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By CinnamonMoon

Inner Spirits, entities of an intangible reality ruled by the collective consciousness; entities that
can for a time take human form, enter into life through that body and experience the physical
reality through an Earthwalk.

Earthwalker’s, human beings, entities living in a physical reality ruled by their minds; entities
hosting a spirit that brings to them the life force so they can 'live' for a time this way while
remaining connected to Spirit.

Mind…body…spirit…the divine trinity found within each of us as well as in the principles of
life itself. They are our personal Oneness, and they, in that Oneness, are One with Spirit.
The physical body is meant to exist in a physical world while the spirit body exists in a spiritual
world and the two are parts of a whole creating oneness. The duality of the spiritual and physical
realities comes together as we are One this way…inside and outside it's still One. The mind must
come to accept the trinity, and the spirit within us. It is basing its acceptance on tangibles
initially and we are asking it to shift perspective to an intangible presence. We, and I speak of the
spirits within each of us collectively, can walk the Earth in the course of many times this way,
have many different life experiences where our spirits grow and evolve. In this manner the spirit
cycles through lifetimes in a continuously unfolding of its path in order to fulfill its
destiny…striving to reach its destination and fulfill it's 'mission'.

The lifetimes are like unto Dreams…the spirit enters into them, but while the body/Robe will
die/Drop, the spirit is eternal and it continues on into other worlds. It's all one path unfolding,
each lifetime a Dream where we are given room to manifest that portion of our Dream into form
thus the DreamWeave is up to us to co-create. While the spirit has known many lifetimes and it
strives to manifest the DreamWeave, it must, in each lifetime, give that Dream to the human
host. In order to do that there are often times where there is past life recall brought into play as a
method to achieve that acceptance-at least some bits and pieces. The links to a greater reality
start to connect to assist the human and the mind in accepting that there is more than what meets
the eye in the physical reality. In one form or another that individual will find themselves
inspired to walk a path in life that contributes to the path the Inner Spirit is taking.

We ask why we have to suffer or be challenged or endure things, and this is why, well one of the
reasons. We're challenged to learn lessons that allow us to grow enough to begin manifesting that
Dream. We hear it asked are you the Dreamer or are you the Dreamed? Are you a human who
has awakened to the spirit within or are you a human that is sleeping so the spirit must work on
its own and continue its journey with you fighting it…are you helping or hindering? Are you a
victim of life (the Dreamed) or are you part of life (the Dreamer)? If someone is spiritually
sleeping they cannot contribute to their spiritual path, they aren't even consciously aware of the
need for team effort here. They sleep and they fight the spiritual intangibilities, their inner radar
goes off and they put on earplugs or second-guess themselves and brush their guidance aside. We
may be aware that we have an Inner Spirit, a dogmatic perspective that we learn as children to
blindly accept, but we must work to make the connection and come to know our Self…the spirit
within us to be One with it.

I want to address the path we walk in life and how it is tied to the path of the Inner Spirit because
in truth the two are one and in learning to walk between the worlds we bring that path into being
with clarity. We come to the Vision we need to understand the Dream that has been seeded in
our hearts…yeah, that one that seems to be the ideal life to lead, or is a passion we cannot ignore,
or draws us forward into life striving and challenging us to grow and reach for it against the
odds. Our career path of choice is connected to the path of the Inner Spirit in a mundane sense
and when we see the spiritual path we can see the connective tissue that shows us the spiritual
side of the mundane world we dwell in. It clicks together like pieces of a puzzle then.

The topic of Oneness comes up a good deal of the time, and unless we are in spirit form we are
not going to be able to sustain ourselves within that realm. Our physical bodies need the physical
reality to function and exist. We must eat, sleep, breathe, work and play in a physical world. We
cannot sustain a spiritual state of total Oneness at all times but we can walk between the two with
conscious awareness. And our Inner Spirit is our connection to that Oneness…it can exist within
both realms…the physical and the spiritual…that's the link to Spirit and the Oneness. Tapping
the Oneness is something we can do though, and we can submerge ourselves into it on a more
limited basis. We can walk between the worlds by raising our conscious awareness to the
spiritual nature within us and within life wherein we open to guidance. When we do this we can
feel the tap on our shoulders when guidance comes forward, we can shift our perspective to the
Oneness and step into it to receive that guidance. At that point we step back between the worlds
aware and apply what we've been shown to continue on co-creating in our respective
DreamWeave. And our DreamWeave is part and parcel of a greater DreamWeave…each human
being a part of humanity and each Inner Spirit being a part of Spirit. One cannot exist without the
other, but it's up to us to raise our conscious awareness and choose to experience the union of the
duality as a whole.

The aspect of 'the path' as a focal point will serve not only to help understand the Oneness better
but to equally assist those who are wondering how they can recognize their spiritual path as it
unfolds. That path is the DreamWeave and it weaves itself through our destiny. It's necessary to
draw the parallels of the human body and the Inner Spirit that inhabits it as both of them are on a
complimentary path of their own…thus, each path needing to be a part of the whole forms the
DreamWeave. When we bring the context of the human side into balance with the DreamWeave
or vision of the Inner Spirit we see that there is a compatible path unfolding in the physical
reality thus both are served simultaneously. Do we walk a physical path in life or do we walk a
spiritual path in life? Can we do both? Should we do both? What happens when we do? Life
comes together and the Dream begins to manifest, that's what happens. To see this we must learn
to raise our conscious awareness to that level.

We, as humans, see ourselves as the primary factor in the physical reality, our lives as we live
them are physical experiences. We get up in the morning and wake to a tangible world where we
can see, touch, feel, smell, and hear all the physical experiences around us. Life abounds and the
world is filled with a multitude of forms; all of which are living, moving, evolving according to
their nature. We take the aspects or essences in the natural world for granted as parts of that
whole. The physical reality is a tangible reality and it *is* 'here' while the spiritual reality is an
intangible reality that *is* 'out there'. The intangible reality can be experienced through our
projected sensory abilities and the spirit within us can show us it's realm or reality when we learn
to connect to it. It is connected to us and we are connected to it…combined we function as a
whole…there is no duality beyond that as we are one in this sense…mind, body, and spirit, the
sacred trinity no matter what path you walk in life they are going to be a part of it. It's simply a
matter of whether or not we are willing to raise our conscious awareness and see it.

There are countless times you've heard that the body is just a vehicle for the spirit itself to
journey into the physical reality and experience it. Prior to birth we agree to experience certain
things and to take on certain tasks at appointed times in the course of a physical life. When I say
'we agree' I'm talking about the spirit within us agreeing to the life lessons, to the challenges and
hardships that bring forth those lessons granting us full understanding through experience. We
agree to the blessings each lifetime offers us as a result of the growth and I want to stop right
there for a moment noting that the Inner Spirit, that spark of life within us that burns with a
Flame of Passion and brings us to life or leaves and abandons life to move on, that spirit has a
purpose. It entered into the physical body for a reason. Do you know what your purpose is or
how to open to understand it? Well this is the journey of the spirit and the path it has taken…a
path that goes beyond the physical reality and through lifetimes past, present, and future…the
spirit is making a journey of its own. It must Weave the Dream, it must become the Dreamer
instead of the Dreamed.

Let's step into that concept further and see from this general perspective that it would make sense
our physical life, our environment and changing environments, our challenges and our rewards
all serve to ready us to open up to the Inner Spirit and thus to the spiritual path as well as the
physical path…the two unfolding together, as it needs to unfold…everything happens for a
reason and when we learn to look for the reasons we find them…and with them we find answers.
We also find answers to why we had to suffer and surrender and know pain to reach the joy.
When it comes time to do that we 'wake up' and start to act on it and the path we walk lays
behind us in the past lives we've lived, resides beneath our feet in the present, and leads into
many lifetimes in the future…as we learn to co-create and DreamWeave. The axis of the path
and spirals it takes reside within the Three Worlds (see articles in the libraries on the Sacred
Directions for further information on the Worlds) and everything expands outward from there, or
inward to the infinite microcosm of Self.

As for your path, you're on it whether you're aware of that or not, it exists on the axis between
the Three Worlds, and as you continue to walk between the worlds you'll find it becomes clearer
and is comprised of all that you are. It's all One. The walk constantly changes, but it continues to
stay the same when we see the patterns playing out. I know that sounds like a dichotomy and it
is. It will be a tapestry of all the threads of your life woven together and those you're still
stitching where you want to take stitches. Guidance will tell you to 'stitch here or there' and you'll
know where to take another one that way if you get confused or lose sight of the Dream. Your
vision will grow clearer as your understanding expands and you'll be shown the way to the next
bend in the road. It comes in pieces that are big enough to digest but not too much to take in at
once. It's always a pleasant surprise when these things happen. When the path comes into being
it's always along the lines of what we felt it would be only a little bit better, a little more
comfortable than we thought it would be, and a little brighter too.

Each step we take is a step out of one comfort zone, adjusting ourselves because sometimes we
get shoved out too, and into another that we need to learn to be comfortable in. We can trust
guidance to see us along, but to do that we have to learn to open to it. Once we open to guidance
the DreamWeave becomes clearer, we can work with our Inner Spirit then to fulfill that purpose,
a mission in life takes shape, we pick up our pace because we're not fighting our Self any longer,
we understand where we need to go and what we need to do to get there and life suddenly makes
a whole lot of sense to us. We're aware of the physical and spiritual realities, walking between
the worlds and co-creating our DreamWeave as we fulfill our destiny with clarity. It's an infinite
process and if we can see ourselves as humans living but one lifetime then the purpose of the
Inner Spirit takes on depth of meaning and the co-operative aspect along with it. We become
humbled to see we are part of something much larger than life as we know it, and that the
permeation of multi-dimensions is as much a part of life as we are.

This is a time in the evolution of humanity wherein people are Waking Up spiritually, and as
they do they capture the vision of the Inner Spirit. One by one they are waking up according to
their own timing and we must accept that some will Sleep longer than others, we must be tolerant
of those who cannot see just yet. We must understand that means those just Waking Up have to
get their bearings and learn to work with the spirit to fulfill their purpose and bring their Dream
into reality.

This adjusting is accomplished by means of understanding the ways of the Ancient Ones and
their teachings. The Elders understood and kept those secrets safe waiting for the time when the
knowledge would be needed. The prophecies all speak of a time of Awakening, of
accountability, of doing what must be done because it needs doing. That time is now and the
knowledge is being made available to those who seek to hold it and are willing to respond to
their part in the grander scheme of things. Native teachings (or any tradition one is drawn to)
will, if studied and practiced, give one the ability to function along these lines and make the
spiritual connections to Self, guidance and the knowledge they seek. All this combines to serve
to guide us along a path leading to Spirit…to the perfect Oneness, to the perfect Love, to the
whole of life…and that path (a mere strand in the greater Web of Life) is well lit when we open
our eyes and adjust them to the radiance of what is before us. It is then we can walk with Spirit in
conviction, courage, strength and joy knowing the abundance and treasures hidden in our lives as
we tame our egos and bring forth our higher selves to serve the greater whole and All Our
Relations. In this way we co-create the path ahead for the next 7 generations to follow into the
greater DreamWeave.

We hear of the 'new energies', we hear of the channeled guidance explaining the signs of the
times, the experiences people are passing through, the struggles and challenges to grow. We hear
of ancient secrets now coming forward to be understood. We hear of Light Workers, and Light
Weavers, and spiritual experiences both personal and in shared masses that cannot be denied.
Prophecies making sense, signs of the times being understood and recognized for what they are,
dimensions merging…conscious awareness rising to greater heights and a calling forth of that
awareness to serve a purpose each of us hold. It is happening for a reason…the time has come to
understand the purpose of life and to see that it is far more than we had previously held it to be.
The spiritual and the physical are co-operating in a co-creative process of merging into Oneness.
The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, present inside each of us and externally are
drawing into union to bring forth the Divine Child…a new world order based on the new
awareness of the world at large…the evolution of humanity is taking a major step forward and
we are blessed to be a part of that unfoldment. Your personal DreamWeave is a part of
that…your path, your role, your contribution. Bon Voyage!

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