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Seeing Energy
By CinnamonMoon

Have you ever noticed in social settings the sensitivity to things discussed reflecting in the faces
of others around you? The expressions say a lot don't they?

You 'know' when someone approves, they're nodding their head in agreement, perhaps smiling,
perhaps their eyes light up. You 'know' when someone disapproves, they're the ones shaking
their head in disagreement, perhaps frowning, perhaps furrowing their brow…there's a question
in that last part…the furrowed brow and we all 'know' what that means too.

We know what it means when someone grunts or chuckles or makes some other type of
utterance…unspoken language, a furrowed brow to quiz if you understand correctly and more
body language to confirm or correct. We all exaggerated those things as children in school trying
not to get caught by the teacher for talking in class or passing a note; or with our siblings trying
to pull something over on our parents while we conveyed our taunting side without being caught.
Whether the person is consciously aware of it or not we all have these kinds of responses to
others. Our expressions, gestures, and actions say a lot and we often take it in on a subconscious
level. How someone stands in their 'space' or carries themselves says a lot about them. I think I
was a natural born people watcher, I find it fascinates me how alike and how different we
are…different in what we react to or ignore, but alike in 'how' that reaction comes about in the
way we present our thoughts and emotions.

I like to watch the patterns within crowds and how they undulate and change as the crowd
changes direction…there's a rhythm to the movement that intrigues my poetic eye. I guess that's
why I see tapestries, I see all sorts of patterns this way even in a room full of people there's a
rhythm to the room. In an auditorium there's a rhythm to the crowd. In the city streets there's a
rhythm to daily life activity, even in traffic. All situations have a rhythm…the way the energy
flows. If you watch for it you can read it. You just need to train your eye.

Want to see a pattern? Step back until you can, a step at a time until it starts to move. When you
see cars bumper to bumper, step back until the lines of traffic start to stand out to you-the lines
themselves. Watch them stop and start, watch them undulate speed. Watch the crowded streets of
the city as people move and step back until you see a ribbon of them, watch that ribbon move.
Learn to watch how the energy moves through the day this way and you start to go with that
flow, you see where to step in and out of it, you see where you're going and how you're going to
get there. If you can't see it keep pulling back until you can.

Merging like traffic…one energy coming into another energy…merging, clashing, blending,
perhaps calming or exciting other energies….rush hour traffic, late night traffic, there are lots of
different paces between the two, lots of rhythms and different energies mixing. How many times
have you seen someone fighting rush hour traffic? It's no different trying to fight our own
processes when we should be going with the flow.

If we learn to see the patterns at play around us we learn to see how these patterns interweave
and separate and move within the body of the day…how we can stay in the flow of that day, we
learn to feel the shifts. We do this naturally, or we fight nature and try to work against it. But
nature has it's own flow and we're not going to be the ones to stop it.

Observing the flow of the day around you in this way trains your eye to see nuances, to see
further ahead, to see into things, beyond what others may or may not be looking for themselves.
You raise your conscious awareness this way and you can work with that insight.

It's the same thing when you're learning to see the patterns of energy spiritually. Once you learn
to see the energy flow, the movement can be followed. You learn to see through your senses
there though, consciously aware of what each one is picking up. You do that in the
mundane…scents, textures, tastes, a multitude of essences combine to tell us things…it's the
same in the spiritual sense…we just have to focus on it to be aware of it.

How many times have you heard sound or smelled scents or felt a breeze when no one else did?
Have you heard your name called when there's no one there? Seen something out of the corner of
you eye and have it vanish when you look in that direction? We 'catch' things spiritually this way
until we learn to focus with the soft eye…out of focus on the mundane just enough to catch a
glimpse of something. Your senses are signals for internal radar, you have to learn to trust those
signals, to do that you have to learn what they mean.

It's a shift of focus that brings us from the physical to the spiritual, just a slight shift, like the
wind changing direction gently. This is opening to your senses and to your Inner Spirit because it
uses your senses to communicate and get your attention.

Let me give you a quick exercise in softening your vision to see the energy. It's not difficult,
anyone can do it. We've all seen the mirage on the highway in summer as the heat rises off the
pavement. Energy, when you first try to focus on it is a lot like that on a smaller scale. So I
suggest you take your hand and hold it against a light colored wall or even a piece of paper.
Soften your gaze and give your eyes a few moments to adjust. Look at your fingers…emanating
from them you will see about ¼" of grayish energy radiating and outlining your hand. This is
your auric field beginning to show itself and if you continue to observe it you should start to see
it pulse slightly.

Notice how the pulse of that energy is in harmony with your breathing, how it expands as you
exhale and contracts as you inhale. Now move your hand and watch the shadow of your hand
trail in the air behind it. That too is your auric field and it will follow where the physical body
moves. This is 'your' energy. From there you can soften your gaze and look at objects around the
room, at the landscape in your environment.

If you focus on one thing you will see it's aura, if you focus on a group of things you'll see the
conjoined auras. A line of trees for instance will radiate in unison if you look at it as a wooded
area, and if you focus on a single tree you will see its aura, if you focus on a single leaf you will
see the aura of the leaf…life energy, faint to the physical eye, visible to the soft eye. Practice
with that and you will find that you may or may not see colors but you'll see the energy anytime
you want to.

Once you can define the energy you will see it moving in the air around you as free forms too.
You've heard the term "There's magic in the air"…that's what it means, you'll sense it or see it
and feel it shifting around you. Sometimes you can see blotches of it and at other times you'll
likely see ribbons or rivers of it like the exhaust stream of an airplane leaving its mark among the
clouds. The more you work with it the better you'll become.

This is about the awareness we have innately as we interact with one another…the language of
the species if you will…an unspoken understanding. It fascinates me and I thought if I shared my
insight here others might too. I hope it helps some of you who have struggled with this to find a
breakthrough for yourselves.


Thank you, again for putting it into words


Hi Cinnamon
I see the aura around things quite well, automatically.
I see the colors around an automobile, trees, etc.
After reading what you wrote and while reading, I could imagine you being able to read, quite
well, this room, even.
My passion is in Sociology. I love to witness also.
After reading, I'm going to practice.
I know it's an actual strengthening thing.
And, I'm taking a "vow" to start today and hope laziness doesn’t step in. I am so lazy when it
comes to things like this, lazily waiting for a teacher to be picking herbs in the woods...lol.
My hub is a natural guitar player. But, he only became a great guitar player because he picked up
his gift and used it daily, yearly.
There was no laziness in this for him....a passion fueled him.
I'm glad I have a passion for this *seeing.
Thanks for the bit of fuel to my fire.


I'm glad this sparked something for you, and yes, Karen, it is consistency that makes it stronger.
Here's hoping you stay with your passions! It sometimes helps when you make a game of it...it
doesn't have to be all furrowed brow seriousness.


"People Watching"... I've done that, but I can't say it is my favorite thing to do. I can tell you
exactly why too, my job. When one spends all one's time around the populous, one tends to want
to get away from them. Now if you were to sit me in front of a cloud bank, a forest, or a storm.
Oh YEAH! I love thunderstorms. I will watch one of those for quite a while. Sitting on the front
porch in the swing watching the clouds in the warm summer's breeze. If I was a cat, I would
purr. LOL

I have noticed lately that I can see energy more easily. I guess i would have to attribute it to a
new coworker. She's wiccan and has a decidedly visible aura. I'd have to say having something
"bright" to look at definitely helps one become more aware. LOL Another case of practice makes


Hi Pup, this can be transposed from people watching nature watching just as easily. Watch the
wind pattern as it moves through the tree branches, back up and watch it move across a tree line,
watching it to see where it goes and in this way you can see the wind itself for starters. Watching
cloud movement is the same thing, they have patterns too. Whatever we focus on can reveal a
pattern, it doesn't have to be with people. Have fun with it.


I've watched and felt people patterns and flow, cars, birds, animals, trees, wind, water...all
that...all my life. But auras...nuttin'. I thought for a while I had it, but then realized it was my
glasses casting a glow around things. Perhaps it's just not something I'm meant to see?


I think everyone is capable of seeing some sort of auric field, SwanFeather. The exercise I posted
initially will let you see the 'neutral' energy (it's basically colorless). Some see in color, some
don't. But the eye often needs to be trained to do this. We look at the world with such 3
dimensional clarity and it's the softening (often achieved initially by squinting the eyes) that will
give us the spiritual vision of the auric field.

I tend to see auras as black, white, and grey most of the time and at other times I get rainbows or
colors around people and things. But you have to start by knowing what you're looking for and
this exercise really works well. It's like a mirage or heatwave coming off the pavement in
summer. Faint like a shadow and with the hand defined in this manner you'll see anywhere from
1/8-1/4" around each finger.

If you pull your vision back or extend the hand further from you then you can see the auric field
of the hand itself. That will expand to a few inches or more. As you become accustomed to that
you'll be able to see the auric field of people extending up to about 3' from them. The field of a
forest will rise up several feet into the air, 10-20 feet or so. Then you begin to define landscapes.
But start small first, it's just easier that way. You can do it.


Cinnamon, For me, it is like a backlight on people and things. Sort of an outline and some things
and people's outlines are bigger than others.

When I am bored in a meeting, I start to look at the lines of connections between people and the
energy. I have to keep one bit conscience of what is being said and the task at hand, but when I
am in more of a background role, I look at what you are calling the tapestry.

I also see sparkleys next to people. My husband calls them the faeries. One of my favorite people
at work often has 3-5 of these in his vicinity.


Yes, I've seen similar things Sonja, and some people literally glow in a solid color for me. It
varies a lot. But we all see in ways that register for us. I'm glad you shared. Thank you so much!


I witnesses an amazing pattern yesterday-My children and I were sitting in our car waiting for
hubby/dad to come back out of the grocery store- watching the people in the parking lot-The first
thing I noticed was a young teenage girl maybe 17-ish- practicing what were obvious basketball
moves by her own car talking to someone inside of it

Almost everyone who came out of the store looked at her- and I watched as many people
"disapproved" and or “approved" of her practicing out in the open around cars n things-So I
watched many energy exchanges that she seemed oblivious to... Then- as she was practicingfrom
one of the other cars- several Mylar helium filled balloons floated up and out of this other

told my children so they could watch the balloons fly up into the sky- but I found myselfwatching
the rest of the parking lot- go from the girl to the car to the balloons- as well as several
people coming out of the store would turn to see what everyone was looking atI
really enjoyed watching everyone- and seeing how one little bit of energy- say from the
practicing girl- would float off of her- into an older woman who didn't approve her husband
watching the girl- which would then jump from the woman scolding her husband to another
woman scolding her husband when he looked to see what the first guy was looking at-It really is
an interesting thing

There have been times at night- when I've noticed people glowing-(including been told that I was
glowing when talking about something important to me-) but this was in the day time- so if you
were to watch someone during the day time- look just to the side of them- especially with a gray
cloudy sky back ground lol - to see their auric color-Thank you for the article


Thank you for sharing Wilder


I've been undergoing a significant change in my life. I felt it, but didn't take the time to absorb it
- instead I just kept noticing it and seeking more. In other words I wasn't letting it become within
me. So, then, I injured my left hand. I was in a hurry and I sliced a tendon behind a knuckle
carelessly with a knife. Needless to say, this injury has made me slow down to get things done. 4
weeks in a splint up to my elbow. This incident has reminded me to connect more frequently and
fluidly with Spirit. I'm learning it is not all about me and what I can get done. This slowing down
time has revealed its lessons - lessons about things I'd forgotten and things I'd never fully
grasped (even though I claimed I did).

Yesterday, I was sitting quietly and my focus was light and for the first time I saw a tree
energetically shift, in a wavy motion - that is how I'd describe it. I'd never seen that type of
movement of an inanimate object (or anything) before. I know everything is energy and nothing
is solid, but that day I saw more than an aura, the tree shifted. I got so excited my ego kicked in
and I lost my light focus not to be regained either. It was quite an experience for me. I just
thought I'd share.


I bet you have more of those experiences in the future too. Looks like you're open to them now
and that's a step in the right direction. Thank you for sharing Starry.

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