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Spirit Names & Passing Knowledge

I am often asked about how one receives their name and what it means. Do you just pick it
yourself, how do you acquire one, that kind of thing.

Spirit Names hold "permission", and they hold "power". Be it your name received during Vision
Quest, through a journey and addressed by your Guides, or the name of your Guides themselves,
knowing a name grants you permission to use it...to call to yourself the essence of the power, or
the inner spirit of the person/entity who holds that name. If it is yours it grants permission to
wield the abilities and gifts granted at the time of Naming.

To name something is to hold that Power and wield it. If we address Hawk as Hawk and not by
her name of StarHawk (just for example), then we get the essence of Hawk, but not the personal
power and permission to work with a specific Hawk Guide. It's getting the basic teachings only.
To know the name is to hold the Medicine fully, not just tap it. It also brings the relationship to a
new level and closeness through intimacy. Without the name you have acquaintance, with it you
have knowing. It's like referring to you as "my acquaintance or coworker" or addressing you by
your proper name, there are two different strengths or intensities of presence and energy. "My
coworker" is more distant and diffused. Knowing and speaking your proper Name is close,
intense, focused...intimate. Simple!

Receiving a Spirit Name is something we don't just think up ourselves. It comes to us in a
spiritual manner and it reflects our pathwork, gifts, abilities, and Medicine. We often receive
more than one and gather them to us as we grow and spiritually evolve.

Each time we get a new Spirit Name it brings added Medicine to our path but it also tells us that
this is the direction our lessons and pathwork are taking and we must grow into that name. We
are qualified, initiated into it, receive it, and then we are asked to live up to it.

I hold 3 Spirit Names at this time. Cinnamon Moon is used openly in public, professionally, and
it reflects my pathwork in the physical world of manifestation. The other 2 names are not openly
shared, and when shared it is only with those I trust deeply to honor them for what they contain
and imply.

One of those names addresses my ability to call upon the elemental forces and wield them to
bring forth creation, to heal, and to serve with that Medicine. Upon receiving it I was also given
a ceremony, Dance, Staff, and Song to go with it. These I do not teach to anyone. They are mine
to work with. The day will come when I pass on that knowledge and I will know when to do so,
but it will not be done lightly and we need to be prepared to know that it may not happen too.
Though I've been shown who is to receive this knowledge, she is not yet ready for it and I will
wait years until she is. This is what it is and I am content in the knowing for it is an honor for me
as well as her.

We need not worry if we cannot pass on the fullness of our knowledge, experience and wisdom
to another. Just as we received the enlightenment from our spiritual guidance, others will too.
Some are meant to have a physical mentor and others are meant to find their own way to truths.
This varies, naturally, and there will be different strengths of that balance for all of us in different
areas of learning. But basically this is the way of things.

The other Spirit Name I hold addresses my path itself and those who gather around me, it
addresses the level of knowledge I have gathered and grants permission to share that knowledge
with those who Spirit brings my way for that sole purpose. It addresses the spirit group that I
work with and the specific work we do.

With this name I was taken from the path of a solitary practitioner and brought into an advanced
group of pathwalkers. It gives me permission to receive the teachings at that level as well as
share those that I hold. We share amongst ourselves only because of that advancement and the
knowledge exchanged is only understood by those who have achieved that level of experience.
To share with anyone else would be a waste and contamination of the wisdom held in those

This name reflects the company I am to keep (friendships and co-pathwalkers) and it addresses
my behind-the-scenes pathwork. It reflects the overview of my inner spirit's purpose in this
lifetime, the work I am to accomplish, and why. Upon receiving this name I was gifted with a
unification of my Medicine, my Totems united as a group. It was be-coming, a unification of all
that I am and a melding with my inner spirit that placed me into the fullness of my pathwork. I
now live that path and continue to grow as I walk it.

I share these perspectives with you here so that you will come to know what a gift it is to be
spiritually named, and to see the difference between choosing a name or being given one.
As a Medicine Woman I can name those I teach but I do not give them names until I am certain
of the path they are going to walk and that they will be walking it. The name I give them is one
they can share in public if they wish, it initiates them to their path and allows them to begin
embracing it and coming into better understanding of it. However, in most cases, there is in the
course of their growth, the fact that their other Spirit Names are brought into the light of the
lessons learned from spiritual sources. Those names are guarded, and the individual is taught
why as I am explaining here.

Though I see the Spirit Name of children and will often so name them to the parents, those
names are not shared in public. It simply helps the parent to know and guide the child properly.
That child will be given another Spirit Name later and grow into it. So the name I see for them is
only the reflection of their very early path and an overview of that path through their lifetime.
Carelessly sharing a given Spirit Name with others is like giving out spare keys to your home,
car, office, and bank safety box to anyone who asks. You need to be sensible about it and see that
it's not just the name but the access you are giving away. If that individual knows how, or even
were to blatantly summon you by that name it could cause intrusive problems for you, drain your
energy reserves, grant access to your knowledge and potentially be abused. When we are gifted
with knowledge and abilities, when the permission is granted to use them, it needs to be
protected, honored, and used properly.

Just as you are selective in the friends you make, there are those who break trust, mislead, and
abuse that friendship. It is easy to be duped if you do not know how to look into the spirit of the
person you are calling friend. So it is wise to be certain of those you share such intimacies with
and know them well.

Now, what do you do if your Spirit Name falls into the wrong hands? You block or shield
yourself to that individual or group that holds it. If there is provocation for that person to abuse
the knowledge they hold against you then you can surrender that name to Spirit and call upon
your Guides to help you with the matter but it's a lot of work, and not easily accomplished. If the
Key was passed out wrongly, the locks need to be changed as a precaution. This involves psychic
self-defense work and a lot of it. So I urge you to consider the fair warnings given here, to honor
your name when it comes, and to humbly grow to serve the fullness of your path as you walk it. I
hope this helps clear some of the confusion for you about our Spirit Names and the passing of
knowledge they contain.

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