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By CinnamonMoon

Through the use of the mirror one is able to journey introspectively and find truths they can rely
upon. It can also be used to contact your Totem Animals and Spirit Guides, or to shapeshift. The
process is simple, accessible with just the tools at hand, and easy enough that success can be
expected on the first try in most cases. The process works very well at night, but can be done in
daylight after some experience with it. Initially it is best at night since distractions are fewer in
the reflective surface until you get used to working with it.

Set up:

Smudge (purify by burning a combination of sage, cedar, and sweetgrass/lemon grass) the area
you plan to work in and yourself. You will need two white candles and a bathroom mirror to
stand in front of, or a tabletop mirror with a stand. Place one candle to each side of the mirror so
they reflect light but not the candles or flames themselves. Take your finger and trace a cross
over your reflection between the eyes and down the forehead and nose. The oil from your finger
will leave a smudge mark there and it will help to hold your gaze. It need not be large, just
enough so the cross-hairs of the smudge line up with your eyes and their center to serve as a
focus for you. Light the candles and center yourself. Turn off the lights in the room so you are in
darkness other than the candlelight.

Introspection Process:

Gaze into the mirror at your reflection looking into the pupils of your own eyes. You want to
hold your overall reflection too, but the focus is on the eyes. You may blink if you want to. As
you gaze your reflection will begin to shift and the size of the mirror will become immaterial. It
will seem as if it is a stranger looking back at you and it is at that point that you may begin to
address any questions or issues on your mind. Ask your question and wait in silence for the
answer. When you have that answer trust it. It will come from a still soft voice within or feel like
a telepathic impression. There will be no lies told. Then go on to the next question or issue
repeating the process of asking and silence. When you feel you are through ground and put on
the lights. It is very simple to do and it should take no more than 15-20 minutes initially. You
can stay longer if you want to but do not tax yourself. This is something that can be done again
and again.

***Note...there are times that you may experience something other than your own reflection
appearing as a stranger. I have found that my Totems or Guides will appear instead when they
have need to do so. It is very interesting, but the process proceeds the same way. This is a great
way to resolve decisions you are struggling with or issues that are troubling you in some way.
The voice and the reflection you hear and see are those of your inner self (or in the case of your
Spirit Guides it will be either audio or a telepathic voice). You go to a depth where you will not
mislead or deceive yourself and it is quite amazing what comes out of it all. If it is your Totem or
Guide that appears the same quality of honesty will be presented to you, though it may be a
lesson of some sort that is imparted. This is an excellent journey tool as well since it acts as a

***Note...in the case of shapeshifting you will find you are able to see the transformation take
place in the reflected surface. You will then be able to merge with this reflected image, turning
back to look out from the inside of the mirror, or journey. Withdrawal is simply the reversal of
the process.

***One caution: whenever you work with a scrying mirror or any mirrored surface be certain
that you do not have it facing a window or door. That can act as another kind of portal and attract
spirits you might not want involved with the journey or hanging around you. This taken into
consideration, the method described here is perfectly safe and very enlightening

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