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Walking With A Mentor
By CinnamonMoon

Over the years I have come to know the value of walking with someone who knows the way
ahead. It makes such a huge difference. Personally, I've found that those who were to teach me
things came at times where the learning needed to be focused for a reason and they appeared
when they were needed most. It's important to understand that the person who crosses your path,
or to whom you're led by Spirit and/or guidance, is always someone who saves you time and
effort in getting where you need to go. There's always a reason, something you need to prepare
for on time. Like the Crow flies, they can take you from point A to point B rather than some long
and winding roadway that takes in all the sights and sounds of distraction (plenty of time for that
later on your own or for a joy ride together *S*). They help you stay focused until you 'get it' and
then you just enjoy company and friendship together or if necessary will part ways as you
continue on in your own direction.

These relationships help us see there's always a person throughout life that we can reach out to
when there's a need for their knowledge or assistance. The circle of acquaintanceship forms itself
this way and we gather those of Medicine Ways to us one by one. Think about the handful of
Medicine People around you at any given time, including the members of the Lodge itself. Their
energy and spirits shine brightly letting you know who to turn to for direction or information.
You may feel drawn to someone and fear that approach but shouldn't, it's never offensive to ask
if someone can help you or steer you in the right direction for help. The worst they can say is that
they don't hold the answers or haven't time to walk with you and you then simply continue
walking and asking directions as you go. It's no different than taking any road trip. If you get lost
and stop at a gas station for directions the clerk at the counter or individual at the pump may or
may not be able to assist you. Sometimes you have to move to the next station down the road.
And it will be the same when the shoe shifts to the other foot, you will walk with others and be
blessed to help them often adding another friend to your life in the process.

Some of these relationships will be intimately deep and others more casual, the touch and
number of touches tend to indicate which way things will go there. When you spend a good
amount of time together and get to know each other very well how could you not be friends?
And what friendship is not a treasure? *Soft smile* It's always an honor when Spirit brings
someone my way. It means that I'm found worthy of helping them, that I'm serving the path of
being a Bridge. It means for doing so we'll bond, we'll become friends (in most cases) and our
hearts will hold one another. It's a good thing no matter how you look at it.

I get a kick out of how the relationships develop though. People come to me at first thinking they
want sage advice, that they'll gain awesome in-sights and have the keys in hand to just do it.
What they get is very foundational insights, direction and jiggles and we journey through the
Sacred Directions seeing the sights along the way. With that comes the experiences that allow
them to grow and just as often for me to grow too. Some individuals are very challenging and
I've cringed seeing who Spirit sends sometimes. Ironically those individuals often tend to teach
me as much or more than I'm sharing with them. Spirit is always creating win-win situations for
us. Suddenly things shift, we go from meeting a Teacher in Air, to a new friend in Fire, and a
confidante in Water and then we come to Earth where they are solid on their feet, ready to
choose where they will go next. That's when I know how deep the friendship is going for sure. If
we walk together through the Three Worlds the odds are we'll do the same with the Medicine
Wheel. At that point I know it's likely going to be life-long…you can't share that type of journey
and not have a deepening respect and admiration for one another. It's such a deep look within
each other's total being to do that and the levels of trust and fondness grow deeper too.

There's as much reward in the journey together for one as the other. I treasure the time I have to
walk with someone be that me seeking them or them seeking me initially. To be able to talk with
someone on these levels and have serious discussions and sharing is rare, most people are afraid
to go there. The more we learn the more we see there's so much we don't know and what we're
learning is the way to achieve those answers for ourselves. Having someone explain the
confusing points along the way is just so nice and I've been there so many times myself. The
drawback is our impatience, we often want someone right now and that can become a trap.
If we do not find the patience we need until our 'guide' comes along or we are directed to one
(through a mutual acquaintance, guidance or Spirit) then we grow impatient. That impatience is
the trap, it makes us feel desperate and we can often connect with someone that will appear to
have the answers or we tell ourselves they do and follow them blindly. We need to be aware of
who we walk with, why we choose to walk with them, and what we're looking for. When we find
someone that can accompany us we must develop a level of trust and that means the willingness
to follow their direction too-whether it makes sense in the moment or not. For instance, someone
coming to me to learn is going to ask "Where do I start" and I'm going to direct them to the
Seven Sacred Directions in an overview, then a breakdown as they grasp things. At that point I'm
going to tell them to begin in Air to study the concepts because Air is ruler of the Higher Mind
and that's what we're trying to tap into and the first door to all else that follows. The way they
accept or embrace that will tell me a lot about them and be a very strong indicator of how much I
share and where I walk with them. It's the same for anyone who is assisting someone to selfempowerment,
it's not about us; it's about them, what they can hold, where they want to go,
where they're capable of going at the moment. Sometimes we walk only a short distance together
and sometimes a very long ways which is how it should be.

So for those of you who are being approached I hope this bit of insight helps you. Being
approached can be intimidating if you've achieved foundational understanding only but in that
you have something to share too…something that wasn't there before and it's certainly enough to
help someone else get started. You know who among us can likely answer questions you are
unsure of and we're all happy to do that. I encourage you to take that outstretched hand that
comes your way and help steady someone on their feet. We all have something to offer, even if
it's a starting place directing them to the library articles and linking them for them. We have
something to offer if we can share foundational concepts. And the more we learn for ourselves
the more we have to offer so it happens as you go along your own path.

For those of you who are seeking someone to walk with perhaps you will see how that comes to
pass and what you need to do is merely ask someone something…a simple "Can you help me?"
is enough to bring things into being. In seeking a mentor or teacher when you are confused as to
which direction to turn that answer can be as simple as asking Spirit to bring someone into your
life and then staying open to see when they appear. Don't guess at it, but do remain open to the
sensory impressions that whisper softly and nudge you to reach out for a helping hand and don't
fear asking for it. When you're ready, when the time is right, it is going to happen. Spirit sees
when we are simply curious and when we are serious and if you are a serious seeker then those
you need to assist you in where you're going will be provided. Learn to trust your own process of
growth to unfold as it should and to cultivate patience, it is a virtue. We here at the Lodge
welcome the sharing, we gather to grow together and assist one another as we do that. We do all
we can to steer our members in the right directions, and provide the necessary resources to get
them started. So do ask if you're hesitating and we'll be happy to offer you whatever we can to
help you get started as we walk with you in the discussion forums and relationships that form in
that process.

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