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Weaving Dream Catchers - Discussion
By SilverEagleDreamDancer

This discussion started out in another thread and I thought it would be best to give it its own voice. Here's what came before:

Star Dreamer:
And SEDD, it all seemed to start when I began my first practice dreamcatcher Thursday night. I've made two now. Nothing outstanding, believe me, but somehow the weaving seemed to put things in motion. When you made your first ones, SEDD, did you feel they mirrored your own energy? All will, of course, to some extent, but these two, hanging on my wall, seem to be speaking to me...I find myself drawn to looking at them off and on and finding something new each time.

Actually no I didn't feel they mirrored my energy. From the get go, each had their own thing that had nothing to do with me. That's when I became aware they held a medicine all their own. I've actually been tracking generalities through the comments that people have offered. Who knows.. maybe another book sometime down the line I would be interested in hearing more on this experience you're having though You mentioned the weaving and yes, that does change something within ya.

Star Dreamer :
Well, it was very interesting as I began to do the second dreamcatcher. As I went along weaving (four inch bamboo hoop)I began to feel a pull to one side...to the left. The center opening is off center to the left. Therefore the energy is heavier on the right side. The web is crimson in color and I have amethyst beads on the right side...three of them spaced widely in the upper right quadrant and four closely spaced on the lower right quadrant edging into the left. After wrapping the wheel with a ribbon whose pale lavender stripe fades into a pale crimson stripe, I felt to weave the left inner side of the opening with a three foot piece of the ribbon, the left over ribbon hanging down as two streamers. It wasn't until I hung it on the wall that I realized that my own energy is off center to the right. That's why I felt it must be reflective of my own energy. The streamers seem to both ground and balance the heavy energy on the right side. I don't have a digital camera or a scanner, otherwise I'd post a pic. Thoughts?

I believe that 'right' is the side of giving energy while the left is receiving.... in healing circles anyway. I've always been a bit ambidextrous there. It occurs to me you may think you find your center more in giving than receiving but perhaps need to balance more in receiving than you may be aware of. (as to why it's centered to the left) Giving is what you're most familiar with, hence the denser area. Giving is also your comfort zone. In giving, we know exactly where we stand. That's not always true with receiving.

Design wise - as you went around the web, your first stitches were larger on one side than the

other and got smaller as you went around. That's why it wove off center. I do that on purpose if one asks me to. If you'll look at the spaces of the web, you'll find that the left spaces are bigger than the right.

I would also like to point out that - left is right and right is left if you were to hang it the other way. There's a mirroring effect that happens with dreamcatchers that you may find useful. You could hang it the other way and change the energy you work with that night! (if that makes sense)

Crimson webs - wow! Every color has a story to tell. For me, the crimson webs have been about the blood. In this case, I would venture to say that the representation of crimson in your dreamcatcher is indicative of how much of yourself you invest in your relationships, learning etc... When you set your mind to something, you put your blood, sweat and tears into it. But.. you have to set your mind to it LOL. It also speaks to what you're willing to risk for a satisfying relationship.

Amethyst beads.. three (day to day self, larger self, and higher self) honoring all three aspects of Spirit and of our personal spirits. Amethyst is a calming influence but also one of the more protective stones/healing stones. It's also one of the 'insight' enhancing stones but, I prefer to think of it as a good communication stone for all realms and frequencies.

Lavender and crimson wrap (pale) - the dawning of realization and completion of the spiral.. which, if you think about it - the spiral repeats exponentially in a dreamcatcher. Lavender is at the top of the spectrum of visible light while crimson is at the bottom. Look at a chakra chart LOL. You probably did leave it to trail for the grounding AND the return of those energies. Energies can ground through the first and reenter FROM the Mother through the second. The colors allow for that kind of spiraling.

That's what I got about it. Sounds beautiful!

*Smile* Thanks, SEDD! Exactly on target with the giving and receiving! Actually, after I initially felt the pull to the left, I intentionally wove it that way. It "wanted" to be woven that way…it was no accident! That's kind of what I meant about how this dreamcatcher started moving things for me this last weekend. I felt a drawing and just went with it all weekend...no brakes, just moving with the flow of things. I'm still feeling this. Woo...crimson and blood...I did feel the passion and intensity in the web. I'm afraid that's me, alright...*blush*...about most everything. Probably the reason my guides are always telling me to lighten up and play! Sigh... And the amethysts...their placement is what has had me pondering the most. Thanks for the 3 clue. The four on the bottom quadrant seem to be adding completion of some sort. 7, which I am aware is a biblical symbol for completion, seemed exactly the right number. After I wove the first three in, which was all I initially intended, it just didn't feel right. I had to add the other four.

I'm excited about starting another dreamcatcher this weekend. Wonder what that will turn up!

Yep.. you're hooked all right! I don't know about the '4'. You'll have to ask the catcher. 4 direction maybe? Doesn't feel right though. Is there any shape that stands out were you to connect the spaces between the beads? Like if you were to draw a straight line from one to the other in a 'connecting the dots' way?

hmmm...well, if you connect the dots it looks a gibbous moon to me....kind of tipped to the right a tad.

hmmm.. thought maybe that would give a clue to their placement but I got nothing LOL. To the right would be waning gibbous I think - time of release moving towards the rest of dark moon. It'll tell ya what it's for when it's ready.


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