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Preserving a Wing
By EagleSinging

Peyote eagle feather fan collected from Wi·tapano’xwe. Photo courtesy of the Penn Museum. Museum Object Number 70-9-480.

I was wondering if anyone here has any knowledge or experience about how to go about preserving a bird's wing. I found one the other day and I'm not sure of the methods to preserve it and wanted to know if anyone here could help me. I've read the threads in the Main Reference Library, and I'm looking for more information. I appreciate any assistance you can give me.

My gran had several wings, but we lived in a very dry part of Africa so she just let them dry out. Not sure now how healthy that was, but we played with them (grandkids). Have you tried looking on taxidermy websites?

You'll need a good box, wooden if possible(they used a leather housing in the old ways of my family)...lay a fire of wood chips or small pieces and let it burn down to coals, place cedar boughs on top so it smokes ALOT...place your wing suspended "in the box" so it will not touch the heat, then place your box over the smoke. You will have to replenish the cedar several times it takes time to smoke and dry the wing. Or if you want to do it the quick way the small smokers one uses for meat will work as well. I like the old ways myself.

I love your story, WhiteCrow. I can see it! Sage, can you tell me more about the reason for smoking the wing? I assume it will dry out the wing, anything else? About how long does it take?

I would assume the smoking would also get rid of parasites.

Eagle Singing wrote: “Sage, can you tell me more about the reason for smoking the wing? I assume it will dry out the wing, anything else? About how long does it take?”

Smoking the wing does 2 things...it dries and cures the flesh so it will keep and stay together, it also kills any bacteria or parasites within it. It takes much time and patience but the end result is a good wing for smudging and ceremony and by using cedar (or sage or mesquite) you honor the one who left it for you and accept the responsibility of the wing and what it represents. Not knowing where you live in this wide world it is difficult to say what wood/branch you will find. PM if you wish it.

I was gifted a hawk, he had been hit by a car a few years ago and lay still alive, my heart hurt for him. He spoke as I held him soothing his pain so he could fly into the next world in peace and with grace. He allowed me his tail feathers and wings but at his death I could not "take" his wings so left them for him to use in the next world, I did take his tail feathers and have many of them yet. I smoked them with the cedar.

Now when your wing has been smoked and purified, you should hang it in the sun and moon for a full moons’ cycle where it will be safe and dry, then appropriately, it would be ready for the 10th/next moon.

Jimmy WhiteBear:
Get a plastic tub at Walmart or some place, 5 pound box of Borax soap. Lay the wing in the box and pour the dry soap over it. cover and let sit for 30 to 90 days. Kills all infestations and dry's the wing so it can be worked with if you’re making a fan. It’s what we use on everything that needs drying/preserving.

Hi Jimmy! Good to see you! That's a simple solution and I can see how that would work well. The wing could then be dedicated through a ceremony of one's own design or by a traditional rite.

Jimmy, this is wonderful. Thank you so much. The wings I found are pretty stiff. I've put them in the freezer for the time being, not sure what else to do with them and I didn't want any further deterioration happening to them. Will the Borax affect the texture of the wings? And, is the idea to completely cover the wings in Borax? May I ask how you work a wing into a fan?

That would work but I do hate chemicals.

Bury it in a mixture of salt and loose natural tobacco. Leave until done. Also kills parasites, dries it and honors it. You can use a ziplock bag.

Jimmy WhiteBear:
It will help clean it and after it comes out of the Borax, brush it with a soft tooth brush, It will look great!

The processes, I see, are simple. I want to try them out with my dead goose wings. I want to preserve it too since they're still fine. Thanks for the tips.

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