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Spiritually speaking, we are all Called to walk a path in life, and to use our abilities to serve
ourselves and others along the way. How we perceive that Call may vary, and I thought it would
be interesting to share perspectives on this for those who are seeking enlightenment and answers
to their own spiritual issues. The Call to walk a spiritual path in any capacity or role is one we all
share since we all have "some" purpose in that regard, and somehow we need to find the path
that's right for us. A Call to serve the Higher Good through Spirit is made to everyone, and the
"right" path Calls to us as well. But how do we recognize it? What does it feel like? How do we
respond? How do we validate it? Is it the same for everyone? These and other questions come to
the minds of everyone who is exploring their path and the purpose they have come to this life to
fulfill. What's yours? How do you find that out? How do you know it's valid information?

These are the questions, or some of them that I came to confront over the years. I had to find my
own answers, there wasn't anyone there to guide me initially, other than my Spirit Guides, and I
literally felt my way through the darkness into the light of understanding time and time again
through trial and error. Believe me I took the long way! *S* Because of this I thought it might
make an interesting topic to discuss. Either from the standpoint of those starting their seeking of
answers to these and similar questions, or from the perspective of those who have been there to
demonstrate the variances but common ground as well that we all have to pass through. It may
help Community Members and visitors sort through the initial confusion they are having and
shine a light on issues they struggle to express or are shy about discussing for whatever reason.
I'll address these questions, and strongly encourage everyone to comment and share their
perspectives as this is an important first step for everyone.

1) How do we recognize it?

For me it was an inner drive to explore initially. A hunger that demanded to be fed. As I searched
areas of interest I came to find things that made sense to me, a sense of being "home" and
comfortable with concepts, and I explored them in my own ways. Validations came, and I
learned what worked for me through trial and error. I believe very firmly that we are seeded with
interests, dreams, and goals in life that are there for a reason, if we pursue them our path just
naturally unfolds in the process. As we trust in and reach for them we are guided and that comes
from our Inner Spirit. The light is shed by Spirit to follow in the darkness, and the Inner Spirit
strives to get to the end of the dark tunnels we roam. Seeing those interests as seeds for the
knowledge we need to gain initiates the seeking.

2) What does it feel like?

For me, finding my personal path was a long and twisting road with a fascination of folklore and
mythology, with the metaphysical and occult, world religions, and various cultural spiritual
beliefs as truths stood out for me there. It felt like I needed answers to the questions I held on
many levels...philosophical musings, unexplainable experiences that did not fit with the "natural
laws" of physics or science that life was supposed to conform to. These sources provided hints,
clues, and paths to explore, but I wasn't home, I was just in the neighborhood. There was a need,
a hunger inside me that demanded answers. I had to seek as it would not leave me alone. That's
what the Call to a Pathway felt like.

The Call to serve Spirit was seeded as a knowing. I knew deep inside me as a small child that
there was a reason I was here, that there was a message I was to "pass on" and it was about
awareness, the Inner Spirit's role, about the need to connect to it and to Spirit, and to fulfill a
destiny. I didn't have words for it, but I felt it inside me. Through the years, and following areas
of interest, that seed began to sprout, nurtured along the way by truths that stood out to me as
valid. Experiences I had that were "different", Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers, and my merging
abilities all served to validate what was taking place within me, and the Call to serve Spirit grew
louder. It was getting deafening and I knew I had to find my way to responding to it.

That's when I opened to the answers I needed and through that willingness came the answer. I
was to act as a Bridge for others to find their way. It explained the convoluted path I'd taken, I
had the understanding of many paths behind me and a natural acceptance of them being valid led
to the tolerance for all paths as being right for those who needed to walk them. As time passed
Spirit brought me messages and enlightenments that pointed the way...to walk, to serve, to
evolve and become the person I am today. I went about my exploring and found my path in
shamanism eventually. It was then that the Call from Spirit began to make a whole lot more
sense. Things began falling into place, and I was on the "right" path. I just *knew* it. That
knowing came from my Inner Spirit and it said I was home. I agreed.

3) How do we respond?
By recognizing the path that is right for you and walking it. This allows more experiences to
manifest for they have been waiting for you to explore them...placed along the way to appear at
the *right* time for *you*. Those experiences are the lessons and if you willingly embrace them
you grow at a fantastic pace that is right for you. It's an easier journey because things there
"make sense". Your willingness is the initiator of that journey, but the events along the way point
you in the right directions and enhance the understanding of Self, and your abilities, thus you
begin to see where and how to use them. The trouble is we fight changes, the unknown in life
and ourselves, so we kick and scream our way through like a child having a tantrum. I'm the best
at this! LOL

The Call from Spirit emerges at the same time and you see what your role is to be a step at a time
until you are holding all the pieces and a picture clearly takes form. We always have the choice
to accept or reject things, and as we do we lend more to our own efforts and the path that we'll
walk. The trick, at least for me, was in honoring my Inner Spirit enough to let it take the lead.
Trusting in it enough to know that it had full knowledge of my purpose in life and would feed
that to me as I went and could accept the truths that were being shown. All at once it would have
been overwhelming, but a little at a time I was able to Witness and digest the information, and
then apply it to myself and the way I interacted with others, to my abilities and honing them, to
expanding them, to the way I conducted my seeking enlightenments. It became clear that this is
not something you start and stop, but a continuous journey and the illusion was that it was a
physical one. I came to see that the spiritual reality was the true guidance, and the physical
reality was the vehicle by which we became mobile and able to experience that growth...but it
required a blending of the two to achieve balance and centeredness.

3) How do we validate it?
Through experience, trusting the Self, and honoring our truths as they present themselves as part
of *our* reality. The physical world we know it is an illusion in many ways. Yes, it is tangible,
but we need to see that it is not the only reality, that others exist within it and we achieve through
intangibles as well, only to see them manifesting in the physical realm later. We must accept the
seeding in a spiritual manner and nurture that with understanding so it can grow and then we
realize that we are growing with it. Thus, by embracing experiences as lessons we need to learn
we acquire knowledge from them as it pertains to the path we walk, our validations, and we
come to see the way in which we serve that path...our purpose emerges as who we are and how
we use our gifts.

4) Is it the same for everyone?
No, IMHO, it's not. While it may be similar, with fundamental stages, patterns or cycles, the
experiences we go through are stages set so that we can learn in ways that we relate to. Thus we
need to adapt in our own fashion and accept on our terms without blind faith, but the faith in
ourselves to recognize and honor our truths. In this way we come to connect to our Guides, to
Spirit, to our Inner Self and see for ourselves the validation of that interconnectedness and our
place in the Web of Life. And we acquire the tolerance we need for others in that process as we
come to see they have their own way of learning, their pace, their lessons, and if we are lucky we
remember what it took for us to get where we are and we have compassion for where they are at.
If we are walking our path properly we can share knowledge if they come to us, but only if they
ask. They too must be ready to receive.

This is how it has been and is for me. Won't you share your perceptions with us too?


And me who was ready with the why didn't you tell me that before... but as I read it's an
overview, which is ok and nicely done .

I don’t have that much to add to it really, just thought of this as an occasion to say hi! Sorry I
didn't do the wheel yet, I really haven’t felt up to it and each time I get a bit of energy I get sick
again... yup, I caught a cold darn it and now today although I thought it was getting better it
seems that I'm losing my voice. Gosh darn it. At least I've got a 3 day week end to get over it, but
one of my friend is in a tough spot and needs me so I guess I wont recuperate all that much but
that is ok.

On a completely different note though... remember that cougar thing. well it seems you were
right it’s a totem after all and not just a spirit guide. It stands on my left so it's a nice
coincidence that it's a she. So wolf on the right and her on the left.
How it came about I'm sure you wonder ;) . It was really banal. I was centering and did a small
journey to cleanse my energies and while I was going to a spot of mine I felt her and said alright
some on, get over here. she came out and it wasn't a shadow anymore she was normal cougar
coloration. So while I was cleansing she was beside me and enjoyed a vigorous belly scratch
from my part.... I think that is a sign of acceptance, don’t you... I mean I still had both of my
hands, lol. Other than that she manifested with wolf this week while I was healing myself both of
them there to help me out.

This has nothing to do with the subject and I apologize for getting off the thread but it crossed
my mind. Now I'm stuck with a cat too * sheesh*... Ummm that's one more point we share in
common rmoflao


You got a problem with cats?!? *giggling* You know she heard you say you were stuck with a
cat, don't you? This should be fun. *grins* Take care of your cold.
Cinnamon, I'm working this weekend, but will come back and try to answer this Monday or
Tuesday. *smiles*


Isn't this fun? Well Northernwolf, looks like Cougar is all yours! *Smiles* I'm glad and she suits
you more than you realize at the moment. You know what they say about Cougars--if you hear
the scream it's already too late *Grins* So keep checking your fingers, but I would venture to
say, if she's anything like mine, you'll get more licks than nips. In fact, mine has never indicated
she was upset with me...other than just walking away. She's a snuggle bug too. Loves to toss her
head in my lap or on my chest. On the right, eh? Seems she's the one to help you with that
situation too. *Grins* Good job! I'm so glad to hear she's showing herself fully now. Don't be
surprised if another one shows up just to say hello!

Katt, sorry to hear you are dealing with another cold. This has to be something to do with
purging for the shifts you are going through. Major purge, major insights!!! *Smiles* Try to get
as much rest as you can. Answering the post early next week is fine. I'd really like to see people
expressing their perceptions so that those new to the path can see the wide variances in the way
we come to find our truths. Time isn't the issue, quality of content is.

Moonwolf of the Mists:

Well... Quite truthfully I believe my answer for everything but the last question is; "I don't know
yet." Still searching for validations, still searching for 'my' path, still searching for meaning. Ah
well, I'm getting there. At times it seems like I'm on my own but I have strong reason to believe
that will change soon. Hrm... Like you, Cinn, I'm basically feeling my way through the dark.
Have I ever mentioned I'm not too fond of dark places? *snickers* Answers. What means this
strange word? I just seem to be getting more questions! Sorry this isn't as long as it could/should
be, but I am quite tired so I'm gonna go to bed. I'll post more later.


Nope dear Cinn, if you read right it's on the left... wolf is on the right ;)


Got'cha! ROFL sorry about that. But I did know what you were saying, I think I had a bi-polar
moment. ~!^

humble messenger:

Greetings to the Spirit Lodge Community. I'd like to share my 2 cents worth on this topic; maybe
it’s interesting to some, perhaps I can find further guidance too.

My first calling was a real wake up call. Probably spirit has been hammering on the doors of
perception for my whole life and I've been sleeping. My experience took me into a state of seeing
the underlying unity of energy, and then after spiraling through hellish torment/paranoia in my
mind I was dragged kicking and screaming into a corner of terror and insanity. With nowhere to
run and hide, I managed to just 'drop my mind' by wishing for death - it was that frightening, that
death seemed like a nice alternative. (Often a dark mind trip is an excellent opportunity to let go
and move beyond the mind) At that moment, little atheist me met the Light and understood the
nature of Gods unconditional love and the relationship of thought to creation. How could such
bliss exist! At that point I became a seeker. I have searched many paths, many teachings, gone
through long periods of desperation to re-find that experience and I’m still searching.
About 2 years after that call, which I have taken as a sign of what is possible if I keep on the
spiritual path, I began exploring my mind while on nitrous oxide. I trained myself to stay
conscious while under the influence of this mild anesthetic and while 'tripping' began to be able
to see people's emotions, gained telepathic abilities, met spirit guides, and really began to
understand the relationship of something to nothing and the nature of Love and that Love is all there is.

On one of my final 'trips' I opened my heart chakra, after passing several 'tests' on the nature of
good and evil and the necessity of balance, I was asked by an inner guide to choose who I want
to be. I swore and swore with such love in my heart that I give myself in service to the higher
good - thy will be done - and went through the most beautiful ceremony and I knew myself to be
a light-bringer and that I have agreed to surrender my free will when God needs to act through me.

As for direction in life? I do not know where I’m supposed to be, what I’m supposed to be doing,
and I have several important decisions to make very soon as to which country to move to, which
career path to take. People tell me to choose with my heart, but that is difficult to discern. I have
the memory of my experiences that help me understand that I will be guided somehow, and I
suppose that the skill that needs to be learned for all spiritual types are patience and trust.
It sure would be nice to get signs at will and guidance at will, but I’m not so sensitive, yet, but I
now work on trying to contact my spirit guides, but my mind is constantly blabbing and won't
listen. Sometimes I know I have contacted my higher Self and it gives immediate answers to
questions I shoot off in my mind, except it doesn't seem to answer any of my questions
pertaining to my upcoming decisions.

I gave up the nitrous oxide simply because I received a message to do that and understood that
the meditation I had accomplished while doing the gas, I need to be able to do without aid. But I
can add, that for several weeks after my heart chakra blew open, then everything was a sign.
Songs on the radio were speaking to me, my astrology reading seemed to be describing my life
exactly, over -heard conversations were deeply relevant, opening up spiritual books at random
talked about exactly the questions I had on my mind. I knew life to be some kind of test/training.
Every situation was an opportunity to learn, or experience myself as who I wanted to be at each
moment. Twice I was drawn inwards in my mind while just out in public and the demand for
unconditional surrender was too much for me to go through. Ego is still strong and puts up a lot
of resistance. Now these 'obvious' signs have gone away, but I believe that they are there, it’s just
that my perception is not picking up on them.


Welcome to Spirit Lodge, Humble Messenger, it's nice to meet you. I'm Cinnamon and want to
invite you to make yourself at home. Your introduction was very nice. Thank you for sharing
things so we can get to know you. Please feel free to comment or post anywhere you like. We
openly voice our opinions and knowledge, share experiences, and invite you to do the same and
if we can direct you to resources you need we certainly will.

Your experience in seeing the "underlying unity of energy" is quite a first impression. It
generally takes people a while to fully understand that. Yes, experiencing the unconditional love
is an awesome moment isn't it? You can't walk away from that unchanged. *S* Often these
events come to us through the energy surrounding crisis situations. Our nervous system is so
keened at those times it is almost a primer of sorts. But the cathartic experience turns things
around to say the least coming when we need it most.

You sound very eclectic, most of us here are, though some do follow strict traditional ways too,
we're a very nice mix of paths and areas of interest. You'll fit right in. I want to thank you for
raising the issue of drug-induced spiritual practices. By your sharing the example of what that
meant to your path you demonstrated that while, yes, drugs can open the door rapidly, there are
such risks, and ultimately as you said: "I gave up the nitrous oxide simply because I received a
message to do that and understood that the meditation I had accomplished while doing the gas, I
need to be able to do without aid." This is so true. Until you can do this through your own
natural abilities, you have mastered nothing, and using drugs jeopardizes your body. It's much
better to do it the right way the first time around IMHO.

You mentioned needing to make decisions and that people advise you to follow your heart. That's
so true. It's a seeded dream within you and it's there for a reason. It will direct you down the
path you need to go. That's where you'll find your clearest guidance. Yes, all paths call for
patience and trust...again and again and again. *S* Getting signs and guidance at will is
something we are all blessed with. You just need to learn where to see them and recognize what
they are telling you. You mentioned not being "so sensitive", but there are exercises you can do
to stimulate your senses and start building those muscles so you can work with them. We all have
that within us. As for a busy mind that won't stop, well, that needs training too. You just have to
bring it back to the focus you want to hold. Think of training a puppy. It's not used to this so it
doesn't honor the work you ask it to do. Teach it to honor it by drawing the attention back as
soon as you notice you've wandered. That doesn't take too long to become a skill.

You mentioned being in a state of heightened awareness when your heart chakra opened and
that the signs stopped. Are you sure they stopped? *S* Or did you just get to taking it for granted
they came only in those particular fashions? Sometimes we tend to get used to things and need to
look in new directions. The signs come where we focus our attention in ways that relate to that
focus but stand out from it...enough to catch one of our senses and begin talking to us. The
biggest battle is always with the self. Well, I'm starting to ramble here, I'm in one of those moods
I guess.


Hello! I am happy to share my individual experiences with others. As a child I had an imaginary
friend, I would share a lot of my feeling with him. I did not know at the time that it was a guide
or one of my angels. As I got older l let life lead me in another direction. About a year and a half
ago I was going through a lot of disappointing things and new there had to be more than this, at
this point I was led to read everything I could on spiritual material from books to readings on the
internet. As I advanced on my knowledge I was led to open my own community and chat room
to share with others, and this is for me very rewarding feeling to me. I soon will be Attuned to
the Reiki so with this I will also heal others. Well I hope this helps others in there discovering
there calling back home love and light .

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