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Spiritual Burnout
By CinnamonMoon

I thought I would address this topic since SEDD and I were discussing a few things the other day
and this came to mind in the process.

There are times we become overdosed with spirituality. Usually after a feeding frenzy of
knowledge when we are driven to seek answers. In that process we take in all we can and store it
away. When the searching ends we're left with so much information that is piled up inside us, in
stacks of notes on our desk, and scattered around us that we simply can't take in anymore. We
are saturated.

Whether this is an issue or a lengthy process of growth, there comes a time when we say to
ourselves "enough already, I need a break." and we just plain stop in our tracks to rest. It doesn't
mean you are leaving your path, only that it has come to the stage of assimilation. The body
needs to rest daily, so do our minds and spirits. *S*

We need vacations, an afternoon, a day, a week, sometimes lengthy periods and this is "normal".
It's the old "all work and no play" theory and it's very appropriate to the spiritual path.

Some people feel like they've bitten off more than they can chew and "obligated" to the path they
are walking. While the spiritual path (in whatever tradition you follow) is definitely a way of life,
it can become misconstrued as responsibility or feel weighted. That's when you know it's time to
step back a bit and just unwind. Letting the information you've been gathering, or the lessons
recently learned, just sit with you a filtering process takes place. We sift through it all, put it into
our own classifications, jiggle things into place, and then we can relax. It's sort of like cleaning
out cupboards and rearranging them neatly then closing the door again.

Doing this in a relaxed way and accepting it as part of the process lifts the weight of obligation.
You can't rush assimilations, they take time, and when you hit a point of saturation it's usually
felt as a "lull". Nothing seems to move, and you just can't take in anymore. You may feel
overwhelmed, stagnated, or in a spiritual stalemate, but that's only the triggering awareness that
it's time to start that assimilation process. If you can see it for what it is you will recognize that
you aren't really burned out, you just need some space to gather yourself and Spirit is providing
that for you.

After assimilations are completed the call to the path returns and new inspirations guide us as
interests are piqued or events draw us into them. Again the cycle begins. After assimilations
there are going to be points in your life where you are tested as to the new knowledge you've
acquired. Just because you learn something on a spiritual level does not mean that it is to be
restrained to that area of your life. It's to be used, and that means that you are to apply it to your
daily life and routines too. You have to be the point of merging where it filters through you and
manifests physically. You need to apply that knowledge to *your* life and learn to use it, learn
how others react to it, and what you can accomplish with it.

After that Spirit brings about events and leads those to cross your path that need this help or
information and you are asked to share it on a wider scale. The knowledge and skill become a
part of you and hence it develops into a way of living your life. No more responsibility that's
weighted, just the ability to respond to situation more capably. The sense of being burned out
lifts and off you go again.

I wanted to address this issue because we have many people here who are in processes of
initiation to spiritual paths, others developing in all sorts of stages along the way and this is part
of that process. It's all too easy to sense the burn out and think you are on the wrong path or that
spirituality is "too deep" for you. It's not a time of giving up and turning away from all you've
learned, it's just a time of bringing it together in ways that work for you. The interest and the
passion to grow do return. We cycle our growth. Seeing it for what it is makes the process a lot
easier. You begin to relax and know that it's okay to slow down.

It's important for everyone to be aware of the fact that we each grow and develop at our own
pace and we should never compare ourselves to the pace of others. We're learning and
developing at our own pace and it is right for us. Learning to go with the flow of life is
wonderful, but to do that you have to learn to go with your own flow first. Understanding
yourself and your own patterns is going to be a valuable tool to the way you embrace your
lessons and the cycles they present themselves in. Seeing this for what it is allows us to step out
of the kicking and screaming portion and when we are kicking and screaming you can be sure
Coyote is laughing. See it for what it is, relax, have a good laugh, and let the filtering begin!
You won't lose a thing, and you'll gain a stronger sense of composure. It's just time to clean
house and put things in order so you can get on with the work that's waiting.


Thank you for this post Cinnamon. I have been feeling quite overwhelmed/bewildered after my
burst of learning. I have been feeling guilty about not meditating every day as I once did. I just
haven't felt ready to jump back in again. The way I live my daily life has definitely changed
though. Just to know that this is 'normal' makes it so much easier to understand. I know that I
will 'come home' again when the time is right for me. Being able to take the personal pressure of
myself will make it an easier transition. I am going on a child-free vacation for a week on
Wednesday to another state. I am going to make great use of this 'me' time to sort out my
personal filing cabinet. I am really looking forward to it. Thank you again for this message and
the many other wonderful words of wisdom that I read on this board.


Oh that sounds wonderful! I'm glad the article helped you. Do you think it would help if I
worked up a series of articles on what the shifts feel like and give a perspective of spiritual
changes taking place through sensory input? If so I'd be happy to do that.


Cinn, that sounds like a great idea!

Crystal Rainbow, I know you will have a great time. I just had the very first three kid-free days
since the pregnancy with our first... The space, the luxury, to be able to follow a train of thought
without having to change a diaper, or settle a dispute or pour a juice... just sitting and letting the
mind wander. You won't believe the creativity that followed from that too, and is still flowing, a
week after coming home. If anything, the creativity is a way now for me to really ground what I
have learned, to make the connection between the spiritual and the mundane, to literally give
shape to what was growing inside me spiritually. It is amazing. Enjoy your break, and I want to
say that I physically, emotionally and spiritually felt rejuvenated after my three days alone.


Thank you Cinnamon and Mouse, I would LOVE to read more on the subject! Sounds like I will
have quite a bit of reading to do when I return.

Unregistered Guest:

I'd also like to vote "YES" on the articles. I'd be very interested in them as well.


I'd be interested in the articles as well. I also think that when overwhelmed at times, I need to let
go of the direction I was focusing upon and go with the direction I am being led. That for me
usually gets me out of that state. Unfortunately there isn't enough time to do all that you want to


Hey Cinn, I'd sure like to read the articles - I have been in an off spell for a while - halfway
through a heap of learning - but as I came back to the boards I found myself taking a different
approach to my readings - that feels more right. The energies around the Concordance are
playing havoc with me at the moment though - my psychic stuff is so clear yet I feel physically
drained in the mundane, so something is out of kilter! to have this sorta stuff explained would be


Hi WolfSpirit, You may need to bring those energies into the mundane by using them. I was told
to let them shine through me and it's really a matter of thinking of them, letting them out the
heart chakra, and sending them with love to all you meet. Keep it simple. The energy drain
should lift right away.

The articles are up. *Smiles*

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