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Personal Power
By Elk Woman

Here is a meditation that took me into my own Personal Power .

On a Moonlit night with starry skies take your blanket outside and lie on the grass. (Wear a
woolly hat if you are cold LOL!)

Lie down and let yourself sink into the grass and listen to the noises around you. Feel yourself
connect to Mother Earth's roots, smell the earth around you, ground yourself. Now gaze into
night sky and feel the light drawing to you, into you so that you are connected to earth and sky.
Relax and gaze at the moon seeing its beauty and feel your connectedness.

A few minutes pass and you see something brilliant white coming your way with great wings. As
it gets closer you recognize that it is a beautiful white and golden Unicorn. She stands above you
and beckons you to get on her back…You ask her where she will take you. The Unicorn tells you
she will take you to your True self. You call in your guardians to protect you on this journey. As
you fly through the midnight starry skies you feel excited and wonder what you will look like.
The unicorn gently flies towards the luminous moon that is beckoning and welcoming you with

Through the moon you go and the Unicorn lays you down at a beautiful lush lake on the other
side. You stand at the lakes edge and the water starts to ripple. A mist swirls up from its depths
and you hear your name being called on the breeze. As the mist clears you see a figure gliding
towards you from the center of the lake. This being is beautiful and you feel the Love emanating
from this being. As he/ she get closer you recognize this being .'I am your True self' he/she says
as he/she beckons you. Take a good look at this being who emanates only Love. Listen to what
he/she has to say.

Now Walk into the lake and step into this being,,,,, embrace yourself. Tell her/him that you love
him/her. Heal all your separate parts, tell them all that you love them . As you become more
loving towards yourselves your Spirit grows in strength. Slowly feel yourselves integrate as one
with your True Self, there is no other. How does it feel?

Now you know that you walk as your True Self. You will walk with truth, love and beauty.
The unicorn calls you to her and off you ride across the night skies , across the moon and down
to your meditation place .Thank the unicorn and watch her fly away.

Feel the Love and energy that stepping into your True Self brings you. Rest awhile in this
Feeling. You are beautiful and you will shine with Love. Now slowly open your eyes and bring
your awareness back to your surroundings. Thank the unicorn, moon and night sky for this
adventure. Cleanse, ground and protect.

Realize that you are beautiful. Anytime you feel down, insecure or lack confidence do this
meditation and be beautiful.

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