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Skulls, Claws & Feathers
By Tarra

Greetings All!

First I want to say I think you were a little hard on Khala the Hermit IMHO! By the way, I didn't get a sad feeling from the picture Khala posted. I got the impression of pride (a cat trait/medicine on many levels) I haven't personally killed anything, but I have honored what has crossed my path. Spirit has told me "Do you not honor all gifts I put in your path?" I thought the roadkill was a skunk and wasn't about to pick it up! It turned out to be the best gift Spirit can bestow on me.

But back to the "cougar skull." I was going to say it looked a little small LOL! If you have ever seen a cougar they ain’t small cats!!! I couldn't even picture how you would get a cougar head on a stick that wasn't smaller then a fence post. LOL! A cougar skull must weigh about 35 lbs. for a small one! *still LOL!* And the rest of you getting so defensive that you couldn't even see there had been a misconception in the first place. *rolling on the floor still LOL!"

Okay! on a more serious note. Cougar is not an endangered species! In fact out in the west they hunt them and still get paid for it! *Down Kitty, I'm not agreeing with this* I'm just stating facts. Khala the Hermit was not making an unreasonable request. (US government allows the hunting of cougars).

P.S. Selling and buying of animal products. This is my opinion, how I justify it to myself. And In my defense, I have very few boughten tools. When a gift crosses my path I am drawn to it in some way. If it is a sales item I will ask it's history, thus honoring the reason for its death. If it is a found item I say prayers and ask it how I can best serve the spirit. When I get it home I smudge and clean the item. Again asking how I can serve the spirit. And if it wants we get artistic and dress it up! Now here is where the "selling" comes in. *Since we are in the classified section the place to find these item* I could wait until Spirit places the people in front of me to gift them with these things. Thus, collection more and more until I have not room in my closet. Or I could use the new improved handy dandy Spirit friendly, Opened Minded message board . There is always those of us who have their own opinion and I will honor that also. This is just my opinion.

Tarra, I actually did try NOT to be hard on Khala. I stated my opinion based on information that my Cougar gave to me. I did feel sorrow and distance from that picture, I still do. That doesn't mean I'm right and you're wrong...just that we're different. IMHO the medicine of that wand was not being honored properly, the identity of the skull was not even known at the time of the posting. Perhaps the reason you didn't feel that sorrow is because when you saw the picture, it had been given back its proper identity. Bobcat is now being honored instead of Cougar. Khala needs to understand the medicine of what she's already been given, and why it's been given to her, in my opinion. What I was told was that she was young, just starting off on her path, and meant no disrespect, but didn't have much of an idea yet how to work with the bones, feathers, skins etc. If my impression is incorrect I apologize to Khala, and I will step back and keep quiet next time. My intention was never to cause her any harm or pain Tarra.

And for the record, I do actually work with bones, feathers, and fur...in whatever manner they happen to come to me, and I have done so for years now. I have picked up roadkill or animal kill and have either buried it or brought it home. I am not in the least bit squeamish about that. But that didn't happen until I understood the Spirit behind the act and could honor it.

“…just that we're different.”

This is what I find so meaningful about the exchanges here. Everyone will be different and that's how it's created to be. As we each present our path and/or methods - those differences either become less and less, we learn and grow, or we feel understood and not judged. Coming from the perspective that I do (mostly trained by Spirit) these differences in how we walk are very important for me personally in walking my path. While Tarra's medicine appears to be to honor as she's described - mine is to allow communication and understanding with whatever remains I'm gifted with. The collective efforts of members here, in their sharing, have enabled Kala several different views that will hopefully enable further understanding of her medicine. And that's how it's supposed to work. It never ceases to fascinate me and I just wanted to share that.

And with that, I know why my last post was 'censored' by Spirit . SEDD said it better than I did. "The collective efforts of members here, in their sharing, have enabled Kala several different views that will hopefully enable further understanding of her medicine. And that's how it's supposed to work. It never ceases to fascinate me and I just wanted to share that."

Well I like the fact that people in the community are free to voice themselves here. It's important to the freedom and growth we all cherish so much. I must agree that through different points of view a bigger picture comes into play and brings greater understanding. I don't feel anyone was hard on Khala, we spoke what we have been taught and believe. It was meant to enlighten honestly and it drew that response for a reason.

All of us want to honor the creatures that share their Medicine with us and we don't always know how. Some good points were raised and the lessons were shared. What Khala chooses to do now is up to her. I think it was all good. She knew we were not attacking her, but trying to help her see things for what they were. I also agree that the proper spirit of the Staff was needing to be honored. It's hard to tell from a photo the size and weight of something. I've never seen a Cougar skull so I don't know how massive they are, but I do know I had been taken aback at first and the more we discussed the matter the better I began to feel. I hope that continues to be the way of this community on the whole. Each voice is important, there are many levels of knowledge to be shared, and different views to consider. By sharing them we learn about making good choices and we all continue to grow. Yay Spirit Lodge!!!

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