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By Earthwalker

I would just like to partially relate a situation where I was taught a good lesson by Spirit. My
intent is not to frighten anyone only to stress to learn lessons well.

I have actually been feeling good about experiencing the elements etc. and I think maybe just a
little too sure of myself. The other morning while driving I found myself watching my Inner
Spirit in a situation where I have never been before. I was subsequently pulled into the situation
without having the slightest idea what I was observing or how to deal with the problems that
ensued. With the aid of the elements and Spirit I was able to get myself out of the mess I found
myself in and I learned a lot. Still, I would like to know how one should be ready or how one can
protect oneself in these unknown situations; the situations that Spirit has a way of presenting to
us when we feel too good about what has been happening. In other words, a gentle wakeup call
(more like getting hit with a 2 x 4) reminding us how much there is still to learn.

As I think about the experience. I ask myself if I would walk into it the same way again and
honestly if the exact same set of circumstances existed I would have to say yes. However, I feel
there must be a better way. How does one protect oneself in these foreign territories. My intent
was that of an observer; it was humble, correct, and loving? Nevertheless, a situation arose which
I was pulled into, I could not remain neutral in this case. How do you remember to call your
Guides when you just "find" yourself someplace? Is there a way to intuit this before it happens?

I know all of this sounds strange without details but the details I believe would be dependent
upon one’s own mind and how one sees or feel but the same question and situation could arise. I
guess I am just really trying to convey to myself that I need to be ready before I completely jump
in over my head and also let others know that Cinnamon words, which quite frankly I took
lightly, are correct. I am thankful for the multiple lessons and wouldn't have wanted to miss the
experience but would not necessarily want to repeat it either. I was definitely shown that the
other dimensions aren't always flying with the White Eagle or Dancing with the Whale. Still, I
am excited to keep learning but just a little more cautious or respectful of unknowns.


Good Morning Earthwalker,
Getting in over your head is common enough. Many people do it and in those cases, because you
don't have the training on how to respond, you either sink or swim. Luckily you were able to
swim. There are risks and dangers that exist and many brush them off lightly attributing the
warnings to someone's overactive imagination...after all, how could these things really happen?
Monsters, spirits...where's the validation? Pitfalls, traps...how could they possibly exist? How
can the spiritual realms (seemingly transparent) pose any kind of threat? Aren't they just images
in our minds? It happens though.

There are generally 3 levels of spiritual accomplishment: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
Beyond that there's mastery (though I deeply dislike the term ascended master as I think it's a bit
arrogant to say the least) ...it's not about being a master but about mastering the knowledge.

Hairlines again.

Is there a way to tell that these tests are going to present themselves? Yes, once you've learned to
work with your senses like we've been practicing. We've been focused on attuning them to the
elemental forces, there are other attunements as well, this is just the initiator. You should be
walking everywhere with your Guides initially until you learn to handle yourself. Going
unescorted in uncharted (for you) territory does pose danger at times. It may not all be life
threatening but it can get darned uncomfortable and very sticky nonetheless.

You can find other lifeforms attempting to attach to your own spirit, you can bring that back to
the physical reality, and have physical symptoms of a disease that medical science cannot treat
or psychological symptoms of possession. It happens. You can pass through energy fields and if
you don't know how to recognize them properly you can take on residual energies and bring
them back to the physical reality too. In that case you may have symptoms that mimic depression,
the flu, phobias, coma, headaches, etc. or even what some call psychic experiences hitting at
random and flashing in and out because you didn't properly move through the stages of
dimension. There is a reason things are done in specific ways.

The list here is a long one and any number of "symptoms" can indicate that work was done
improperly. At those times one needs to seek out a shaman, explain what they did, and get help to
re-center and stabilize themselves again. Provided they haven't fallen into a trance-sleep of
exhaustion and in that case, without someone knowing what happened, there would be no way of
knowing a shamanic practitioner would be needed if you are outside a culture that recognizes
this path. Inside that culture others would recognize something had gone wrong spiritually and
seek out a shaman as one would a doctor...they are spiritual healers. Even there the trouble can
rest in the individual not remembering what they did exactly, the trance may not properly have
been broken, or they may be leaving out critical details. The shaman may have to do a
regression journey back into the event to observe what took place so they can come back and
treat the person.

It is so easy to think you have a grasp on things when you have a few breakthroughs along the
way and learn to start working with your gifts. Overconfidence will always be met with fair
challenges (tests). This is why we are taught to meet the GateKeepers of the portals we pass
through and to meet their challenges before entering those realms. If we pop in randomly we
don't know what to expect and literally anything can happen.

There is a pattern to things and you need to train yourself to see these patterns so you can work
with them. Here you were tested, you passed but it took everything you had learned to that point
being pulled together in a hurry to get out of the situation. This is just one of many patterns:
learn, be tested/apply the knowledge, pass and continue, fail and repeat. You passed, but you
were not fully prepared. You had enough to get out of it, but just barely. Not everyone is going to
be so fortunate. Your own analytical nature came to your rescue here and you questioned what
you needed to do. Others might panic and stand like a deer in a car's headlights or just plain
lose it and fall victim to some very ugly "stuff".

By working with and honing the skills necessary to be fully functional with your senses you can
see this type of thing coming and you will have your radar up. By training properly you will
know what type of reaction you need to take to gain control of a situation, how to shield yourself,
and how to call upon appropriate help.

You will hear me say again and again that all things begin in the spiritual sense before they
manifest in the physical sense. When we contend with the spiritual aspects we run into different
manifestations than perhaps would present themselves in the physical world. Things take form in
the most unusual ways. The spirit worlds are heavily populated with entities and lifeforms that
you have never even imagined, and without training you can get into some sticky situations. (Not
just you...anyone)

The warnings are not there for nothing. The need to heed them is important. In most cases, they
remain just that, warnings and the training prepares you to deal with them avoiding such
confrontations. When you push past the training you get into uncharted waters and without a
Guide to take you through that (physical or spiritual) it can become dangerous. This is why we
center, why we summon our Guides, why we go about things ritually until we have that
understanding and can adapt it to our needs. Even the spirit realms have their swamps...it's just
that sometimes that swamp can be a dark energy cloud or a force field or a looming giant with a
mean temper.

The spirit worlds operate by thought, sensory input, and are (to us) pure energy fields we are
working with. Once in a realm, however, we become subject to its laws and as I've said in the
past, it may not relate to the laws of physics that govern the physical world. The elemental forces
are there, but in a different context...a spiritual context, which means that their essence is
present but they may take on different forms. For this reason it is important to understand all the
symbology relative to each one so you can learn to recognize and work with it in any given
situation...knowing its energy signature and what it is capable of doing to serve your needs and
add strength to your own abilities. We have to learn to wield energy and hone our skills.

Imagine energy like a laser beam. It needs a control level to determine the strength of the energy
being emitted. Without control it becomes subject to chaotic results and we can do damage to
ourselves, others, or environments. Just as the physical environment is fragile in our reality, the
spiritual environments are too. How we channel energy is a vital skill to develop and should
never be taken lightly. (I hope you know I'm not being critical of you here, but stating facts for
other readers.)

There's a reason we take things a step at a time. Your experience is not uncommon and many
people who find their Inner Spirit quickening may find these types of situations present
themselves unasked for. They are just drawn into them unknowingly, events "happen" around
them that they can't explain and it can cause deep fears to be born as a result. They tend to seek
help at that point and start asking questions that bring answers. It starts them on the path of
seeking knowledge and serves a purpose. Everything happens for a reason...either intentionally
on our part, or intentionally on Spirit's...to teach a lesson, show the way, or test us.

You did well, and you learned a lot in the process. There's nothing like firsthand experience. The
path of the shaman/ess is one of humble humility. The path of service is done honorably. This is
the challenge of the Ego that drives us to think we are more qualified than we are and it's the
inner battle with our Egos that we constantly must strive to win control over. This is why you will
hear people say it's a journey of self-discovery. We need to discover what we can and can't do so
we know where we need to go and what we need to learn. If we insist on doing things our way
Spirit takes over and does the teaching. Usually it's in a gentle manner and when you think of
what could have happened you'll find that even though it may have been harrowing at the time, it
could have been much worse.

In your case you did very well and you got out of that experience relatively unscathed. It made
you more aware of your vulnerability, and at the same time showed you that you can work on a
spiritual level that you previously have not known. That's the world of the shaman or Medicine
Person and they walk there simultaneously with the physical reality at all times, there is no line
of division for the shaman. For the average person this is theory, for the shaman it's reality...and
it does become tangible doesn't it?

Thank you so much for sharing this. It's an important lesson for all of us, advanced on our path
or not, these kinds of things continue to happen along the way. This is an important thread and a
good point to open for discussion.


Cinnamon, You are welcome! The one thing I am sure of is that there was some short of energy
transfer across dimensions and it wasn't coincidence, it was felt in the physical realm. Yes it was
tangible. I do believe that it was a lesson as well. I danced last night to say thank you. At the end
I was in another dimension (without guides) depicted as a translucent absolutely clear bubble;
probably the same place I was before. I could feel my inner spirit there but could not see it. This
realm contained nothing of human / life form only pure translucent energy of differing colors. It
is the realm of the other rune like symbol I had been looking for. I didn't find the symbol but
found a place of incredible beauty and peace. As leaving I was shown the white Spirit City I
envision in mist. Unlike the other energy it was not translucent but somehow contained or
attached to this dimension. I was as surprised by this situation that I found myself in as I was in
the other. I wasn't looking to journey just to say Thank You and simply ended up in this
dimension. Still without Guides; but they wouldn't feel right in this dimension. It’s been quite a
week and I had almost posted on the Dance forum a gentle reminder that it was the end of the
month and I was getting bored. Maybe I'll learn to keep my mind quiet one of these.


I know what you mean. I'll have the next Dance up before the month is out in time for the new
moon next Sunday. I've got a post-it note on my monitor screen. Ha! What a sight that frame is.
Don't ask! You are expressing exactly how we receive lessons at the hand of Spirit and our
Guides when we don't have direct access to a physical teacher or one who direct our focus to
these issues for whatever reason. So it's something you personally needed and a little seasoning
to your other resources. Spirit steps in when necessary. You had to go through this to take in
what's coming next so it is more expedient to your growth in that sense. Get ready to hang onto
your hat you may be stepping into the fast lane again.

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