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Tool Construction Overview
By CinnamonMoon

Tools are objects of focus, sacred objects that are held as such and should be treated respectfully. They are not to be allowed openly into the hands of others for amusement or to satisfy their curiosity. If you are going to let someone handle them make sure you know who the person is and that they will not contaminate that energy. This is also important to remember when you are around the tools of others. Do not pick up objects for curious examination for in doing so you can take on the energy they are used for and it may not be to your liking.

This said let me move onto the tools themselves. Tools that are acquired as gifts are common. Many times an Elder will pass their tools on to someone they know will make good use of them and benefit from their gift. Often people choose to construct their own tools in a personal energy implantation to bond with the tool itself in this process. Others are more comfortable purchasing the basic tool and taking it home to adorn it themselves. However you come by your tools, I do not personally feel there is a right or wrong way to acquire them so long as the source or resource is a good one.

Ceremonial objects hold their own power and often have a resident spiritual entity within them, an essence that contributes to the work that you do, a Spirit Helper. They are focal objects to serve in ritual, ceremony, healing and other pathwork helping us maintain our focus as well. When constructing a tool you will find that it often becomes a teacher in that process and will "tell you" what it needs through intuitive means.

Tool construction involves meditation, sitting with the tool and feeling what it needs in the process of preparing it is recommended. Some tools will bring about visions in this process and you may find that they have their own source of enlightenment as you handle them. I have had my tools call to me to use them and in the process I find I am doing Spirit's work in helping someone that has need of my services. You may find this happens to you as well.

While we are enough in ourselves, tools are important factors to spiritual work on various levels from mild to extreme and this will vary with each individual according to their own needs. Those who are not given to a lot of ceremonial work will have fewer tools where those who do a lot of ritual work will have many.

The adornments we add, be it burning or etching symbols into them, adding feathers, beads, teeth, claws, fur, etc. should always relate to the powers you are going to be calling on to serve the work the tool is meant to do. For instance, my Prayer Staff is adorned with specific items. A Raven Feather/Cosmic Law and Medicine; a Buffalo tooth/give-away, heart, sharing, the greater whole; Rabbit Fur/to quell fears and bring peace that will multiply the efforts of my work. There are other adornments as well but each addition adds to the focus of my prayer work and calls upon some aspect that will enhance it.

As we develop our tools and work with them a relationship develops and there is a bonding that takes place. They become (in essence) a very good and helpful friend. Each tool, in it's own way, has a Voice and it will serve you well to listen to it. In this way it will show you how you can expand its use and how it will serve you and others blessing the work you do.

Examples of tools that might be created are:
Bonding Sticks
Centering Stones
Ceremonial Bowls
Listening Sticks
Medicine Bags
Medicine Bundles
Medicine Dolls
Medicine Pouches
Musical Instruments
Prayer Ties
Scrying Mirrors
Smudge Bowls
Smudging Fans
Talking Sticks

There are others but these come to mind off the top of my head. Please feel free to suggest those that interest you and I'll be happy to share what I can about their construction.

I have found a great store for Drum Kits. They put them together as a community and send sage with them. It's a small company and although you can view them online they only take orders over the phone or by email. The kits come with all the materials and directions to make the drum and beater. Add your own smudge and prayers and you have a ceremony! Very altering.

Pipes I found on e-bay under pipestone. Alan Monroe is who I bought my pipe through. He has a Horse pipe I'd love to have but it's out of my pocket book range.


Tarra, Alan Monroe is a great Pipemaker and his stone is the genuine Catlinite from the Pipestone quarries in MN. You made a good choice there.

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