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Pattern Awareness
By CinnamonMoon

When we are emerging into spiritual pathwork to explore our questions and growth processes it
is vital to become aware of patterns. They are everywhere, and we need to train ourselves to
watch for them. Why? Because the patterns tell us about the energy cycles and flows, about our
processes of growth, and about ourselves as well as others.

Let me begin with some examples so you can see what I'm talking about. A very basic pattern is
that of the yearly cycles, beginning with Spring. It is a time of sprouting, of new beginings, of
concepts we will work on throughout the year ahead. Seeing life as a garden through these
seasons helps you understand the yearly cycle, the energy that flows throughout our daily lives
and how to work *with* it. Things being initiated need to be started in the spring, nurtured over
the summer, and the fruits of your labor harvested in autumn. Winter is the time of reflection on
the year past, letting go of the work done, and planning for the future; a time of sharing what you
have gained with others and accepting the changes around you as a result.

Throughout the year we have other cycles, other patterns that help move this energy along. We
have the cycle of a day moving into night, the cycle of the Moon that influences the positive and
negative push or pull of that energy for the month. As the Moon grows full we work toward
increase, as it grows old we work to release. Just as it affects the tides of the oceans, it holds
sway over our bodies and their ebb and flow where energy is concerned. Most women are
attuned to these cycles naturally, but a little effort allows you to pay attention to the sensations
you are having and work with them.

Anytime you work against a pattern or think you can skip a cycle, or push the natural current of
life's energy you end up working against yourself and create obstacles or blockages. These
patterns are going to benefit you if you see them for what they are and move with them. It makes
the journey much smoother. Thinking you are the exception to Cosmic Law is only going to be
an illusion and you'll just be fooling yourself.

There are other patterns to watch for. For instance, the pattern of spiritual growth. We go through
that cycle in the same way that a garden grows, with the sprouting of an ability or receiving a
Gift of Spirit. Then we hit a lull, a time of exploring what has been presented to us, like lazy
summer days, time to ponder the enlightenment and work through it to assimilate it into our
lives. This is followed by a testing, events taking place that call for us to apply our newfound
ability or knowledge to a situation, and the result is the harvest of that effort. Then we come to
see how it is there to serve us not only in the spiritual sense, but in the mundane too and our
wisdom is pondered as we would ponder over the winter. We begin to recognize how we can
pass this wisdom on to others and share our blessings in this way either through teaching or
serving the needs of those who come our way.

There are patterns within patterns, weavings within weavings, cycles within cycles, and worlds
within worlds. Each pattern is unique to itself but it is in harmony with the weaving of cycles
around us. Recognizing these allows you to be "in tune" with your own life, it's cycles of change
and your awareness becomes gradually keener. We start to see how it's all interconnected and
understand that we are all a part of the Web of Life...like the cells of a giant body working to
make it function. We become humble in the best of ways, and we feel the call Spirit has placed
in our heart, we begin to hear our Inner Spirit speaking to us, and our senses keen or quicken to
respond and validate our truths.

What kind of patterns are standing out in your life? What do they tell you? How do they serve to
guide you in using your own abilities to grow? Only you can answer those questions but if you
ignore these things then you are in essence putting on blinders and fighting much harder than you
need to. Personal growth is not always easy to begin with but this is something that can ease the
frustrations, help you hold onto your patience, and see things moving at their own pace.
Awareness is simple, it's a tool that you can apply in all areas and on all levels. You simply have
to make a choice to be aware--try it, I bet you like it! *S*


Dear Cinnamon Moon,
I've been trying to understand and work with the cycles and rhythms in my life. This post has
been very helpful to me....Thank You!


You're welcome, Firefly, and when you've come to recognize your own cycles in this way it's
very easy to shift your attention on the other cycles we go through. Patterns do start standing out
to you very quickly once you make up your mind to start watching for them. Before you know it
you see them everywhere.

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