest way to break free if you've allowed this to happen is to
run ice cold water over your wrists. Snap-shake your hands toward the ground and release the
energy to Mother Earth.

You can actually pick up energy from others who are so negative you get serious physical
symptoms when they are around you and residual ones too.

The leak I was talking about was personal leaking. It's about our energy signature. What causes
it? Dumping our troubles on others, depressed feelings, any negative or even positive energy we
emit. It's ours and we own it and we should take it with us when we go. To stay centered daily
prevents this in most cases. It's the attitude that your energy is not an important issue that lets
you set aside the centering process for "another time" and so the situation just builds on itself.


the only thing I can think of is now since I have taken the habit of centering , when I don’t do it I
know I'm more irritable. With my line of work it shows as I'm less patient and things don’t wash
over me as easily. That is mostly the main thing I can think of.

Also as another example, I had a two days of at the end of last week plus the weekend and mostly
partied and I tend to not center at those times as if there is alcohol involved I absolutely do no
spiritual work not even centering. So needless to say that after four days I was bitchy, let me
rephrase that, real bitchy with a zero tolerance level which tends to make me aggressive and
overly defensive.

As for the other examples you have pointed out it has happened to me to just not being able to
stand someone and also to find someone draining. I always thought though that people you are
draining were normally regarded as being psychic vampires, even if they aren’t aware of it. I
don’t see why, is someone is leaking energy, it would be draining and put a strain on me?
Oh and one more. With the last dance I made I pointed out that I did it quickly and didn't center
properly afterwards and the result was an headache.

Oh and why not another one . When I'm not centered I tend to make mountains out of mole hills
and then get all stressed and thus ensues stomach problems (which is how stress manifests in me
) accompanied by a lot of neck tension).

Like mentioned this also happens when I get real nervous about something. I feel disoriented ,
quizzy, light headed and a whole lot of other symptoms that combine to make it an uncomfortable
situation. I guess the best way I could describe it is feeling scattered. I know breathing and
centering helps that, but I'm still having problems keeping that under control. Fortunately it's
those type of situations are happening less.


Centering creates a "center of balance" to initiate control. You still have to direct that. By asking
Spirit to walk with you and opening to that precious presence you start using your intentions
from that perspective and voila! Suddenly the *way* you react to things shifts to a higher energy
vibration serving not only you but everyone you come into contact with. It changes your auric
field and radiates the Light and Love of Spirit which you are emitting through being a Hollow
Bone. Centering is the start...start of channeling.

Each of us has an auric field. It extends about 3' out from our body. Extend your arm and give it
3" more. If someone comes into that field it becomes intimate space. If they are not in a
relationship to you that permits that it feels like an invasion. You naturally push back or step
back to maintain that space. In a social setting it's not always possible to do this, we're "rubbing
shoulders" constantly.

Someone who is leaking negative energy is going to leave residue on you. It then contaminates
your space. So if you are at a party socializing and you haven't centered over the weekend or the
day for that matter, you end up being a magnet that is unshielded and that energy contaminates
yours. If you are an empath it's all the worse. Therein lies your irritability and the need to center
and cleanse yourself to transform back to positive energy again. You gave very good examples
by the way.

If you can't stand someone it's the same thing. You can't "stand" in common space with them.
Think of what you would use to word that reaction. It holds a clue. If someone is "draining" to be
around they are more or less psychic vampires and they may not be aware of it. This is true. But
if you aren't centered and shielded as a routine, they then have access to your energy even
without you being aware until it's too late and you literally feel that drain.

"I don’t see why, is someone is leaking energy, it would be draining and put a strain on me?"

Do you see now?

"With the last dance I made I pointed out that I did it quickly and didn't center properly afterwards and the result was a headache."

Great example.

"Oh and why not another one . When I'm not centered I tend to make mountains out of mole hills
and then get all stressed and thus ensues stomach problems ( which is how stress manifests in me) accompanied by a lot of neck tension."

See my post in the Healing forum as a reply to you there on this one.
"I guess the best way I could describe it is feeling scattered.
I know breathing and centering helps that, but I'm still having problems keeping that under
control. Fortunately it's those type of situations are happening less.


Thanks for the advice, the next time this happens I will remember to try this. In the meantime I
will start grounding and centering myself everyday. I admit I only do it when I meditate which is
only a few times a week.

I never thought about being empathic, but I do feel emotional changes when I'm around
depressed or negative people. And it is easy to cheer me up when I'm around a happy person.
But I always thought that happens to everyone.

I will look back into the shielding threads and see what I can learn from them.


Have you ever heard the expression "leaking energy" and wondered what people are talking
about? I was in a discussion about this with a friend today, and called upon to define it. In that I
felt it might be worth pointing out to the community here that it is something we can, when we
are aware of it, control.

Leaking energy comes when we are confronted with difficult issues and situations. It comes
when we get hurt, frustrated, confused or upset. We begin entertaining negative thoughts, we say
things, vent and whine, and kick and scream. It comes when we allow our emotions to run amok
with our lives and control us. These things, when we allow them to take over essentially leak our
energy and put out negative vibrations. What does that mean?

We push people away with our auric field. It feels "bad" to them, and they can't wait to get out of
our "space" and clear their own. We call to us what we project and if we are leaking negativity
that's all we're going to find around us. Like attracting like.

Rabbit teaches us about fear and when we are feeling negative about things it is allowing fear to
paralyze us, to grow into exaggerations, and then the negative feelings set in and it's all we can
focus on...what's going wrong.

In a reading that WolfSpirit did in the practice forum for Raven he addressed the lesson of the
Great Smoking Mirror, how we reflect things and how sometimes all we need to do is reverse the
perspective to turn them around. It's the same thing with leaking energy. By refusing to do this,
grounding and centering and choosing through our free will to take a more positive attitude we
begin attracting positive results--often instantly.

Try it the next time you feel yourself going *down* in spirits and reverse the perspective. See for
yourself that you can seal the leak simply by taking a more positive approach and opening to
other options. A wise person once told me that in order to achieve something you have never
achieved you have to do something you've never done or things will turn out the same as they
always have. Sage advice!


Great advice, Cinn. I find myself in this situation now and I think I needed to hear this to pull
myself out of it.

Quote: "Try it the next time you feel yourself going *down* in spirits and reverse the
perspective. See for yourself that you can seal the leak simply by taking a more positive
approach and opening to other options."

It's funny that I already knew this, but I guess you don't often realize you're going through it
unless you see it in black and white. Thanks for this message.


My pleasure, Sunflower, I was nudged to post it and knew someone needed the message.


You post made me realize exactly what it is I need to help in myself. Negative emotions
sometimes get the better of me and as of the last few months they have. What you presented gave
me a framework from which to expand into a higher me at a time when I really (really) need it.
Thank you and thank you for the one who nudged you.

wolf spirit UK:

Hmmm. I have never been able to figure out why I can't get along with my mother - I have
figured this out for my own energy and try to remain conscious of it - but now I know why I
never want to be around my mother! Or why some of the places I have to go and work just leave
me cold and I want to turn heels and walk right back out the door.

Do you have any suggestions as to how to deal with situations we have no choice but to be in,
but where energy is being leaked - is there any particular protection that can be used or is it just
down to regular protection?


I know Cinnamon will have much better suggestions, but I wanted you to know that carrying or
wearing a hematite stone will help in reflecting negative energies away from you. Just a thought.

wolf spirit UK:

Is Hematite silver-grey metalicy? Or is it a dark-Greenish with flecks of Blue - It rings a bell - i
do have some crystals - something tells me it is a large crystal I have - the greenish one - is it
also good as a link to Spirit - for divination?


It looks like solidified Mercury I guess... this image has quite light samples... Hematite can also
be slightly darker.


It's the silver, metallic one. You can find pics of it at Mooncave Crystals. This is what they say
about hematite..."Hematite is a wonderful grounding stone and assists one in balance and
stability. It enhances focus, concentration, courage, confidence, trust and optimism. It assists in
the focusing of energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit. It also assists
in the dissolution of negativity, transforming the negativity, in the dissolved state, to the purity of
the universal light of love."

And also Owl has a page on her site dedicated to crystals if you'd like to hop over there and take
a look.

wolf spirit UK:

Mouse & Sunflower to you both: Thanks guys! It was one of the two i was thinking of - I have
seen this a few times - and not bought one - don't know why! Probably had to learn a few things
first! I really like this stone as well! Thanks again!


WolfSpirit, you asked: "Do you have any suggestions as to how to deal with situations we have
no choice but to be in, but where energy is being leaked - is there any particular protection that
can be used or is it just down to regular protection?"

While others suggest stones to work from and that's good in itself, I prefer to work through
myself as the tool. So I would suggest that it's an attitude adjustment. If we feel this type of thing
coming from others they are the ones leaking energy. We're open to receive and therefore we feel
their negativity. In that case it's the sending and receiving and we can choose to not receive. I
simply close down my range of reception by changing my attitude. I see it for what it is, their
leakage, and I respect their space to learn their lesson. I don't have to make it mine. By choosing
not to let it affect me I am in essence shielding myself. I see the issue as theirs, step out of it and
see it from a higher perspective, and in this way can allow them the honor of learning from their
experience. This is in general.

If someone is bombarding you with the energy you can address it verbally to them. With tact and
diplomacy, you can ask them what it is that has them so upset. Sometimes people just need to
vent. Perhaps, if they are open, you can give them some grounding suggestions, help them see
resolutions, or suggest they take another approach to their problem and make sure you state it is
their problem. Let them own it to resolve it and in this way you point out the leakage to others.
Often people are so upset they are not aware of the affect it is bringing to the environment
around them.

We don't have to express this in spiritual terms to them, not everyone is open to that or even
wants to hear it, but we can point out with mundane logic and common sense that attitude is
altitude and when we take the high road in situations it's often the best way to handle them for
the most expedient results. Stepping out and away from things allows us to take the emotional
issues out of the situation.

In most cases that's the problem. The emotional attachment allows for things to be connected to
us and we end up feeling like garbage when the energy is negative. We need then to find a way
to disassociate from the emotions so we can find the logical resolution. Perhaps, say at work,
taking someone to lunch out of the building, away from the environment, and helping them to
see it from a different perspective is all that is necessary. It doesn't need to be a complicated
thing at all. Simplify and be clear and that's usually enough to let them run with their own

When it's family it's a bit more difficult, but seeing things as belonging to others rather than us
(when we are not the cause) helps here too. If you cannot get along with your mother there is an
issue one or both of you have to deal with. If it is not something you are doing but something she
is choosing to put on you so she doesn't have to own her own issues then step back. See it for
what it is. Reflect it back to her by naming it (be nice, you don't have to continue any arguments
or start them). But you can say something like:
"Mother, I can see you are upset, but your perspective is a bit off in my perception. I see this as
an issue that can be resolved if you look at it like this:______________".

It's as simple as that. Once you name it and point out there are options and perspectives to
consider you can leave them with your view and walk away. Then it's up to them to digest that.
Trust that your words will linger if you let them fall on the table before them...but leave the
room. Do not give space to argue further. You can return in 5 minutes and find that the
atmosphere has changed. I've done this for a long time and find it serves me well. Sometimes I
punctuate my departure by saying something like: "I'm going outside now to get a breath of fresh
air, it's stale in here and you need to think about this privately. I'll give you that space while I
take some for myself. Think about what I said. I'll be back in a few minutes." Then follow
through and see what happens. Again, it doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes the best
lessons are through our own examples.

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