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By CinnamonMoon

There are various ways to smudge and I'm going to share mine, based on the teachings I've

Smudge is comprised of White Sage, Red Cedar, and/or Sweetgrass (I use a mixture of equal
parts of the three). It can be purchased at most herb shops as a stick (the raw dried plant/s tied in
a bundle) very inexpensively. I like to use a seashell or ceramic bowl with a little sand in the
bottom and a self-igniting charcoal atop that. I light the charcoal and drop the herbs on it
allowing the smoke to rise. With my feather I draw the smoke to myself.

Beginning at the heart, up over the face, down the arms, trunk of my body, legs, feet, over the
crown of my head and down my backside. I offer it to the Seven Sacred Directions as follows:
East, South, West, North, Above, Below, Middle and Spirit. Then I smudge the air around me in
a clockwise direction spiraling out from the center of my circle to the edges if working within the
Wheel. If I am working in the space of a room or house I cover it all.

This simple process has served me well and I've never had any complications.

Please see the more detailed article in the main section.

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