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By OneDove

Hello, It’s been awhile but I know someone could help here. Last year I started to build a huge powwow drum. 36" across. Lately I have been pulled to finish it. Does anyone have any insights on this for me? Also, I live in west central Missouri. I would like to connect with someone in this area. Thank You.

Dearest OneDove, I assume that your 'request for insights' is about 'what the pull to finish creating the drum' means, as opposed to 'how to build the drum.' My first thought, and this is partly 'intuitive' and partly 'experiential,' but, I believe 'Spirit' is calling you to 'drum in New Rhythms and Energies' into your 'living experience!' And, as many will tell you, that in 'everything we do in life,' there is 'learning and gifts' in all 'facets' of the 'experience.' In other words, in addition to the 'gifts' of the 'drum' for 'personal and ceremonial use,' there will be growth in 'spiritual awareness' in the very 'act of creating your Sacred Tool--Drum!' Much like 'all events leading to the prey-prize: stalking, prayer and thanksgiving and blessing to Creator and the Spirits of those hunted,' and then 'being gifted with the animal's life,' there is a 'Sacred Rhythm' to the entire process. By 'creating your 'drum',' or, in the 'act of creating your drum,' hopefully, you will become not only aware of 'what life' goes into this 'Sacred Tool, e.g., the wood for the case (Sacred Standing Ones--Determiners of Paths), the skin (Animal Life, part of the outer shell of a 'Four-legged' which interfaced with Nature), the 'leather strappings and sinews (if used),' and all 'adornments' become the 'Living Drum.' And, now to the 'real point.' When we are 'Walking In Balance,' there is a 'Harmonic and Rhythmic Dance' that we begin to 'sense, feel and respond to' in a 'natural flow of living.' So, to me, the 'Drum Making,' is to 'connect you to Life outside of your 'current awareness,' while the 'drum itself' is to 'connect you to the 'rhythms' of Mother Earth!' And, as you grow, you realize that 'drumming is a way' of 'resynching yourself' periodically to 'reset your Mother Earth/Natural Rhythms.'

One last note if you 'study the Medicine Wheel' is that the 'primary sensory receptor' to the 'Drum Beat' is the 'physical body itself,' which should give you an idea of where its first affects are felt when we are 'physically out of sorts.' The 'second sensory path' is the 'ears' which are the 'hearing or the Inner voice' and are both 'physically and spiritually--energetically,' the path to 'harmonizing the Earth Energies and the Heart Soul Energies of our Experience and Dreams.' In other words, many songs have sung the notion of the 'Beat of the Heart!' Do, you think that the 'drum making' may be a call to 'finding the true beat of your heart?' Let me know if this resonates with you--does it beat in rhythm?

Thank You ElkDreamer, This resonates within me very much!! I will keep everyone posted on my progress. This insight gives me vision to move on. Thank You again

One Dove, I sensed something totally different from your request of wanting to know 'what is pulling you to finish your drum'. I feel that you need to ask the animal spirit of the hide that you will be using for the head & lace of the drum; as well as the tree spirit of the wood for the frame of the drum. For the drum stick, if you are using a different type of wood, then for the frame of the drum, then you should also ask that tree spirit as well.

And for the covering for the handle of the drum stick, whether it be fur or leather, you should ask that animal spirit as well, for assistance & answers to your questions. All the animal & tree spirits will tell you as to why they want you to finish the drum. I sense that they would also guide you.

Dearest OneDove, What 'FriendToAnimals' suggested is part of what I described in my post. And maybe I didn't make that point as clear as I should have, but, if you have not already 'selected' your 'woods' or 'skin' and 'leathers,' it may be a more 'Sacred Experience,' again both in 'creation and use' to 'seek the guidance of those that wish to add to your spiritual medicine--the Lives of the Tree, and Animals.'

Thank You FriendtoAnimals and White ElkDreamer, You are right. I will visit with them. Before the tree was knocked over I sat with it and thanked it for its life and gifts that it gave here. It has had all the elements within it. But, I will take your advice . You have been a great help.


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