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By SilverEagleDreamDancer

If you don't already know how to do this, I thought I was given. This method can be used with
anything actually but I would caution to start out with the intent to breathe universal energies.
You wouldn't want to start out breathing elemental energy, for example.

1) Get comfortable physically. You don't have to be in any specific posture or anything but you
can if you want. It's just important that you can be comfortable and can focus your thoughts.

2) Begin to control your breathing. Breathe in for a comfortable count, maybe 10 counts, then
purposefully breathe in for the same amount until you have rhythmically, equal, steady

3) Allow yourself to be aware of the universal energy making up your breath. You take in the
universal energy, you breathe out universal energy.

It's really that simple. There are other ways to expand this that I'll add to this thread but this is the
basic method - short and sweet. You can use this as a starting point for any meditation. Just pivot
your awareness to what you want. If you want abundance, first breathe universal energy then
shift your awareness to abundance. If you want health, shift your awareness to health. etc..
These steps start after # 3 in the previous exercise. I'd advise, once you've become good at
breathing the universal energy, only then move on to these methods. If you haven't - don't.
Shifting your awareness to more specific energy forms when your focus isn't that good to begin
with can be harmful. Specific energy forms such as elemental energies are much stronger than
taking in universal energies. It's kinda like the difference between a drop of lemon in a glass of
water (universal energies) and sucking directly on a lemon (specific energies).

Next step in the process of breathing energies, before moving onto specific ones, is to allow
universal energies to breathe you. I'm introducing this before going onto more specific energies
because it's an expansion to the original exercise that you can use with any of the following ones
as well.

4) Once you feel completely in tune with breathing universal energies, allow yourself to become
aware of the exchange itself - not just the breathing process. There is a small moment between
the breaths where you and the universal energies are one in the exchange; where both you and
the universal energies are together. Use that moment to become aware of when the universal
energies breathe you and adjust your focus and allow that awareness to grow - focusing now only
on the universal energies breathing you. To allow this, you release control of your breathing.
That's the challenge of this part.

5) This should be a ways down the line, when you feel you've mastered #4. At this point you
should have experience in both types of focus and are to the point where you can let go control
of the breathing and just flow with the universal energies.
This next phase is allowing awareness of both at the same time; in both the inhale and exhale,
you are breathing the universal energies AS they're breathing you. This is a very powerful
exercise that can be used to recharge yourself, tune to any energy you want, or simply meditate
for a bit.

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