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By CinnamonMoon

In pondering the negative fallout that everyone is talking about these days-you know, the sticky,
gluey, gooey depressing and fearful energies we're all being bombarded with-I began to examine
what it takes to combat that, how we can transmute it personally and change our lives for the
better. So many of my clients, friends and family are empathically and personally experiencing
these energies and it's causing a lot of worry. They call or write me for advice on how to get rid
of these horrible sensations and attachments that seem to be sticking to them on all levels. My
first answer has been "It's a choice." And from there I share a more positive approach if they are
open to it.

It's common to hear things like "Have faith, trust the process, keep walking" etc. Yes, we can
take Mother Earth's hand, Spirit's hand, the hands of our Guides and Spirit Helpers. That's
always a great place to start, and they always lift us up, but there's also work we need to do with
ourselves when this sort of thing confronts us. That's what my thoughts wandered to…what can
we do as individuals beyond that and what I want to talk about here. There is an ancient adage
that states: "Thoughts are things." Think about that and think about the thoughts you are
entertaining. We're human beings, locked in a human body with a human mind that is our control
center. What our minds entertain and lead us through in our thinking process co-creates the
reality of the world around us in so many ways. We are also living spiritual beings and we are
blessed with Free Will, what does that mean? It means we can *c-h-o-o-s-e* what directions our
thoughts are going to go in, we can follow them and let them lead us or we can lead them with
what holds our interest. The mind is open to our Will and it is the Commander-In-Chief of the
mind so let's look at what a good CIC can accomplish.

Will…Will is the intent we hold and focus on to bring about results, this is the power of the CIC.
Focus is our integrity and follow-through that gets things done. If we allow the mind to aimlessly
rule it will create all sorts of challenges, blockages and obstacles for us to limit what we can or
cannot accomplish. In that it triggers our egos and our self-images and starts to beat us down.
However with a focused Will and the awareness that we have a higher consciousness within us
we can to tap into that powerful potential that flows through it. We can tap the connection to our
Inner Spirit and rise above the limitations of the mundane mind's perspectives. We project
ourselves beyond those limits by allowing the spirit within us to open up the channel. Source
Energy flows through our Inner Spirit, it is always connected to it, the potential and the power in
that connection is unlimited so why not utilize it?

With centering and connecting to the Inner Spirit we balance ourselves and begin to walk
between the worlds seeing further than our physical eyes allow, perceiving infinite potential and
possibility way beyond what mind can entertain on its own. In sensing the power and potential
within us to channel Source Energy, to tap into the universal flow of energy that contains the
elements of life…what are we doing? We are bringing things to life, allowing that fertile energy
to manifest them. How does one maintain that focus though? For how long do we sustain it? By
committing to staying focused for as long as it takes and by taking a positive attitude we step into
the flow and the maintenance is like breathing…we just do it. That means eliminating the boxed
thoughts we're exposed to in the physical environment or have been conditioned to accept over
the years. At that point we are actively choosing to create a new comfort zone for ourselves-one
devoid of the negative bombardment, one that shields us from it with our Will/Intent set in place
firmly. Choice is a powerful thing.

With enthusiasm and emotion we may then set our Will into motion so why not get up each
morning and put that into action as we start our day? Create a powerful focus for yourself and
see what manifests from it. Explore and experiment, do this for a day, do it daily for a week, or
keep doing it until you see what a difference it brings to your reality. It takes 21 days to create a
habit. Ask yourself if there is any reason why you can't commit yourself to 3-5 minutes a day for
the next 21 days with a focused goal to manifest wonderful changes to improve your life?
There's no financial cost to doing this, only 3-5 minutes of your time and aren't you worth that?
Setting the mind in this way each morning sets the course of what you will experience
throughout the day.

Before I get into the techniques I use I want to point you toward exploring the current techniques
you are using now. By examining your perspectives today you are going to start to see how you
likely have been calling the negative to you. I'm going to raise some questions for you to explore
because I believe it's vitally important that you understand the philosophy of your own thinking.
These questions are meant to mirror that back to you. Your thoughts set things into motion, they
are a magnet for what you will perceive, receive and experience in life. They are a magnet that
draws to you either consequences or blessings. Examining your pattern of thinking can shed a lot
of light on turning things around.

Start by asking yourself: Do you dwell on negative conditions and challenges, entertaining
thoughts that restrict or hinder you receiving blessings? Do your thoughts contain the images of
not being worthy or deserving, incapable of achieving, unskilled, non-productive, or a lack of
intelligence? Then you need to start re-writing the way you think because this is a very negative
perception and it will stop you each time you try to step forward. Your mind will shout warnings
of doom and gloom and total failure. It's your choice to perceive yourself in a negative or
positive light. Remember, you stand in your own light and it's up to you to make it shine. You
stand in your own power, it's up to you to power-up, to embrace your own ability to focus your
Will and achieve your desires. You CAN choose success over failure and it's as simple as that.
As yourself what would happen if you choose to see yourself as worthy, as deserving-to see that
you are here, a child of the Great Ones, a precious, powerful living spirit with a body for
mobility, a mind for processing, and a heart for sharing. The Great Ones created this world full
of bounty and blessings for all of us. We can choose to suffer or we can choose to celebrate life.
You can choose to achieve through a creative spirit that can channel all the energy of
manifestation you could desire. You can choose to learn the skills you need or gather the
information that will allow you to attract those who have them into your life to assist you. You
can choose to become creative and gather knowledge that is specifically needed to accomplish
the goals you are focused on. Which is better, the negative thoughts you entertain that hold you
in stasis or the active principle brought into play by making positive choices and taking action to
accomplish your goals? How are you weaving your thought energy? What sort of fertilizer are
you using? Are you using any? What type of soil are you planting your seeds in? Is it rich and
filled with life giving nutrients or is it dry and parched?

Another question to explore is to ask yourself: "Do you dwell on your fears or the fears of others
allowing them to dominate your mind? Dwelling on fear magnifies it and by embracing that fear
we can take it in our arms and love it, step through it to the other side but we have to identify it
first. Is it a fear of lacking approval? Is it one of being rejected? Does it have to do with loss of
control? Is it a fear where everything involves survival and the primal instincts that can cause
panic attacks? Does this fear come from conditioned thinking? When we can name the type of
fear we can trace it to its source. Perhaps it is a fear born of the conditioning in our early
childhood, or the state of the economy, or social changes…perhaps a bad experience that tells us
if we try again we'll get that same old painful result…but what if we step out of that box for a
moment? In stepping out of the box of a set mind we are stepping into our spiritual potential and
the unlimited possibilities the spirit brings into being. Looking from outside the box at the source
of our fear we can say to ourselves: "That was a conditioned response but these are my
perceptions, I own them, and I no longer believe in that fearful perception." What happens to fear
then? It goes poof. It no longer exists in your reality. You see the illusion and you see that your
spirit is holding out the potential to manifest change. Your thinking shifts from negative "I can't"
perception to "I sure can!" perception.

Next ask yourself if you are allowing the negative energy patterns of others to impress
themselves upon your thinking and impact you life experiences? Are you allowing the thoughts
of others to dictate your own? Are you buying into the media presentations, the 'warnings' of
doom and gloom, of irreversible trends, or anything along those lines? If so, why have you
chosen to do so, and can't you choose to think otherwise for yourself? I'm not talking about
denying the reality of what's going on thin the world, I'm talking about choosing to change how
you will experience it. Why would you buy that doom and gloom as the only option? Why
wouldn't you choose to see things differently and work toward changing those conditions? Why
not open yourself to 'another way' of doing things…your way, a positive and productive way?
Why not replace that negative fodder with a healthy diet of becoming a magnet for the bounty in
life, bounty you can spread to others as you go because all your needs are fulfilled in the
process? Why not focus on becoming a magnet for abundance in your life, of not just 'enough'
but having 'plenty to share'? Let's start turning things around a bit here and see what choice can bring.

By choosing to hold a positive focus and Will, by choosing to walk in your higher awareness
consciously, by choosing to open to your Inner Spirit and allow the flow of Source Energy to
flow through you sustaining all your desires you open yourself to the potential of co-creation.
You open to changes for the better, and a path that is unencumbered. Your world reality is your
magnet, how you perceive it defines what it will look and feel like. Imagine what would happen
if you were to choose to perceive it in a positive light and do that by starting to count your
blessings already in hand. Then add the focus of your Will on those blessings you are about to
receive-make room to receive them, put your thoughts and emotions into powering the
manifestation. Imagine what would happen if you chose to stop feeding a negative self-image or
condition and opted for the positive potential that is unlimited within you instead. Imagine
opening the doors to your mind and heart and bringing them into balance with each other. Then
see yourself going up to unlimited heights and watch those opportunities to start to manifest in
your life. It's a choice and you can do so. We attract what we project.

What would happen if you chose not to be limited or dependent upon the collective physical
consciousness regardless of present conditions in the environment around you? Try a more
positive approach knowing that you can and will prevail. Instead of saying: "What goes up must
come down" and allowing a depressed state of mind to entertain that 'down' that you dread so
much, say to yourself, "What goes down must go up." Think of your own spirit that rises upward
when it lifts from your body, or as it projects outward when you release the potential, and how it
can take you places beyond the physical capability of the human condition. That's the potential
within you, it's limitless, and when you work together with your spirit you will see that nothing is
beyond your reach. Seeing each day as an opportunity to take another positive step and place
your foot firmly on the path ahead is empowering yourself to do just that. Seeing each day as an
opportunity to improve your life in both small and enormous ways is empowering you to create
those blessings. Living your day fully and abundantly you will attract that fullness and
abundance to you.

Acknowledge that divine energy within you. It's Source Energy that flows through you and it
carries the potential for all that is divine to be a part of you then. See yourself with abundance in
whatever form you desire. See yourself with plenty of time, plenty of money, plenty of food,
plenty of whatever it is that will make your life abundant and happy, and with plenty to share
with others. Add whatever you want to balance your life between work and enjoyment and
choose to eliminate negative statements from your vocabulary. Using only positive statements
magnetizes your energy and attracts the positive into your life-into your comfort zone. It's your
mindset, and you are the one who can choose how you will set your mind. Do not use the word
'enough' as that is limiting, use the word 'plenty'. Incorporate the mental, physical, emotional,
and spiritual balance you want to attract and live it.

If you replace worry with magnetism that attracts all you could ever need you will start to think
and feel it flowing through you. Thinking thoughts like: "I always have plenty of whatever I need
to do whatever I want to do" is going to start producing those little miracles and presenting
opportunities for you to have just that. Starting to saturate your thoughts with something like: "I
have a steady flow of abundance at all times, abundance that allows me to do whatever I want
and to share that with others." is going to remove the limiting restrictions of the old mindset that
has not been serving, that has been weighing you down with depression, anxiety, stress, and
possibly poor health conditions. See yourself, choose to be: healthy, happy, successful,
accomplished and enjoying an abundant life filled with love and peace. Think: "I have mental,
physical, emotional and spiritual abundance." Stop denying yourself and start embracing your
right to replace your worries with positive emotions, to embrace and transmute your fears with a
positive focus. Do this for 21 days, mark your calendar, do it each morning and set your mind for
the day. Set your mind to touching each person you cross paths with in a positive way by simply
smiling and nodding, or possibly adding a sincere compliment-even if they are a stranger. It
changes everything and the way everything around you responds.

A few weeks back a new department store opened in our area. It's a major store and was
something that the area, being newly re-developed, was sorely in need of for the community. I
was not in a position to go shopping but I was in a position with time to fill, being bored and an
interest in what this new store would be like. So I went there to just look around and see what
they had to offer. On that little excursion, as I was entering the store, an elderly woman was
walking in the door ahead of me. I noticed what beautiful hair she had, it was snow white, full of
shine, and made me smile at her blessing. I could have kept those thoughts to myself and let the
moment go but I didn't. I gently placed my hand on the center of her back, leaned into her
shoulder and whispered to her saying: "Your hair is gorgeous!" She got the biggest smile and
started telling me it had always been that way, and she didn't have to do a thing to it. We started
pacing ourselves walking and talking about hair genes being passed down in the family, the new
store, how far she'd come to look around too. She was adorable and I had created a form of
abundance with a lovely companion to walk the store and look at things with, a lovely
companion that shared information, some life experiences, time and laughter with me. It was a
positive experience for us both and the exchange, though short-lived, was beautiful. Not only
was I taking in the impressive merchandise and layout of the store but I was no longer bored and
just looking around, I learned a few things from this gracious woman who shared her time with
me. We laughed and exchanged information about things in the area with each other and it was a
very pleasant time. It's a small example of where one can start to initiate change. I had, in that
one small gesture, changed an otherwise dull excursion into one with a companion and good
conversation as well as insight into my initial purpose for being there. I've shared this as an
example of how in even the smallest ways we can step out of our boxes and take our thoughts
into action. One just never knows where that will lead but it can be an entertaining adventure in
the middle of an otherwise dull moment. How many other ways can you experiment with
changing things in your life? The answer is that there are limitless ways once you make the
choice to get creative.

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