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By CinnamonMoon

Are you afraid to do your homework???

Many people come to discover a need for a spiritual path to walk in life. In that process they are
looking for answers they can't seem to find or get only bits and pieces to put together halfperspectives.
They start finding a direction and soon they want that Teacher to miraculously

The Teacher comes into the picture initially to test that person and see if they are ready to be
taught. Their paths "cross". The Needy Seeker then wants everything at once, "load me up
Teach!" So the Teacher says: "Okay, here's some homework. I want to see you start to open to
your spiritual side and you'll need to do these exercises regularly for several days."
The Needy Seeker then goes home and sighs. "Big deal! This is time consuming, it's interfering
with my routines and I don't want to waste time on this junk. I wanted answers and I get more
questions. What's the point in this it's just over-active imaginings that mean nothing?!" So they
trot back to the Teacher saying: "I don't get this. Just tell me how to do these things I don't want
to play imaginary games. I want the *Real Stuff*."

The Teacher sends them back to do the same homework. There's a reason for it but some people
are blind to that. They want to be fed answers when they need to discover them for themselves.
Are you a Needy Seeker or are you willing to work with those that are sharing insights? If you're
willing to do the work, and it takes time and practice (nothing we value comes cheap), you'll find
you start developing a pace that quickens as you grasp the lessons. If the answers are handed to
you then you argue them and discard them lightly when they are really worth their weight in gold
but you can't see it.

A good Teacher will give you exercises, methods, theories, steps to take to advance yourself
pointing you in the right directions. This will allow you to put it together to explore the
experience. In that way you gain validation for your efforts and learn to apply your own ability to
cope and achieve your goals. In this you begin to grow and see things through new perspectives.
The Needy Seeker is still needy; the good student is advancing and if they are in the same
classroom there's going to be envy and jealousy in that Needy Seeker starting to show itself.
If you're a Needy Seeker you stand on old ways that have become outworn for you and block
your passage. If you are unwilling to apply your efforts there are no earned rewards and you get

I believe a student intuitively feels the presence of one who can teach them things as the words
of the Teacher resonate within us clearly. We then seek that person out and start to ask questions.
The trouble comes in the issue of trust because most of us don't know people that hold these
answers or we'd have already approached them about the matters. So trusting in those strangers
you ask to help you is vital to the success of the help you are receiving.
This does not mean you should not identify the qualifications and personal integrity of those you
would place your care with. Get to know the person and their ideologies, see their character as it
comes through, and when you feel comfortable enough with that start to validate their
experiences by asking them to share their views and why they feel that way. You'll sense the
truth and illusions will quickly shatter.

Remember there is never just one way to do something, but if a Teacher agrees to mentor you
then you have to trust that what they are doing is for your benefit. They are teaching in
everything they present to you and through that trust and acceptance you'll make much greater
headway. You will value the accomplishments you've made because YOU make them and have
earned the right to that knowledge through experience, validation, and seeing that it is indeed a
part of your reality.

There's a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is knowing what to do,
wisdom is knowing when to do it and why. It all comes from experience and if you are being
lazy, taking the role of the Needy Seeker the Teacher will leave and you will find you were not
as ready as you thought you were.

Anyone with a substantial body of knowledge and wisdom is going to be a busy person as they
will be applying it to serve others...many others. If you ask these people for their help they are
taking precious time out of a busy schedule to guide you. Most will willingly match you effort
for effort because they know the importance of that balance, but they don't have the time to do a
lifetime's worth of homework for you overnight or put you through a crash course that falls short
of the main objective.

Spiritual pathwork is a lifetime of work to achieve and we're never "there" until we arrive. So be
patient. You'll be given as much time as you need to get where you need to go. At any given
moment you are in the right place at the right time for YOU. Be willing to work hard and your
rewards will be great. Value to any mystical truths comes through experiencing them one at a
time. You must experience to know. Without it you have only conjecture and theory that still
remain to be proven...to you. The Teacher and the Good Student will have already done that.

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